Flowers bloom in Chiang Mai and Bangkok in June

Sometimes traveling abroad does not require you to be fully prepared, but it is not so simple to really go wherever you want to go. There is also an opportunity to come and just play Thailand once. This summer, I believe you will fall in love with Northern Thailand!

Time: June 11 to June 17, in fact, the time to travel is not how long we set in advance, but it is just in time to catch up with friends and suddenly want to travel, there is not much to take the annual leave. I originally thought that Thailand would be uncomfortably hot at this time, but in fact it is not. The hottest time in Thailand should be from March to May, but it will rain a little in June and July. The high temperature is 40 degrees. Friends came back and said that I didn't tan! Everyone is going, it is recommended to go at this time! Really, in summer, you will fall in love with Taibei!

Location: Why I have been talking about Taibei, because it is really bad for everyone Koh Samui Phuket, so we decided to go to Chiang Mai.

Character: I took my Emma and Empress ~

1. Air ticket

In fact, to go out and play, the first thing I thought of was to go to the flight ticket to see if there was a discount. The plan is to go to Chiang Mai first and then go shopping in Bangkok. No doubt, the cheapest one is directly set by AirAsia. But one thing that is bad is that you have to change planes. You don't want to take too much effort. You are flying directly from Tianjin to Chiang Mai at China Eastern Airlines, but you will stop for an hour in Yunnan. It's relatively good in comparison. 2000 + / person. When you go to Bangkok from Chiang Mai, you are advised not to try the Thai train. You can look at the special fare tickets. There are more than a hundred without luggage, which is good. It is really not necessary to spend the night on the train.

When I returned to Bangkok, I transferred in Hong Kong and looked like 1400.

2. Visa

For Thai visas, you can apply for the visa on your own. It seems to be 1,000 baht. But we were looking for someone to do it in advance and spent 268 to find the agent.

3. Hotel

Because I bring my parents, I have higher requirements for living. If I myself would live in a small and fresh homestay. Because my mother was afraid to eat or sleep well outside, I read the evaluation for quite a long time and set a star hotel. DUIST D2, personally feel that the price is better than Le Méridien. In Bangkok, the hotel is set around the central world of the Siam area. There are too many hotels. We chose Mercure Bangkok Siam. It is near the commercial district, just across the road from MBK Yes, it feels cool to live on the 27th floor.

4. Phone card

Thai calling cards are not expensive, happy should be the most common. It is convenient to buy a card that you can use online for 7 days with a plug-in card, but now it is basically a combination of three cards. This phone card, which I bought on Lazy Cat Travel, is more than thirty dollars, which is very convenient. However, if you have high requirements on the network and traffic, you can also rent a portable WiFi.

5. Travel insurance

In fact, the matter of insurance also depends on the individual. Some people even go out without buying insurance, but this thing just does n’t matter in case of buying one, so just pay for it. When I take my parents out, I still have to think more about it. I bought the Allianz insurance specifically for Thailand on Tmall. There is no upper limit for insurance. Everyone decides according to their needs.

6. Mobile phone software remembers that the next Google Map is convenient abroad

Flying and taking off, the clouds are beautiful, happy! Not much specific flight.


We didn't stay much at the hotel. After cleaning up, we went out to shop ~ There are night markets on Saturday and Sunday. If you have limited time, I suggest you go to Sunday night market. There are various crafts for eating, drinking and wearing. Location: Th Wualai3,

Night Market Map

Mesa Elephant Camp. Because you ca n’t go to the jungle in Chiang Mai with your parents, so riding an elephant is an indispensable item. The Mesa Elephant Camp feels good.

As for how to choose an elephant camp, give a picture for your reference

Visit the Sunday night market at night ~ I bought a lot of things and ate and ate outside.

Basically I would go to the Black and White Temple in Chiang Mai. It ’s about a 3-hour drive from the hotel. We have n’t gone to Chiang Rai. It ’s a bit far. You can still feel the kind of religious culture in Chiang Mai here. It ’s true to pray piously. My parents especially like this kind of cultural trip.

I don't think there is anything to ask, just look at the picture.

The night zoo is an exclusive itinerary for lazy cat travel. It is the first time to go to the zoo at night. It is very clear. The zoo seems to have few night zoos in the world!

This place is suitable for small and fresh places. I took a lot of photos here to come in the morning. After drinking a cup of coffee here, is it awesome!

But it was almost the same here in the morning.

At noon, I contacted the driver of Lazy Cat Travel, ready to pick us up and fly to Bangkok. In the afternoon, we will arrive at the Bangkok Hotel ~ Siam District, shopping and eating rhythm ~

Bangkok, in fact, the key is to shop and buy. However, since · has come, the scenic spots should still be visited, but they all came together once and for all. The Grand Palace, Jade Buddha Temple, Ananda, Chao Phraya River, Wat Arun Temple, KING POWER buffet lunch and the most important shopping, these keywords are almost the same. However, the overall impression of Bangkok is not as good as Chiang Mai ~

Talk about the evening buffet! ! ! Excellent!

Rainbow sky in the tallest building in Bangkok ~

This is the end of my trip to Northern Thailand. Thank you again for the hotel in Chiang Mai. If you have a chance, go to Northern Thailand. I believe Chiang Mai will not be worse than Phuket


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