Take your baby to a lazy vacation in Sanya

In the fall of 2016, I wanted to change my job to go to my brother to squat for two days, and to stay with my son and mother for two days, which is a simple small holiday. But because my son and mother wanted to go to Sanya, after the job was basically confirmed, I immediately booked a ticket to Sanya. For me, an office worker who was difficult to change classes and could not leave his job unattended, it was a trip to go. Too.

Total cost for three people = 440 (Jinan to Chongqing) +120 (Chongqing bus to Zunyi) +44 (Zunyi to Fenggang) +500 (family drives Fenggang to Guiyang and then back to Fenggang) +940 (Guiyang to Sanya, two Adults and one child) +750 (Sanya flying to Guiyang, one adult and one child) +770 (Sanya flying to Jinan, one adult) +995 (Sanya staying for five days) + about 4000 (Sanya eating and playing for five days)

On September 21, 2016, the air ticket was set: after Ali travel, where to go, the same way travel, and Ctrip comparison, Ali travel is the cheapest, and the West Air ticket is marked with "cheap air" behind it, and it is not possible to check too heavy luggage It is still very cost-effective for those who have backpacks to go. It is necessary to go to the airline's official website to buy a luggage check-in, 10kg, 50 yuan. It seems that if you do not make a reservation in advance, it is 80 yuan to the airport.

September 23, 2016

At 11 o'clock in the middle of the night, I booked a ride on the car half a day in advance. I arrived at the airport at more than 7 o'clock. I couldn't check my luggage. I had to find a restaurant and order a cup of coffee. During this period, my colleague's son did two Olympiad questions, listened to Lao Guo's stand-up cross talk, and called his son's mother for an hour. I checked my luggage at ten o'clock, but I couldn't pass it because I had a beautiful mobile power bank when I went through security ~~ Okay, not because she was beautiful, but because there was no volts on the outer packaging ~~ I could only mail it home ~ again Pass the security check, pass smoothly, wait in the waiting room.

The cute little plane was right in front of me, half an hour later than the estimated departure time on the ticket.

My brother said that this is a delicious coke, unique to Chongqing. I took a sip and felt it was not in line with my aesthetics and taste. I threw it to my brother ~~

In the early morning of September 24, 2016, my brother came home from work early to go to bed. At about midnight, he set an alarm clock to pick me up at the airport. I was moved to wipe him with a snot and tears ~~

Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport

Only stayed in Chongqing for one night, and embarked on a bus to Zunyi early the next morning. Originally it was good to play in Chongqing, and I really cheated my brother once ~~ I will definitely come again soon, it seems that I have never been apart ~

At two o'clock in the afternoon on September 24, 2016, I ran all the way, arrived in Fenggang in the afternoon, and finally got to see my son's mother. Excited!

After a short break at my son ’s and mother ’s house, I ate a large table of delicious food made by my son ’s grandma. My son ’s younger brother and son ’s grandfather drove us to Guiyang. The setting sun will herald our Sanya trip Now!

At 8pm on September 24, 2016, I picked up my boarding pass and sent away my son's uncle and grandpa. My son and I were ready to go!

Guiyang Longdongbao International Airport

At 1 am on September 25, 2016, I landed in Sanya. The place I lived was chosen by my son and my mother. On the beautiful new coast of Sanya Bay, it is very, very convenient to travel. On the 21st floor, an ordinary one-bedroom apartment, Meituan Found on the site, the evaluation is very good, the community security is very good, you need to swipe to get the elevator. In the middle of the night, the lady-in-law gave me a pick-up. She simply told us how to get in and do n’t take the free car at the door of the community. He sent us a Sanya Raiders guide and asked if she did n’t know how to do it.

Looking out the window, you can see most of Sanya Bay, the beauty is not like it!


At 9 a.m. on September 25, 2016, I slept happily all night. The next morning my son's mother found a menu for ordering food on the coffee table. I ordered a stone bibimbap, which was a bit salty ~ The overall taste was good, 25 yuan.

