Second trip to Korea, a journey of shopping and buying

The last time I came to Seoul was a bit blurry, but what I remembered was that a whole box of beautiful clothes returned from Dongdaemun's two days of fighting was left in a taxi. At that time, I spent 200 yuan. I first tried the radio station to find things, and finally ended up with regret.

At the beginning of 2016, I met Seoul again, the coldest winter in history. From the perspective of the high altitude of the plane, the entire Seoul is covered with snow. There is always a unique sense of intimacy, and various TV series snow scenes are presented. After getting off the plane, it wasn't as cold as expected. The sunlight was slightly warm, walking the streets, falling leaves, walking on a road with few people. The sky often fell a few snowflakes, soft and light. Pedestrians walk through the road, full of romance and laughter. Passing the storefront, there will always be a friendly smile at the door, nodding and calling: "Ani Athiyo", enter the store for a rest, the warm barley tea and authentic side dishes make you feel a warmth different from the street .

In Seoul, I met snow, and maybe also met you.


D1: Myeongdong Cathedral, Seoul Tower, Shilla Duty Free Shop

D2: Nami Island, Little France

D3: Bukchon Hanok, Sanqingdong, Ewha Mural Village

D4: Return

This trip was only arranged for three days, mainly for buying and buying, but after all, it was the second time to go, so the route could not be limited to Dongdaemun.

Of course, this time with a list of last unfinished tours:

1. Wear Hanbok at Hanok

2. Go to Nami Island to remember "Winter Love Songs"

3. Go to France where the film "You from the Stars" was filmed

4. Buy buy buy to make up for the loss of the year

[Travel Calendar] The four seasons in Seoul are very clear, and the temperature and seasonal changes are roughly similar to the Shandong area in China. Each season has different characteristics. You can enjoy beautiful cherry blossoms in spring; you can participate in many outdoor activities in summer; you can enjoy maple leaves in the mountains in autumn; you can feel the romance of the snow-colored kingdom in winter.

[Currency] 1 RMB ≈ 183 won, you can directly use RMB to exchange for Korean won at the Bank of China, no need to make an appointment if the amount is not large. In addition, there are many exchange offices in Myeongdong, Seoul, where the exchange rate is better than that of domestic banks, and even more cost-effective than direct credit card. If you do n’t want to be so troublesome, you can also take an overseas cash withdrawal fee-free card to cash out locally, and any cash machine with UnionPay logo can withdraw cash.

[Voltage] The socket in South Korea is a German standard. The two round hole plugs require a conversion socket. Generally, they are provided by hotels. If you need to charge more things, it is recommended to bring a few universal converters.

[Time difference] South Korea is one hour faster than China. Eight o'clock in Beijing time is nine o'clock in Korean local time.

[Language] Seoul ’s airports, subway stations, tourist attractions, large shopping areas, signs, ticket machines, and cash machines are all in Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese. You can get practical information without any obstacles. There is not much difference in English when shopping in Seoul, because Koreans do not dare to compliment the English. Many shopping staff in shopping areas such as Myeongdong and Dongdaemun can speak some simple Chinese. very common.

[Visa] It is not difficult to apply for a Korean personal tourist visa, and there are not many materials. Usually, it can be issued within 4 working days. The fee for sending it to the consulate is 230RMB each time. Because only a few cities have a Korean consulate, it is more convenient for most people to find a treasure agent. The price is between 250RMB-300RMB.

Materials required for applying for a Korean visa:

1. Original passport (within the validity period)

2. Two two-inch color photos on white

3. The original ID card can be retrieved on the spot if you send your own visa.

4. Visa application form

5. Proof of assets. Choose one of the following materials for proof of economic ability:

① Original credit card statement within the last six months

② The original personal income tax payment certificate or the original certificate of social insurance participation in the last six months

③ Bank account transaction details within the past six months (need to be issued by the bank)

In addition, if you have a Shanghai household registration, or if your passport contains visas from developed countries such as Japan, New Zealand, Australia, the United States, Canada, Schengen, and the United Kingdom, that is, to comply with the simplified procedures for Korean visas, just provide materials 1-4.

The New International Hotel we stayed in Seoul is located near Myeongdong, just five minutes walk from the subway station, the rooms are fully equipped, and the surrounding dining facilities are all available.

The doorway is the main road. Taxi is very convenient. Although it is located in the downtown area, the room is soundproof. It is recommended to stay.

The public transportation in Seoul is very convenient, especially the free policy for bus and subway transfers. It is more convenient for citizens and tourists to travel by public transportation, and there are no places in Seoul that can't be reached. The area density covered by Seoul Mass Transit is also very large. In addition to the relatively concentrated and distinctive attractions or shopping areas, you can easily walk around Seoul City just by mass transit. When traveling in Seoul, the most convenient way is to buy a T-Money transportation card, similar to the Hong Kong Octopus. Not only can you use subways, buses, and taxis, but you can also use it to buy things in convenience stores. One card with a higher face value costs 4,000 won, and the recharge amount is arbitrary. Almost all subway stations and convenience stores sell this card. Cards can be refunded at designated subway stations and can be returned to 2000 won. However, personal advice is not to retreat. First, it is very troublesome to find a designated subway station. Second, this card is valid for life. It is also good to keep it next time you come to South Korea to use it or give it to a friend.

Bus: Seoul ’s bus stop sign does not have a Chinese name like the subway stop sign. Therefore, if you don't understand Korean, it is recommended not to take the bus, it is enough to take the subway.

