A ten-day tour of Thailand in endless words-Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket

This is ... an endless journey. Simply put, it was a heavy loss, and the camera that had been swinging around with me fell into the Indian Ocean and died. So this running account is so weird

The decision to go to Thailand was about half a month before departure. I mainly did these things: set the itinerary, book airline tickets, book a hotel, book a day trip, apply for a visa, change baht Go through the almanac.


Because it was the first time to go to Thailand, and finally discussed with the small partners to go to several major places-Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket. According to this itinerary to book other.

【Air tickets】

Because it was late when booking air tickets, the air tickets were not cheap anymore. After observing, I decided to depart from Shenzhen with a total of 1550 yuan round-trip air tickets.

Thai cities basically rely on flying, so this time the travel transportation cost a lot, it seems to have flown six times.


Thailand ’s hotels are easy to book. There are so many hotels at various price points. If you look carefully, you can still find cost-effective hotels. It can be ordered on many websites.


Because of its location in Xiamen, there is a Thai consulate, so I asked my friends to get a visa for a few days, 260 yuan per person.

【Thai Baht】

The exchange rate of the Thai baht reserved by the Bank of China is still good, which is higher than the local Thai. Later, I heard that everyone in Thailand has to bring cash of RMB 5,000 or the equivalent of Thai baht, otherwise they will be sent back to China (but not checked), so the remaining Thai baht is exchanged for Thailand. It is super convenient to exchange money in Thailand. There are places to exchange money on the streets, but the exchange rate is too low.

【Day Trip】

Because I was traveling abroad, I was worried that some places would not go (actually lazy), so I booked a lot of day trips, just because there is a family on xbao doing activities, so I booked several.


Thais have their own language talents. Aunts selling fruits by the road will speak Chinese, English and Thai. Nonetheless, they still have to speak one or two sentences in English. I also know some illiteracy. For example, this sentence-

Departure from Xiamen on July 14, 2016.

There are direct trains from Xiamen to Shenzhen. I have been sitting there many times, each time passing by in a hurry.

Before getting on the train, I suddenly found that the trunk was cracked, Koko.

The plane is at 11:50 in the evening, and we arrived in Shenzhen at 6 in the afternoon. What are we doing for such a long time?

Of course I went to eat.

I checked how to get from Shenzhen North Railway Station to Shenzhen Airport, and was pitted (this pot is sent to Baidu), let me take the subway to [Airport East], but after getting off the train, I found that it was not the airport, and I had to sit back for one stop Transfer to another airport bus. In fact, when I came back, I found that there is a direct subway. Take the Central Line to [Qianhaiwan] and transfer to Line 11 to [Airport].

To take this pit father's line, we had to transfer at [Baoan Center], so we found a house near the station for refreshments.

This is called [Dao Xiang Restaurant], refreshment is not the main cuisine, so it is not authentic.

This is probably the most unsatisfactory meal I have had in the Ministry of Food and Beverage.

When you have nothing to do, go to the airport early. This trip has almost become a daily activity.

The plane I took this time was Shenzhen Airlines. It was said that there was a small partner who went to Thailand to book AirAsia or what kind of airline is said to be charged for luggage. We did not have this trip, and there was a midnight flight.

But the taste ... is hard to say.

He arrived in Bangkok at more than 2 o'clock local time, which means that he flew for nearly three hours.

We arrived at [Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport], a very large airport with Chinese everywhere, which is very suitable for illiterates like me.

If you already have a visa, the entry is quite fast. Go to fill in an immigration card first. It is convenient to have a Chinese template over there. There is also an exit card on the back of the immigration card. Since my immigration card fell into the sea and soaked up, it was thrown away by me, but it does n’t matter, just add another one.

Because our mentally retarded itinerary shows that we have to transfer to Chiang Mai at more than 8 o'clock, we just wandered around the airport. Fortunately, the airport was still very busy at night, and the shops were open. But later it was too sleepy and I could only sleep on the seat.

This airport is a bit cold, so it was hard to endure the sunrise.

