Tranquil sea and noisy city

What a beautiful feeling it is for people to chase happiness and spread happiness to every corner of the planet. Hua Hin is full of purity, nostalgia and longing, and his heart is like falling in a piece of crystal clear green, dreaming of a spring, so drunk.

Sitting in the place closest to the sea, I can think about anything, I ca n’t think of anything, take a deep breath, open your fingers upwards, stretch your body backwards, look up at the sky at 45 degrees, the sea breeze lifts your clothes, and your eyes are above your eyes. Pure blue, this blue pours down, the sea and the sky are the same, the world is instantly condensed into a little, in the gaps, those world affairs are prosperous and then retreat, revert to a life that is really pure, also near and far, never leave, this is the world It's spotless, isn't it? The impetuousness of the world gradually drifted away, disappeared into the sky, hidden in the blue.

Walking barefoot on the beach, the beach is white and soft, meandering along the coastline ... Enjoy slowly ...

Items to bring:

Wallet: Passport & Visa, Thai Baht (converted in advance in China Bank of China), major malls in Thailand can accept UnionPay, but there are exchange rates), although the airport and many places have exchanged Thai Baht, but after looking at the exchange rate, it is still good to exchange More cost-effective.

Necessary aircraft confirmation form, hotel confirmation form, no need to bring ID card (outbound travel passport is much more important than ID card), (consider bringing RMB, USD, VISA, Master, UnionPay card);

Carrying case: digital camera, mobile phone (buy phone card in Bangkok), related charger, paper and pen;

Trolley case:

Medicine: cooling oil, cold medicine, diarrhea medicine, anti-mosquito liquid, band-aid, painkillers;

Clothing: Change laundry pants, sandals, swimwear, swimming trunks, sunhats, sunglasses, umbrellas, paper towels, wipes;

Others: fresh-keeping bags, plastic bags, environmental protection bags, bath towels, shampoos, shower gels, cosmetics (face cleanser, sunscreen, etc.).

Prepare some necessary information:

Remember these places and telephones (recommended to be stored in the mobile phone for emergency needs):

* Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in the Kingdom of Thailand:

Phone: +66 2245 0088

Fax: +66 2246 8247

Address: 57 Rachadaphisek Road, Bangkok, 10400 Thailand

(Mothers do n’t have to worry about going out ~~~)

Probably understand the map of Thailand:

Hua Hin is a beautiful seaside city and a favorite holiday destination for Bangkok residents. The whole family can relax here, there are no overnight parties and other nasty things in nearby beach resorts. Hua Hin was originally a small fishing village and has now become a royal resort. The inextricable links with the Thai royal family can ensure that it will not be over-developed or lose the original atmosphere of the small town.

After getting off the plane: because Thailand is very convenient to sign on the ground, follow the sign to fill out the form after the plane, electronic camera (30), sign on the floor (300) and then follow the sign to walk along the elevator along the IMMIGRATION (passport check) and come to the passport Check point. Basically, you don't ask anything when you check your passport. Just give the passport and the immigration card filled on the plane to the inspector. He will take the immigration card and order the immigration card on the passport to avoid losing yourself. After the passport check is done, take the baggage office. There is a large screen that says on which conveyor belt the flight number is, and optimistic about where to pick up your flight.

The first priority after taking the luggage is to buy a calling card. Since the opening of international roaming is too expensive, Thailand ’s happy card is cheap, convenient, and easy to use, especially for tourists.

