My girlfriend and I spent 10 days in Sri Lanka

Last year I went to the Arctic Circle to see the aurora. Alas, my mother has frozen my child who has never seen snow in the south. My friends and I said that we would go to a sunny and warm place this year, and then we came Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is an electronic sign. You can register on the official website over the wall yourself or spend some money to find Taobao. (I am lazy, I admit) Taobao 238 does it.

Weather The typical tropical climate of Sri Lanka, February should be the best weather. Almost every day is sunny. Be sure to bring sunscreen. Do n’t be afraid of blackness, just be afraid of sunburn, do n’t be afraid of rain, and soon stop.

The exception is Nuzhen. The temperature difference between morning and night is a bit large, and long sleeves are needed. Then we also need to bring long sleeves for the Houghton Plain hike. We also saw people wearing down jackets, but the hike is warm, so it is best to be long With a T-shirt and a detachable coat, we just wore the one that set off from Guangzhou.

Yara Park is also a morning departure, and the jeep is very windy, so it is best to bring a coat.

Most people speak English, so you ca n’t open your phone and show the passers-by pictures to passers-by. Sri Lankans are very friendly to the Chinese. I am the most enthusiastic I have ever seen. When I walked on the road and saw us taking pictures, everyone would take the initiative to smile, even take a photo together, and then took the mobile phone to take pictures of us. # We are also foreigners #

The cultural beliefs are influenced by India. Most people believe in Buddhism, and then those who believe in Hinduism and Islam. Because of the colonization, Catholicism has also built many churches. ps: If you want to visit local temples and churches, girls must have long skirts (trousers) and silk scarves. Personally think that silk scarves are omnipotent. You can wrap your head and arms and legs. Pants; then wear a pair of loose shoes, take off your shoes when you go in.

It is best to charter a car in Sri Lanka, either in sections or the whole journey, mainly because it is hot! Exposure for a long time affects mood and physical strength, especially the distance between several scenic spots or cities. Our town of Negombo Kantinu to Mirissa is chartered, and Galle started to ride by himself. The chartered fee is 260 US dollars for 700 kilometers per car, including the driver's food and accommodation.

We sometimes ask the driver to recommend a place to eat (if you do n’t say Local food, the driver will usually take you to Chinese food), the place he recommends is not cheap but the scenery is very good, on the last day we let him recommend the restaurant to prepare please He eats, and he tells us that he can eat for free at the restaurants he recommends, so we do n’t need to pay him the money. Our driver basically stays with us (our previous hotels are not expensive and have free parking, so I do n’t know if the driver and the hotel have negotiated). Only one night he proposed our hotel and his Faith is different, so we were asked to take 1500 rupees for him to live out. I chatted with the driver and said that I used to drive a bus. I learned English three years ago and entered the company. I have a fixed salary of 3,000 rupees per month. Now my two daughters are living well. He wanted to take it with him wherever he wanted to go. I do n’t know where to go. The driver will also give some advice. It is still very pleasant to get along. Finally, I was tipped at 3000 rupees.

Apart from going from the hotel in Colombo to the airport and asking the hotel to call a taxi, the rest is all by a sudden car. If you are worried about being pitted, you can consult the hotel's front desk to ask about the approximate cost of travel, which is basically the same.

Diet curry, a variety of curries, is heavier than domestic flavors. Because we usually do n’t eat Chinese food when we go out, and finally we ate spit curry. It ’s not that I abused myself. In fact, I really like curry in Guangzhou. I also ate curry with great relish most of the way, but I do n’t know why the last day was completely in Colombo Can't eat anymore, it is estimated to be homesick. It contains a large number of personal recommendation restaurants, and was still pleasantly surprised before getting tired. ps: Only free water is provided for meals in Japan. Sri Lanka, like other countries, needs to order water separately.

There are two kinds of conversion plugs, one is the British standard three flat jack, the other is the small South African standard (Indian standard) three round head jack, most hotels are the second kind, so the most safe is to bring three Round head conversion plugs, or two round head conversion plugs with Italian logos, can also be used. There is also the front desk to borrow! Going early is almost all borrowed ~

You can see the exchange shop when you leave the airport gate, and it also writes the RMB exchange rate. Then I waited for someone to try several exchange modes-the research results show that UnionPay cash is the most cost-effective. Go forward and you will see that there are two shops that buy phone cards. Do n’t worry, the one with more people has a Chinese shopping guide drop ~ # The influence of the Chinese is great. I do n’t know if it is because of the Chinese shopping guide. There is more Chinese shopping guide #

The airport of Sri Lanka is in the town of Negombo around the capital Colombo. This is the largest fishing port in Sri Lanka. Because it is close to the airport, most tourists will use this as a transit point. There is a Hindu temple and two churches in the small town. Our trip starts here.

