Go to Sri Lanka to find the fairy tale world in your dream

At 3:30 in the morning, the Didi Express was scheduled to be sent to the airport in about an hour's drive from Guangzhou Tianhe District to Baiyun Airport.

Now there is only one package left to choose from, 9G data.

From the airplane window, I slowly saw the winding coastline of Ceylon, the blue water, and my heart began to roll along with the waves.

Everywhere in Sri Lanka, students wearing British style school uniforms are mostly white, and both male and female students are very thin and tall

The ancient city of Anuradhapura, as a cultural triangle, has many stupas and other monuments worth visiting. Recommended are the fearless stupa, moon stone, linden temple and so on. Remember to pay attention to clothing and barefoot to enter the temple.

It was already afternoon when I arrived at Anuradhapura, and I saw the elephant sculpture as soon as I entered the city. The ancient city is one of the most imaginative attractions in South Asia. These scattered buildings bear rich archaeological and architectural wonders. These buildings are still used as holy places and temples. Despite the size of the city, the streets here are very organized.

Free to visit, just go around for ten minutes

Mirissa Watia stupa is one of the three interesting attractions that can be visited when strolling or driving along the shore of Lake Tissa Wewa. It was first established after the occupation of the city by Dutu Gamanu in the 2nd century BC Stupa.

There is another monk canteen in the northeast here, and there are also common huge troughs where believers can put cooked rice

We arrived relatively late, so we plan to buy a pass to visit the monuments the next day. The first one is the free Mirissavati stupa. Perhaps because the sky is late, there are almost no tourists visiting. Are local devout believers

When we arrived, it was close to the evening, plus the preparations for rain, so the dark clouds hitting the roof just showed the mystery of the temple

I came here mainly for the long-standing linden tree. We had to take a short walk from a special passage to get close to the linden tree. When we arrived, we still saw a large number of students looking up under the tree, and other people offered white flowers , Some have already kneeled down on the ground with their hands folded and murmured their heads, and a Buddha statue was enshrined next to the bodhi tree.

After getting up early in the morning and washing up, I walked around this big house by myself. I went to the rooftop on the third floor and used the solar water heater. Anuradhapura is very hot. There is no need to worry about the hot water. The toilet is super clean and hygienic. There are dry and wet areas. It is a modern and modern facility. Big comfortable house. Of course there are air conditioners and fans.

The large three-storey house likes this wooden staircase.

Opposite the door is the family room, which has two rooms connected together, suitable for two small families.

The restaurant location is quite spacious and bright.

Spacious and bright, first-class lighting design, with chic plants and furnishings, simple but not simple. When we first arrived, the butler also prepared juice for us, and all of the fatigue that we ran around for a long time was completely dissipated.

This is the main dining room, and it is also Chinese-style wooden furniture. The murals and lighting are just right. We had one of the best breakfasts in the whole journey here and started a pleasant trip to Sri Lanka.

The large and bright living room, where my friends also helped me have a birthday party that I will never forget.

There is a big house Osara Tourist Rest with a small garden in front of this building. Two of us six rooms (also can be said to be 3 rooms), the price for one night is only 370 RMB, which is definitely the most cost-effective homestay in the whole journey.

Very tall modern kitchen, complete wooden cabinets, electromagnetic stove, range hood, refrigerator, microwave oven, juicer are all available.

This modern kitchen can also be used by residents for free. All kitchen utensils and electrical appliances are readily available. From the complete set of wooden kitchen utensils and supporting facilities, the landlord ’s economic strength can be judged. I heard that the landlord is a doctor.

The third man wearing a sarong from the right is the housekeeper who has provided us with quality services, and the first is the assistant.

A small train about 40 minutes ’drive from Horton Plains, there are about four buses a day to pass from here to the ella, if you want to go out of Horton Plains to experience the Alpine train here is a good choice, you do n’t have to go to haputale train station.

Ella Railway Station is the terminal station that most tourists choose to experience the Alpine train. The train station is small. Remember to pay attention to the stop sign when you cross the station. You can also ask the locals to remind you on the train. Tickets must be collected when leaving the station, so remember to collect the tickets. After exiting the station, a small slope to the lower right, many tutu cars, cars parked on both sides.

Yala National Park, entrance fee: US $ 15/8 for adults / children, Rs250 for jeep, US $ 8 for service fee / group, 12% VAT; 6: 00-18: 30 from October 16 to August 31 of the following year Tickets can be purchased at the main ticket office, the ticket office is at the door, 21 kilometers away from tissa. The only way to visit this national park is to rent an off-road vehicle to enter the group. Generally, off-road vehicles can sit for six people, different prices. Will be different

Elephants playing alone in the small water pond early in the morning.

There are always small friends around the elephant

Very drag

There is also a "sacred beast", with antlers on its head and a long horse face. Its body is somewhat similar to wild boar and deer, and can only be described as "four different".

