Traveling with parents--Taiwan-Singapore horse ran away on the 10th

I have long wanted to go abroad with my parents and have a look. It is natural to choose the high-performance Thai-Singapore 10-day tour. The itinerary is not too special, almost all the groups take the same route, and there are not many strategies to share. After ten days of running down, the deepest points are written in front.

1. It's really too long to follow the group for ten days. My parents are some years old. I'm really tired after a few days. In the future, I still want to consider it within a week;

2. The point of care of parents and their favorite angle are often different from ours. I even think that the "landmark meaning" arrangement of team travel can better meet their psychological needs;

3. It is inevitable for two generations to walk for ten days when opinions and habits are not unified, but this is more a special and precious experience, and an experience that makes me understand and cherish the feeling of home.

1.26 SZ direct flight to Bangkok via HK

1.27 Walk around the Grand Palace, Jade Buddha Temple, Chao Phraya River, and watched a very low shemale show in the afternoon, followed by Thai ancient massage

1.28 I went to Pattaya in Bangkok, there is a big Buddha on the mountain, there is a wax statue in the temple, I saw the super cute elephant show, and had a close contact with the little cute

1.29 Play around the Golden Island, visit the Treasure House of the Chia Tai Group owner in the afternoon after super noble essential oil spa, watch Muay Thai and land on the Oriental Princess at night in the evening

1.30 Ride an elephant, visit the wonderful friends at the Dragon and Tiger Park, return to Bangkok after a super satisfying fruit dinner

1.31 Fly to Singapore, Deng Hua Pa Shan to see the panoramic view of Singapore, at night to watch the water dance performance wings of time

2.01 Merlion Park, then leave the self-righteous place in Singapore, pass through Malaysia, and meet the beautiful Dutch red house in Malacca

2.02 After sunrise, Malacca headed to Putrajaya, the new capital, to visit the Pink Mosque and the new government. It was so hot. By the way, I saw the former residence of Mahathir.

2.03 I spent a whole morning lining up to get down from Genting, wandering around Malay houses, memorial squares and monuments, and took a photo with the Petronas Twin Towers

2.04 Go home!

This year's cold wave was enough. I didn't want to use too thick winter clothes to take up the suitcase. I wore a small coat and went out. As a result, it was frozen from Shenzhen to Hong Kong and then to Bangkok. In fact, the temperature in Bangkok was about 20 degrees Celsius at the time of landing. However, my whole body was not very good after a day of freezing, and I felt cold.

HK's airport is like a large passenger distribution center. It is crowded and a bit messy. The experience is very general. I think that it is possible to go directly to Bao'an Airport in the future.

Fortunately, the interest of Mom and Dad is quite high. After Meimeidi's selfie, my friends all praised our family's high face value. Hahahahahaha I must have been exposed to my mommy.

It's a little late to land in Bangkok, and with Bangkok's super super blockage, we are quite late to return to the hotel.

However, the hotel room WiFi actually charges! ! ! Well, I had to silently buy a temporary phone card, 299 baht, and deeply felt that the price was higher than Vietnam.

I can call my Thai number when available.

The Jade Buddha Temple and the Grand Palace are completely magnificent. At the same time, there are a lot of people inside. The whole scene is crowded. The focus of the photo is almost the roof.

On the same day, I had three colleagues who appeared here. We happened to meet one of the colleagues and helped our family take a family photo.

After the Grand Palace came out, we went straight to the Chao Phraya River and took a boat. Where is the excursion, the boat is super fast, but the wind on the river is still very cool, and even the riverside scenery can be seen.

After lunch at the tallest building in Bangkok at noon, I went to see a super low shemale show. It was really low. Shemales still have to watch Pattaya.

In the afternoon, the Thai ancient massage was received in batches. Fortunately, the technician's technique was good, and the experience was okay.

I have to say that Bangkok is full of people.

Today is a day from Bangkok to Pattaya. The must-have group tour is the shopping point. The difference is that the shopping point in Thailand is managed and managed by the government. The guides are not commissioned. The construction is very standard. Quite the same, the quality of the goods is also relatively guaranteed, so you can still go shopping.

After arriving in Pattaya in the afternoon, I went to a large Foshan and a monk wax museum, and I came to all kinds of attractions. Although there is nothing beautiful, but I am also pious!