Next to the redemption store is the ATM machine. There are only three ones with the UnionPay logo on the far right. In addition to the airport, Colombo Kandy and Galle can find UnionPay cash machines. It is recommended to withdraw most of the cash at the airport

The colors are beautiful, and the blue background matches the sky.

Our early morning started from this colorful Hindu temple. Our driver lived in the town of Negombo, so when he left the hotel, he took us directly to this place. It was a pleasant surprise. It was a beautiful place. Because it is not mentioned in all the guides, we can only call it like this from the driver's introduction, no tickets are needed, because it is a Buddhist temple, you need a long skirt and Baotou to enter! I don't take pictures of Buddha statues so there are no photos inside.

Our driver and his car are packed every day and there is no smell.

I have seen the most beautiful little girl in Sri Lanka. She and her family are sitting in the temple. Do n’t know if it ’s a resident nearby.

I always feel that this child ’s smile gives me a compassionate Buddha ’s smile

You can walk to the seaside through the fish market. To be honest, as a Hainanese, the scale of this fish market is really small. The only advantage is that it can be connected to the sea. It is said that when I came to the fish market at about 6 o'clock in the morning, I could see a huge return home scene, and I couldn't get up, so when I arrived, the fishermen had already closed their nets by the sea.

This buddy saw that we were taking pictures, did he turn his head around and smile at us?

Dried small fish that extends all the way to the beach

A church that looks very small, you need trousers or a long skirt and a headscarf to enter. You do n’t need to buy tickets, but you do n’t want to take pictures. There are beautiful murals, especially the murals on the top of the church-the same as Europe The murals are different, they are very small and fresh, the background is blue, and the characters feel pink.

Father, this skirt is so long

This Gothic church is said to have been built after imitating the Reims Cathedral in France. Later, due to insufficient funds, it had to be lowered in height. Then I compared the photos of the Reims church, and it felt like it was not a style. There are no tickets for the church. When we went there was no one in the church very quiet. There were beautiful glass windows and murals inside, which were suitable for a slow walk.

The little friend saw several old men sitting there by the church, and they smiled when we took out the camera.

The uncle saw someone taking pictures and took the initiative to ask for a photo, smiling so cute

In response to our strong request, the driver found us a stall on the roadside to buy golden coconut water for drinking. The stall owner was an old grandma, and her floral dress was so beautiful. #Forgive the Hainanese for showing off, golden coconut water has n’t tasted better than our coconut water. Coconuts are delicious as long as they are fresh #

The Pelanian Elephant Orphanage is a small town on the way to Kandy. It is currently one of the two elephant orphanages in the world, and the other is in Kenya. ps: There is only one regular elephant orphanage. The driver may take you to other places, (our driver also). So be sure to insist on going to Pelania Elephant Orphanage. Only this one is authentic! The ticket I bought was to watch the elephant bath, bath time: 10-12 o'clock and 14 o'clock-16 o'clock

If you leave in the afternoon, it is recommended to go to the river and watch the elephant take a shower at 3 o'clock. Go to the sun early, and you can stroll along the street to buy some souvenirs. However, the paper products made of elephant dung paper are not cheap. Let ’s look at my hobbies. What ’s interesting is that when you find that the shops on the street start to close, it ’s time for the elephants to return to the orphanage after bathing. When the elephants go back, there will be no tourists anymore. Yes, ha.

The elephant crossing the street is quite spectacular, you can take a look.

Elephants will cross the street to bathe in the river, and then cross the street back to the orphanage. Repeat every day from 2pm to 4pm. If you only want to watch the elephant cross the street, just wait at the intersection, you don't need to buy tickets.

There are only two elephants in the park.

On the side of the street, they waited for the wooden apple juice that the elephant bought when they crossed the street. They felt a little sweet.

When we visited, we met a large team of teachers and children. Spring tour.

You can also watch and feed the baby elephant to drink milk.

