Travelling with a suitcase-Tokyo, Hakone, Yokohama

The Shinkansen fare basically varies between 600-800, depending on the seat you choose! Katy, what I suggest is that you do n’t have to buy a special seat for a specific time, you only need to buy a regular seat to ride the car at any time! Here you can choose to purchase by referring to the specific price shown in the APP case, or again to emphasize that the route recommendation of the APP must be used more, very accurate! As shown below

Let me give an example, this time is going from Kyoto to Shin-Yokohama! You can see that the total time in Figure 1 is longer and the price is cheaper, and the time in Figure 2 is shorter and the price is more expensive, so generally speaking, if you are not particularly rushed, you should try to buy cheaper, because basically they are the same! I would n’t buy it on the machine. I can ask the waiter next to me. I will order Chinese and show them the route displayed on the phone. Let them buy it for you. Then go directly to the platform and prepare to go to Shin Yokohama. By the way, if the weather is clear, you can still see Mount Fuji! !

About two hours, in fact, look at the scenery, play with the phone and pass it in a while. When we arrived in Yokohama, we quickly went to the hotel to check-in. This new Yokohama Prince Hotel is absolutely tall and the highest in the city center A super five-star hotel, the price is okay, and the living is really comfortable.

Because the tickets have been booked online before, it is time to go as soon as you book!

Introduction: Doraemon Museum is also known as Fujiko · F · Fujio Museum. The famous Japanese cartoonist Fujiko F. Fujio created many famous works such as "Doraemon" in his life. In order to spread his achievements from generation to generation, Japan decided to build a "Fujiko" in Kawasaki City where he settled F. Fujio Museum ". This cartoonist, whose real name is Fujimoto Hiroshi, and his friend Ansunzi Suxiong used the pen name "Fujiko Fujio", left a brilliant page in the history of comics. The construction of the museum was directed by Masako Fujimoto, wife of Master Fujiko, and was specially planned to repay the support of the audience for many years. The museum was built in the Tama district of Kawasaki City where Master Fujiko lived for many years. Through the construction of this museum, Master Fujimoto will pursue the "dream", "hope", "friendship", "courage", "curiosity", And "goodness" and other life styles are conveyed to every visitor.

Opening hours: 10: 00 ~ 18: 00

Location: No.1, No.8, No.2, Nagao, Tama-ku, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan (You can reach it directly by searching in the APP case, it is very simple)

Closing time: Every Tuesday, the year-end and New Year holidays (December 30 to January 3)

Entrance time:

Every day from 10 o'clock every two hours a period of time to visit the museum, late half an hour will be unable to enter the museum.

The admission time is 4 times a day.






Adult / University students:

1000 yen

High school / junior high school students:

700 yen

Children (over 4 years old):

500 yen

Free for children under 3 years old

As shown above, it is the route and fare from Shin-Yokohama to Doraemon Museum! Is it clear, at a glance! So you must use the APP well! There is no need for Google in Japan, because there is enough APP in the case! Just a warm reminder here: If you want to see Doraemon, you must go according to the time of the ticket, because the museum is only open for four time periods a day, not every time, please try not to be late Time! Next, let's take a look at the general introduction of the museum and some hand-made things I bought! It's expensive to do it by hand, but it's worth it. The workmanship is simply awesome. Isn't it the same as those of China's 25,800,000, hee hee! Start visiting!

At the end of the Doraemon Museum, I went directly to Chinatown at night. This is the world's largest Chinatown. The paradise of foodies is full of things. The key price is not expensive and very affordable. If you go to Yokohama, you must go to Chinatown! Let's take a look!

Hakone is located in the southwestern part of Kanagawa Prefecture, 90 kilometers away from Tokyo. It is the home of hot springs and health resorts in Japan. About 400,000 years ago, it was once a crater with smoke plumes and lava splashing. Now Hakone is surrounded by Cuifeng arches, streams are gurgling, and the hot spring scenery is very beautiful. Because tourists come and go all the year round, Hakone is also known as "National Park".

I booked the itinerary for the one-day itinerary of Hakone online, so after a day of playing, I watched Mount Fuji, soaked in hot springs, and took the cable car to the top of the mountain.

About hot springs in Japan: I want to emphasize a lot of concerns about children's shoes. Japanese hot springs are separate from male soup and female soup, and they are all naked, so you can not wear any swimsuit! Before soaking in the hot springs, you have to clean your body first, and then go to the pool to soak. The pool is divided into indoor and outdoor. There is no need to bring anything in, everyone will have a towel, and then you can soak in the hot spring comfortably. The hot spring is not suitable for too long, just about 30-45 minutes!

Main attractions: Meiji Jingu, Shiba Park, Tokyo Tower, Odaiba, Disneyland, Sensoji Temple, Shinjuku, Ginza, Akihabara, etc.

Transportation Card: SUICA Card (commonly known as Watermelon Card) and Tokyo Metro One-Day Pass

Two pictures below, picture 1 is a one-day ticket in Tokyo, but later I feel that it is not necessary to buy, and can not save a few money;

Figure 2 is the watermelon card Suica! I will talk a little bit about the watermelon card here. Maybe everyone will be confused and confused by the coupon of this card in Japan;

The benefits of the watermelon card are actually equivalent to our domestic bus card, so understand! Because this card can be used in both Kansai and Kanto areas, and it is very convenient. It is to go directly to the station to recharge the card, and then swipe the card when entering the subway. The watermelon card does not matter what type of car, because we all know that there are many types of underground tracks in Japan. The one-day ticket like Figure 1 can only take the subway and subway. If you want to take the JR line, you ca n’t use it. You can only swipe the watermelon card! So I think the watermelon card must be bought with you when you go to Japan, and as long as you recharge it, then you can apply for the refund balance at the airport when you return to China.

Help me bring some cosmeceuticals, of course this is only a part of it! There are more famous eye drops in Japan. Each person is limited to 5 bottles!


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