I went to Lushan in July. Afterwards, I suddenly didn't have much passion for domestic attractions. Instead, I wanted to go abroad to play. Because of the shyness in my pocket, I can only go to a small country in Southeast Asia. Of course, Thailand is my first choice! As a result, travel notes and strategies seem to start to pay attention to AirAsia's WeChat at the same time.

Originally, I went there in November, so I have been paying attention to where to go to Wuhan to Bangkok special ticket, back and forth more than 1400 back and forth, I think the price is okay (later found that my pattern Tucson broken ...) Later I am not sure about the travel time I haven't bought it all the time, I can only keep watching, and then at the end of July I saw that the price had reached more than 1900, and I was basically ready to give up, but! ! ! ! One day, AirAsia's WeChat public account suddenly pushed the news of the big sale of the school season. When I clicked on it, there was an event in September that Changsha flew directly to Chiang Mai 398 / person and returned to Bangkok-Changsha 288 / person. Office workers ca n’t take more than one week ’s leave, and our scheduled plan is to play for seven days, not including one day back and forth, so we decided to take five days off plus the three-day holiday of Mid-Autumn Festival and her single day off on Sunday. , A total of 9 days, 9.11-9.19. Decisively bought the ticket, 1325 back and forth.

So, my first long journey and my first overseas trip were settled in this way. . .

【About software and hardware】

1. Phone card:

Happy card, Taobao is about 35 yuan, 1.5G data for 7 days, including 100 baht for calling. If you go back to China, it seems to be 2B a minute. If you travel for two people, it is recommended to buy two to three cards for more than seven days.

2. Baht:

If you want to change it in China, it is recommended to change it at ICBC. Call ahead and ask which nearby bank has Thai baht in stock. For appointment time, you can change it directly at the counter.

However, I personally recommend to exchange only a part in advance, preliminary estimate how much money you will use, and continue to pay attention to the exchange rate of RMB to Thai baht before travel. If there is a trend of higher exchange, a small part will be exchanged in advance. Point or ATM can be taken.

During this trip, I did n’t exchange it in China. I only got 500 baht from my friend for emergency. The rest was exchanged in RMB or ATM. I exchanged 800 RMB in Chiang Mai on the first day. Different denominations have different exchange rates. At that time, the exchange rate was 50-100 face value is 5.13, 10-20 face value is 4.90, 1-5 face value is 4.79, the last one is not clear, and later all taken by ATM, The exchange rate is around 5.17, and the renminbi has also risen in the past few days, and the corresponding increase has risen. Therefore, it is not recommended to change all of it in the country. You can adapt to it.

In addition, when you exchange money locally, others will mark the words "Exchange", pay attention to the comparison of the three, I changed it in Chiang Mai at the exchange rate of 5.13, and later I saw a lot of 4.7,4.9 near Thapemen. Pay more attention to it.

Starting from New Year's Day this year, the handling fee of the Thai bank has risen to 100B. It is recommended to have a Huaxia card with conditions. The first domestic handling fee is free, which is worth doing.

3. Plug:

This is the same as in China. You don't need to bring it. If necessary, bring a plug-in row to prevent too much charging.

【About ID】

1. Passport: I do n’t need to say this, just go to the place of residence and hold your ID card

2. Air ticket: AirAsia, registered AirAsia member, follow AirAsia WeChat, it is very convenient, there will be discounts will be pushed, remember to pay attention

3. Visa: Two agents for 490 people

Regarding the landing visa, Chiang Mai ’s entry is now 1200B. There is no so-called fast track. Bangkok is still 1000B. As for the rumor that it is necessary to increase the Chinese landing fee, I did not see any prompts at the airport.

4. Immigration card: There are too many templates. By the way, remember to bring a pen when you get on the plane. It is a trouble to save. Remember to save the outbound card. When you got off the plane in Chiang Mai, the customs nailed us the passport and later in Bangkok Boarding, because of this, a buddy in front of me had to find someone again to fill out the exit card, making it very nervous.

