Dynamic Family Fun in Bali

The trip to Bali was an unplanned trip. I originally booked a Singapore air ticket and would stay in Singapore for 10 days. Although Singapore is a small pocket country, there are still many attractions to see and see. Despite this, my friend told me that you will be bored if you stay for so long. . . can you? Okay, let ’s find another nearby island, with Singapore as the center and a 3-hour flight as the radius, on the condition that we are exempted from visas and save the trouble of re-applying for visas. Therefore, we locked Bali.

In this travel note, I only record trips to Bali, and I will open another travel note in Singapore.

If you have questions or questions, you can contact the personal WeChat account: Concorde_HAY

Bali is the most dazzling island among the more than 13,600 islands in Indonesia. It is located in the east of Java Island, facing the Indian Ocean in the south. The entire island is roughly diamond-shaped and has a total area of ​​more than 5,000 square kilometers. In the impression, many people think that Bali is a small island. In fact, otherwise, the reason why Bali can become a world-renowned tourist resort is that unlike other islands that only rely on beaches and beaches, it also has many different tourism resources and cultures. Background. For example, the lake area in the north, the volcanic landscape in the northeast, the tropical rain forest and large terraces in the mountains in the middle, the ancient art city of Ubud, and the Hindu temples that flood the island.

Bali's climate is a tropical island climate with a hot year-round climate. The average annual temperature is about 28 ° C. The rainy season is from October to March each year, and the dry season is otherwise. Considering the weather, April to September each year is the best season to visit Bali. We went to Bali at the end of January. It happened to be the rainy season. God was still eye-opening. The first day was sunny, but it was raining for the next three days. Almost every night I fell asleep with the sound of rain. With the sound of rain, I tasted a delicious breakfast in the hotel ’s semi-open-air restaurant. Fortunately, each rain did not last long, but intermittently, the rain stopped and stopped, stopped and rained again and again, several times a day.

After planning to go to Bali, I started to pay attention to the flights from Singapore to Bali and hotels in Bali. There are many flights from Singapore to Bali, and there are always promotions. Finally, I chose Jetstar to fly to Bali, Tigerair (Tigerair) back to Singapore, and Airbus 320 round trip. The total return of three people plus one piece of checked baggage is RMB 2,000, but the ticket cannot be refunded or changed.

There are probably a few in the Bali play area:

Kuta (Kuta): The most prosperous and lively. More suitable for shopping and nightlife, but the beach is really average, with big waves, suitable for surfing;

Lovina (Rovina): There are fewer tourists and the quietest. Because it is more remote, you have to take a mountain road to rent a car, the road is very steep, you can go to the sea to see dolphins and diving in the morning, the sea is clear, and the beach is OK;

Nusa dua (Nusa Dua): There are the cleanest and most beautiful beaches. The high-end hotels here are all connected together and are all located on the beach. There are various marine projects to play. The golden sands are exposed after the tide. Starfish and crabs are everywhere.

Jimbaran (Jimbaran) Beach: It bears the name of one of the world's top ten sunset viewing places, but under the prestigious name is muddy sea water and discarded garbage, seafood BBQ is also very general.

Dream Beach: Also known as the white sand beach, near Balangan, where there are pure white sand beaches and turquoise waters, but the waves are also suitable for surfing.

Ubud Ubud: Bali's art center, Ubud Palace, as well as handicraft shops all over the streets, museums are here. The cultural atmosphere is strong.

The choice of hotel is based on the tendency to play. If you want to have beautiful beaches, clear sea water, fine sandy beaches, quiet sunbathing and daze, then choose the major international hotels by the sea. Because the most beautiful beaches have been occupied by them and become private beaches of private clubs or clubs, non-hotel guests or other types of guests can't go at all, and these sea-view rooms usually have a price of 1500+.

Want to experience the artistic atmosphere of Bali, then Ubud is the only choice. There is also the authentic cuisine of Bali, which can be satisfied in Ubud.