At 8 o'clock, I finally got on the plane. On this trip to Chiang Mai, I chose [Bangkok Air], the price is close to the people, the flight attendant is beautiful, the key is that the food is still delicious.

The bed and breakfast we lived in the ancient city was called sculpture [Sculpture Hostel]. Only 144 yuan a night, and breakfast. The key is that the location is good, just near the Thapae Gate, Sunday Night Market is in this street.

It ’s noon to leave my luggage. I went to Sailomjoy near the hotel for lunch. Many people recommend this online. Business hours: 7 am-4pm.

As the first meal in Thailand, I can only say that this is very Thai.

The signature [Mango Sticky Rice] is as common as Chinese noodles and flat noodles.

It's just that this mango is not very sweet, the rice is very sweet.

Yes, the rice is sweet.

【Chiang Mai Noodles】 It's unexpectedly delicious, a little deep fried.

[Green papaya salad], also regarded as Thai specialty, the white papaya is quite refreshing, as long as you do n’t eat shrimp.

Each dish is not large, and the price is very cheap. The above three courses only cost 170 baht.

This day is Friday. It happened to meet the [Friday Flea Market] in Chiang Mai. It sells small commodities in a small courtyard.

After looking around, I feel that the price is fair, but I always feel that the tourist area will be more pitted. It was later discovered that the price of Chiang Mai was the lowest among the places I visited this time.

When we shook to [Tappe Gate], the sky was overcast with heavy rain.

Had to go to McDonald's to hide from the rain. Ordered a new style pie, bit down and found that it was actually curry flavor, this is simply Thailand.

Ketchup and sweet chili sauce are available in unlimited quantities and are well received.

It didn't take long for the rain to stop, and the clouds slowly dispersed. The rainy season is so capricious.

In the ancient city, Chinese is very popular, and some stores even write "Chinese people discount 10%" and the like.

When I met a group of students passing by singing and dancing, there was no one jumping on the street.

The double cars in the ancient city are generally counted as per head.

At the coffee shop on the corner, mango ice is fine.

When I saw a cool tour group, all the staff's hair was dyed blue, maybe the group leader's surname might be killed.

There are many temples in Chiang Mai, and most do not require tickets.

Thai temples do not allow women to wear shorts and skirts, and must wear slippers.

Located in the center of the ancient city, [Chidilong Temple] is one of the largest temples in Chiang Mai. Tickets cost 40 baht.

There is a big pagoda in the center of the temple, which looks old.

There is also a school in the ancient city, which happens to meet students after school, and the school uniform is very distinctive.

Elementary school students in Thailand also go to the shop after school.

There is a Thai and Northern cuisine [Huen Phen] near this school. This is a magical restaurant. It turns left at the door during the day and is a food stall. At night, it turns into a charming restaurant.

Looking at this decoration, I was a little worried that it would be slaughtered, but it didn't.

Thai and northern dishes are like the northeastern dishes in China, they are all salty.

I forgot what this dish is called, it seems to be a kind of soup, but there is no way to drink it as soup.

But I didn't take it for dinner, the taste was almost psychedelic, and there was a sultry taste, just a sip, as if there was a turbid gas rushing towards the sky.

In Thailand these days, convolvulus has basically become a must-order for every meal. At this time, convolvulus in Xiamen is not tasty anymore, but it is still very tender here.

This is also a kind of soup. It's not salty in the first bite, and another bite found it was delicious.

Special dishes [Taibei sausage], ok.

Fried chicken is also delicious.

The five dishes total 430 baht, less than 100 RMB, which is also touching.

Going back on the road and strolling around again, there are still many roadside food stalls.

Today I reported a one-day trip to Chiang Rai, including the White Temple, Chang Neck Village, and Kapok Island in Laos, for 215 yuan per person.

The tour guide came to pick us up at 7:30 and missed the hotel breakfast.

The group of friends got on the train one after another, and a group of about 10 people sat in a small bread. It was later discovered that the group had people from at least five countries, and the tour guide would speak (Thai) Chinese and (Thai) English.

