Do not look at the maple leaf cherry blossoms, go to Japan to feel the warm winter sun

#From three people to four people, Japan is an appointment before high school graduation. Later four people realized it together.

#Many people say that traveling can tell if a person fits or not, I ’m glad we match

#From Hangzhou to Shanghai From Guangdong to Japan I do n’t know how many corners I can walk together

#But I'm glad I always have you on my journey

Routine first picture?

1.27: Guangzhou-Tokyo

1.28: Tokyo Disney Sea-Tokyo Sky Tree

1.29: Mitsubishi Mori Ghibli Museum-Shinjuku 0101-Harajuku

1.30: Tokyo-Hakone

1.31: Hakone-Kyoto

2.1: Kyoto Kimono Dressup-Kiyomizu Temple-Uji

2.2: Shopping at Nara Deer-Kyoto Station

2.3: Kyoto-Osaka

2.4: Osaka-Tokyo

2.5: Tokyo-Guangzhou

It is very easy for students to sign a Japanese visa. The materials are complete and about 10 work sunrises. The price of our agent at a local travel agency is 1400.

Online will be much cheaper, but parents feel uneasy because there are a lot of materials related to personal information

The materials are probably: the original and copy of the passport, the recent two-inch crown-free color photo on white, the photocopy of the front and back of the ID card, the copy of the content page in the account, the copy of the student ID, the copy of the birth certificate, the parent ’s bills for the past six months More than 50,000)

Tickets were bought online, comparing the prices and finding that Guangzhou departure is cheaper than Hong Kong departure, JAL round trip (Guangzhou-Tokyo, Osaka-Tokyo-Guangzhou) includes tax 2021 per person, two 23KG boxes can be checked

In fact, it's really simple. Don't think too complicated, usually take the subway as you like.

▷ Tickets for the Shinkansen are easy to buy. There is a Chinese-language interface. Tokyo-Kyoto is about 13,000 yen and the distance is about 3h-3.5h. Except for those who need to travel between Kanto and Kansai, there is no need to buy JRPASS.

▷ When you go to Hakone to buy tickets at Odakyu Service Station, if you only go to Hakone one way, there is no need to buy the Shinjuku-Hakone pass package, you only need to buy the one-way Shinjuku-Hakone and Hakone 2-day pass, about 5000 yen

▷ Remember to buy suica! Remember to buy suica! Remember to buy suica! If you buy at the airport, you can only refund it at the airport. If you don't buy it at the airport, you will have to buy it at the JR station. You can find it at a general convenience store! Do not! Arrive! The lesson of blood!

▷ Buy a one-time ticket without suica, find the station you want to go to, the corresponding number above is the fare, Tokyo can pay first and then vote, or you can vote first and then pay. Kyoto must pay first.

▷ If you do n’t have enough money for the ticket, you can change the actuarial machine next to the ticket gate to make up the ticket. I forgot how to make it ... but the operation is simple

The price of the ten-day unlimited data card purchased on TB is about 80 for the calling card

Because renting wifi requires a deposit and if you do n’t have time to get it at the airport like us, it ’s a loss.

The phone card is for one person, it is much more convenient to connect directly to the mobile phone without taking another machine out

Tax rebates in Japan are rebates at drugstores and shopping malls

Drugstores generally have a line to pay for tax refunds, and that team charges directly at the pre-tax price.

Shopping mall is to go to the tax refund counter after purchase, hold a small ticket and passport, return cash to you, and seal the package

Remember to bring your passport with you, there are some places where foreigners will have discounts

Remember to compare the name of the passport with the name of the bank card when refunding the tax. Pay attention to this when using someone else ’s card. Try to use your own card ~

⑴ Do not sit in the fraternity seat in the subway! ~ It will be different from other seats, and there will be signs, young people stand one stop

⑵Whether it is a subway or a mall, the escalators must stand on the side. Do n’t stand two people side by side. Tokyo is on the left. However, when you reach Osaka and Kyoto, you must stand on the right. Anyway, which side do you stand on?