If you want to experience the tropical rainforest, you can choose a special resort or hotel hidden in the valley. These hotels are also expensive, built on the mountain, and low-key luxury hidden in the tropical rainforest. In the morning, if you open the window, you can see the rainforest and green plants, streams, and breathe the air of the healing system ....... There are also infinity swimming pools, and some Villas are directly connected to the river. You can enjoy river views, terraces, and tropical gardens up close Shengjing and so on.

Alila Ubud is a tranquil mountainside resort surrounded by lush greenery, and there is no higher oxygen content in the air than here. Fresh and quiet. All rooms have panoramic views of the tropical plants in the valley, and you can feel the magic of the tropical rainforest while lying in bed.

The loft room of the ibis Styles Hotel in Kuta area has two floors, a double bed downstairs and a double bed upstairs. It can accommodate up to 4 people. It is a 15-minute walk from Kuta Beach and a taxi ride costs around RMB 20. Behind the hotel is a large shopping mall with supermarkets and restaurants, and a DFS duty-free shopping mall next to it.

Double-storey attic room

Indonesia is now visa-free for Chinese citizens. The decision to go to Bali was also due to this visa-free policy, eliminating the visa fees and the cumbersome preparation of information. Just get off the plane and go directly to the immigration counter to show your passport. Here is a warm reminder: After getting off the plane, on the way to the immigration counter, there is a sign (in Chinese) to remind the passengers of the landing sign to turn right, ignore it, go straight ahead, go to the immigration counter, otherwise go to the landing sign At the counter, you have to pay $ 25.

Balinese people almost all speak English, taxi drivers, restaurants ordering food, small vendors, and asking directions on the streets in English.

The currency of Indonesia is the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). It is the worst foreign currency paper I have ever seen. The new banknotes are okay, especially the old banknotes. It feels as soft as toilet paper in your hand. The coin is also not delicate, and it is very light in the hand.

The characteristic of the Indonesian rupiah is that there are many zeros in the back. Their arithmetic must be very good. One yuan is about 2050 rupiah. Although I already know how to convert from other people ’s strategies-remove the last 3 0s and divide by 2 to get the RMB price, but every inquiry can confuse me.

It's a great feeling to have millions of people. . .

There are many bank ATMs in Bali that support UnionPay cards for cash withdrawal, as long as it is a 62 UnionPay card at the beginning, it is recommended that you better use UnionPay cards for cash withdrawal. Foreign currency exchange points are everywhere on commercial streets and small streets near the beach, and the exchange rate is also quite good. But everyone must pay attention to the exchange, look for some large, looking at a slightly more regular exchange point. The best of those hidden alleys are the best.

In other words, this time we have encountered a big one. For 500,000 rupiah, 10 50,000, he put them on the counter one by one in front of us to count them, took them and handed them to us. In general, people will collect money and leave, because everyone has clearly seen the amount of money, then the scammer will succeed, when you find that there are only 8 or even 7 in hand, not 10. It's too late.

Fortunately, I have a habit, and I have to count it again when I withdraw money from the bank. Fortunately, I have seen the experience of exchanging money for thousands in foreign countries. Too. He saw that we didn't go but counted it again and found that the money was running low, so he took it back and put it on the counter one by one again. Of course it was definitely 10, but it was still in our hands The same is less, this time there are only 7 more hateful. . . When he wants to count it again, her husband is angry next to him, so can't we see that we are giving you a chance to correct it? ! There is no sincerity at all, so I wo n’t play with you anymore, we wo n’t change it! ! ! Take back the new coins (we exchanged them for new coins) and leave.

What you see with your eyes is not necessarily true. This sentence is most appropriate here. So everyone must be cautious when exchanging foreign currencies abroad.

Airport transportation. There is no airport bus or public transportation at Bali Airport. In addition to the scheduled pick-up, you can only take a taxi to the destination, and you can only take the airport ’s own rental. Non-airport rentals can only deliver passengers. Rental is much more expensive than outside. After getting the checked baggage, you will see two currency exchange points on the way out. The taxi counter at the airport is right across the exchange point, telling the staff to go to the hotel, and then the other party quotes. After accepting, they will arrange a driver to send the guests. At the hotel, the fare is paid directly to the driver. The hotel we booked is in Kuta. The distance from the airport to the hotel is only 6-7 kilometers. The fare is IDR 150,000 and 75 yuan. I really didn't discuss you. .