Say goodbye to the family of elephants, black-faced monkeys grimacing under trees, lone jackals, giant lizards pacing on the road, big birds flying in the sky, leaving Yala National Park with regret that they did not see the Ceylon leopard.

The main reason to go to Tissamaharama town is to go to Yala National Park. We came here for the same reason. We still go to the top three restaurants in Dangwang. You can't go wrong by choosing the top one. The New cabanas restaurant has only one floor, there are about ten tables, and the dining time is still almost full. We ordered grilled fish with salad, fried mixed vegetables, yellow curry with sac, and mushroom soup. I recommend this avocado smoothie

The New cabanas restaurant in the town of Tissamaharama has only one floor, there are about ten tables, and the dining time is still almost full. It may be that the chefs who teach the chefs especially like the method of cooking the lobster. Several dishes are cooked, but the taste is very good. If you have a Chinese stomach, you are definitely worth a try. We recommend the Chinese roll, which has a layer of cheese, and then wrap With vegetables, it is important to be steaming, and the avocado smoothie is also very good.

Devinuwara Light House is a very special lighthouse, said to be built by the British. Coordinates: 5.92124 80.594056

After leaving Mirissa, we drove to the next destination, Galle, and walked for about 20 minutes. A friend found that the sunglasses were pulled at the bed and breakfast, so I turned around and took it back. We just saw a beautiful beach and sea water. There are colorful boats moored, so we plan to wait here.

In the beach of Koggala, there are some crumbling poles on the sea. When the tide level is high, these poles look like a crane standing only in the sea. Every local fisherman has a rod of his own, these rods are firmly inserted on the seabed near the coast, and the fishermen sit on the rod and fish. Stilt fisherman is also the most famous business card in Sri Lanka, but almost no traditional fisherman, and some are professionally modeled "model fishermen."

Before going to the bed and breakfast, our driver helped us find a small fishing market by the sea and bought the seafood ingredients we needed at night. There were few choices, but we still found the cuttlefish we like, but the price is not private and not cheap.

The boiled prawns have a shrimp removal line in advance, so you can just eat them and squeeze a few drops of lemon juice to enhance the umami taste.

We can't call the name of this crab species, but it is steamed out, the entrance is sweet, and the meat is Q-shaped. It is definitely the unique taste and taste of deep-sea crabs.

Our driver (the local Sinhalese in Lanka) loved the pineapple fried chicken. When we ate, he asked him to choose a dish he thought was the best. He chose this dish, which proved that the dish tasted absolutely It's nothing to say, the people of Lanka who eat curry can also praise that the taste is really strong enough to attract their taste buds.

Steaming: Crabs, Prawns, Bass Fried: Convolvulus, Scrambled Eggs with Tomatoes, Banana Flowers (Specially Made by Butler) Pickling: Sour Radish (Cut Strips, Salt Claws, Water, Add Red Vinegar, Put in Refrigerator) Juicing: Avocado Milkshake

The squid here doesn't seem to be cheap, but we still bought two to taste, choose onion and tomato to stir fry, the imported Q bomb is tough, and it is another successful dish.

Although it took almost two hours to eat this sumptuous dinner, absolutely every dish is perfect, especially satisfying my Chinese stomach. What's even happier is that the butler helped us wash the dishes after the meal.

Galle Castle, also known as the Galle Fortress, is an ancient city with people living to this day. It was built in the 16th century under the rule of the Portuguese. After the Dutch colonists rebuilt and expanded it on the basis of the original city defense. Since the 18th century, Galle has already shown its prototype as a barrier. Galle used the ancient old city wall as an iconic symbol of the local landscape to witness the changes in the colonial period. Not only did it play an important role in military protection and the provision of ship signals in the 16th century, it has survived through centuries of wind and rain, and the severe South Asian tsunami in 2004, with its firmness and rigidity, and it has remained intact. At the same time, it is also the guardian of the ancient city. It protected the entire ancient city during the tsunami, so that all the buildings of the ancient city were not damaged by the tsunami, and it allows us to continue to visit this intact world cultural heritage today.

I really like this design that integrates with nature. It is very wonderful to arrange natural light so transparently. The living room is arranged in the entrance space, with the rattan sofa and coffee table, plus the finishing trunk, the essence is It's amazing, I love this decoration style, and in order to make better use of the power of nature without destroying nature, the ceiling fan is used here to cool down instead of air conditioning.