From Chiang Mai to the first stop [White Temple] in Chiang Rai, it takes about one and a half hours. On the way, you will pass a place with hot springs where you can cook hot spring eggs.

Once you have bought the eggs, you can cook them in the hot spring. A basket of quail eggs costs only 15 baht.

The next stop is the famous [White Temple]. There are so many tourists.

The white temple maker sometimes appears to take photos with tourists, and he can also take photos with his kanban when he is away.

The statues in the White Temple are beautiful.

The White Temple is actually not big. In order to visit, it will first pass a bridge, called [Hell]. You can't go back in hell, you should still be able to walk around.

People are crowded on the road, and the middle hall cannot be photographed. There is a mural with a big brain hole.

Finally, I found a point of view where there was no one, and the weather was bad.

The bricks and tiles of the White Temple are gorgeous, and there is a golden public toilet next to it. The people who take pictures are also endless.

The White Temple circled for about half an hour, and when I had no time to visit the next store, I hurried to the next place [Chang Neck Village].

[Chang Neck Village] The place is relatively remote. The tour guide said that there are actually four ethnic minorities living here, among which the Long Neck and Da Er ethnic groups are more distinctive.

The villagers lived in the original ecological house, and suddenly remembered that the house of Southeast Asians mentioned in the geography textbook was like this.

After crossing the village house to a small commodity street, the friends of the long-necked tribe are here, and it seems that they are used to the onlookers of tourists.

Unexpectedly, I found that the girls in Changneck Village have a very high face value, some sitting in a concave shape, some weaving cloth, quiet and harmonious.

The things they sell are very similar. I bought a long-necked grandma's fridge magnet, which is attached to the refrigerator at home.

This is the longest in the village ... the neck

There are still some big ears who feel ear pain when watching.

Women mostly do their own things quietly, and they only smile slightly when taking pictures of tourists. But there was a little girl who was not like everyone else. She smiled brightly and she spoke fluent Chinese. Watching her take the initiative to help us wear bracelets, it was a bit difficult to refuse.

The younger sister said that she was 13 years old this year and she taught her Chinese by herself. I felt that this mountain really buried her a little.

This girl's skill in weaving is superb, and she wanted to appreciate it for a while, but it's a pity that the meeting time is up.

Going out of Changjiang Village and heading north all the way to a place like a vegetable market, this is the northernmost place in Thailand.

It's a really random country. A small truck drove over, loaded with people, and left the country at random.

But we can't pass this gate. The guide took us through a small road on the right, and we can see a gate that says "The most northern Thailand".

After crossing the bridge is Myanmar.

It was already over one o'clock in the afternoon, and the guide took us to dinner. This group is for lunch and the buffet.

There are still a lot of dishes, and the taste is okay. The compatriots from all over the world are gathered in the restaurant, and they should all be with the group.

It rained outside during the meal, and the rain did not stop after eating. In heavy rain, we came to the last attraction [Golden Triangle].

Cruise ships in heavy rain are basically dogs, and visibility is also bad.

Chinese developers have already developed here.

Myanmar can only watch from a distance, but the nearby Kapok Island of Laos can go, only need to pay 30 baht for protection. You can go to the island without sanitation fees.

When the tour guide introduced the island of Laos, when it came to the things sold on the island, the expression was [you understand], and when I went to the island, I found the things here [you understand].

Later, when I saw someone selling cold drinks, I wondered if I could come with a Lao popsicle or a bottle of Lao drinks. When I opened the freezer, I saw Master X's green tea, which was silently closed again.

I have also been to Laos after all, so be it.

It takes about three hours to drive back to Chiang Mai from here.

Today there is [Saturday Night Market], just at the south gate of the ancient city.

Saturday night market is basically eaten, came too late, many sold out.

Business is still very good.

Looking back, I am really touched by the price of Chiang Mai. The same size of juice costs 40 baht in Bangkok.

Wandered around and decided to sit down and eat the noodle bowl

Most stalls have Chinese, English and Thai, but some do not. Seeing a translator turned into shrimp wonton, Zhiwuwuwu, the boss asked: Are you asking for shrimp dumplings?