【About luggage and clothing】

1. Baggage:

20-inch suitcases and backpacks are fine. These will not be checked by you or even weighed. The so-called 7KG carry-on luggage, our entire flight does not seem to have been weighed by anyone, and I saw one when passing security. People, the backpacks on their backs are more than their heads, and they still get on the plane. The size of the backpacks does not seem to be required. Of course, pay attention to the requirements for carrying liquids. For girls, either bring a sample or simply buy it in the past. There are so many sides, it's cheap.

2. Clothing:

Be sure to bring a thin coat, remember! ! ! ! You can use it not only by plane, but also by bus. There are air-conditioners everywhere, but it ’s also very low. As for changing clothes, I personally think that three sets are enough. also.

1. Chiang Mai:

It is recommended that the double car, the tutu car, and the double car are very cheap. The ancient city is basically 20 baht. The farther depends on your bargaining power. The tutu car is slightly more expensive than the double car. Regarding the motorcycle, it is recommended not to rent it in Chiang Mai. The alleys are everywhere. The route is still more complicated. As for the Suthep Mountain, do n’t even think about it. People there are fast and safe to drive or ride a motorcycle. By the way, there are opportunities when I go to Pai.

2. Pai:

Be sure to rent a motorcycle! ! ! The roadside scenery is very beautiful, and the attractions are all beside the Yunlai Observation Deck. If you do n’t rent a car in Pai, you can only rent a car. The chartered car is a car, and the scenic spots will send you to you, take photos, and pack things. Go to the next scenic spot, see your personal choice, rent a car and go to aya rental, ranging from 100-200, 40B loss insurance, 40B wear insurance, the price is not expensive, free choice, a helmet charge 100B, another car rental passport or 2000 Baht, if you ca n’t ride, there will be a teacher on the spot to teach you, but it ’s also very simple, just like a domestic battery car, just start it and twist the throttle.

3. Pattaya:

Just double or walk, the streets are full of double strips, and then it is the kind of motorcycle, first ask the price and then go on. In addition, it is worth noting that the double strips here, if you bargain, it seems to mean the chartered car. It looks like 10B directly. I see a lot of double strips constantly getting on and off, just like a bus. If the hotel is not far from the beach, just walk over.

3. Bangkok:

It is recommended to take buses and taxis. Remember to let him by meter when you take a taxi. Of course, you have to watch the time and meet the morning and evening peaks, which will upset you, but the light rail and subway coverage area there is really not wide, and sometimes you have to go far In order to find a station, especially the Great Palace Temple of Zhengwang Temple, it is far away from the rail transportation, and the price is very high. I took the subway at five stations and spent 28B almost 6 yuan. In Wuhan, this is 1.8. . If you are mainly focused on attractions, it is recommended that taxis or buses go out early. In addition, the airport shuttle is not necessary if it is late at night or early in the morning. There is a place for taxis at the airport. Print the hotel check-in list in advance and leave the airport. There is a dispatch desk to help you call the car, just show the address to the driver, and a 50 baht service charge will be added at night.

9.11 Wuhan to Changsha, visit Changsha in the afternoon, and plane to Chiang Mai in the evening

9.12 Arrive in Chiang Mai early in the morning and visit Suthep Mountain (Shuanglong Temple)-Ningman Road-Phra Singh Temple-Chedilong Temple-Tha Pae Gate

9.13 Meisha Elephant Camp (Lan Garden) half-day tour, drive to Pai in the afternoon

9.14 WWII Bridge—Tree House—Grand Canyon—Strawberry Garden—Big Tree Swing—Yellow Cabin—Inverted House

9.15 In the morning, the clouds come to watch the scenery, then take a bus to Chiang Mai in the afternoon, and take an NCA bus to Bangkok in the evening

9.16 Arrive in Bangkok in the morning, drive to Pattaya at the North Bus Station, hang out in Pattaya in the afternoon, and Tiffany Show at night

9.17 Half-day Grand Island tour, transfer to Bangkok in the afternoon

9.18 Bangkok Day Trip + Shopping

9.19 In the morning, the plane returns to Changsha, and the high-speed rail returns to Wuhan

Some people may think that my schedule is in a hurry, personally I feel okay, I met a couple on the plane, all in Chiang Mai for five days, I do n’t think I can stay, because I think the whole ancient city is just like that, take a look, two or three Naturally enough, if it were me, I would prefer to stay in Pai. It is very leisurely, riding a motorcycle, and the roadside is full of pleasant scenery. Come again next time, Thailand is worth a few more visits.