On the afternoon of September 25, 2016, we decided to take our children to the supermarket to buy some necessities. I called my son for the first time. He did n’t cry like that. I was angry and wore clothes to go out. The phone said that my son stopped crying and asked me to wait for them, walk across the road, walk on the beach, and wait for them to go out. I ’m going to get drunk with the good weather in Sanya ~~ beautiful sea ~ I ca n’t express my mood, quiet and well.

Sanya Bay

At 5 pm on September 25, 2016, a little gloomy day, my son took his son to the beach, I lay lazy in the balcony basket, breathing the fresh air deeply, and felt that my words were poor , Indescribable.

On September 26, 2016, we booked tickets for Tianya Haijiao and decided to look at two dollars. The son has no brains, no revenge, let me hug when I go out ~ ~ hug his son and go out happily!

Our ticket has a speedboat, son, mother and son are waiting for the speedboat with me!

Beautiful sun and moon stone, what symbolizes ~~ I do n’t remember ~~ haha

Happy son, very bold ~~ The children in front are crying scared, but the son is not happy ~~

We are from the end of the world ~~

Going to the cape ~~

Send a postcard that you may not receive to someone who cares!

I don't know if the imperial edict was written by the emperor himself, it should be. The words are so beautiful! In this life, I envy and worship those who write well ~~

This cheat sheet is absolutely inferior to the cheat sheet printed when we were in school. It can be seen that these are all things that the ancestors have uploaded. None of us are original!

In the small noodles of Chongqing in Tianya Haijiao, the girl asked intimately whether it was for the children, did not add a lot of spices, and brushed the small bowl I asked twice, kind girl ~~

Squid noodles and coconut, I started to sum up a set of ways to get along with my son, we always like it so much ~

We love each other, no matter whether we vomit or not ~~

They love each other, wearing similar parent-child outfit ~~

On September 27, 2016, I came to Yanoda alone. Three months ago, Chang Chang recommended a place. Three months later, I came by accident! If there are conditions, it is not recommended to follow the group. The group will be relatively nervous. Stepping in the water and ziplining must be played. Wander around, I think it will be better!

Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone

Ye Nuoda's medicinal meal is worth eating, much better than I thought. As a native of Shandong, eating such a light buffet really shocked my taste buds!

There are ethnic minorities ’brothers and sisters playing various musical instruments that I ca n’t name. It ’s very nice and pleasing to the ears ~~ I ’ve washed away a little of my own travels, and my mood is even better!

The characteristics of Yanoda, the four gates, and various strategies are introduced. I hung the small wishing pendant I bought on the sling in front of the happiness gate. May my wish come true!

The iron tree is blooming and I have only seen it in the game. When I really see it, I feel very special!

The grandmother of the Li nationality will have an embroidered face tattoo, which uses the thorns of this plant, which is about ten centimeters long, and it looks very painful ~~ afraid of ~

For me who has a special interest in poisons, I must touch this tree even if there are wounds on my hands ~ Excited like a child ~~ She is called to see the blood and seal the throat ~

Yeah Noda's little people everywhere are cute!

On the way down the mountain, beautiful mountains and beautiful water!

The most not to be missed in Sanya is seafood, so we chose to eat seafood dinner at night. There are many seafood processing shops near the first market. If you buy fresh seafood, the taste is not good, it is not perfect. It is really perfect to buy fresh ingredients and produce good taste. Before I came here, I did a good online guide. I chose a seafood store, a seafood processing store called Moustache. According to locals, this store has been open for 15 years and has a good reputation.

To see if there is any saliva in the dishes, I want to say that I drool. . .

This is a unique feature only in Hainan

Spicy Fried Mango Snail

Those who want to eat seafood can try it, I think it will satisfy your taste buds.

On September 28, 2016, because we had children, we set our last stop at Penang Valley. The Penang Valley is worth exploring for the Li Miao culture and textiles. The Li people respect women. The young man of the tour guide said that he was a teacher from Guangxi at the age of five. Crying ~~

Sweet little pineapple, one for three dollars, very delicious!

Granny is weaving ~

On September 29, 2016, after leaving Sanya, we flew to different destinations, a short parting for the next reunion!

Afterword, I went back to work at the work unit, opened the small book, and found the painting that my son's mother painted for my son. Probably on the day when I went to Noda, they played sand at home.


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