... God TM Translator ...

Isn't this ravioli? The taste is okay, MSG is fragrant.

Reported a half-day tour in the morning: Puchi Palace + Shuanglong Temple, 69 yuan per person.

Today, I finally have time to eat breakfast in a hotel. A little brother makes it on site, and the taste is ok.

[Puchi Palace] is the king's palace. I have to say that I will pick the place. It is really cool and there are all kinds of flowers.

Puchi Palace is only open on weekends, and there are some shops in it. Although it is a scenic spot, the price is fair.

[Shuanglong Temple] is a famous scenic spot in Chiang Mai and a large temple. The signs are two dragons winding up.

See if the stairs tremble, don't be square, there is an elevator here.

Still crowded.

Tourists usually walk around the tower in the middle three times, because there are too many people, so they walk for a long time.

Panoramic view of Chiang Mai can be seen on the observation deck.

After going down the mountain, he directly touched Long Lin and went down the stairs. The half-day tour ended.

When I came back, I wanted to go to Ningman Road, but we had to take a plane at 4 pm and had to go back to the ancient city first.

It was already 2 p.m. when I came back. I was half hungry and crawled into a restaurant called [Mr. Kai's Restaurant].

Ordered a cup of "vanilla black tea", took a sip and instantly opened the two veins of Ren Du, as if drinking Wanjin oil.

But I finished drinking.

The signature [Thai style tofu] is a bit like Japanese tofu and delicious.

The taste is like that night last night, full of bean sprouts.

My favorite [Dongyin Gong noodle soup], the taste is so sour, and it is sour and sour while eating.

can not stop at all.

【Curry Seafood】 Curry is very fragrant.

A total of 330 baht was eaten by two people. Compared to the heavy-taste Thai food, this one is really small and refreshing and worth recommending.

I do n’t know if it was because I drank Wanjin oil, and I started to feel pain after eating. I arrived at the airport and got on the plane, feeling that the whole person had to fly (Is n’t it already?)

But the rapidly changing air pressure when the plane descended actually balanced the air pressure in my brain and cured my headache. Okay.

This time I still chose Bangkok Airways, the aircraft meal was still well received, and the dinner was curry rice noodles.

Dim sum chicken burgers are also good.

It's almost 12 o'clock to arrive in Phuket. I have booked a pick-up. It costs 99 yuan per car. It takes about an hour to drive from the airport to [Patong Beach] where we live.

We stayed at the [Seven Ocean Hotel] in [Patong Beach], which is considered to be quieter at the end of the beach.

About 110 yuan a night, no breakfast.

At the beginning of the day of death, the camera died today.

Today I plan to participate in a one-day trip to Coral Island on the Emperor Island. The x treasure activity price is 94 yuan, and no deep diving is reported.

It was raining when I set off, and I was a little worried about not going out to sea. As a result, the rain stopped and the sun came to the pier.

This is our tour guide, who is called Nicholas Tse.

There are still a few crew members on board, and the attitude is still good, and they eat and drink mineral water.

This boat is going to be a technical job ...

The boat trip first came to Coral Island half an hour. Due to the general water quality of Coral Island, no diving was arranged. Here is swimming + lunch.

Blue sea and blue sky, the mood at this time is happy.

Some people who have reported the project went to play, we just fluttered on the shore. If you want to leave your luggage, you can choose special storage, a cabinet of 100 baht / hour, or you can choose to send it in the guide ’s bucket for free, he will lock it for you. (Although the key cannot be found later)

I tried the waterproof case of the camera, and it still can be effectively waterproof. I wear it in the water and do it in the water, oh no, it ’s a swim ...

But there is nothing to see here underwater.

Lunch was made on the island, it was really made for a canteen cuisine.

After eating, proceed to emperor island.

I really don't want to remember this paragraph. Simply put, I removed the waterproof cover and died when I got on board.

The camera fell into the sea like this, just one second, it was already brought with the dog.

This crew was captured in the last photo of the camera. If I took his boat at the time, this would not happen.