In fact, contacting the hotel in advance allows them to report the price of an airport pick-up. If appropriate, the hotel picks up directly. I arrived at the hotel and found that the hotel's pick-up price was only 90,000.

I didn't see the bus in Bali. I asked the master of the chartered bus, he said yes, but we never saw it. The most seen on the streets are motorcycles. The roads in Bali are very narrow, and cars and motorcycles are on the road side by side. It is often dangerous to catch up with the peak. We traveled in a chartered car in the distance, and the near one had either two legs or a taxi. The rental in Bali is clean and tidy. It is recommended to use the regular Bluebird logo. Always use a watch. The driver will not detour and can ride with confidence without encountering a refusal.

The transportation of scenic spots, Bali's scenic spots are more scattered and not close, they can only be chartered without public transportation. Many people on a treasure provide chartered services, you can choose at your own discretion.

Jetstar Airlines flies from Singapore to Bali, taking off at 5 am and landing at 7:45 am. There are no meals on the plane. So, when I got on the plane, I started to feel broken. I don't know how long it has passed. I heard the captain's announcement dimly, and I almost landed. I opened the porthole to see the outside, and suddenly woke up completely! ! -Agung volcano appeared in front of you, an active volcano, at an altitude of 3142 meters, is the highest peak in Bali, and is regarded as a sacred mountain by locals. It was a pity that due to time reasons, I did not arrange to watch the volcano this time, but God gave us this gift, which is really a character ...

The joy of traveling may be that there are always some small accidents or surprises that appear suddenly when they are unprepared, adding a touch of color to a slightly plain life. The most beautiful trips are often partly by strategy and partly by casualness. . . . Isn't it? !

The plane circled and landed around Bali, just 180 degrees to admire the volcano. Don't take the DSLR (in the backpack on the luggage rack), hurry to use the mobile phone to click and click ...., from the perspective of God, the volcano is really shocking. . . The effect of the photo is somewhat discounted, hey. . .

Bali ’s Denpasar Airport is not large. After landing, I quickly took out my luggage. The hotel was very close to the airport and arrived in about ten minutes by taxi.

At a glance, it was just past nine in the morning. Fortunately, I didn't wait at all and successfully checked in and got my room card. Put down the luggage, take a break, it's almost noon, go out for lunch, and head straight to Kuta Beach.

The first day was also the only sunny day of the four days, the sun was dazzling, the beach was full of all kinds of people, gorgeous bikinis, hot bodies ..., the children were running happily ... swimming , Water fights, sunbathing, chatting.

You don't need to hurry, it doesn't matter how calm you are, everyone enjoys playing in this breezy, heavenly blue sky.

Although the wind is not very strong, the waves are pushing one after the other. The waves in front have not disappeared, and the waves in the back are rolling like shadows. Because of the large number of surging water waves, more fine sand on the bottom of the sea is brought out, and the fine sand is mixed with volcanic ash, making the sea water not very clear. But this did not affect it to become a paradise for surfing enthusiasts.

There will be several surfing clubs on the beach. When new tourists come to the beach, they will come and ask if they want to try surfing, and the price is not too expensive. Since I didn't get a good rest when catching the plane last night, I didn't slow down when I arrived in Bali in the morning. Today I don't want to arrange sports. I made an appointment to experience surfing on the third day. Regrettably, it rained on the third day, the sea was very stormy, and the event was cancelled.

The plan really can't keep up with the changes, so don't miss the opportunity when you travel.

It must be emphasized that sun protection, sun protection, sun protection. Say the important thing three times. Otherwise, you will get sunburn on the first day like us.

In addition, there are simple shower facilities on the beach, as well as toilets, but they are all charged, remember to be 3000-5000 IDR per person.

When we came to the beach again on the third day, the rainy sea was completely without the good mood under the sun. The sea breeze carried the raindrops, blowing on the face and body, and the sound of whistling could be heard far and far, and the waves beat the shore The majestic sounds of Bian intermingle and mix, making people feel a bold and majestic beauty with a sense of music.

