2016 Huangshan Tour

Huang Shanxing, whose son has been talking about for a long time, finally got his wish this year.

On the 3rd, we drove to the city by ourselves, visited the ancient town at night, and tasted the tofu (recommended the old street crossroads, the following photo, the taste is really delicious), try Hui Hui dishes recommended on the first floor, it is recommended to go early, if you go to dinner, It is estimated that queuing for the number will take about an hour. Comprehensive dishes, the price / performance ratio is quite good.

The first floor of the old street

Maodoufu at the crossroads

The tour has always followed 3 readings, 7 points by listening. In the ancient street, we entered a museum. The old scholars are still very profound. Personal suggestions are worth visiting: The Bell Bottle Mirror (Lifetime Calm) / The Origin of the Ma Tau Wall / Characteristics of Huihui architecture ...

Gao Tang's "Lifetime Calm"

After dragging 3 children, Yuyao went to Huangshan in the afternoon. Fortunately, it rained on the 1st and 2nd, and there was also rain on the 3rd. When I went to Huangshan on the 4th, I enjoyed the sea of ​​clouds all the way and felt like sitting on an airplane. The hotel on the mountain is full, and even the tents rented by Paiyunlou are full. I decided to bring my own tent up the mountain. This was the only failure of this trip. For your reference, you must secure your room.

Where to go to book a tent is not easy to find, and the store has negotiated not to stay for a refund, the total price is 224 yuan, the merchant can call the website to refund. After so many days, I have made N calls and said that it is not good to refund. Today the customer service of the website has just called and said that the refund can be made, but there is a handling fee of 50. Personally, I really feel that my mood is not beautiful.

Along the road

Along the road

Dissatisfied with the service of Qunar.I hope you will be careful in the future

Beautiful view on Lion Peak

Climb the highest point of Lion Peak and look out at the beautiful scenery-sunset. This is also a great place to watch the sunrise

After bringing your own tent to stay in Paiyun Building, friends from the same industry recommended that Paiyun Building is relatively good. Once there is a police station, it is safer. Second, the surrounding scenery is good, you can watch the sunrise in the morning.

The sunrise report at the hotel was very punctual. At 6:02, the sun broke through the clouds. Everyone exclaimed: So beautiful !! Our viewing position was not good enough, and it was not early enough, next time we had experience, it was less than 5 o'clock You can take up the position

Monkey watching the sea in the morning light

Beautiful view of Xihai Grand Canyon on Guangmingding Road

Down the mountain


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