Subway: For tourists, the subway is the most convenient and fast way to travel to Seoul. There are a total of nine criss-cross subway lines reaching all corners of the city. Even the nearby Gyeonggi Province can be reached. Many subway stations All have Chinese station names. Recommend everyone to download the "Korea Subway" APP, enter the starting and ending points, the system will tell you how to ride, even the specific time-consuming, very convenient, in addition, positioning the current location, the system will also tell you where the nearest subway station .

Taxi: The taxis in Seoul are clean and safe, and are relatively convenient means of transportation. You can get a taxi on the roadside or on the taxi platform. Taxi prices vary according to different colors, generally divided into ordinary taxis and model taxis, model taxis are generally black body, the driver can speak English, very convenient for foreign tourists, starting at about 5000 won, After exceeding 2 kilometers, each additional 144 meters will be charged 200 won. Ordinary taxis are orange, silver and white, and the service is also good, but most drivers do not speak English. You need to prepare the Korean name of the destination to take the ride. The starting price is about 3,000 won. After more than 2 kilometers, each increase 100 won won at 144 meters.

Transportation from Incheon Airport to the city: Incheon Airport is far from downtown Seoul. The most convenient transportation is the airport bus. Airport buses are divided into high-class buses and ordinary buses. Premium buses can directly reach hotels in Seoul, and there are fewer stops, which are faster than regular buses. Regular buses take longer than premium buses and have many stops. The regular bus fare is about 10,000 won, and the premium bus fare is about 16,000 won.

The official website of the regular airport bus:

Official website of premium airport bus:

In addition to airport buses, you can also choose a more economical airport railway. The airport railway is divided into two types: direct trains and ordinary trains. The fees and facilities of the two types of cars are slightly different. A direct train from Incheon Airport to Seoul Station takes about 45 minutes and costs only 4000 won.

When it comes to Seoul, many people must first think of shopping! That's right, how can you not go to shopping paradise! According to the experience of LZ twice, I recommend some things that I think are worth buying.

1. Skin care makeup. Korean local cosmetics are well-known around the world, especially for Chinese girls, Korean makeup will be more suitable for their skin quality than European and American makeup, regardless of whether they are men, women or children. There are many cosmetic stores in Myeongdong, Seoul. Almost all Korean brands can be found here. If you purchase a certain amount, you can also enjoy tax rebates. However, many small shops will be refilled next time. It is recommended that you go to a certain brand. To buy in order to avoid buying fakes. If you think tax refunds are too much trouble, you may wish to go to a duty-free shop to buy them. There are several large duty-free shops in Seoul. There is no need to go to each of them. You can choose one with more activities. This time we went to Silla and gained a lot. We will introduce them in the following chapters.

2. Clothing. As the fashion capital of Seoul, clothing design always leads the trend in China. I bought more so-called Korean version or customized in China, and of course I went to Korea to buy a few pieces of clothing made in Korea to reward myself. Many people go to Korea to buy clothes. Dongdaemun is the first choice. There are many shopping malls and wholesale and retail stores here, but the quality is uneven. Many clothes are made in China, and the quality is still worse than the real Korean wave clothing. It is recommended that you go to doota. The clothes in this mall are relatively expensive, but for a penny, the quality and style are definitely the best in all malls! In addition, Dongdaemun is suitable for shopping at night, and the business hours are until 5 am the next day! So do n’t waste your precious time during the day. In fact, Seoul also has a clothing area that is more worth visiting than Dongdaemun. It is located on the street of Exit 6 of Jianguo University on Line 2. It is said that this is the first-hand source of goods. Many Dongdaemun clothing styles can be found here , The price will be much cheaper. However, it is not open overnight, and the opening hours are from 9am to 9pm.

3. MCM bags. Although MCM is a German brand, South Korea is the cheapest country in the world to buy it. This brand can be seen in Myeongdong, major department stores, duty-free shops', and airports in Seoul. The prices are the same, but the inventory and style of each store are different, so if you are interested, you must start in time!

4. Korean ginseng. Korea is one of the origins of Korean ginseng. The most famous one is red ginseng, which is great for medicinal or stewed soup. The most famous brand is Zhengguanzhuang. You can find its stores everywhere in Seoul. Although the price is relatively expensive, the quality is also the best. If you do n’t choose, it is recommended to choose a big brand to buy.

5. Various snacks. When you go to Seoul, you must visit some local supermarkets to buy some snacks and come back. You must know that they are not cheap to buy from a treasure. Popular snacks are: banana milk, honey citron tea, spicy ramen, seaweed, honey butter almonds, shrimp strips, potato chips.

[Practical APP] This time I went to Seoul and mainly used the following 7 apps, each of which is very useful.

1. Self-guided tour of South Korea. This is an app released by the Korea Tourism Administration. It is more official, with complete information on attractions and recommended routes.

2. South Korean subway, this is the most used app. It is very convenient to transfer and search for nearby subway stations.

3. Hanchao map, restaurants and hotels of all sizes are on the top, the information is more powerful than the Korean self-guided tour, and it also comes with navigation and supports Chinese and Korean search.

4. Google maps, this app is used almost every time I go abroad. However, in Seoul, it is not so practical. There are limited places to find English input. Unless you understand Korean, it is a tasteless thing.

5. A translator, which brings together the languages ​​of the world's popular travel countries. Although the translation is relatively mechanical, the meaning is basically clear. Especially in a country such as South Korea where English is not very popular, it is still very practical to have a translator.