(3) If you bought the wrong one-time subway ticket, you can go to the subway station staff to help you, and you can refund it (we do n’t know it will waste 10 yuan)

⑷No matter what time, line up. I have met the off-peak peak of Tokyo several times. There are a lot of people. The teams on the left and right platforms are super long. The teams on both sides are crossed. Super orderly

⑸ It's better not to talk in the subway. The subway in Japan is really quiet. Except for some students who chat on the subway a little louder, others are so quiet that you are afraid. And those students sometimes realize that they speak too loudly and then become very quiet

♥ ♥ ♥ Photography equipment: iPhone6 ​​/ 6S / 6SP Casio TR SONYA5100

♥ ♥ ♥ Later software: VSCO

Japanese hotels have fewer rooms for four people, and the prices are higher and the rooms are smaller. Photos generally look bigger than they actually look

◆ Tokyo B & B: The room is basically the same as the photo, a very warm house with all living appliances. The location is pretty good and there is an elevator. But the four people are really crowded, and the boxes can't fit anymore. Another disadvantage is that the folding bed is not clean enough ...

◆ Hakone B & B: In fact, it is a private small hotel. It is super romantic and beautiful to see pictures on the Internet. There are also rooms for four people. It took a long time for the landlord to give us a little discount. Dinner is Kaiseki cuisine, and Japanese breakfast, but breakfast and dinner are charged separately. The room is super large. There is a Western-style room and a Japanese-style room. It is also super comfortable and the service attitude is also very good. After dinner, I returned to the room and even the futon was set up for you. The only drawback is that it is expensive.

◆ Kyoto B & B: Kyoto is small, so there is not much to choose the location. The room is in Dongshan District. After watching it for a long time, I thought I would be farther away. After arriving, I found that Kyoto is too small. It seems that the location is far away. It is very convenient to go to Kyoto Station. This is our cheapest room. It ’s really super small. I ca n’t put down two tatami mats completely. I did n’t expect this small house to be the warmest place for me.

◆ Osaka B & B: In order to take a flight, I plan to find a house with convenient transportation in Namba. I never expected to find the most comfortable homestay, but unfortunately I only stayed one night.

◆ Tokyo Nikko Tourist Hotel: There are free shuttle buses around Haneda Airport, the facilities are very new and complete, the two people are quite comfortable, and they are also suitable for catching a plane the next day, the price is also in several hotels of the same level cheapest.

♡ Tokyo DisneySea: You can enter the park directly with the e-ticket, and you are not afraid of being unable to enter the park due to the number of people, but you must use it on the same day. 7-11 can buy tickets, need to redeem to enter the park.

♩ FP: Hot items go to get FP early, FP can only get one every two hours. Recommend the two gods of anger and the ancient tower of Fright, which should be the two most exciting games in the park. There is a period of geocentric exploration that rushes from the underground to a high place, which is also very exciting.

♡ San Ghibli Museum of Mitaka: Super popular, early! Early! Early! Book tickets! Tickets booked more than a month early are already scheduled to enter the park at noon, very! value! Go! Look! Basically, every Miyazaki fan or non-Miyazaki fan can be satisfied

♡ HELLO KITTY Sanrio Paradise: Tickets are easy to buy, but remember to pay attention to the closing time!

♡ Okamoto kimono: Make a reservation on the website one month in advance. The reservation is at the main store. The location is very easy to find. It is convenient to go to Kiyomizu Temple. There are many choices of clothing styles. There are 6 choices of hairstyles.

If you go to Baiyun Airport by plane, you have to leave early because it is super! level! Blocking! We departed from Dongguan at 11:30 and was blocked for dozens of kilometers away from Baiyun Airport. It took more than an hour! We arrived at the airport at half past two on the plane at 2:50. The flight attendant said that we arrived too late and that we did not have a ticket to sit with, and the luggage had to be checked at the illegal baggage.

Separately from Xiao Guo for a four-hour flight, but it was also lucky to have a handsome Japanese uncle beside him.

Japan Airlines ’meals are very good. The trip is Japanese, and the quality of salmon sashimi is considered OK. The flight attendant service attitude is also super good, and the small TV on the plane also has many movies and games. After watching a movie, the plane landed on time.

We did n’t get the immigration card on the plane, because the flight attendant spoke Japanese and Japanese English ... I do n’t understand ... I asked them when they landed and asked them to finish it ... Actually, it ’s OK to fill in after landing. It's a lot of calculations, and I got my luggage and took the tram back to the hotel about 15 minutes after I filled it out. There will be staff at the place where you buy the tickets, so do n’t worry about not buying them. There are also staff on the platform to help.