Xiaopenyou greeted us very lively.

Shy smile, the teacher is also very nice

When we rested, they also took a dip under the big tree, and then saw us smiling happily at us one after another, and asked us our name. The enthusiasm of the small pot friends surrounded us.

Xiaopenyou took a picture with us enthusiastically and talked with us in English.

At first it was just a little girl, and then the boys also came, so lively.

Kandy Hotel is on the hillside. If there is hot water, it is not recommended. The rich breakfast makes up for some deductions

The hotel we stayed in was pretty beautiful, with floor-to-ceiling windows or something.

Buddha Tooth Temple is located on the bank of Kandy Lake, like a white lotus floating on the lake. It is said that the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple enshrines Sri Lanka's national treasure, Sakyamuni Tooth Relic, which is why Kandy is an important place for Buddhists in the world. Entering the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is subject to strict security checks. Men and women are separated from each other. They must go barefoot when entering the temple. Tips are required for storing shoes. You can bring your own shoes in bags. ps: The temple is very large and it takes a long time to walk. It is best to wear socks.

The octagonal hall in the Buddha Tooth Temple

There were so many people on the day we went. Many mothers holding their babies were waiting outside the Buddha's teeth. I don't know if there was a ceremony.

Blue water lily is the national flower of Sri Lanka. It symbolizes purity, truth and self-discipline. The local Buddhist and Hindu believers often use this flower to worship Buddha and worship God.

Everyone holding a water lily to worship the Buddha

There are many stalls outside the temple that sell flowers to the temple for worship. To be honest, flowers feel much more environmentally friendly than the high fragrance of our country.

At the entrance of the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, there is also a lotus flower for worshippers to use, 100 rupees for you to hold in a small basket or cardboard.

People dealing with flowers at the corner of Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

Dumb little baby

I saw the performance as soon as I entered the door


The entire Kandy city is built along Kandy Lake, with towering ancient trees, Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, and early buildings distributed around Kandy Lake. A lunch restaurant recommended by our driver during lunch. The product is good. I eat shrimp curry, Rs. 1760, which is not cheap, but everyone tried it and found it delicious, which is better than another kind of rice with curry , Haha

Sri Lankan dishes are mainly spicy curry. One way to eat is to add rice and several flavors of curry to mix for yourself; the other is to directly "fry" seafood with curry, which is very heavy.

Mackwoods Labookellie Estate is a tea plantation in Nuwara Eliya. The tea plantation tea factory is open to the public. A tea factory girl introduced the whole process of tea leaves from picking to baking. Watching the big machines smell the tea in the house , There will be a desire to buy, haha, like most tea factories, provides free black tea for tourists to taste, cakes cost money, not to drink tea, you can try your favorite taste and then buy. ps: There are so many people, the purchasing power of the Chinese is too strong ~

If you go to Sri Lanka, you must buy some black tea. The quality of Sri Lankan black tea is very stable. As long as the black tea with the little lion logo can be purchased with confidence, it is cheap and good. Briefly talk about the categories I know:

OP: Orange Pekoe, tea with intact leaves.

BOP: Broken Orange Pekoe, finely crushed OP, with a stronger flavor, suitable for making milk tea.

FOP: Flowery Orange Pekoe, black tea with more buds and leaves.

The last one is a tea bag, which is easy to see.

The advantage of buying in a tea factory is that there are many varieties, but the disadvantage is that it is too tiring to take all the way. Many people say that it will be expensive to buy in the tea factory. A can of hardcover iron tea in a tin box is 550 rupees. If the paper can is cheaper, so Do it yourself.

I saw a younger sister taking a picture of the bride, surrounded by a group of people. The younger sister was very generous and did not scare away.

Bridesmaid helping the bride with bouquets

The bride smiled too sweetly and couldn't help but took a lot of photos

The driver asked us about the tea factory and introduced the tea making process and types of tea. After listening, you probably know what type of tea you are suitable for.

This British Tudor renaissance style building is located in the center of Nuwara Eliya town. It was built by the British in 1894 and has a clock tower on the roof. Because the outer wall of the building is made of red bricks, and the white plaster between the bricks, the whole body looks pink from a distance, so it is called the pink post office. If you need to send postcards here is a good choice, you can also take a few pink photos. ps: You wo n’t be able to open the door on weekends, you ca n’t buy stamps by taking photos and posting outside

The next day is the weekend, don't open the door, you can pat outside

There are cute little daisies in the corner, which is very beautiful against the red wall. The little friend said you are here to shoot ~

There is a clock tower on the roof.