6. iMoney, the famous exchange rate conversion app, will not explain much.

7. The Shilla Online Duty Free Shop, um, this is a very powerful shopping app, and the specific functions will be left behind, let's download it anyway!

I am used to long-distance flights. I am a little bit uncomfortable with the one-and-a-half-hour flight from Hangzhou to Seoul, and I just landed after a meal.

There are two terminals in Incheon International Airport. The old terminal mainly serves domestic flights and is located together with the departure hall and arrival hall. The new terminal carries foreign flights, and the boarding gates are 101 ~ 132. There is a certain distance from the original terminal to the new terminal, you need to take the shuttle train, so it is recommended that friends who board the plane in the new terminal must arrive at the airport 3 hours in advance to check in. Air China we took off and landed in the new terminal. When I first got off the plane, I was still thinking about where to go to pick up my luggage. I saw the footsteps of the big army and realized that I had to take this train to get to the arrival hall.

Arrived in Seoul, without a break, went straight to Myeongdong. Of course, I didn't go shopping, but for food! I have always forgotten the bibimbap bibimbap in the super delicious Jeonju Central Hall that I ate in Myeongdong three years ago, which has become a big part of my revisit in the old place.

Amidst the crowds of people traveling through Myeongdong, there are shops of various colors and shop assistants standing at the door, but I have no intention of taking care of them. I followed the navigation to find the Quanzhou Central Hall. When the navigation told me that the destination had arrived, I knew it was pitted again! Although three years have passed, I can still remember one or two of the environment around that shop, so this is not the place! I asked a few clerks and police officers nearby, and the directions given were also varied. I thought this store was very famous in Myeongdong. I didn't expect that many people did not know its existence. Looking for a long time unsuccessful, we can only temporarily give up, casually entered a shop and eat a portion of bibimbap, the bibimbap of NO.1 in my heart, see you at night!

Since this is my second visit to Seoul, I will naturally try my best to make up for the previous regrets, and take a look at the attractions that have not been visited. At the first stop of this trip, we came to the Catholic Church in Myeongdong, which is the earliest local church in Korea and the symbol of the Korean Catholic Church. It has a history of 115 years. As the first brick Gothic building in Korea, it has a different atmosphere from other stone Gothic buildings. Usually, the Myeongdong Cathedral is open to ordinary people, but please do n’t forget that this is the place of faith. Therefore, do n’t forget to think more about people who are visiting during the visit, avoid loud noise, and do not use SLR cameras to take pictures. You just need to sit quietly in silent meditation and feel the quiet atmosphere here.

Friends who want to take pictures can take a few pictures outside the church.

Sit in the church for a little while. The sun disappeared when I went out, and the temperature dropped suddenly. Although I wore five clothes and various velvet primers, I could not resist the severe cold. I felt like I was blown into a sculpture in the wind.

While it was dark, we quickly left the Catholic Church and went straight to the viewing spot in Seoul-Namsan Seoul Tower!

[Seoul Tower] The Seoul Tower in Namsan is one of the most iconic buildings in Seoul. No matter where it is in downtown Seoul, it can almost be seen. Standing on the Seoul Tower, you can overlook the beautiful city At night, the night is more beautiful than the day. The Seoul Tower is divided into a free zone and a toll zone. The ticket-free zone is located on the first to second floors of the basement, with cafes, shops, ticket offices, and elevator entrances. The toll area is part of the observation deck at the top of the tower, including revolving restaurants, digital observation decks, and souvenir goods. In addition to viewing the city view, the concentric lock area on the Seoul Tower has also become the main purpose of many couples choosing to come here.

Observation deck fee: 9,000 won for adults and 7,000 won for children

Cable car fee: One way: 6000 won for adults and 3500 won for children;

Round trip: 8,500 won for adults and 5,500 won for children

Concentric lock: 5000 won;

In fact, I personally feel that there is no need to enter the toll area at the top of the tower. In the free area, you can also enjoy the city view, and the sight is not bad. Friends who want to make a good film remember to bring a tripod, otherwise it will be difficult to make a film.

We did not bring a tripod, we could only press a few of them by hand, and found the only one that was true, and Seoul under the night was like a dazzling star.

The free viewing area is covered with colorful love locks, each of which has a name and wish written on it, and it entrusts the lovers with their longing for the future.

People always think of leaving traces of themselves in certain places, or blessing themselves, or blessing others, in order to come back here again in another time and space, and find that at first, they will smile.

It is not difficult to find that there are also some combination locks for suitcases. Presumably, the locks here are too expensive to sell, so they brought their own.

The sky gradually darkened, and through the light of the lock road, take a look at the city that slowly lit up

Seoul Tower is not only a must-see destination for tourists, but also one of the favorite places for local lovers to date. There are love scenes everywhere.

We took a car directly near the Seoul Tower and went to the Shilla Duty Free Shop. It cost 6,000 won. The staff at the desk saw that the small ticket gave us a 10,000 won shopping voucher. A stroke!

When I visited Seoul last time, I also visited several duty-free shops. Compared with several other shops in Shilla, the shopping environment is obviously much better, and the preferential activities are more awesome. What you ca n’t miss is its tour package. In addition to some practical electronic products, attraction tickets, transportation cards, wifi coupons, there are shopping cards that can be used directly as money. If time permits, it is recommended that you visit here on the day you arrive in Seoul, get a free ticket, transportation card and wifi and go to Seoul to save a lot of money!