There are vending machines at each station, and the limited words on the box make people want to buy them ... but after drinking, they are sorted and thrown into the recycling box beside the vending machine. Eating and drinking are strictly prohibited in the carriage

The first thing after finding the homestay is to go downstairs to find something to eat. Recommend the Japanese chain KOHIKAN cafe. This is it, the green store brand

The bottom of the muffin is a bit crispy, drizzled with caramel sauce and butter, and the whole muffin has a little Japanese flavor. Most of the sauces in Japanese salads are lighter and sour. They are appetizing and the vegetables are fresh. The green oil feels super healthy

Linlin and Zixin arrived in Japan one day earlier than us because they wanted to meet their younger brother in Japan

After getting up in the morning for two hours, I could finally go out. It was already eleven at Disney, so I took a leisurely tour with a mentality of taking pictures and buying things casually. Disney Ocean is the only Disney theme park in the world that can't be missed. Although I am infinitely afraid of mobile games, I can still have fun.

Here are the benefits of e-tickets: e-tickets must be specified to go to a certain day, we booked on January 27, so we must go to Disney that day. Electronic tickets will be a little more expensive, but admission is always possible. Some quarters are peak seasons for Disney. When the number of admissions has reached the limit, it may be impossible to enter the venue if you buy tickets on the same day. As long as the e-ticket is printed, it can be used directly. No need to change the ticket, you can also scan the QR code to get Fastpass. Electronic tickets eliminate the hassle of buying locally in Japan.

Usually go to the Toy Story area first, where there will also be a three-eyed ice cream Daifu sale ~ Toy Story is mainly some games such as shooting, but the queue will be very long, when we go, it is off-season, we should also queue Almost an hour and a half. It is recommended to go to the ancient Horror Tower next door, that is, take the FP from the jumping machine. The FP we got at 11 o'clock and 12 o'clock is already more than 5 o'clock in the afternoon. You can get the FP and then come back to Toy Story to queue up, and then play a few items, almost time to go to play.

Actually, I did n’t understand how to get the FP before I went, but probably every popular game project will have a FP machine (only the FP of the project) and then take the FP of this project, no matter You need to take the FP of which project, you need to take it after two hours. When you take the FP to play, I feel that those people are not right about the time, as long as the project is right, so you can still try to hold the FP Go ahead and play that project. If you ca n’t get in, just wait, it ’s okay.

In addition, in addition to the normal queue, there will also be a queue, which is FOR SINGAL, that is, if you travel alone, or sit with a friend without care, you can line up there, which is also super fast.

This is the most exciting roller coaster in the park. It rotates 360 °, but it is over in about a minute. For this minute, we waited for more than two hours ... off-season ... FP really ... important

Disney Ocean is mainly duffy theme, so a lot of duffy ~ DUFFY theme restaurant food is not too expensive, about two or three hundred yen more expensive than outside, and tableware can be taken away.

Must eat big chicken legs, next to the roller coaster of Indian Jones, if you remember correctly, super delicious! ! ! !

After leaving Disney, we found a Tsukiji Jade Sushi in a mall in Yokohama Station for dinner. After eating and drinking, I decided to rush to a night show to see the night view. I hurried to Tokyo Sky Tree, and bought a ticket at nine o'clock to the observation deck. We didn't go to the top to see, the fare forgot ... Adults seem to be 1,800-2,100 yen. Business hours will end at 22:00, and you should be able to buy tickets half an hour before the end of business hours

I ordered two set meals, and the fish was very fresh. Because I didn't like eating raw food, I didn't have a special impression. The only sushi meal

Blur looks better, hahaha

Breakfast at the KOHIKAN cafe has a balanced nutrition mix, and there are many choices of sandwiches. There are too many fillings in it.

Matcha latte, mix the cream into the coffee, there is a feeling of drinking marshmallows, dense. Coffee has a strong aroma of matcha

After arriving at Mitaka Station, follow the signs and find a special car for Mitaka Mori Art Museum ~

The Ghibli Museum is really awesome, with a sense of design, and the space is a bit intertwined and complicated, but it is also very innovative. It has exhibited the works of Miyazaki and saw many cartoons that I saw when I was very young , Is really full of memories. There are some small details in the museum, which is really unique. When you enter, you will also be given a movie ticket to watch the special version of Totoro for 15 minutes.

Vending machines that you can't refuse

I always thought that it was a cantaloupe flavor, but later I found out that it was originally a pumpkin flavor, a little sweet, and it also has a sandwich. The limited Haagen-Dazs is definitely one of the must-eat in Japan.