Then we came to Dongba Folk Culture Park and enjoyed a very perfunctory Thai history show. Then just watch the cute elephant show! ! ! I have never liked an animal like this, smart, honest and playful! Every elephant's face says "This baby is a little cute"! It's awesome!

After the performance, I did not forget to interact with these celebrities. It was really memorable!

Interact with elephants

I always feel that the one on the right is laughing, so badbad ~

Pattaya has always been a very hot city, a warm golden island, authentic essential oil spa, grand trench residence, exciting MAX Muay Thai, and the hot Oriental Princess.

It's worth a good experience.

Under the morning light, the sea water is very beautiful, and it is also suitable for selfies. There are a lot of interesting projects at sea. It's a pity that I haven't had time to experience them.

After a morning, I do n’t know how comfortable it is to be an essential oil spa, but what is the matter of removing the makeup, I have to go to the trench house with a naked face.

I thought it was a performing Muay Thai for tourists to watch, but it was too naive. I watched three innings of Muay Thai in the evening. It was bloody in minutes, brutal and bloody, but my dad loved to watch hahahaha.

Then, the Oriental Princess, how to say, the shemale sister is really beautiful, I looked at this one at a glance, at first glance it looked like Zhou Huimin (watch me). However, many wonderful parts are not filmed ~ just look at them with your eyes ~~~

Today, I am dealing with animals. The main destination is the famous Dragon and Tiger Park in Pattaya, full of all kinds of stunted animals. Although I didn't like small animals, I was very happy because of the elephant riding.

By the way, there is also a super rich fruit meal, and snakeskin fruit has been promoted to a new favorite!

Today is the day of departure from Thailand. Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand are the most interesting and enthusiastic. Tourism, especially China, is the country's largest source of economic resources, so it is naturally more complete in all aspects. There are more than a dozen people in our group, but there are two local tour guides. Together with the tour guide and driver, it can be said that it is a five-star service.

And from Bangkok to Singapore, the seascape passing by is really beautiful!

After arriving in Singapore, he started a new journey non-stop. Singapore ’s cityfeel is indeed enough, but we are suffocated by the proud Singapore tour guide.

Ascending Mount Huaba can see the whole picture of Singapore, as well as Malaysia and Indonesia in the distance.

At night we came to the small and famous Sentosa. The Merlion with lights is a little strange, and the water mist performance of the named wings of time is quite unique.

Singapore is indeed a garden city with pure blue sky and white clouds.

After lunch, Malaysia passed the border. The Malay people were simple and lazy. It was still a long time to pass the border. In addition to the three-minute drive, we arrived in Malacca. Twilight has come. Some regrets, I thought the Dutch Red House was the most beautiful spot on this trip. However, it was dark and I took a few photos.

Malacca is a quiet and peaceful town, good night.

I had to set off early in the morning in Prince Edward City, the future capital of Malaysia. When I passed the Strait of Malacca, I actually met the sunrise. It was so beautiful. I felt a sacred feeling with the textbook plot.

After passing by the Sanbao Temple, the Chinese in Southeast Asia still have a deep feeling for Zheng He

Next is the very gorgeous pink mosque, because we did not go in to visit because of religious belief, but the appearance is already good enough ~~~

On the other side is Malaysia ’s new government, which combines three architectural features of China, India, and Malay (Islamic). It cannot be approached, and the exterior is easy to walk.

then? I have forgotten not to look at the photos. The sky is so blue. It is because it is so hot. At this time, I was already suffering from heat stroke. Later, I went to the Batu Caves of the Indian distribution center and the former home of Mahathir, which is well respected by the Malaysian people.

Then, I finally got closer to the place where I rested at night and went to Genting. It is said to be the only legal casino in Malaysia, a super-large entertainment center, super cool on the top of the mountain, and the hotel with the most rooms in the world.

For me, it is a holy place to relieve the symptoms of heat stroke.

Keqin Oba, do you really not have excessive P-pictures ...

It took me a whole morning to line up and down the mountain, and today's mood is to wait for home.

Ten days, with the group, really, too tired!

I turned my camera and mobile phone, and I didn't take a few photos, but it is said that I went to four or five attractions ...

Don't ask me where they are, I have forgotten everything except the tiwn-towers.

Hahahaha has been updated quickly. In general, these ten days are still very happy, especially on February 4th, which is not written, the feeling of going home is really good!

Mom asked me where to take them next time, hehe hehe, I haven't thought about it yet ~~~


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