The Shilla Duty Free Shop has three floors, and it is customary to start shopping at the bottom of B1. This floor is basically operated by local Korean brands, including skin care makeup, leather bags, jewelry, sunglasses, health products, digital products and so on. The most recommended local makeup brand for this layer is the famous 3CE. This is the favorite brand of many makeup artists. Its lipstick, blush, eye shadow and makeup brush are very easy to use and the price is very affordable.

There are Chinese signs everywhere, the staff's Chinese is also very good, there is no pressure on shopping. The body shop of pure plants has always been loved by young MMs around the age of 20. Its skin care products are relatively basic and the price is also intimate. I can look at its bathing series when I wait for the three old girls.

The jewelry here gathers the most popular brands, such as pandora, Chow Tai Fook, Swarovski and so on. Looked at the pandora counter, there are still many styles, it is worth picking.

There are many styles in the glasses area, and the discount is also very strong.

On the first floor, it mainly deals with luxury luggage, apparel, watches and jewelry. The popular LV, DIOR, PRADA, MCM, FENDI and other luggage brands all have counters here. Although they are luxury goods, many counters still have a very powerful discount. The local tyrants must not be able to stop!

The most popular duty-free shop on the second floor is the second floor, which brings together local skincare makeup perfumes from Europe, America and South Korea. Popular European and American skincare brands include Chanel, Kiehl's, Sisley, Clinique, La mer, Estee lauder, Clarins, Fresh, HR Wait, each brand has an independent counter, and there are corresponding preferential activities, the price is very advantageous compared to the outside.

Every time I see Shiseido ’s counter, I ca n’t help but lose two bottles of An Nai gold. It ’s hard to find it out of Asia, so once I see it, I wo n’t miss it. The price in Shilla is about RMB 170 a bottle, which is cheaper than the duty-free shops in Japan! I bought two bottles and also presented a sample set of water and milk essence.

In the past two years, the popular avant-garde makeup brand Urban decay (decayed city) also has a counter here.

Let's heavily recommend South Korea's top skin care brand-whoo (later). It is said that the South Korean president once gave it to Peng Mama as a souvenir, which shows that its status in Korean women's minds is extraordinary. There are five main series in the latter, namely Gongchenxiang, Weather Dan, Jinshangxiang, secret stickers, and being young. Different series are suitable for different ages, and you can find a series suitable for your skin type from 20 to 70 years old. Among them, the most affordable and popular is the Gongchenxiang series, which is more suitable for people between 20 and 40 years old. The most popular of this series is the water and milk skin care set, a set of 129 knives, which is cheaper than buying in the country. More than 400 RMB, the most important thing is that the duty-free shops will not buy fakes!

As long as I came to Seoul, my friends sent a full list of purchases, and more than half of them had to buy the post-series. The ease of use can be imagined. The principle of buying cosmetics here is that you can never buy a single item if you can buy a suit, because the suit is not only cheap, but also gives a sample!

When I was paying for the bill, I was surprised to find that it could be paid by WeChat and Alipay. It was tailor-made for Chinese tourists. !

In addition to whoo, Amore's top brand Snowflake is also one of the most popular skin care brands in South Korea. The price is more affordable than that of whoo, and is mainly suitable for women aged 20 to 40. The ingredients of Snow Show are mainly ginseng and Chinese medicine, which have little irritation to the skin and nourishing yin.

The most popular items of Snow Show are air cushion BB, sleep mask and tear-off mask. It is more cost-effective to buy two bottles than a single one! In addition, the three-piece water essence set and two-piece water essence set of the Ziying series are also very popular, especially the three-piece water essence set is much more cost-effective than buying it separately. The rice paper with rice can be considered into a bottle of ginseng cream, which is equivalent to more than 1,000 yuan. It is said that it can be used as a fairy!

In addition to skin care makeup on the second floor, there are some jewelry and watch counters, among which there are Tiffany that many people love.

There is a small sandwiched floor above the second floor, where you can mainly sell a variety of brand-name watches, although you can't afford it, it is still possible to watch a few eyes.

Walking to the terrace on the top floor, I found that it was originally a coffee bar. If you are tired of buying, you can come here and take a rest.

Although the floor is not high, the view is great, and the Seoul Tower in the distance is clearly visible. Although the floor is not high, the view is great, and the Seoul Tower in the distance is clearly visible.

When I bought the duty-free shop and closed it, I was willing to stop. I was completely paralyzed when I went out! Fortunately, this time there was Wang Xiansen as a coolie, otherwise I would not be able to carry so many things back.

Part of the loot, of course, I only have a little fur. When I ordered the goods, I found that I had bought something wrong, but I was obliged to help my friends buy it. But ... Do you have to eat the wrong things yourself? When I was frustrated, I thought that I had contacted Silla's after-sales staff by phone. The other party told me that as long as I brought the small ticket, unused goods, and the bank card used at the time, I could handle the return. In addition, I would like to remind everyone that the customs stipulates that each person can only bring 5,000 yuan of duty-free goods into the country. If there are many suits for purchasing, it is recommended that they can be peeled, especially the whoo suits. Just buy a few sets and it will exceed the standard. After peeling the skin, it will be less attractive to pack them in the corners of the box.