Mitaka ’s sunshine is really super good. Seriously, the whole Japan is naively blue, blue, and clean, and almost all the photos it takes are not p-pictures. After watching the museum, we took pictures outside, the light is super beautiful ~

In fact, today's itinerary, I and the four Guo Linlin and Zi Xin acted separately. Lin Lin and Zi Xin went to the hello kitty Sanrio Park, but they closed.

So remind everyone to check the closing time before going to any paradise

The pass is purchased at Shinjuku Station, and the price is about 4000. It does not include the ticket to Hakone. In addition, the ticket for Shinjuku-Odawara is 895 yen. There is another 5,000 yen pass, which includes tickets to and from Shinjuku. Because we do not need to go back to Shinjuku, it is cheaper to buy separately.

Me and Xiao Guo, who had a meal a day, found M like to find their mother. By the way, they tried the new fries on the mat and looked for a barbecue restaurant.

The landlord of the homestay must see this scene collapse. Everyday from four girls

The wine we drink in Japan haha ​​must buy wine back to the hotel every night to drink

This is Royce's matcha popsicle Weibo. Someone recommended it on the Weibo.

At the homestay, take the JR line from Itabashi to Shinjuku. After arriving in Shinjuku, follow the signs to find the Odakyu Line. We bought ordinary tickets. It seems that we can do everything except the romantic express. We got on the orange line with the fewest stops. It was about the same as the subway we usually take, which took about an hour and a half.

Special attention is to take the bus to Hakone Yumoto after arriving at Odawara. There are only four or five stops to Hakone Yumoto. After arriving at Yumoto, it will go downhill in the reverse direction.

Doze off in various positions, so that led us to Yumoto and down again

When we arrived at the Gora Hotel, we sent a car to pick us up. The front desk gave us several sets of bathrobes to choose from. We changed our bathrobes and put on makeup in the room. We were waiting for dinner. Silly, we thought that the meal was taken in the room. As a result, no one had seen dinner at 7:30, so we went downstairs and asked ... It was found that we had eaten in the restaurant downstairs.

Dinner is the hotel's kaiseki cuisine, which is basically very tasty, except for a few pieces of meat like salted fish, others are quite delicious

The hot spring cake on the table is super delicious, I will talk nonsense

correct! All kimono yukatas must be pressed right! ! ! ! We did the wrong demonstration! ! ! shameful! ! ! Don't learn from us

After dinner, I went upstairs and found that the tatami mats had been laid out, and the service was intimate

I booked a rock bath at half past eleven, and after taking a bath, it was time to go downstairs and start to take a hot spring bath. The rock bath is actually a stone spa. In fact, it just sleeps on the stone. I can only sleep two people at a time. We do n’t know that four people go down together and four people lie down together. In fact, it ’s still very comfortable. It is lying down in the back. I feel my tail keel is on fire ... Late night hot spring, hot spring pool No one provokes. The indoor hot spring in the basement is really boring. After soaking for more than ten minutes, my whole body will be dizzy, so I went to the outdoor hot spring. The shed on the top was crackled by raindrops, and the cool wind and hot springs were really super-matched and not dizzy.

At the hotel's breakfast, we only finished the white rice.

The balcony was superb, I made a cup of coffee and tea and four people came out to soak their feet. It was a bit cold but super comfortable

It snowed at night, and many places were buried by the snow in the morning. There was a mist outside, so beautiful! ! ! When I went down the mountain, I saw snow and fog, and the whole mountain was full of fairy spirits. When I arrived in Odawara, I bought a box of Hakone specialties and bento and took the Shinkansen. Later, there was a super-scented bakery under the station. I could n’t hold back and bought bread. It was delicious! !

The station lunch, which is filled with sushi rolls, is delicious

It ’s so cute, I do n’t want to drink it, but I forgot to drink it

The Shinkansen is really super fast. Every time we pass by, we want to take pictures. As a result, the phone has been taken away before it is taken out. Finally, our car is about to stop and only take a picture. The Shinkansen went to Kyoto for more than three hours. The seat of the Shinkansen is very wide. The luggage should be placed in front of your seat. If there are few people, you can sit in two people and three people. It will be more comfortable.

It's already 5 or 6 in Kyoto

People in Kyoto feel a lot more enthusiastic than people in Tokyo. There are so many tourists in Kyoto, so many stores have Chinese services or Chinese menus.


Rosen ’s bread is super delicious. This strawberry wrap is so delicious.