I originally planned to take the NCA directly from Chiang Mai to Pattaya, but when I temporarily booked the ticket, only the Gold Class, which was not connected, was the second-class seat. I temporarily decided to take FIRST CLASS to Bangkok first and then transfer to Pattaya. (It turns out that this was a big failure. I took a car to Pattaya in Bangkok, and the road blocked us for more than an hour)

After getting off the train, find the food first, go straight to Pozi Street, order Luoji's stinky tofu and sugar oil cake, go to Huo Palace, and came to Changsha 9 years ago. , I have forgotten about it now, I went out of the palace of fire, bought a plum dumpling and cream ice cream on the road, which is really good (Madele is too expensive, the poor can not afford it), and went to Yang Yuxing to eat a bowl The original rice noodle soup is still good.

After eating and drinking, I went straight to the farthest Yuelu Mountain. Get off the bus and go through the Dongfanghong Square. Under the guidance of Google Maps, I passed by the handsome boy biscuits recommended by many netizens. After I love the pavilion, then take a bus to Orange Island, the bus stops at the end of Orange Island Bridge, we can only walk the entire bridge, down to Orange Island, the scenery is still good, because it is too far away from the sculpture of young Mao Zedong , Just walk around on the side of the Gongji Tower.

After visiting the Orange Island, I was tired after a day of walking back to Yang Yuxing on Pozi Street, ate a bowl of original soup powder, and took a break. We returned to the train station and took the airport bus to Huanghua Airport. Two hours in advance, change the boarding pass, pass the three levels, and there is no weighing for the carry-on luggage along the way, so everyone can carry two bags with peace of mind.

After two and a half hours of flight, we arrived at Chiang Mai Airport, got off the plane, arrived in the early morning, there are so many people to sign on the ground, fortunately got it in advance, and now the cost of the Chiang Mai landing sign is unified 1200B, it is recommended to still Do it in advance. After getting out of the airport, I boarded the long-awaited pick-up train, and Mercedes-Benz's Chiang Mai joint was quiet at night. To be honest, it felt a little unreal.

In Chiang Mai, we stayed at the Sannomiya Residence Hotel, 71 overnight, and the reviews were very good. After checking in, we found that our reputation was well-deserved. The hotel is in the northeast corner of the ancient city. It is very secluded. It takes about ten minutes to walk to Tha Pae Gate, which is good.

Before I got up early in the morning, I heard the sound of rain outside. The whole person was bad for a moment. Although I knew that September was the rainy season here, it was said that it stopped for the next time. I hope it is true, and the result is unfortunate. On the first day of the day, there was continuous heavy rain and it fell to three o'clock in the afternoon.


吃饱喝足,我们准备去换钱,出门前问了老板,指了个大概的方位,一路前行,找到了Exchange,汇率不错,才5.13(后来才发现,这是在全程看到的最高的,如果有朋友在塔佩门附近,想换钱的话建议去这里,在塔佩门背后的这一侧,面对塔佩门往左手边直走大概7-8分钟,一个棚子下面挂着橙色字体的money EXCHANGE的就是)


出国前我专门去办了张华夏卡,当我们到了7-11旁的取款机准备取钱时,开始卡插进去,输了密码很正常,当我点击取钱时,机器又要我输密码,我输了一次,结果提示密码错误,我以为是按键按错了,继续输入两次,结果还是不对!!!然后我的卡就提示被锁死了!!!!这尼玛,到的第一天早上就搞出这么个幺蛾子,我连忙跑进旁边的7-11里面找店员帮我看一下,对方指着机器上的一个电话号码让我拨打,接通以后全是泰语,我只能又让他帮我接听,然后他帮我找了人工客服,但是!!!客服浓郁的泰式英语,让我听得磕磕绊绊,最后搞了半天,客服跟我说现在卡已经锁死了,让我联系国内的发卡行,我问卡和钱是否安全,对方确认是安全的,事已至此,没办法了,只能这样了,这整个过程中,7-11的店员一直陪在我们旁边,直到别人喊他去干活,让我们感到很感动,不得不承认,泰国人在待人方面真是热情,没有国内这么多弯弯绕绕,当我们最后在曼谷BIG C超市买东西,最后结账跟收银员说了声thank you,他停下手中的活,双手合十跟你真诚地说一声卡朋卡,那一刻真的是。





Encountered a poor Husky, but unfortunately there is nothing suitable for it in his hand, so I can only console it. . . .