When shopping at Silla stores, only products from South Korea are taken on the spot, and products from other countries need to go to the airport to pick up the goods. Silla ’s airport pick-up point is located next to the boarding gate 121 of the new terminal. There are many people picking up the goods, and you need to queue up to get the number.

Friends who leave or transfer at Incheon Airport suggest that you can visit the Shilla Duty Free Shop here, because when shopping in downtown stores, each counter will usually give you a voucher for the airport store, leave something to buy at the airport store, and all the vouchers Spend is a qualified money-saving expert! In addition, Shilla ’s Incheon Airport store is very large, and the goods are complete. Friendly reminder again, the Shilla store at the airport is located in the old terminal, not at the same place as the pick-up point! If you take the shuttle train to the new terminal, there is no way to go back to the old terminal to shop. This train does not return! Do n’t ask me how I know this. It ’s a bloody lesson from my own experience. At that time, I was thinking about going to the pick-up point to queue up and pick up the goods. I took everything in the new terminal and did not see Silla. I asked the staff to know that Silla was in the old terminal. It is not possible now. Go back again!

Next is Amway Time. After personal trial by myself and my friends, I summarized the following cheap and easy-to-use Korean local products:

1. Chanzhen Ginkgo facial cleanser. The smell is very good, the skin is not tight after washing. The opening of the facial cleanser is designed to be small, so that it will not cause too many mistakes, and the super large one is very durable. You can also enjoy a 10% discount when you purchase in the Shilla online store, as long as it is less than 50RMB, it is super cost-effective!

2. Banieran makeup remover. Banieran is a low-cost make-up brand mainly based on makeup. Among them, the most popular star product is makeup remover. It smells good and has a mild texture. It is very comfortable after use, because the cream is convenient for travel. 15% discount on purchases at Shilla Online Duty Free Shop, less than 80RMB after discount.

3. Lidezi Moisturizing Mask. Although it is a star product in Korea, I have never used it. This time it happened that a friend asked to bring it, so by the way, I bought some for myself, and I came back to use it and found that the effect of hydration is very good. The Shilla Duty Free Shop sells a combination of 30 + 30 pieces, which is less than ten dollars.

4. Aloe vera gel in natural paradise. It is necessary to repair after sun exposure. A bottle of 300 ml is very durable and can be used by both men and women. You can also enjoy 15% off when you buy on Silla. Three packs cost only 56 yuan.

5. Guerisson horse oil cream. Made of 100% horse oil, it is a emollient oil suitable for the whole body. It can be used with ease for sensitive skin and babies. It is almost a bottle of rhythm in Korea. However, there are still many fakes on the market in South Korea, especially small shops, which are hard to tell. I suggest you must go to the counter or duty-free shop to buy. The price of the Shilla official website is attached for reference.

7. Magic forest peach hand cream. The smell is super invincible and the packaging is also very cute. It costs only 30 yuan per bottle. It is recommended to buy 5 sets directly, which is more cost-effective than single purchase!

8. Lu shampoo and hair care series. The most famous shampoo brand in Korea is prepared with traditional Chinese medicines such as ginseng and licorice. It is divided into red, black, green, purple, white, and yellow. Different colors are suitable for different hair types. It is recommended to ask the staff Buy later. Among them, Hei Lu is the best and most expensive, and the hair is particularly light and supple after washing. We purchased a four-piece set of black and white shampoo + conditioner in the Shilla store, and also gave a bottle of red red, which is very cost-effective!

It seemed that all the girls had a common problem after shopping for chicken blood. After I bought it, I realized that we hadn't eaten dinner yet! So he decided to go straight to Myeongdong and look for Jeonju Central Hall. This time, we learned to be smart. We directly searched out the Korean address and gave it to the taxi driver. Although we didn't stop at the door of the store in the end, it wasn't far away. I almost burst into tears when I saw the familiar billboard! Three years later, I am back!

Tips: The Jeonju Central Assembly Hall is located in an obscure alley in Myeongdong, and you will miss it if you are not careful. The easier way to find is to first find the sky park hotel, which is located in the alley on the left side of the hotel.

Ordered the signature bibimbap and ginseng chicken soup quickly, waiting happily for serving.

Jeonju stone bibimbap is finally on the table. Various ingredients are neatly placed in the hot stone pot, and a raw egg in the middle makes it super appetite. Quickly stir while it's hot, dig a spoonful of it and eat it in your mouth to feel a sense of happiness, um, this is the taste! For three years, nothing has changed! For it, Seoul is worth it again!

Samgyetang is especially suitable for warming up in winter. The milky white clear soup has a fragrant aroma, and the tender chicken is wrapped in fragrant glutinous rice and ginseng.

There is a ginseng hidden in the belly of the chicken.

After a satisfying dinner, wandering around Myeongdong and digesting it, walking, the black sky flickered with a little snow. Against the black background and street lights, it was faint and faintly fading, although Only a few minutes, but this is also my first meeting with Xue in Seoul

Myeongdong at night has turned into a street of snacks, and the fragrance along the way makes people completely unable to resist the temptation. Looking at all kinds of novel snacks, eating again is inevitable.

The props of each food stall are particularly vivid, which makes people have an appetite! These are the spoils of tourists from all sides, cleverly hung by the store as advertisements to solicit business

The loving squid silk stall owner also put a hat on his props.

Even if they are just pandas who always sell roasted sweet potatoes, they have to dress up cute.

The fish-shaped cakes often seen in Korean dramas are 2,000 won, and different tastes are optional. The taste is better after cold!