The sea water was continuously pushed forward by a pair of never-ending big hands, forming waves one after another. The waves rolled over and swayed white foam.

At this time there were only a few tourists scattered on the beach.

The hotel is about a 15-minute walk from the beach. The streets next to the beach are full of shops, bars, restaurants and shopping centers. When we came out of the beach, we roamed along these bustling streets that were not wide enough. From time to time, you will see bars or hotels with unique styles and different patterns.

However, the most seen are the Hindu temples, statues and tributes in front of each house. Most people on the island have a temple in their homes. The community consists of temples, villages and village temples. There are more than 125,000 temples on the island. Therefore, Bali is also known as the "Island of Thousand Temples".

Later in the chat with the chartered master also confirmed this.

Tribute in front of each house. Some people say that you really do n’t need to mind whether you step on it, otherwise, would n’t shopping become as tense as having passed a minefield? But I still walk around carefully every time, trying not to touch it.

The next morning, the rain stopped, but it was still cloudy. Today chartered to go to tree top adventure park (tree top adventure park), this park is near Baidu Kuhu, it takes 2 and a half hours to drive from the hotel. We came to the hotel lobby after breakfast and the driver was already waiting there.

Tree Top Adventure Park is an outdoor sports base. It has bases in Koh Chang, Thailand and Sydney, Australia. It is mainly connected between towering trees through steel cables, ropes, and wooden blocks or planks. People have to walk from one tree to another through climbing, walking, sliding and other activities. Different difficulty levels are suitable for people of different ages and levels. Of course, there are also difficult routes waiting for the challenge of the strong! The coolest thing is to glide nearly 100 meters from a height of 20m above the ground, and enjoy the thrill of walking freely in the wind. Strong arms and lasting physical strength are powerful assistants for playing this treetop adventure. Wearing the right gloves can make you climb more comfortable.

Website: http://www.balitreetop.com/

地址 : Bedugul Botanical Gardens, Candi Kuning, BALI

Phone: +62 361 934 0009

Open: 8.30 am-6.00 pm

For fare, you can refer to the following website screenshot:

Fares before 10:30:

Book in advance, adult 19.5 USD, non-advanced reservation 22 USD;

Book in advance, $ 12 for children under 12 years of age, and $ 14 for non-bookings.

Book in advance. The family ticket (2 adults with a maximum of 2 children) is $ 49, and the non-advance reservation is $ 57.

Fares arriving after 10:30:

Book in advance, $ 22 for adults, and $ 24 for non-bookings;

Book in advance, children under 12 years of age are 14 US dollars, and non-advance bookings are 16 US dollars.

Book in advance. The family ticket (2 adults with up to 2 children) is $ 57, and non-advance booking is $ 63.

The fare includes 2 and a half hours of exploration time for all items.

All safety equipment, excluding gloves, need to be purchased, or bring your own gloves.

Insurance, and drinking water.

Note: The official website states that they only accept cash, not credit cards. But we have no problem with the credit card on the spot.

In addition, the adventure park is located in the Botanical Garden, and the price does not include admission to the botanical garden (IDR 18,000).

There are 7 different levels of adventure routes in the treetop adventure, with a height from 2 meters to 20 meters.

Contains 72 challenges, suitable for different ages and levels. Twelve of these ziplines have a maximum length of 160 meters.

Yellow Circuit: Suitable for children 4-6 years old, requires a height above 95 cm

Low Green Circuit: Suitable for children 4-8 years old, and also requires a height of 95 cm or more.

High Green Circuit: Suitable for people over 6 years old, with height above 110 cm.

Blue Circuit: Slightly stimulating, with a zipline, suitable for 8 years old and above, 120 cm tall.

Orange Circuit: Similar to Blue, it is also suitable for 8 years old and above, and 120 cm tall.

Red Circuit: Red is more exciting and requires more physical strength. It is suitable for people over 10 years of age and taller than 130 cm.

Black Circuit: Black is the most challenging and the most difficult. It requires more than 12 years of age and a height of 140 cm.