After leaving Suthep Temple, we took the double bar when we came. We set off for Ningman Road. After getting off at 12 o'clock, we found a restaurant and ordered two special dishes. Delicious, Dongyin Gong is a bit wrong, sour, and coriander, tears. . . . No experience, just enter a random one, the decoration is ok, the price is slightly higher, Dong Yin Gong 195, mango glutinous rice 95, support WeChat and Baidu wallet payment. A few aunts and aunts next to me ordered two glutinous rice and then took a bag of durian to eat, which was really embarrassing.

After leaving iberry, he took a tutu and went to Phra Singh Temple. The asking price is 100, when it comes to 80, there is no way to talk, there is no way but to get on the bus.

As an important scenic spot in the ancient city of Chiang Mai, Phra Singh Temple is indeed very beautiful. The temple is solemn, quiet and peaceful.

In Thailand, there are several points that impress me most. One is that there are many smiles. Whether it ’s shopping or even meeting a local on the road, as long as you look at each other, as long as you smile, others will inevitably reward you and let people in foreign countries Warm, one is that there are many dogs on the road, everywhere, hang out on the road in groups, and some even fall asleep in the middle of the road, and they are not afraid of people. When I was shopping on 7-11, there was obviously heavy rain outside, and the air conditioner at 21 degrees was turned on inside. It made me tremble with freezing, and it was really lifeless when riding a motorcycle. It was riding fast.

Following the prompts of Google Maps, it took me a long time to find the entrance to the Chedi Dragon Temple. The ticket is 40B / person. When the whole ruin is presented to you, you will only feel shocked.

A total of twelve Chinese zodiac prayer tables were placed, and the counters were seated. We just took a look.

When I met a small temple at the gate, only men were allowed to enter. I didn't understand why.

I went out of the Chedi Long Temple and wandered the streets of Chiang Mai. After a while, I met another temple (blame I do n’t know what the temple is called, someone who knows can remind me)

I just walked out of the temple and saw such a sign.

Is this probably a lottery ticket, or is it scratch music?

Or go back to the shop where you eat porridge in the morning and order a barley stick, a bowl of squid (forgot what your name is)

After dinner, I slowly walked to the Thapae Gate and took a photo.

I met a small night market on the road, take a look, bought two pairs of Thai-style trousers, 100B / piece, although cheap, but the quality is really not strong, accidentally tearing the edge of the pocket, the key is to wash back It shrinks! ! !

I bought a dragon fruit at the market that came back, 30B, very big and very sweet, just like Thailand, the fruit is cheap and delicious!

A half-day tour of the Mae Sa Elephant Camp, booked at Taobao two days in advance, was waiting at 7 o'clock in the hotel, and the tour group sent a car on time to pick up. A mini van, all Chinese. . . .

The last picture of our guide, Thai, speaks good Chinese, and introduces himself as Dada

The environment in the elephant camp is pretty good, surrounded by trees, mountains and water.

It's our turn to ride an elephant. It will take you about ten minutes. It will take you around the hill and back to where you were. There are long lines in the northeast ear, Hokkien, and Sichuan dialect. . . Sure enough, the place with more people is still more lively. . . .

The elephant is so rough, Mao Zharen.

In the process of riding an elephant, someone uphill will take a SLR to take pictures of you. If you want to buy it afterwards, a 200B one, about 8 inches, with a photo frame, it seems that it is made of an elephant cake. . After riding the elephant, I went to the souvenir shop.

After shopping at the souvenir shop, turn left at the intersection of Sancha, a row of banana sugarcane, a bundle of 40B, bought to feed the elephant, you can also take a photo, of course, you have to tip. 20B is enough.