Grand Indian is the No. 1 restaurant of all cuisines in Nuwara Eliya. It is an Indian restaurant owned by the Grand Hotel. It is next to the hotel. You must line up at 6 o'clock. Otherwise, it will take more than an hour to wait.

In the evening, we started to line up and started business at 6:30, so we want to eat early.

Today is a day trip to Nuzhen. After breakfast, the driver took us to the lake near the hotel, and we walked around the lake all the way. Gregory Lake (Gregory Lake) is the largest lake in the town center, around the lake gathered some boutique accommodation, dining and outdoor activities. The weather in Nuzhen is really comfortable. The pleasant wind is blowing, and then there is the warm sun, which is suitable for such a slow lake tour.

My friend and I were posing on the grass by the lake, and several young men came. They were very shy and proactive to ask their friends if they could take a picture. Then they took turns taking photos with their phones over there. The props on the show, laugh

# 女神 驾 到 # After reading this photo, I am feeling that the guys are very handsome, and then the goddess is not me, I am a squat photographer who is responsible for taking pictures ~

The wind blows the grass low in cattle and sheep

The driver took us around the little Buddha Temple we met. Although it is small, there are a lot of people visiting, so I am not embarrassed to go in.

Hill Club Rwstaurant is the No. 7 restaurant in the town of Nu, the western restaurant of the Hill Club Hotel, an old-fashioned English style. It is said that men need a tie and women need a long skirt. If you are tired of curry, you can come here to change the taste, haha. We did not check into the hotel, because the restaurant is in the hotel, and you ca n’t enter without a reservation. Just call the hotel reception desk to help you. Going to noon on Valentine's Day, it is said that the evening is full.

The waiter is selling the hotel's red wine to our friends, because that day is Valentine's Day ~

The visit can only be carried around in the front garden. It is not a guest who can not enter the hotel. However, the walls and flowers in the front garden are quite unique.

The dishes are set, five courses, soup, staple food, steak (selected only for you) and then dessert (with ice cream on the banana boat)

This restaurant is famous for one reason, and another reason is that a small partner said that he can't eat curry anymore, and he needs to eat some western food to ease it, ha.

2940 rupees per person, including 100 visit fee, because we did not stay in the hotel, the friends still want to take pictures or something.

The hotel is a small duplex for four people, but the hot water is not hot enough to cry. The breakfast is still very rich. Everyone called for dinner in the hotel (not noodles, but thin strips like rice noodles). Then the friends shared a variety of snacks, a beautiful night-Single Dogwood has Valentine's Day series ~

Horton Plains National Park is the only national park in Sri Lanka that allows tourists to hike. The round-trip hiking distance is about 9.5 kilometers, which takes about 3 hours. It is recommended to follow the instructions clockwise, that is, the end of the small world-the end of the big world-Baker Falls. Why play 3 stars, because the weather is bad ~ Remember to bring a coat and comfortable sneakers. WeChat sports shows that I have taken more than 20,000 steps. Although I am a little tired, I am quite happy after the walk.

It was quite cold at five in the morning, and it was just dawn.

Why do I see everyone's photos are big blue sky, we are foggy

To reach the end of the world, it is not okay without giving any effort, let's go.

The lonely tree is very embarrassing.

At the end of the world is a cliff. From here, you can see the view that combines the morning light and the fog.

We are waiting here to take the Alpine train. The little station is very cute. I met a little foreign girl and her sister. The little guy made us play.

The train feels quite old, a bit like the domestic green leather train.

The little girl ’s father showed us the tickets for two children, that is, a ticket was cut in half, referred to as: half ticket ~

The train passed slowly, and the people on the train were smiling at us.

Seeing people hanging trains outside the train from afar, and then we feel very excited, can you try it later?

The legendary alpine train journey, the train winds south all the way, climbs uphill and climbs through the tea plantation area, it is very worth experiencing. If you are riding from Kandy to see more alpine tea garden views, we only started from halfway, and it took 1.5 hours. Personally, I suggest that you can take a trip to the mountains slowly. Because the number of people at the halfway station was basically out of position, we stood at the door with four people, a little crowded.