There will be a sign in front of each Circuit, as shown below.

After buying the ticket, save the backpack and go to get the equipment (safety belt, pulley, safety buckle). Then a coach explained how to use it. Everyone must first experience the true adventure after practicing a zipline training correctly.

Many foreigners bring their children here for outdoor sports, with few Asian faces. Some children are about 7-8 years old and have already challenged high-level routes. There is also a little girl who is about 12-13 years old, challenging the most advanced black line. On a 20-meter-high tree, you must grab the rope and swing it to a rope net about 10 meters away. Rope net (see picture below). Not to mention the difficulty, it takes courage to get down from that high level. This child succeeded once and everyone cheered her.

Quietly speaking, I challenged the blue line and stopped before the red line. The physical strength is good, but the arm strength is really not working. I quietly decided that I must exercise well after going back, hoping to win glory for the country next time. . .

It feels so good to fly, can I say it ’s faster than others because of weight?

Tree Top came down in the afternoon, and began to rain again. We also arranged to go to the Water Temple behind us. Discuss it with the driver. If time is up, stop by and see the Temple of Poseidon.

Therefore, although the Botanical Garden where Tree Top is located bought tickets, it went away without carefully watching. I am most impressed by this statue. . . Can it not be so scary? !

The Treetop Adventure Park is not far from the Water Temple, and it will open in about 10 minutes.

The Temple of Water, also known as Ulun Danu Temple, is the most distinctive temple on Bali. It is located on the shore of Lake Platan and is semi-Hindu and semi-Buddhist. The temple is a water temple, dedicated to and worshiping the lake goddess Dewi Danau (Dewi Danau) is the spiritual sustenance of the local people. The back of the Indonesian currency 50000RP is the water temple pattern.

Quiz with prizes: what is this fruit?

I have long heard that the locals like to wear clothes to the idol, so they are very happy

Coincidental commemoration of local people.


Landmarks of Bali. The temple is located on a huge rock by the sea. When the tide rises, the rock is surrounded by sea water. The entire temple is isolated from the land and stands alone in the sea water; it is only connected to the land when the tide is low.

After low tide, the rocks connected to the land are covered with large and small puddles. There are no small fish and crabs that can return to the sea in the puddles, bringing unlimited fun to adults and children.

Hermit crab

There are two rivers in Bali rafting:

Ayong River-the whole process is relatively gentle, the river is wide and the scenery is beautiful along the way, suitable for bringing family members to participate.

T River-the full name of Telaga Waja River, the river is fast and exciting, and the water is large, suitable for young people or professionals with good water sense.

The choice of drifting company:

①Bali-Adventure Rafting Company-The rafting route is on the Ayong River. It is said to be the only and safest five-star rafting company in Bali, and the only hot water shower company. In fact, cold and hot water really doesn't matter. In hot weather, cold water showers are definitely acceptable.

②Sobek Rafting Company-The rafting route is in T River. The old-fashioned T River Rafting Company has rich experience and good reputation.

③ Alam Rafting Company-The rafting route is on the T River, provided by Alam Company.

We chose the Ayong River rafting, booked in Ali travel. Hotel pick up. There is a buffet at noon. The buffet is very general, it is said to be buffet, in fact, there are few options.

The entire length of the Ayong River is 11 kilometers. The water flow is sudden and slow. There are several large drops, all of which are unsurprising. Both sides of the coast are primeval forests. In the forest, it's very quiet! Rafting for 2 hours. Very worth experiencing!

Note: Do not wear slippers, otherwise you will probably go home barefoot. Wear upstream shoes or strap sandals.

Before drifting on the boat, everyone will issue a helmet, life jacket and paddle. Most life jackets are wet, because they will "wet" during the drift. Therefore, you need to bring an extra set of dry clothes, put it in your backpack, and take it to the downstream end of the car. After drifting to the end, you go ashore to get your backpack, take a shower and eat.

The camera and small bag can be handed over to the coach. He has a waterproof bag and puts it inside, and he can take it out to take pictures when he rests. Or buy a waterproof bag yourself and carry the phone inside. 4-6 people sit on a raft. There is a coach on each raft. The coach takes care of everyone's safety, but also pays attention to the slogan and the role of an active atmosphere.