This product is Wang Xiansen's favorite. The specific name is unknown. In fact, the cheese and eggs are placed on the cake. The combination of these three is very delicious. You must eat it while it is hot!

When the cold weather saw the waffle ice cream, he didn't have much appetite.

Barbecue version "Kanto Boil".

The squeezed pomegranate juice that I used to drink every day in Turkey has also become popular here. Again, the taste depends on luck!

My favorite freshly baked shredded squid, I can buy a bag and eat it for two days!

Banana pie, it looks very sweet, or detour silently.

A popular noodle shop in a popular place. In fact, we couldn't fill the staple food at that time, but when we saw the owner's sincere smile, we still ate a portion of it, which was more delicate than the Chinese fried noodles. The sauce was very special, and it was worthy of popularity. The price is 5,000 won.

Freshly grilled eel, invincible and delicious! It's a pity that our stomach had no room for it at that time.

Finally, let ’s digest the fruit. Well, it ’s time to digest this time! Recommend everyone to try Korean persimmon, the taste is particularly crisp!

Is this fairy hat too small for me!

Warmers can be seen everywhere on the streets of Seoul in winter. For me with cold hands and feet, it is a savior!

The lighting of the window always brings a touch of warmth to the person outside the window, and suddenly remembers the little girl squatting in the corner and drawing the last match.

The night in Seoul is lively and noisy. You can quietly stroll on the street. The lights on the street will always make you look free. If you think about it, you don't think about it.

On the first night of Seoul, bling bling ended with the star lights.

[Nami Island] Located in Fangxiali, Nanshan, Chuncheon City, it was not originally an island, but due to the construction of Qingping Reservoir, the island was formed on the North Han River due to impoundment. There is a grassland covering more than 80,000 pings in the center of the island, and the island is surrounded by lush chestnut trees, birch trees, ginkgo trees, maple trees and pine trees. , Zoos, botanical gardens and even cruise ships, with the appearance of a comprehensive health resort. Nami Island has natural beauty and elegant rhythm all year round, and lovers and family tourists are woven. It used to be the shooting location of many TV series, especially after being the shooting location of the 2002 TV series "Winter Love Song", not only domestic tourists, but also many overseas tourists also come here to become famous tourist destinations.

In Seoul, there is a row of special seats for the elderly and young people in each subway car. Even if the car is crowded, young people will not go to sit and prefer to leave the seats empty. In our opinion, it is a waste of resources, but this is a cultural tradition in South Korea-seniority determines everything.

After passing through an interchange station called Wangyou, waiting for the Jingchun Line subway to Gapyeong Station, it takes about 20 minutes to wait for a train.

The subway station is also one of the main scenes of Korean dramas. There are always many romantic and moving stories.

Encountered a cute rabbit paper, later, it became a photo prop for tourists in the whole carriage.

You can see the bus stop as soon as you leave Gapyeong Station, but we wisely took a taxi to the side and spent only 4,000 won to reach Nami Island Ferry in ten minutes.

In winter, the pier of Nami Island has a layer of ice on the lake, and the cruise ship can only rely on breaking ice.

The broken ice surface has different visual effects

In just five minutes by boat, we went to the island.

I was inspired by this hilarious sculpture on the shore, and this catwalk standard has been set.

Although it is winter, there are not many tourists on Nami Island, most of them are tour groups, but generally speaking, tour groups leave the island at noon, and the afternoon is the best time here. Renting a bicycle around the island is the most popular pastime here.

Strolling in the woods by the river, the fallen leaves covered the ground, and all of them were crisp and rustling.

The mottled light and shadow all the way added a bit of warmth to the already slack winter.

There are many forests on Nami Island, maple leaf forest, metasequoia forest, ginkgo road and red pine road, etc., but in winter, they do not look much different, because there are only branches left. Presumably the most beautiful season here must be autumn!

The beauty of this trail cannot be found by tour groups. We have been posing here for a long time.

Find a bunch of fallen leaves and sparse yellow leaves resting on the trunk, rubbing this light, looking for the feeling of autumn

The sunshine at this time is beautiful and romantic, and it feels like you have entered the filming location of the Korean drama every minute.

There are heating stoves everywhere on the island, and there are snowman guards on the side. At the time, I just hated not bringing a sweet potato over and baking it.

After a blessing area, colorful papers are full of expectations for the future.

See on the paper, most of them are new blessings in 2016, presumably many people are here for the New Year

The ostriches are relaxing in the sun on the grass. They are not afraid of tourists, but they are very loved ones.

I wanted to tease them, but I was almost attacked ... Please let go! I really didn't have anything on my hands!

The small loft is quaint under the sunlight

Koreans seem to be born with romantic temperament. The loving administrator swept the fragments of leaves into hearts of love.

There is also a sightseeing train on the island, which costs 2000 won one way, but it does not go around the island, but only takes the middle half way. No plan to take the train, just walk along the tracks.

The little blue train passed by, probably because it was too cold and there were no tourists in the carriage. It was originally a means of transportation for sightseeing, but now it can only become a scenery under the lens of others.

Snowflakes that haven't melted remain on the rails, I don't know when they came down. The most exciting part of the depressed winter was undoubtedly a heavy snowfall, but unfortunately I did not encounter it here.

The railroad track is also an important romantic scene, and the railroad track with snow scene has a different taste.

There is a group of stone statues of ducks here. I do n’t know what it means, but the random arrangement is very interesting.