After feeding the elephant, go back to Sancha junction and go straight. When you reach the place where the baby is baby, she is still very shy. She dare not face her face. When she sees someone, she hides behind her mother. .

After watching the baby elephant, I went back to Sancha junction and heard that there was an elephant taking a bath immediately, so we went back to the railing opposite the river feeding place. Of course, the front position was already occupied by the Chinese. Look on tiptoe.

After watching the elephant bathing, I went to the elephant show and waited to watch the elephant show.

The show started

After watching the performance, return to the car and take the car to the Orchid Garden.

Leaving Orchid Garden, return to the old city of Chiang Mai, of course, go back to the old place for lunch

Go back to the hotel, pick up things, wait for the mini van to pai that was booked by the hotel owner yesterday, 180B, the boss asked us about our itinerary, and later mentioned that he can help book the ticket, thinking of Shun Shui's favor, it was there. Booked, not booked in aya, fortunately, there is more than 30B one person, everyone can also pay attention to aya service on WeChat, self-booking tickets, will pick you up at the hotel.

We reserved the car at 3:30 and waited for more than an hour in the hotel lobby. A pickup came to pick us up and walked through the ancient city for about 20 minutes. At the aya station next to the Chiang Mai train station, transfer to mini van to go to Bai In the county, it takes about three hours by car and about 20 minutes of rest.

Friends who have the habit of motion sickness suggest to buy motion sickness medicine before taking the car. In addition, try to sit in the front row, close your eyes when you get on the car, don't sleep and don't look at the road ahead, dizziness around, there is a 5B in 7-11 The medicine is good, I bought three boxes, and finally brought back one box.

I lived in Iyara Resort in Pai. For 138 days, the single-family villa includes breakfast and a swimming pool. I dare not think about it at this price. I ca n’t live for 7 days.

Waking up early in the morning, the outside was still drizzling under the drizzle, but as soon as I opened the door, the whole person was awakened by the beautiful scenery. After getting up and cleaning up, I went to the hotel lobby, had breakfast, and waited for the shuttle to Pai Street.

Arrived in aya at 8:30, first withdrew money from ATM, the exchange rate was about 5.17, and then rented a car in aya, aya is quite big, there are many Chinese-speaking employees, introduce us to motorcycles of several grades of 100,140,180,200B , A helmet deposit of 100B, another damage insurance 40B, loss insurance 40B, considering that the probability of loss is not large, we ordered a 140B car, covered a damage insurance, in addition to my passport, one can speak Chinese The master showed me how to use it after choosing a car. I have ridden in China, so I am very familiar with it. Soon we will start.

The county town is small, but it extends in all directions and various roads. Under the guidance of Google Maps, we walked all the way after going on the road. Not far from the county town, we saw a yellow hut on the side of the road (the big tree swing is next to the yellow hut. Mali Pai Hotel), took a few photos, I have to say that this is really suitable for Xiaoqing

Finally arrived at the World War II Bridge, next to a bridge in use, it looks full of history, Captain Jack has not yet to work, we can only entertain ourselves.

After crossing the World War II bridge, there was also a tree house attraction in front, so he ran to the motorcycle.

I met several elephant farms on the way. Although I went to the Mae Sa Elephant Camp in Chiang Mai, I couldn't help but want to get close to them. I bought a 20B banana from the boss. When the big guys saw it, they were really dancing, and their noses stretched out to get enough bananas. . . .

Back in the county, I ordered a pork leg rice, then a pineapple cooked rice, a coconut milk chicken soup, pork leg rice can be, the taste of coconut milk chicken soup can not appreciate.

Eat and drink, rest for a while, and continue to the following attractions. The first is the inverted hut, which is on the side of the road out of the county.

Look at our car

Leaving the Grand Canyon and returning to the strawberry garden.

Leave the strawberry orchard and continue on.

The yellow cottage is 100 meters from the county town to the Mali Pai Resort. After walking through the rest area, we reached the big tree swing that many people missed. At I AM PAI, we were asked by three Hong Kong girls how to get to the big tree swing. ?