The rivers are all in the valley, and the next mountain road is needed to reach it. It takes about 15 minutes to walk. The locals headed down the kayak to the river and then inflated. The two Canadian couples in the same team as us saw them so hard that they tipped the locals. I really didn't expect to give tips here. You are so kind and you give us tips. . . .

We only prepared tips for the coach, the backpacks were in the car, and we had to give them all the change we brought temporarily.

Continue from here. . .

Coastal Hotel Restaurant

The coach on our raft was very active. He would suddenly hit the surface with a paddle, imitating the sound of a crocodile tail hitting the surface, making a slap, and shouting "crocodile (crocodile)" to scare people around the raft. Of course, the crooked nuts who like to play the atmosphere will also echo with the echo.

And when encountering other rafts, he will also lead a water splash battle. Although everyone was soaked in the end, happy laughter and screams filled the valley.

The son said that this is his favorite outdoor project, and he still hasn't reached the end, and he wants to continue rafting. It's really a super hi experience!

After the rafting, charter a car to Ubud Palace and Valentine's Cliff in the afternoon. On the way, we met the local people's memorial service.

The Ubud Palace is located in the center of Ubud Town. The Royal Palace is not very big. In addition, some areas are not open (the backyard and residence). Every place is stopped to take pictures, but it can be browsed in half an hour. To be honest, when the driver put us at the door, I was really disappointed. Having seen so many royal palaces, this is the most imperial palace. If something must be said differently, it is that the mottle on the wall of the building or the moss on the statue are telling people its sense of history.

Ubud is the center of painting and art in Bali, and Ubud ’s art market is diagonally opposite the Royal Palace. There are craft shops and many famous museums all over the streets.

For tourists, this is the best place to buy Bali handicrafts, with many options. If you can really find something you like for half a day, but the time is too tight this time, leave it for the next time.

Driving from Ubud to Uluwatu ’s Lover ’s Cliff takes about an hour and a half. In order to save time, the driver negotiated with us on the high speed. The only high-speed sea in Bali. The traffic is good.

As soon as I got on the high speed, I saw thick clouds rolling in the distance. There was still a clear sky on the opposite side. Soon the heavy rain poured down.

God is still taking care of us. When the lover cliff is approaching, the rain will be very small. But the rain stopped and the wind stopped. . . .

The lover's cliff facing the sea is located in the southern part of Bali. It seems like someone who used a giant ax to cut a rock in the sea of ​​Uluwatu. The reason why it is called Lover Cliff is because there is a moving love story behind it, which is a story about the love of a couple who ca n’t get blessings.

Standing on the lover's cliff, looking at the vast Indian Ocean, the steep cliff walls, the deep blue sea water, and the turbulent waves all give a sensory impact, which is not to be sighed with the magnificence of the heavenly creation.

The slanting wind and drizzle added a bit of poignant color here. The beauty here is pure. But the monkeys of Lover's Cliff will steal things.

A monkey seized someone and suddenly snatched the glasses of a crooked nut. His movements are really fast, absolutely trained. . . Then came an old man and exchanged the glasses with the monkey for the fruit. Of course, the price is an expensive tip.

When it comes to eating in Bali, I really do n’t have much to say. Breakfast is eaten at the hotel, and the two-day charter service also includes lunch, which is a buffet. In addition to Indonesian fried noodles, Indonesian fried rice is a stew with various local spices, especially white porridge with some spices. It's no wonder that many people who come back say that Bali has no food and is not used to eating all kinds of spices. Indeed, Indonesian cuisine does not quite meet our tastes. Therefore, the dinners of these days are all eaten at Western restaurants or Pizza Hut. Many of the famous restaurants in Bali are not local dishes. If you look for them carefully, you can definitely find delicious and inexpensive food. You can refer to the food recommendations on Tripadvisor.

Breakfast at the hotel.

Wood carving, batik, coffee, silverware, essential oils, handmade soap, etc. are all specialties of Bali. You can buy it for your own use or give it away. Kuta is still more suitable for buying gifts (good quality).