The most exciting day ~ In order to be beautiful, we got up early in the morning to apply makeup. I booked a kimono dressup at Okamoto Kimono Shop one month in advance and made an appointment at 10:30, but arrived at about 10:00. We took the Kyoto Luo ROKU bus, like a tourist bus, the fare is uniformly 230 yen, mainly passing through tourist attractions like Kinkakuji Temple, Kiyomizu Temple, but only on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Okamoto main store has moved to Chawanzaka on the road, no need to turn into the path ~ so pay attention to the street signs when looking for it ~

When changing the kimono, those people wrapped me tightly on the third and the third layers, the waist was tightly tied, and everyone said a little suffocation before watching the guide ... I could n’t hold it at all. My lungs will come out when I pull the belt, let alone my suffocation ... I can choose a coat or something like wearing a kimono in winter, but it's not good-looking ... I can't see any good-looking kimono, At noon, the sun is not too cold, but the neck is cool, so you can pick a scarf ~

We made a hairstyle appointment. In fact, there are many choices of hairstyles. There are three general directions, and there will be subdivisions. I chose the hair style, which can be the side plate or the middle plate. The side plate is a twist braid on both sides, and the middle plate is a twist braid, which is actually very beautiful. Finally, you can pick a head flower, the head flower is very old, you can buy it in the past, but in fact, the head flower inside will not look very old, and it looks good ~ we chose 5000 yen Kimono set, hair 500 yen, all add up to 5900 tax included, you can brush UnionPay.

After changing the kimono, someone took a picture with us. Some people took photos and took photos when walking up to Kiyomizu Temple, but I really think that the kimono looks good ... I hope that Chinese traditional clothes can also be worn like a kimono like casual clothes. I feel that Chinese costumes are not at all. Lose kimono, super elegant

I was very tired with the kimono tied, my neck was very cold, and then I did n’t eat breakfast. We were too lazy to walk along the Kiyomizu Temple. We took a short cut and walked down. We went back and changed our clothes after a few laps after eating. .

Let ’s go to Uji to eat matcha ~ Just go to Uji to take JR. JR Uji stands out and crosses the road to our shop in Fujiyoshi Nakamura, but a lot of people line up. We registered names at two and three points and said that we have to wait until five and find Ito Kyu Wei's tea house finally waited for more than an hour to finally eat it.

This road is slanted, it's really not that I didn't align the horizontal line

Uji is really a place that will make matcha control crazy. Almost every store in Mandajie eats matcha.

Some photos are not the original picture, some are distorted

A lot of people line up in the store, they are very easy to eat, and there will always be a little surprise

When I was eating ice cream, I awakened a sleeping puppy. Linlin and I were crazy. The dog was super cute and super cute. The owner always said to us that we thank and praise this puppy. Treat dogs as their own children

After returning to Kyoto, it was completely dark. There is an Isetan above Kyoto Station, but it is super! expensive! of! Selling is more expensive than Tokyo! But there are some small handkerchiefs, small squares, Givenchy, Vivienne Westwood and other big brands, but they are super cheap, so it is suitable to buy souvenirs for friends

There are many drugstores under Kyoto Station, there is also a food street and supermarket in Sakura subway, and I have to say that the Japanese stations are super good to visit.

A speciality donut at Kyoto Station, it ’s not really delicious haha

Rosen ’s fried chicken surprised me. The fried chicken sold as a convenience store is so delicious.

I secretly bought a cake to celebrate Zi Xin ’s birthday, and gave her three consecutive birthdays

Japanese strawberries, super delicious

Today I specially arranged to see the deer of Nara. There is no trip, so it is very leisurely. I ate a noodle at Kyoto Station and then went to the station to take the Kintetsu. Kintetsu tickets are cheaper and seem to be 730 yen. According to my memory, the orange car has the fastest route.

The station sells Daifuku, an oversized one, wrapped with a whole strawberry. Sweet, the skin is soft and glutinous, and it is delicious to match with the bean paste

It is recommended to take the Kintetsu Railway. It is a commercial street as soon as you leave the station, and then you can see a lot of deer after walking a few hundred meters. And there is another one on the road that sells persimmon leaf sushi. We just ate enough and did n’t really want to eat, so we did n’t buy it.

Many people go to see Nara ’s deer, and they may be a little too used to them, so as long as you do n’t have food on them, they do n’t take care of you. Once you have deer cake in hand, there will be a group of deer around you and bite Clothes or something. If you go in summer, it may taste

There was a deer who was following us all the time, and it was so cute that I decided to buy a pack of deer cakes to feed it. As a result, as soon as I went to buy deer cakes, there was a deer coming. Later, a group of deer surrounded me. The individual fled into the desert and went back to the shopping street.