Since we did n’t book a car to Hua Hin before, and we did n’t want to make an intermittent car (because five of us still have children and have a lot of luggage), there is no way but to spend a high price to book a car to Hua Hin at the airport The high price is because at the airport) Fortunately, the high-priced car is really different. It is comfortable to sit on it and go to Hua Hin ... (about three hours by car)

Airplane meals can be purchased in RMB or Thai baht or on the AirAsia official website, which is super convenient

Arrive at your destination and take a break at the hotel

The environment is super nice

Go out for food, various seafood stalls

Because of the excitement, everyone got up early. The breakfast time here is from 6:30 to 11:00. The breakfast here is super rich and nutritious, and your preferences are free to match according to your own. After having a full breakfast, we went out for a lazy walk along the beach and familiarized ourselves with the places. In fact, the routes here are easy to find. The squares and alleys can lead to the destination. We walked along the beach, picking shells, crabs, shrimps, etc. There are also many people on the beach, blowing the sea breeze, comfortable! We walked in the direction of the Hilton Hotel because there were more food and more shopping. There is a famous mango rice over there, and there are many people who buy mango rice, and they do n’t sell it at 3 pm every day, so we just caught up, and we also bought mango rice to eat at the hotel. It's good for people who like sweets, but it's sweet for people who are not used to eating sweets. There is no way, only to buy instant noodles in the supermarket, we all eat relatively simple at noon, because I feel that what I want to eat does not open at noon. After lunch, we took a nap at the hotel, because at noon Hua Hin ’s solar ultraviolet is particularly strong, the sun is also very large, there is nothing to play out, and it is very hot, so just take a good rest and only have energy in the afternoon. It can only be delicious at night. When we wake up in the afternoon, we will go to one of the most beautiful railway stations in Thailand, which is also the oldest railway station. It still retains the royal waiting room and the railway station is still in normal use. You can also make a train from Bangkok to Hua Hin. This train The station is not far away. On the way to play, I also met the train coming. This train is different from ours. The train number is very small. It feels like visiting the train. We walked and played, it was almost time, we went to dinner and chose Chao Lay Seafood, but the time was still a bit early, the house built at sea, the view was very good, and the taste was quite delicious After dinner, we will go to the night market, then go to the hotel, lie on the sofa to see the night view, listen to the sound of the waves, blow the sea breeze, leisurely! One day spent so leisurely.

Hua Hin means stone in Thai, you can understand its meaning when you come to this beach. The sand of Hua Hin is not delicate, and even bare feet may even hurt, but the beautiful scenery of the blue sea and white sand here is very popular with the Thai royal family. When you come to Hua Hin Beach, if you don't ride on horseback and walk back and forth along the beach, you will lose a lot of fun. While other beaches in Thailand only provide grotesque adult programs, Hua Hin has maintained its calmness and elegance. You can rent a beach chair on the beach to lie down for half a day, and even have a barbecue dinner on the beach

Hua Hin Railway Station was built in 1911 during the Rama VI period. It is one of the oldest railway stations in Thailand and is also known as the most beautiful railway station in Thailand. The combination of red and light yellow shows a simple and noble Thai palace temperament, quiet and elegant. Without rails, it is difficult to imagine that this is actually a train station. So far, the royal waiting area built to welcome the royal family to visit Hua Hin is still here. There is no ticket gate at Shang Railway Station, so it has become a favorite place for tourists to come to Hua Hin for taking pictures. If you have never taken a train in Thailand, it is recommended to spend 4 hours by train from Bangkok to this seaside town, it must be an unforgettable experience

Tickets: free

Wake up and eat breakfast after finishing. After breakfast, we booked The Venezia Hua Hin at the hotel. When we went there was no one, and later there were more people, Hua Hin Venice ( The Venezia Hua Hin) doesn't play much, it feels average, (for us). So we did n’t have a long time to go back to the hotel for lunch, and felt that there was nothing to eat at noon, so we decided to eat instant noodles, (Thai-style instant noodles), which solved the lunch conveniently and quickly. After lunch, we entered the nap time and went to sleep When we got up, we went to the sea and went on a banana boat. It was so exciting that everyone almost flew away. I also took a motorboat, the motorboat is not so exciting, but it is still very fun, I can get closer to the sea, because I like the sea. At the end of the day, I went back to the hotel to tidy up. I went out for dinner. The Kothi Restaurant we ate today was mistaken for KO Seafood Reataurant, but it does n’t matter, because Kothi Restaurant is also very popular. It was late when we went, and there were so many people eating, we slowly waited in line. After eating, it tasted good, and did not disappoint our wait. After eating, we also ate ice cream Swensen's. This ice cream tastes delicious. It is derived from the American ice cream brand. The price is much cheaper than Haagen-Dazs, but the taste is not. Poor ~ I had enough to eat and drink, and I went back to the hotel at ease, so the day's itinerary passed by.