Then the boat drove to Emperor Island, and the boat drove so fast that it felt like a roller coaster.

Everyone went diving after arriving on Emperor Island, but I was not in the mood to sit on the island with the body of the camera and think about life.

All the lenses on the camera are full of water drops. I think the circuit inside should be filled with water. The most urgent thing is to disassemble it quickly.

Plus I turned on the machine again ...

Okay, I do n’t have a camera anymore, I feel like I can go home.

------------------------------------------ The dividing line of death --- ---------------------------------------------

From here on, the photos are all taken by mobile phone, and the feeling is all mosaic.

The sea water is crystal clear, which is excellent compared to taking pictures with a camera.

After I returned, I inquired and decided to go to [Jiangxi Leng] to see if I could fix the camera.

[Jiangxilang Shopping Center] is a large shopping mall in Phuket, 2 kilometers away from where we live. It took 200 baht to take a taxi in the past, and I asked several for the price.

By the way, the taxis here are all tricycles, and the car brings its own sound and colorful lights.

I searched the whole mall and finally found a camera vendor. The shop assistant brother also speaks Chinese, but they said that they couldn't fix it, and they said that they could basically throw it away.

Dinner was casually found in Jiangxi cold home, I feel that every one here is not cheap.

[UrBan Food], I do n’t know what kind of dish it is, I feel there is everything.

[Pineapple Fried Rice] Pineapple fried rice will often be seen in the future. You ask me why? Hee hee

The taste is average, the two have a total of 869 baht, and I return the price of Chiang Mai.

The day of death is over, I am already a salted fish without a camera.

Finally, come to Patong Beach sunset.

The day of salted fish started, and today I reported a day trip around the island. I do n’t know why I want to go around the island, maybe because there is an activity price: 69 yuan per person.

The same little van, not many people today, there is wifi on the car.

At the first stop [Karen Observation Deck], the weather was bad and there was nothing to see.

You can take a photo with the bird next to it.

Then it rained, and it was heavy rain, but it didn't matter if the camera didn't rain.

Visited [The Big Buddha] in the heavy rain.

Later, when he arrived at [Chalong Temple], the rain stopped.

This is a big temple, and what a festival it seems today is very lively.

The top floor of the largest building overlooks the entire temple.

The top floor of the largest building overlooks the entire temple.

There are many small stalls next to it. Is this a temple fair?

Some amazing food ...

Rich in protein.

Coconut juice is 40 baht with very little juice.

Bamboo tube rice is actually sweet.

The noon guide put us in [Central Department Store], where we will stay until four o'clock in the afternoon.

First of all, I want to find something to eat. I just found this one.

As a result, they stepped on the thunder and the god was generally unpalatable.

Chicken wings, can eat.

Especially the fried chicken noodle seems to be called by this name, it is super spicy and has a carbon smell.

A total of 477 baht for lunch.

I heard that DQ here is very cheap, and it really is.

However, it's hard to eat. A few dollars of ice cream on the roadside is better than it.

By the way, I always wanted to eat ice cream in Thailand, but the store sells either Helu Xue or Nestle.

After that, I went to [Phuket Town], which is equivalent to Chinatown. It used to be a place where Chinese people lived. Many shops still had shadows at that time, and some even had photos of their ancestors, but the people inside no longer speak Chinese.

It seems that it is difficult to find in China when I return to the shop when I was a child.

The last stop [Fairy Peninsula], there are still a lot of tourists here, all waiting for the sunset, but unfortunately today there are too many clouds, you ca n’t see anything.

It was already evening to go back to the hotel, and I found that [Restaurant 9] was nearby.

This is a shop with a lot of foreigners. The menu does not have Chinese. When we were crazy about the translator, the impatient staff recommended a few dishes in jerky Chinese.

The most delicious dish in our restaurant-Spicy Fried Spinach, is super delicious.

[131 Prawns], it is called 131 because this restaurant has more than one hundred dishes with the number 131.

See also pineapple fried rice.

Curry Crab], some reviewers said it was not fresh, but after eating it was found not to be fresh.