The metasequoia bridge where the protagonist first kissed in "Winter Love Song".

The frozen lake is full of withered lotus leaves. It will not be alive until the next summer.

The back view of this colorful tour group, in this cold background tone, can still grab the spotlight

The bleak white trunk glowed in the sunlight.

In the distance, you can see a piece of snow. This is the river surface on the east side of Nami Island. It has all been frozen! Many tourists are playing and taking pictures on it.

The trail by the lake is a story if someone passes by.

I have a camera, do you have a story?

Sitting on the shore and looking far away, the snow and ice have given the lake a different picture

The decision to go down on the ice would make up for the regret of not touching the snow.

The surface of the river is covered with a thin layer of snowflakes, and many tourists have left a "trip here".

Picking up the branches will inevitably be cliché, and I will also leave the "Tour Here" Mobao.

I was about to draw a circle and circle myself. Wang Xiansen immediately stopped my move because the lake below is too deep to crack.

In the afternoon, the temperature gradually increased, and the ice on the lake showed signs of melting. The staff began to call everyone to go ashore. No matter how beautiful the scenery was, it was not as important as safety first.

There are many restaurants on Nami Island. Because of a poster of "Winter Love Song", we entered this restaurant called Gumu, which is said to be the oldest Korean restaurant in the whole island.

The price on the island is higher, but fortunately, the taste did not disappoint us. I recommend everyone to eat his dumpling hot pot.

Although I really want to wait for a sunset on Nami Island, there is still a little France in the plan. Time is limited, and I can only leave the island quickly before the sun has set. Like Nami Island, Little Flange Village is also famous for its Korean drama. The popular "You from the Stars" in the previous two years was shot here. The village of Little France is a theme park that reproduces the face of southeastern France. It consists of 16 French-style buildings, some of which are shops, hotels, and restaurants, where you can experience the French culture of "clothing, food and housing".

Tickets for Little France 8,000 won, including puppet shows, of course, not every time you can see the show. There are more than ten kilometers of Panshan Road from Nami Island to Little France, and the taxi fare is nearly 100 yuan. If you can catch up with the Gapyeong tourist circulation bus, don't take a taxi. You can save money.

Entering the square of the small French village, it seems to be in a small town in France. The colorful hut and various flower houses, cafes and souvenir shops on the street seem to let you instantly move to the romantic capital of France on the earth. This is a good place to take small fresh photos of literature and art. Of course, this also means It is difficult for you to find a background with no one.

The layout of the building here is completely designed according to the French village where the protagonist of the French literary masterpiece "The Little Prince" lives, so that childish adults can also remember their childhood dreams. These candy-colored cabins make me feel like a heroine in a fairy tale, dreaming of my princess dream.

The wall is illuminated by sunlight and comes with a cute filter color

Walking into the store in the fairy tale, the souvenirs sold inside are very French.

Although I didn't get a performance here, there was light along the way, which was enough.

Walk everywhere, in this fairytale-like background, there are plots everywhere

Shooting through the window always has a special feeling. The characters in the window will be covered with a veil, seeming to carry unknown stories.

In the evening, the tourists gradually dissipated, and the melodious sound of the piano came from the square. I saw a dark glass uncle playing the accordion, and the whole little France was surrounded by romance.

In winter in Seoul, the daytime is always exceptionally short. At five o'clock in the evening, the lights of Little France begin to light up, and the short half-day wandering around the Korean drama studio also ends.

On the third day of coming to Seoul, there was finally a real snow.

My first snow in 2016.

Snowflake, like cotton wool, sticks to my hair without melting.

It is said that only southern talents will fly umbrellas on snowy days. That's right, they have exposed the region again.

Today's plan is to go to Bukchon Hanok to experience a hanbok. When I think of wearing a thin costume in minus ten degrees, I start to goosebumps, because this is a wish I couldn't realize last time I came to Seoul. God, I must go and experience it.

Get off at the subway station near Bukchon Hanok, and there are many shops worth visiting along the way. When you walk, you forget the time, and the snow is falling.

As we approached Hancun, various small artworks were presented to us through glass windows.

Dancing snowflakes, because of the high density, finally filled the entire camera screen as expected.

Looking for the door of the store, avoiding the snow, when I put away the umbrella, I found that snowflakes dotted the originally transparent umbrella

Can you see the difference between this snow and the snow in Hangzhou? It's really thin and soft.

Along the way, I saw a 100-year-old traditional ginseng chicken soup restaurant, the signboard was very eye-catching, and the menu at the door looked very attractive. So I decided to advance lunch, and the planned hanbok experience can only be stranded until the afternoon.

There are many varieties of ginseng chicken soup in this store. The stone pot is served for one person. It is mainly a big chicken leg. The price is about 15,000 won. If you feel that the chicken legs are not addictive, you can order a whole chicken to eat, enough 3 ~ 4 people to enjoy, the price is 55,000 won. In addition to traditional chicken soup, there are other chicken-related snacks, such as fried chicken, sweet and sour chicken nuggets, and chicken salad.

The kimchi jars are buried in the soil. They are freshly eaten when they are eaten. Compared with other homes, the taste is not much better!

Wang Xiansen and I were both people with good appetite, so we ordered the whole chicken directly. Seriously suspected that the chicken was killed. Waiting for more than half an hour before serving, the rich color of the ingredients makes the appetite wide open. At the first bite, Wang Xiansen said: "This chicken must have grown up with ginseng!" Although it is exaggerated, the fat but not greasy taste does make people stop. A bite of chicken, a spoonful of chicken broth, and some side dishes are simply delicious! The most important thing is still very healthy!