The commercial street mainly sells specialty products and so on. There is a family in the middle and we will eat it. The new product pie is not very tasteful. Japanese M-means are required to collect their own plates, so be sure to clean up and go after eating! !

After returning to Kyoto, I ate Western food at the Toyo Pavilion. When I came back, I discovered that the hamburger meat was famous. The price of the Toyo Pavilion is more expensive, but it is also acceptable. The hamburger meat is delicious, and the whole potato is whole, and then the cut with the meat sauce is also very good ~ We ordered two sets, one of the set An appetizer, a staple food, a dessert, a drink, more than 4000 is actually very affordable ~

When I go back to Kyoto, I mainly go shopping. There are many drugstores under the station. The things are very complete.

Only one shot was taken because we were already hungry and ate up

The toiletries in the homestay are my favorite ones.

Actually, I had to take a flight to Osaka, so I only stayed in Osaka for one day. Later, when I went to Osaka, I found that Osaka was really good to visit. I must stay for two more days! Really not enough shopping! ! And things are cheap! ! We live near Daikokucho, Osaka, and there are only two stations in the centrifugal bridge. After we left our luggage, we started to visit Shinsaibashi. Daimaru department store is really super cheap, discounted by foreigners, plus UnionPay discount, it is much cheaper. I bought a set of ALBION osmotic milk and healthy water in Daimaru. The largest capacity is only 750 including tax. It is recommended to go to the South Pavilion of Daimaru because the South Pavilion is tax-free. All of them speak Chinese, you can go there for a trial, and then refund the tax after buying. Drugstores selling shoes and clothes from Daimaru down the street sell everything and eat a lot. We went to eat barbecue when we were so hungry.

The barbecue shop is in the building of the left-hand white wooden house

The sauce in the shop is super delicious. I really can eat six plates of meat by myself in Hong Kong

The famous Pablo Cheese Tower has a big sale but we ca n’t finish it and bought the mini for 300 yen

After passing the bridge on the Gregorian billboard, there was a roasted meat on the building next to the crab road. There were three levels of roasted meat on the question. We ate more than 3,000 people. Everyone also ordered a glass of beer, and the sip of meat was really great. The four of us may have ordered more than ten plates of meat. The pork tongue and spine meat are super delicious ~ I ate about four plates and five plates of meat by myself, great satisfaction! Eat until the closing time haha. This shop is easy to find, can recommend it, it is still delicious ~

How can you not experience the sticker photos? ?

Linlin and Zixin left Japan at 2.4, and Xiao Guo and I flew to Tokyo from 2.4, and then flew back to Guangzhou from Tokyo at 2.5. Linlin and Zixin left at five o'clock in the morning, and the subway in Japan started to run at five , Very convenient for people who catch a plane or arrive at midnight.

I got up in the morning and found a cafe. The two old ladies didn't understand Chinese and English at all. They ordered hard and ordered delicious food! Omelette's eggs are very tender and the tomato flavor is strong. French toast is also super tender.

Osaka Itami Airport is relatively indoors. It seems that there is no subway or the like in the past, so we called directly. It was over twenty minutes, more than five thousand yen.

Looking for Japanese food at the airport, I did n’t find it. I had to eat Chinese food.

We booked the Nikko Tourist Hotel, there is a free shuttle bus to go across the road and so on. The hotel is opposite a convenience store. It is super convenient. When I checked in at night, I told the receptionist that I would take a car to the airport at 6:20 am. The Nikko Hotel is highly recommended. Comfortable ~

Because I didn't have time to eat breakfast in the morning, I went downstairs to buy breakfast, and ran to the whole family of Chaoyuan to buy it. As a result, the convenience store opposite the hotel had the most bread.

Get up at 5 o'clock in the morning on the 4th, check out when you are done, and just send the room card to the front desk. There is a shuttle bus for international routes and domestic routes during the ride. The driver will help you pick up your luggage one by one. Very good, it will help you down when you get off. Japan ’s departure is super fast, plus there are no people in the morning, we left the country in more than ten minutes, and the duty-free shops also opened very early, so I went to the duty-free shop for two hours and bought a lot of things. It is recommended to buy here, which is more cost-effective than the urban area, but Orbin does not have duty-free shops at the airport.

Anyway, Japanese real is fun, it is indeed addictive, but there is always a chance to come


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