If you want to feel the Italian style in Thailand, come to Little Venice, in addition to sightseeing, this is also a very good shopping area

I got up early and went to the beach to watch the sunrise, I feel so beautiful! Then, after eating a rich breakfast, we set off. There are many places to play today, but they are all on the same line, mainly because it is more convenient for our five people to charter. He takes us to every place to go to play, so that there is no need to take the wrong path. The first stop, Santorini, Thailand's "Little Greece", the romantic style of the Aegean Sea, the blue and white beauty of Greece, Santorini Paradise are all there! The second stop is Little Swiss Sheep Ranch, where you can use forage to feed cute lambs. The park style is fresh and childlike, suitable for taking beautiful photos ~ The third stop, the Palace of Love and Hope, is mainly to witness and witness Rama VI A palace of beautiful love between the world and its beloved concubines. After visiting the attractions, we will tidy up the hotel and go out to dinner at the Jekpea Restaurant, which opens at 5:30, but people will queue up very early. After all, the popularity is high, everyone comes, and the decoration is simple. The restaurant, authentic food practice is the biggest feature of this restaurant. After eating, we went shopping at the Hua Hin Night Market and massaged, there were more people. Because it was the last night in Hua Hin, we stayed in the world more. We also had supper at KO Seafood Reataurant, and returned to the hotel after a meal. After a full day ...

Thailand's "Little Greece" is a tourist attraction that combines shopping and entertainment concepts. You can feel the dreamy Santorini style without going to Greece. The architectural style of the entire park completely imitates the small island of Santorini on the Greek Aegean Sea. In the small house with blue windows and white walls, it is a boutique shop. Walking around it is like being on the small island of Santorini. Romantic And comfortable. On the large square next to the street area, stands a 40-meter-high ferris wheel, ascends the ferris wheel to the sky, and the entire beach has a panoramic view. This is also a parent-child resort, and the children will definitely have fun.

Tickets: Tickets are divided into Thai and foreigner prices, Thai baht 50 baht, foreigners 150 baht

Sheep farm themed leisure park. After entering the pasture, you can use the forage to feed the cute lambs. Various small and fresh-style sculptures and landscaping in the park, lovely retro buildings, strangely shaped various Transformers and classic cars, bring a variety of beautiful fairy-tale illusions. This is a place that can be used as a rest stop, and you can also enjoy food here. It is a magical place that will make people feel better for no reason.

Tickets: 50 baht for adults, 30 baht for children

This is a palace full of stories. Emperor Rama VI hoped that his concubine could add a little prince to the two, so he began to order people to build this palace and named it "Love and Hope". Although it failed in the end (Ai Fei gave birth to a daughter), this palace has become a testimony to the love of the two, and has become a romantic spot to be recalled by future generations. The entire palace is made of teak wood. Although it does not have the magnificence of the palace, it is everywhere like a graceful private courtyard. It has a unique coastal style and can enjoy the romantic scenery of the southern country.

