Just a simple trip to Korea

The open government office area is very good

시청 City Hall is a square in summer and a skating rink in winter

A bit rich

Chicken. One is 2,000 won. 鸡肉 串 个 2000 元 还 可以 西域 的 味道

Won't feel cold hands in winter

Occasional filming advertising in the winter to wear short sleeves hard work you

Quite creative

Korea's No. 3 treasure

Not far from the temple is Insadong

Very unique stairs

Photo studio

Painted on the ground

like this

Jongmyo World Heritage

Independence Gate Square

Independent Pavilion

Declaration of Independence

Independent gate

Not far from Independence Gate

Very culturally significant

KTX Busan Railway Station

General Li Shunchen

Take the bus directly to the entrance of Taejongdae

Natural effect without P-picture

Busan seawater famous for emerald green

It's easier to take the sightseeing train inside, some 3,000 yuan per person

Natural scenery


Dinghaishen Needle

There are many people in any season

Adult children Seoul place people from all over the world

The beach in winter is also beautiful

Densely packed complex

The sea water is much cleaner than China and South Korea

Opposite is Gwangan Bridge, which used to be Gwanganli Beach

Sightseeing boat

cargo ship

There will be a lot of Busan locals coming for a walk

It can be regarded as one of the best buildings in Busan

Very beautiful feeling

Expensive luxury apartment

Sea Lady Statue

Follow Haeundae to Dongbai Park

The coin-operated telescope has good weather and you can see the opposite 일본

Make sure to catch a good weather next time you go

Haeundae Railway Station

Opposite the Haeundae Beach on the Guang’an Bridge just now

Pigeons, petrels, seagulls and many other seabirds

Yangzhou City, Gyeonggi Province 경 기도 양주시 is not far from Seoul Subway Line 1 can be reached Many Koreans come here to climb mountains on weekends

Quite steep

Overlooking the mountain, this is less than half the mountainside

I can feel the misty fog after not climbing for long

The protective device may look simpler than the domestic one, but in fact it is safe with double insurance

Bare summer must be beautiful if you come again


The peak of Fogu Mountain is 470.7 meters above sea level

京畿 道 高 阳 市 Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do

You can take the subway to get off the subway and walk for a while

There are so many kinds of cacti that I have never seen before

The very famous Painted Bridge is where many early TV dramas have been filmed.

Handprints of celebrities who have made TV shows in Goyang

Many TV shows were filmed in Gaoyang, including you from the stars

dream high

Zhang Yuzhen's costume

Zhang Yuzhen

Some TV series

This is what Gaoyang, a flower-like beauty, says

September 14 is going to be an exchange student for a year


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