The young man in red said he was a staff member and had to stay in the car all day. He kept the door and closed the door when it rained. Then everyone yelled not to close the door. Ha, the experience of hanging the train ~

The train is really slow, as long as it is not passing through the trees, everyone will take a turn to hang the train

On the road, you can see a large group of wild monkey families

Yala National Park is located in Tissamaharama and is famous for its many rare wild animals. There are many jeep charter services in the local area. The hotel reported us a car of 18,000. We will find the driver of the roadside. 16,000 cars including tickets. The park opens at 6: 00-18: 00. We departed at five o'clock and it was still dark. The hotel will pack breakfast for you. There is no sun in the morning, so it is a bit cold. It is recommended to bring a coat, and then it will be warm after the sun comes out.

Our driver brother and tour guide seem to like birds very much, keep pointing out the birds in various trees

Getting close to the elephants, I am quite excited

When the elephant walked directly towards our car, everyone screamed, ah

The driver pushed the elephant away, because he was afraid that his nose would dismantle the inverted mirror, ha

There are many animals living in the distance near the river.

Poor elephant is stuck in the middle of the car, I think this kid actually just wants to find a way out

The park is not allowed to get off, fearing danger, but the driver will drive to a public rest area in the middle of the park to give tourists a rest, and there is a sea on the side to see.

Our driver brother and his partner

In Mirissa, in addition to the sunny beaches and the blue sea, another important project is whale watching. In November and April, a large number of whales and dolphins will breed from the north of the Antarctic to the Indian Ocean with the ocean tide. The "sightseeing boat" here is actually a small private fishing boat converted, and set off at 6 o'clock in the morning to the pier for nearly 5 hours.

Meet at 6 o'clock at the pier, it's not yet dawn

Many fishing boats are parked along the coast

The morning sea and sky are beautiful

Beautiful morning glow

Dolphin appeared

A big group of dolphins

Whale spraying water

The whale dived underwater and missed the tail

From Mirissa, we went to Galle by TUTU. It did n’t take long. It felt like an hour. The two cars will be 2500 rupees. The driver will pass you by the beach and the driver will point you to you-the stilt fisherman. Fisherman sitting on a pole fishing. You will find that they are all seated and waiting for someone to take a picture. It is possible to take pictures from a distance. If you want to take a close photo, you have to give money. Everyone thinks it is okay to take pictures, so there is no way to take pictures.

Then this hotel has only 7 rooms, we have a sea view room, yes, the five-line sea view, there is an open-air yard and then the toilet and bathroom are in the yard, the open-air bathroom is super design, but just a little worried Yu Ye took a bath ~ Then as a girl, I saw two little frogs crouching in front of the toilet to watch your feelings silently ~ Seeking the psychological shadow area of ​​your little partner ~ The hotel staff helped us please let the little frog away, and then we thought Can only change rooms ~

The old city gate of Galle is located in the northeast of the old city of Galle. It has a dilapidated appearance. On both sides of the city gate are fortress warehouses and bright yellow Mediterranean architecture. The city gate is not large, and the Dutch VOC is engraved on the upper part, that is, the Dutch East India Company #Every time I see this word, I will think of Opium War #

Old city gate

New City Gate

Renovation ~ The Anglican Church was built in 1868, built in 1871 and started to use until today, it is a Gothic style church.

In the small shop near the lighthouse, it is suitable to stroll and sit down and drink a glass of coconut juice

This white Mira mosque is right next to the lighthouse and looks more like a church than a common Islamic style with a dome. It was built in 1904 during the Dutch rule. Although small, it is exquisite.

In the evening, I saw someone taking wedding photos, with the setting sun and the mosque in the background.

Galle ’s number one restaurant is famous for its 10 flavors of curry. I like the taste of pineapple and mango and eggplant. The rest is just so-so. A set meal is a meal plus 10 flavors of small curry. The rice is about 2- The weight of 3 people also ordered a snack. Generally speaking, the price is quite high, and his store is also very beautiful, blooming flowers, and then four people keep taking pictures-the door series that is broken

Utrecht Bunker is located in the southeast corner of Galle's old town, facing the sea. It is convenient to be the lighthouse of one of Galle's iconic buildings. The lighthouse was built in 1938 and is 18 meters high. This lighthouse will appear on various souvenirs about Galle.

The fortress became a sidewalk

The sea water is very clear, with several layers of color.