Tickets: 30 baht for scenic spots, and another 30 baht for visiting the second floor of the palace. In order to control the flow of people, the time period of the tour will be notified in advance when buying tickets for the second floor, for tourists to consider whether to buy tickets to visit

Today we will leave Hua Hin for Bangkok. I originally wanted to get up early to see the sunrise, but I still didn't see the sun rising from the sea level. I just walked to the beach, played with the sea water, and lay down in a chair to rest. Still very reluctant to stay here, after finishing the last hotel breakfast in Hua Hin, I packed my bags and checked out, then left here reluctantly, I contacted the car yesterday to pick us up directly Back to Bangkok, Hua Hin, goodbye! It takes another three hours by car to reach Bangkok. The driver took us to the door of the hotel and we went to go through the formalities. As soon as I entered the room, it was a world of difference. The room here and the room in Hua Hin could hardly be compared, and I kept talking. Hey, it was only for the general. After we packed our bags, we set off for dinner and shopping! The rhythm of Bangkok is much faster than that of Hua Hin. I still like the quietness of Hua Hin. There is no way to get used to it. There are many shopping malls in Bangkok and they are close to each other, but things are indeed cheaper than domestic ones. In the evening, we ate authentic Thai hot pot in Thailand. We also went a long way to find this hot pot, but it was still worth it. After eating and drinking, I went back to the hotel to rest.

I woke up early in the morning, without the rich breakfast in the Hua Hin hotel, we had to go out and find our own food. We ate a bit and went to the Grand Palace. At first, we were wondering whether to go to the Grand Palace. It ’s better to go to the Grand Palace, a famous tourist attraction in Bangkok. In fact, the transportation is still very convenient, but the five of us are convenient and cost-effective. When we arrived at the Grand Palace, we just started to sell tickets. It is also gray, but it is still very spectacular and very sacred. After visiting the Grand Palace, we looked for lunch, and after lunch, we were very happy to visit the duty-free shops. The things in the duty-free shops are really cheap, and I ca n’t help but start because they are much cheaper than domestic ones. After shopping, we went to big c, the biggest supermarket in Bangkok. It was really super big. The big c road is just across the road from the international trade center, and it is also a four-faced buddha. After shopping, we took a car back to the hotel to rest and rest, and then went out for dinner. This was the last night in Thailand. After eating, we went back to the hotel to clean up and then quietly went to sleep!

The Grand Palace is located in the downtown area of ​​Bangkok. It consists of a group of buildings with staggered layouts, which gathers the essence of painting, carving and decoration art.

After Rama I, the founding monarch of the Bangkok Dynasty, ascended the throne, he moved the capital from Thonburi to Bangkok on the east bank of the Chao Phraya River in 1782. After continuous expansion from generation to generation, the grand palace complex was finally built. The Grand Palace is one of the many royal palaces in Thailand. It is the most well-preserved, largest, and most ethnically important royal palace of all dynasties. It is currently only used for coronation and court celebrations. The Bangkok dynasty lived in the Grand Palace from Rama I to Rama VIII. After Rama VIII was stabbed in the palace in 1946, Rama IX moved to the new palace.

The grand emperor opened to the outside world and became a famous tourist place in Thailand. There are a total of 22 buildings in the building group. The main buildings are four distinctive palaces lined up from east to west. The green tile ridge, fuchsia glazed tile roof and crested cornices. The roof is a typical Thai "three roof structure", which is a collection of centuries of Thai architectural art. Some people call this the "Thai Art Encyclopedia".

We got up at 8 o'clock and packed up, packed our luggage, and went downstairs to check out. Because the car was scheduled to leave at 9:30 yesterday, we went to the airport at 9:15 and went through the car. Because we do n’t know how complicated it is to handle the refund, we prepared it early. We arrived at the airport early because the hotel we stayed in was not far from the airport, and the journey took only half an hour to reach the destination. Then we go through the tax refund according to the process. In fact, the tax refund is very simple, do not have to think too complicated, there are special Chinese information staff at the airport, can help translate. Change the boarding pass, security check, the security check here is not as strict as the Jiangbei Airport security check. After you have processed the tax refund, you will receive what we bought at the duty-free shop. After entering the airport, if you do n’t have enough to buy, you can also buy it at the airport duty-free shops. The duty-free shops here are also quite large and a good place to shop. Waiting for boarding, the plane was 15 minutes late, but after arriving on the plane, it arrived at the destination in three hours, but it was only five minutes late. Everything is safely landed, and the wonderful journey is over!


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