A total of 920 baht for dinner.

There are still many places to eat seafood in Phuket, there are several seafood markets, but it is said that the water is very deep, this time there is no special to eat.

In the morning, I overslept. I was awakened by the pick-up serial call of the pick-up brother, and it took only ten minutes to get down and go downstairs.

Finally, I want to leave this place where I'm pitted, and let's have a breakfast first.

Hainan chicken rice, airport prices, you know.

Taking Thai Airways this time, the plane turned out to be a giant double-decker plane, which was very cool.

But the flight attendants are all uncles and aunts, and there is only one roll for the plane meal, which is still very difficult to eat.

Passed by Suvarnabhumi Airport many times, this time finally came out. After arrival, I also booked the pick-up in advance, 95 yuan / car.

We stayed at [Bangkok City Hotel] in Siam, 250 yuan per night.

Transportation here is very convenient, you can walk to Siam shopping.

Bangkok's bus is flying fast.

I was going to the [Jianxing Restaurant] in the [Siam Shopping Plaza], but it was already in the queue at more than two in the afternoon, so I had to eat casually next to KFC.

I ordered a 95 baht set meal, and found that I could not finish the drink, and the drink could be refilled casually.

Chicken wings are very Thai.

The itinerary in the afternoon is to go to [Siam Ocean World], just opposite the first floor of [Siam Paragon]. Tickets are booked online, 79 yuan per person, just pick up the ticket at the ticket office.

I can't adjust the shutter and focal length of the phone camera, so there are only a few less mosaics.

I don't know if such a big fish is delicious.

Walking out of the Ocean World to the east is [Erawan Shrine].

Worship a set of 50 baht, worship clockwise.

While shopping, I contacted another wave of friends who were also in Bangkok, and I had dinner at [Jianxing Restaurant] in the evening.

I borrowed a few photos taken by my partner's camera.

I always thought it was a water spinach, and I knew it was a mimosa after eating ...

The curry crab was really delicious.

This is the best food in Thailand, right here, 440 Baht per capita.

This hotel has a buffet breakfast in the morning, the variety is still very rich.

It's just that there are so many people and noisy, basically they are all Chinese, and they actually feel like a school cafeteria.

Today I am going to the Grand Palace. The route is to take the BTS to [Saphan Taksin] and then transfer to the bus.

The BTS is similar to the light rail. We got on the train at [Ratchathewi] and took a total of 37 baht in six stations. It felt quite expensive.

After getting off the bus, go forward for a while and you will arrive at the pier. There is a sightseeing boat. You can sit at Pier 8 at the Grand Palace.

The investigation guide said that sitting on Pier 9, but the boat did not stop at No. 9.

After disembarking, first come to the [Reclining Buddha Temple], tickets are 100 baht.

I have a feeling that the Western Bible study has finally reached the end.

The reclining Buddha statue is very magnificent because it is not a photograph of a Buddha statue.

There are some statues of yoga poses in the garden.

When he came out, he walked towards the Grand Palace. The direction was a little wrong, and he walked around the outer wall to find the entrance.

The entrance fee of the Grand Palace is 500 baht, and there are many people in it. The little friends said they were tired and didn't want to go. I don't think I had a camera, so I didn't go in.

Take a sudden car to [Kao Shan Road].

Khao San Road is also a place with a lot of tourists.

I went to a recommended store for lunch, with familiar text on the menu.

But telling the truth is not good.

I didn't know what to do after going around, take a taxi to [Chinatown] not far from here.

When I got on a taxi, the driver was an old man. He said that his ancestor was also Chinese, so it was cheaper for us. (In this case, why not watch)

[Chinatown] is another place to cross, a bit like Hong Kong.

Next to it is a vegetable market.

I want to find a place to take a break, but I haven't seen a coffee shop or something like that for a long time.

It was actually Chinese tea. There was also a foreign grandpa who asked us where we came from. Heard that we are from Fujian, and also told us to use the word "Fujian" in Minnan dialect, which is also amazing.

In fact, I came to the letter.

Sitting idly for a while, the little partner said to go to the duty-free shop.