After strolling through the big tree swing, I decided to take a bath at the hotel and take a rest. On the way, I passed a farm of strange plants. I was curious to find out. It turned out to be a dragon fruit fruit tree.

After taking a bath, lying on the hammock in front of the door, overlooking the mountain scenery in the distance, there is indeed a feeling of seeing Nanshan leisurely.

When I came back, I finally knew the specific location of the swimming pool, but I did n’t buy swimming trunks, so I had to play by the pool.

Of course, going to the night market is to eat and eat and pat! ! !

Today, I was going to Yunlai to watch the sunrise to see the sunrise, but when I saw the weather going out, most of the time there would be no sunrise, so I decided to go. The journey was a bit far, and it took me about half an hour to ride, and finally there were a few steep slopes, all the way to tighten the throttle and rushed up. It is recommended that if the level is not good, park the car under the observation platform, don't ride it, the picture is forgotten.

Below Yunlai's view is a Chinese ethnic minority village in Yunnan, with Chinese characters everywhere

Back in the county, now aya returned the car, the process is very simple, return the car and passport and then refund the helmet money. Sit for a while, strolled around the county town in the morning, waiting for the hotel shuttle to pick us back.

Check out after the hotel is packed, take the shuttle to the county town, have lunch, go to the aya station opposite the aya rental car to book a ticket, 150B / person, and then wait for our car to arrive.

Here is a word, Aya's car is to pick up passengers on the road between these two shops. Personally, it is too inconvenient, which not only easily causes traffic congestion, but also makes people waiting for the car uncomfortable. All people can only cross the road when the car comes Waiting to get on the station, you can only sit in the station with five or six people. On the contrary, another convoy not far away has its own independent parking lot, but I did not go to see what brand it is.

Back to Chiang Mai, the 9:30 NCA bus we faced was still early, so we decided to go to Central Festival

Thailand's motorcycles are really super, erqiehengchongzhizhua

I have long heard that DQ is cheap here, just happened, try it early.

I originally wanted to take the bus directly from Chiang Mai to Pattaya, but did not book a ticket in advance, because I was worried that the itinerary would change. Later I went to Pai to look at it again. Only the Gold CLASS with no seats, so I decided to go to Bangkok first and then go to Bali Tiya, it turns out that this is a big mistake. Bangkok is worthy of being blocked, and it is really about to cry.

Arrived in Bangkok on the morning of the 16th, more than an hour later than expected, because the morning rush hour, the traffic jam was really annoying, the bus first arrived at a station, I got off the train and asked the attendant, he said that he still had to go to Mochit North Bus Station, only to get on the bus Continue to sit.

When I arrived at mochit, I got off the bus and there was a bunch of soliciters. Hey, I could n’t speak the language, I said PATTAYA, and I immediately came up and carried me to a ticket window with my suitcase. When I went to Pattaya, I couldn't understand any other problems when I spoke to her in English. In desperation, an artifact and translation software were offered to solve it.

We drove at 8 o'clock and spent an hour in the urban area before we started flying. We arrived in Pattaya at about 11 o'clock. It was more than an hour later than expected. It was also served. The weather was too hot and I found a double. Article 150B sent us to the hotel.

It is still a dessert DQ with good quality and low price.

After eating DQ, sit on the top Starbucks. .

Looking at the time, it was about to slowly walk to the Tiffany's Shemale Show. As a result, according to the instructions of Google Maps, I accidentally entered the red light district. ,,,, Shaking the whole process, just look at it.

I originally planned to book today's day trip to the Kelan Island marine project. As a result, due to some reasons, I could not make the trip, so I could only go to the island today to play.

Through the entire pedestrian street, walk down the avenue to the pier BALI BAY to Kelan Island

The blue sky and white clouds, the blue waves, and the proximity to the sea really make people feel relaxed and happy. Go straight along the pier and go to A. In fact, you don't buy tickets at the ticket office and go directly to A to wait for the boat. There are also special people to collect money and another to check the ticket.