The quality of Indonesian coffee is among the best in the world. There are stores specializing in coffee in Bali, and there are a variety of brands and packaging options in supermarkets. On our way to charter the next day, the driver also took us to see the production and tasting of Luwak coffee. To tell the truth, I did n’t think it was delicious. In order to taste the original taste, I did n’t add sugar milk, but it did have a bitter taste, but it was not as rich as the critics said.

Cat feces coffee, produced in Indonesia. It is one of the most expensive coffees in the world, with a price of several hundred dollars per pound. It is produced from the feces of Indonesian coconut cat (a kind of civet cat) as raw materials, so it is called "cat feces coffee". This kind of animal mainly feeds on coffee beans. After the fermentation in the coconut cat stomach, it destroys the protein and produces short peptides and more free amino acids. The bitter taste of coffee will be reduced, because the coffee beans cannot be digested and will be excreted After washing, peeling and roasting, it becomes cat feces coffee. Coffee critic Chris Rubin said, "The aroma is so rich and strong, and the coffee is incredibly rich, almost like syrup. Its thickness and chocolate taste, and it stays on the tongue for a long time. Wandering, pure aftertaste. "

A coffee pot, a cat feces coffee of IDR 50000, and you can also taste other drinks for free. In the end, of course, you will be taken to a small shop, everyone knows.

From the cat shit coffee farm, you can see the terraces in the distance, and you can always see the large and small terraces on the road driving to rafting and Ubud. If I have seen the Longji terraces or Yungui terraces in my heaven, they can be ignored here. The difference is that the terraces here are not only idyllic, but also tropical rainforest.

Behind our hotel is a large shopping mall. In the large supermarket, you can find everything you need to eat Balinese specialties. Black tea and coffee essential oil soap is a souvenir that can be bought in Indonesia.

The fruit we usually buy most is tropical fruit, especially green mangoes, which are big and delicious. It only costs 2 yuan per catty for a RMB, and a large green mana costs a few yuan. There are also avocado, dragon fruit in red soil and pineapple.

Handmade soap, essential oil, cream, etc.

DISCOVERY: The best shopping mall in KUTA, there are so many POLO shirt sale stores, the cheapest optional hall on the second floor by the sea, buy two get one free after 50% off, and the price is about RMB90, which is worth buying a few more. There are several handicraft stores on the second floor, which are more exquisite and worth visiting.

Bali's play experience is worthy of recommendation in the global islands. But to play well, you need to do enough homework, and the travel experience of tourists is quite sophisticated. Bali has a strong artistic and cultural atmosphere, and the southern seaside scenery is among the lower and middle grades in many islands. On the contrary, the central tropical rainforest valley area has a more Southeast Asian style and is more popular. Various art centers have museum shops, oil paintings, silver ornaments, and wood carving , Stone carving, aromatherapy, religion, architecture are more famous.

A friend wants to go to the island and ask if it ’s Phuket or Bali? Just to go to Phuket last year, I will make a comparison:

1. Phuket is a must-see for the sea, clear water and sand, sunbathing on the beach, PP Island, Emperor Island and other outlying islands. Like diving and various water activities, this is paradise. In short, Phuket is a pure seaside resort, very leisurely. Bali is looking at culture. The beaches are so-so, far less than Phuket. However, the cultural and artistic atmosphere of Bali is not in Phuket. Therefore, to go to Bali to see temples (Poseidon Temple, Water Temple, etc.), go to Ubud. Bali is also a sacred place for spas and is definitely worth experiencing.

2. As mentioned above, the tropical rainforest area in the center of Bali is worth experiencing. Live in Villa (especially in the forest, which has a Southeast Asian style) and experience rafting. But there will be more mosquitoes, especially ants.

3. In terms of transportation, I think Phuket is still more convenient. Tutu cars are everywhere, but Bali can only charter cars, and taxis are needed nearby.

In summary, if you simply want to relax on vacation, then Phuket is better than Bali. If you want to experience Southeast Asian style and get a perfect travel experience, Bali is unique.


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