Enter Galle Old Town, walk left along the city wall, pass the old gate, turn right at the first intersection, and you will reach the Historical Building. The interior is modified according to ancient buildings, which displays various gems and items from the colonial period salvaged from the bottom of the sea, such as antique typewriters, Chinese collections, porcelain, jewelry, jewelry, etc. These cultural relics have price tags, you can sell. In addition, there are live performances of gem cutting and lace braiding in the corridor. This museum can be visited for free, and sometimes someone will introduce you to every important cultural relic, which is well worth visiting. The museum also has a jewelry store that sells various gems and jewelry. The gem display counter also sells gems, and at the same time shows people the gems of the Kandy dynasty. In addition to genuine products, there are cheap and delicate imitations. The bracelets of the Kandy dynasty sell for $ 100 each, and for imitations only cost about $ 10 each.

Restaurant: Crepe-ology Rooftop Restaurant Address: 53 Leyn Baan Street, Galle Fort (near Historical Mansion Museum)

The restaurant converted from a colonial building is elegantly furnished and cozy, with a comfortable environment and a large terrace on the roof overlooking the old city of Galle. The disadvantage is that the waiter is busy when the meal arrives, but he needs to wait for a long time when he arrives, and may also encounter the impatient treatment of the waiter.

There are a variety of delicious foods, especially a variety of Crepe to choose from, the price is reasonable, the most important thing is also a Chinese menu, recommend garlic crepes (Pesto Chichken Crepe), fish crepes (Fish Crepe) and mint lime ginger juice (Mint-Lime-Ginger Cooler), avocado smoothie.

The central area of ​​the ancient city of Galle is not large, but the small streets and alleys extend in all directions. The buildings on the street retain the colonial color, as if they are in a European town. Rest.

Going to the entrance of the old city and seeing a couple more men and women on the street, how could it be possible to let this scene pass?

A group of gorgeous ladies are preparing for the New Year's blessing ceremony.

Not too far away, I saw several luxuriously dressed ladies holding flower baskets in a high-end private club. They were preparing for the New Year ’s celebrations, but they were only small-scale private gatherings. Can only rush to the small green square to the civilian New Year's offer yesterday, the fact proves the hospitality and kindness of the local people. [happy]

Train tickets are generally bought second-class and third-class tickets, at most only half an hour in advance, first-class tickets can be booked online at least one week in advance. There are trains to Ranka all over the country, especially the characteristics of every stop, so the trains from the suburbs to the city center take the same responsibility as the subway. There are many people in the morning and evening rush hours, and those who are interested can feel it. a bit. But it certainly cannot be compared with the Spring Festival of our motherland.

Colombo Railway Station is the transportation hub of Sri Lanka. The railway line extends to the whole country radioactively. There are almost trains to all parts of Sri Lanka. There is an information office here, where you can ask some questions about traffic in Colombo.

We arrived in about 15 minutes from the train station in the third district of Colombo. The ticket was Rs 10, and a small piece of thick paper had to be collected when leaving the station.

After the station walked to the left, you can still see the train shuttle on the street.

There is a beautiful wooden pavilion in Beira Lake called the "Water Temple", which can be accessed through a wooden passage, like a temple floating in sleep and a meditation center. The underwater temple was designed by the famous architect Geoffrey Bawa of the 20th century.

Beira Lake, located in the northwest corner of Vihamahhadvi Park, is the heart of Colombo city. Cormorants, egrets and other birds hover on the lake. The trees on the lake are heavily shaded. This is the local favorite of Colombo. Leisure area. Beira Lake is cut into two parts by an island, which has a park called "Children's Park".

Parliament Complex, Sri Lanka ’s parliament building is located in the administrative capital of Srivadnapura, 16 kilometers from Colombo. This parliament building aided by Japan is located on an island with a building area of ​​48,000 square meters Conference hall.

The former site of the Dutch hospital was an old building during the Dutch colonial period (1656-1796), and was once the premier hospital in the area. Nowadays, the hospital full of historical sense has been transformed into a very modern shopping and dining block. The old buildings do not have Dongtian. The style is very similar to Beijing Sanlitun or Shanghai Xintiandi.

It is worth noting that the mosque is only open to males, female tourists can only enter the first floor but can no longer enter the interior.

This is a historic mosque in Colombo, located near [Beta Market] (http://place.qyer.com/poi/108974/), not far from the train station. The Jami-Ul-Alfar Mosque is also known as the Red Mosque. It is a red and white brick building. It was completed in 1908 and is one of the landmark buildings of Colombo. It is said that in the early 20th century, many sailors to Sri Lanka used it to identify whether they were from the port of Colombo.