About 40 minutes flight, I got to Koh Lan. After I went to the island, I walked straight to the T-junction and walked left about 50 meters. There is a double parking lot, which is for people to various beaches, about 30B per person. There are a lot of motorbike drivers at T-junctions. The closer 40B is for one person, like Sammy and tien is for 50B. The motorcycle we rent directly is 200B a day, which is more free.

First came to Samed Beach. The blue sky and blue sea are really incomparable to the domestic sea. I didn't see a few Chinese people, mostly Europeans and Americans, very quiet, and there were not so many people who took customers. I found a beach chair to sit, 30B for one person, then came to take a bath on the water, 50B for one person.

The sand here is really fine, and the water is very clear, but unfortunately I can't swim, I can only play in shallow water.

After spending more than an hour in Samed, it was too hot. I am thankful that I did not report a day trip to the sea project. This weather is estimated to be sunburned.

Leaving Samed Beach and riding a motorcycle on the mountain road, I will arrive at Tien Beach in a short while. Then went to Dayuan Beach again.

Personally think that the beauty of the sand is the best, and the development level of the beach needs to be improved. However, some people like this original ecology. Let ’s spend it in your own eyes. Going to the Dayuan Beach in the back. The mess is full. In this way, generally the group will bring you here to participate in the offshore project, and the Chinese are everywhere, in contrast. Samed is European and American, and the scenery is much better than Darwin.

Return to the pier, buy a ticket and board the boat, and return to Pattaya.

After picking up luggage at the hotel, go to the street and go to Pattaya air conditioned bus station. This station is specially sent to Bangkok. Go to ekkimai east station 108B and go to mochit117B. I made a fool and bought mochit Yes, it is recommended that you buy the get off at East Station and it is very close to the subway. If you go to mochit, you have to take a bus transfer to the subway station. You are dead.

Bangkok, worthy of the city, is really convinced. . . .

Today is just shopping in Bangkok and shopping at night.

In the so-called rainy season, I didn't feel anything here in Bangkok, only the burning sun. When he went out, he called a taxi and said that he would go to the weekend market and let him go by meter.

Leave the weekend market and take the bus to the Temple of the Reclining Buddha.

Arrive at the Temple of Reclining Buddha in 20 minutes, with a ticket of 100B / person. There are specially prepared shoe bags and coats for people with irregular clothing at the entrance of the temple.

When I met the staff collecting coins in each bowl, the tribute held a large number of coins from the first bowl to the last one. It was really sincere.

Out of the Temple of Reclining Buddha, at the fork below, when you walk in the alley, you will see a house. You can take a boat and go directly to the Temple of Zheng Zheng, 3B / person.

Because the main tower was under repair, and it was too hot, we did not go in, but after looking at the door, the ticket seemed to be 50B / person

Go back to the Reclining Buddha Temple, find a bus stop, take the No. 25 bus, and give the money to the ticket seller. The other party told me that this is a free bus. . . . No wonder there is no air conditioning.

Bangkok is really blocked, and it took 40 minutes to stop and go to the siam center. The advanced building cools down.

At 7:30, I ordered a drop-off at Taobao one day in advance. In fact, I suggest that you have time to take a taxi directly on the road. When we went out, we saw many empty taxis heading to the airport. Of course, it is still a versatile Taobao. Order one, but Bangkok is slightly more expensive, our Chiang Mai pick-up is only 19, Bangkok's direct 89. . . . .

After getting off the bus, the AirAsia self-service check-in machine next to the entrance has changed the boarding pass, and then hurriedly checked the luggage, and then processed the tax refund. We walked from Don Muang Airport. The tax refund window is on the left hand side of the entrance. A green VAT REFUND sign . After entering, give your passport, the small ticket issued by the shop, the tax refund application form, and the other party will stamp you a few chapters after the review. After you pass the last security check, take these to the window to collect money. Some people say they will check the purchase. Whether the item matches the number, I did n’t see the staff checking the item, just took the list and stamped it, it ’s probably too much trouble

After the tax refund is completed, visit the duty-free shops.

Although I was dark and tired after returning from Thailand, I felt very fulfilled. Not only did I experience different customs, appreciate the beautiful scenery, but more importantly, I had a different travel experience in China. I hope the next trip to Thailand will not be far away.


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