After the meal was full, the snow also stopped, but the sky showed no signs of clearing, and the most annoying cloudy day still caused us to run into it. When I came to Bukchon Hanok, I saw the buildings that I had framed three years ago. Bukchon Hanok is the most representative traditional residence in Seoul, and there are many historical sites, cultural heritage and folk materials everywhere. Wandering in the alleys of Beicun, you can see signs of "whispering" everywhere. Although the village is open to the public for free, most Hanok houses are still inhabited by locals. They brought a lot of trouble

At the time, Bukchon Hanok was a high-level residential area inhabited by royal officials or nobles. The houses inside were all blue-tiled houses from the Joseon era, and they are still preserved as the upper-layer structure.

For Chinese people, the architectural style of Hanok is not unfamiliar. There are similar buildings in ancient China. The difference is that the eaves of Hanok are double-layered.

Because I had walked through the entire Bukchon last time I came to Seoul, so this time I did not run away, but went straight to the theme-wear Hanbok. There are several hanbok experience stores in Bukchon, and the clothes, interiors and prices of each are not much different, so you don't have to look for one deliberately, just go in when you see one! And the first hanbok experience shop I saw was located in Han Shangzhu Embroidery Display Workshop, 7000 won / person, and you can wear it outside to take pictures without any time limit.

I thought that wearing a hanbok in the winter will definitely hang cold, and the result is not as terrible as I thought. Because the hanbok is very loose, many clothes can be stuffed inside. At that time, I only took off one coat and wore five clothes inside, and then put on the hanbok, without any pressure, plus the trousers on the legs and too Knee boots are not cold outside. Of course, keeping warm and slim is difficult to achieve.

Each hanbok experience center has some interiors for taking pictures, but the indoor framing is really like a studio in the 1990s, so just take a picture and just pass it.

Opening the door, a few snowflakes fluttered in the sky, taking me back to the distant past.

There are many scenes in the yard of the Hanbok Experience Hall that can reproduce Korean dramas, which are much more realistic than the interior scenes.

Wearing hanbok, he was bloated. It must be because in the "past", one cylinder of pickles ate me so swollen.

I picked up the props in the yard at random, I guess I touched it, this tool is so knocked.

After tossing in the courtyard, of course, I went to the streets to chatter. I met a sister paper along the road, probably thought I was Korean, so I communicated directly with me in Korean. I shook my head in confusion, and the sister paper switched to English. She wanted to ask me if I could take a picture When I came from China, she immediately switched the language to the fluent Chinese mode. Imagine that the two Chinese sisters encountered a paper accident and switched languages ​​twice before they were able to communicate normally. That picture is still very interesting to me.

Shutting through the alleys, I was praised by many local aunts along the way, and my heart was still pretty, although I was only a girl at best.

Borrow the background of the Hanbok team to make the plot more authentic. In fact, everyone is out of the box.

He wore a hanbok and walked around Beicun for half a circle.

After coming out of Beicun, it was still early and decided to drop by to Sanqingdong nearby. There are quaint traditional Hanok buildings, galleries and cafes, full of strong artistic atmosphere.

The clothing stores and jewelry stores here line up one after another. Most of the stores are directly operated by designers. If you are interested, you may wish to spend some time on Taobao.

On the road, a group of policemen riding a motorcycle, Oba, visually observed that they had just finished work from the nearby Blue House.

When it comes to the popular shooting locations of Korean dramas, I have to mention Lihuadong Mural Village. It is located in the area of ​​Lihuadong. It is a characteristic street built along the mountain. Various patterns have been painted by artists on the steps and walls, and also by locals. People become art villages. Although the Lihuadong Mural Village is open to the public for free, the location is very difficult to find. Even if you take a taxi, the driver does not know the exact location of this place. Fortunately, the location of google maps is fairly accurate. . If you take the subway, you can get off at Huihua Station on Line 4 and go straight after exiting Exit 2. There is a sign at the first intersection, follow the direction of Luoshan Park, turn left at the main entrance of the park, and walk along the road. You can see it in 15 minutes.

The painter at the foot of the mural village at the foot of the rainbow is the most beautiful piece I have seen all the way. The author must have unspoiled childlike innocence, and the dream picture that often appeared in childhood was realized.

Uphill along the steps, shuttled between the two "carp", looking for a picture of the loved one that passed through the drama "Wu Ta Fang Wang Shi Zi".

"Why are you here, I have been waiting for you for a long time."

"Where are you? I've been here."

"Even after 300 years, I still love you."

Halfway through, we decided to give up. First, the uphill road was too difficult, and second, the sky was getting darker, and the viewing effect was greatly reduced. I hope to have the opportunity to finish it when I come to Seoul for the third time.

There are many good cafes in Ewha-dong, each of which has a distinct personality and always makes people stop.

These two emoticons under my hands, you are too cute!

Considering that it's dinner time, we chose a cafe with staple food, the store is not large, and the environment is very warm.

After a quick day of shopping, the scenes seemed to be familiar, from TV to reality, and the protagonist became me.

The night slowly calmed down, the road stopped slowly, the light outside the glass window turned on, and I was still tasting this rich glass of milk at the moment. Winter is cold, but the snow in Seoul is warm.

In 2016, I was in Seoul and I met snow, maybe you can also meet.


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