In Sri Lanka, it seems that almost memorable sunsets can be seen by the sea. The driver took us to turn around briefly in Colombo, and finally we chose to come to the green area of ​​Galle Face to watch the sunset in the Indian Ocean. There is a roadside stall here when hungry, and ice cream when I am thirsty, I do n’t do anything here

One of the highest dinners in Sri Lanka # 科伦坡 #Paradise Road The Gallery Cafe, this gallery restaurant was originally the studio of architect Bawa, so it has a style and artistic atmosphere. The restaurant is located in the third district and ranked fifth in TripAdvisor. , We started to make an appointment from the top of the list, not because the private appointment is no longer accepting appointments or is full, so we only made an appointment with this fifth restaurant

We chose to live in the CHINATOWN between the three and four districts, and chose a bed and breakfast near the seaside train station, so I did n’t take enough sea trains yesterday. I went out early this morning and went to the nearest KOLLUPITIYA station to wait for the sea train and train to MOUNT LIVINIA Tickets are only sold ten minutes before driving, and the train time of the day will be written on the blackboard next to the ticket window. Although I asked the staff, for the sake of insurance, I specially asked the photo of this beautiful woman. The shabby ticket office is small, but very clean. The platform of the seaside train station is also very simple, some just set up a wall, and the platform is not fenced. As long as you can see the road, you can go straight up. The train, the sea, the fishing rod, the fisherman, and the The feeling of photos is really wonderful.

In two days, we took the most elite MOUNT LIVINIA-COLOMBO FORT about half an hour of sea train experience and walked out of the plot fantasy of the sea train of "Thousand and Thousand Seeks", although the railway really left the sea It's very close, but the reality is still reality. The railroad tracks can't be soaked in the sea water, but it is so close to the seaside, and it can make people easily walk on the railroad tracks to see the Indian Ocean.

The best train experience in Sri Lanka

From Galle Galle to Colombo Fort, the fastest journey is two and a half hours, and the slowest is four hours. This section has the world-famous sea train scenic line. We chose the most elite MOUNT LIVINIA-COLOMBO FORT, about half an hour's journey by sea train experience. I walked back to reality from the plot fantasy of the "Thousand and Thousand Seeking" sea trains. Although the railway is really close to the seaside, the reality is that the railroad tracks cannot be soaked in the sea water, but it is so close to the seaside and can make people It's really a very special experience to walk across the rails to the nearest shore to see the sea of ​​the Indian Ocean, but we still have the satisfaction of choosing the sea train to see the scenery.

The trains in Sri Lanka are completely open. People who are crowded, afraid of crowding and afraid of heat will come to experience the thrill of hanging the train. The maritime train from the suburb of Colombo to the city actually also plays the role of the subway. The working hours are still crowded. If you want to experience the busy life of the locals, you can choose to take the train before 8 o'clock.

The trains in Sri Lanka are completely open. Many people or people who are afraid of heat will choose to hang on the door. This scene is the famous hanging train.

After crossing a bridge, you arrive at Fish Market.

We arrived in Negombo in the afternoon, and Negombo Lagoon was full of fishing boats in the lagoon of Negombo Lagoon

We arrived in Negombo at more than two o'clock in the afternoon. We have long missed the morning market transaction of the most characteristic fishermen returning from fishing. It is said that the scene is very spectacular. But let the driver drive us to the Negombo Fish Market next to Negombo Lagoon. After crossing a bridge, we saw a harbor full of fishing boats. Soon we arrived at the fishing market. Lobsters, crabs and prawns from the Salt Lake Very famous. It is a pity that the fishing market in the noonday sun has been empty, all that remains are fishermen who kill fish and bask on the beach, and a large group of crows and seabirds fly around. The unpleasant smell makes people unable to stay for a long time. . After the morning market time, this is a fish drying farm, and around five o'clock in the afternoon, I heard that there is still a return scene that can be filmed.

Half an hour from the airport, this is the biggest happy paradise for locals. The car can be driven directly to the beach, many of them are sent by the family, especially many children, some parents and children, and some friends, playing with water on the shore, Some go to sea by speedboat, and others play sailing. The most memorable thing is that there is a beautiful sunset here, and it is not too late to go to the airport after watching the sunset.

The last attraction of Sri Lanka last day is Negombo Beach. After a seafood dinner, the driver took us to Negombo Beach, which is about half an hour drive from the airport. Driving the car directly to the beach, the local tyrant also drove the four-wheel drive off-road directly into the water [laughing]. From time to time, three or two sailboats floated on the sea. Even if the waves here were high, many children still had fun. In order to catch the plane, we bid farewell to the beautiful sunset in the Indian Ocean and reluctantly got on the bus to the airport. Although there were minor accidents on the way to the airport, our trip to Lanka was finally completed. Period.

A local restaurant specializing in seafood in Negombo. It is especially recommended for pre-dinner prawn salad and main dish seafood platter. The owner is a chef with a thirty-year-old chef who takes good care of every guest. 7 of us consumed 11,000 rupees.

Because Negombo is relatively close to the international airport, many friends will choose to transfer here. We choose to eat the last supper here before going to the airport. Of course, we choose a delicious seafood dinner. The lobster that was not eaten last night is also the only choice. TripAdvisor recommends this second Scandic restaurant, try to prove that this is a cost-effective restaurant, second-class prices can enjoy first-class service, strongly recommend prawn salad and seafood platter before ordering!


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