Taxi came to the [King Power Duty Free Shop], this shop is basically only Chinese (tourist group).

Wandered around and found that things are more expensive than outside. For example, I bought three fruit soaps of 100 baht in Phuket, but actually sold a 150 baht here. expensive. But I don't know about luxury goods when I wait for poor x.

The third floor of the shopping mall is a cafeteria. After going up, I was taken aback. Groups of people were waiting in line to dine. It turned out that tourist groups came here to eat for free.

So we decided to go back to Siam and buy and buy.

There is a home near the Siam BigC [Watergate Chicken Rice], which is said to open at 7 pm.

But when we arrived at the 7th store, the store was full of people and started to line up.

Ordered chicken and chicken, chicken feels weird, chicken is ok.

Because English is too poor to order food and encountered some difficulties, fortunately, a Singaporean brother who helped the table helped, hee hee.

[BigC] is a large supermarket. I bought Tom Yum Kung instant noodles.

We appeared in the hotel lobby at 6 o'clock this morning, because today's half-day lobbying picked us up at 6 o'clock, but they were late.

This morning is a half-day tour of the floating market with a group fee of 128 yuan.

The first to go is [US attack on the railway market].

The vegetable market beside the railway is filled with fishy smell.

There are also a lot of people, and there is no water.

At almost 9 o'clock, the radio sounded, which should be said that the train was coming. So the shops on both sides began to retreat, and tourists also stood aside.

The train came at nine o'clock. It's very, very slow.

There are still passengers in the car.

The train was just one or two cars, and after the past, the shop set up the tent at a very fast speed and launched the stall.

If you think about it carefully, it feels that whether it is a store or a train, it is all performed.

It is tiring to perform so many times a day.

The second stop [Dannen Sado Floating Market].

First of all, take a hand boat, you can go shopping while sitting on the boat.

The ship was jammed due to too many ships.

It really sells everything.

This aunt took a bamboo pole and our boat leaned against her stall, which was also a unique way of solicitation.

Life on the water also seems interesting.

You can go ashore after going around for a while, and the things sold on the shore are similar to those on the ship.

An uncle actually swims in the dirty river. It turns out that he was in the water to pick up the camera, inexplicably heartache.

Coconut milk ice cream, the taste is okay.

Then go to take a long tail boat. The long-tail boat has an electric motor that drives fast.

The route of the Biao boat is different from the previous one. This river is relatively wide. There are no shops on both sides, but there are cute little houses.

Going back for a long time, I said that the urban area of ​​Bangkok is really jammed all the time, and I can't bear to get off the bus in the Central World of Siam (that is, opposite the BigC).

[MK Thai Hot Pot] is a chain store in Thailand.

Tableware is very unique.

Roast duck and Chinese roast duck taste completely different, okay.

The soup base is a clear soup pot, and the taste can only depend on various sauces.

It's still the spicy hot pot of garlic and sesame oil in Sichuan.

Wandering around after eating, [Central World] is a big department store.

Suddenly heard a scream and found a large group of people gathered in the center, it seems that there is a big man coming.

I came to South Korea's got7, and I don't know the elderly, and the fans of all walks of life have not appeared for an hour or two.

The security guard covered his ears.

Later, Aidou finally came, and I saw some from the small slit, if I had a camera ...

I went to [nara] for the last meal in Thailand. I heard that it is quite famous and the price is small.

Recommended dishes [Snack Platter], quite satisfactory.

The taste of this xx rice is too thick, and the curry can't be concealed, so I have to give up.

The curry is good.

At the end I ate 1,700 baht and couldn't help thinking of the price of Chiang Mai by Daming Lake ...

The traditional program Squat Airport is back, because the plane is at 4 a.m ....

Finally, he boarded the flight of the motherland again, and fell asleep as soon as he got on the plane.

Then he was awakened to have breakfast.

It was dawn, and I saw the sunrise of the motherland again! I am finally back! ! ! ! !

Good nonsense is over, please refer to the picture of this travel note for my expression when writing this travel note.


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