The sun goes down

Demonstration of correct couple photos

Error demonstration 1

Error demonstration 2

Galle is suitable for walking slowly, there are many shops in the town to shop around (there are many jewelry stores, we do n’t know how to buy), and many delicious restaurants, it is a very small town with a post office in the town, you can send postcards, The most important banks in this town have UnionPay ATMs. You can replenish the ammunition. If you are tired of shopping, you can find a restaurant to sit in and drink a cup of black tea. Take a break with a coconut juice. Go to watch the sunset ~

The most distinctive feature of Sri Lanka is the "sea train" that runs on the coastline, that is, the train in "Thousand and Thousand Seeking" runs on the vast sea. The soul of Chihiro and the faceless man sitting quietly on the seat trip. Although it is called a "sea train", the rails of the train are not on the sea, because the train line is very close to the coastline, the nearest place is only one or two meters, it makes people feel like the train is driving on the sea.

One of the funny friends.

Paradise Road the Gallery Cafe, the No. 7 restaurant recommended by Colombo online, is near the hotel where we live, and it is said that it is also a ten minute walk nearby. The interior decoration of the restaurant is very unique, and the curry is also very unique. Ps: The most distinctive feature is the black beef curry. It feels delicious at the first bite. At the end of the meal, I suddenly do n’t want to eat curry. I knew that I was homesick ~

This is a historic mosque in Colombo, located near Beta Market, not far from the train station. The Jami-Ul-Alfar Mosque is also known as the Red Mosque. It is a red and white brick building. It was completed in 1908 and is one of the landmark buildings of Colombo. It is said to be one of the top ten mosques in the world

Little pot friends squatting by the pool and playing with water

This mosque was built in 1885. When we went there were a lot of people. If a girl wanted to go in there would be an aunt who would take you outside a glass room with a man praying and a separate room for men and women. She also took us When a group of people surrounded a room that looked like a master, we quickly waved our hands and exited. We did n’t understand. I did n’t understand. In case we were baptized ~

The photo is not a shopping mall, the shopping mall is a white building opposite, this is said to be an ancient temple and also a central hospital. The ODEL mall has only three floors, but it is very lively, with a lot of clothes and accessories, as well as a lot of small crafts. There is a specialty store selling tea on the first floor. I got the rest of the specialties here. I had sushi in the mall for lunch. In Sri Lanka What kind of experience is eating sushi-you know when you are tired of curry.

It ’s mainly because after shopping, I just took two photos and could n’t get in anyway ~

Take the car of Grandpa Tutu who took us on a half-day tour of Colombo. Then I would like to talk about this brand of milk. The milk taste is super full, and it is sold in supermarkets. I really want to pack it back to China.

I traveled with my girlfriends, made a funny friend, met a boatmate who was teased by whales, and ate a lot of curries # Recently please do n’t ask me to eat curry # Seeing all kinds of funny smiles, I was surrounded by bright sunshine The journey of favor, I will leave Sri Lanka today ~

Our flight to Kuala Lumpur has only two options for 10 hours or 15 hours. We chose the latter to plan a day trip to Kuala Lumpur. To be honest, we miscalculated our strength. By the last day of the journey, people were exhausted. Well, not to mention Kuala Lumpur, who did n’t sleep well on the plane and arrived at five o’clock, but what is the whole thing? The strategy I ’m doing has to be done crying: Kuala Lumpur Day Tour

At eight o'clock in the morning, have a cup of coffee and run towards the station ~

The Putra Mosque, also known as the Pink Mosque, is located by the lake. The pink exterior looks like a lotus floating on the lake from a distance. The domed roof is also pink. The pink mosque is in Putrajaya (Prince Edward). It is a bit far from Kuala Lumpur. We depart from the airport and take the LRT blue line to Putrajaya station. Then transfer to U42 bus to Masjid Putrajaya station and get off That is; when you get back, take the U42 bus and return to the station. Fare 0.5 MYR

The bridge across the mosque, the bus will pass over the bridge, here is the best view of the mosque.

A day trip to Kuala Lumpur, I have done a lot of strategies before and wanted to go to several places, but when I checked the Colombo Red Mosque, I found that there is also a pink mosque in Kuala Lumpur. Thank you, my friends, for understanding my temporary curiosity. When I flew, we went straight Here comes.

The pink zenith looks great

All girls must wear a robe before entering.


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