Thailand Escape from Frozen Sunshine (Part 1)

In the first year of 2016, the overwhelming cold wave that swept across the Asian continent made Kunming, which was originally like spring and flowers undefeated, instantly enter the frozen mode. For Kunming people who can bathe in the sun, for more than a month, they gritted their teeth every day and endured the pain of the cold wind invading their muscles. , Escape from the cold and cold Kunming City, fly to the tropical seashore at 8 degrees north latitude, and enjoy the sunshine, beaches, and waves from the Andaman Sea to have a warm embrace and escape from the frozen sunshine ~

January 31: Kunming-Bangkok: AirAsia FD583: KMG 13: 20 ~ DMK 15:05

January 31: Bangkok-Phuket: AirAsia FD3009: DMK 16: 55 ~ HKT 18:10

February 1: Patong Beach, Phuket

February 2: One-day charter tour around Phuket island

February 3: Patong Beach, Phuket

February 4: Phuket-Lanta Island (Aonang Travel shipping company)

February 5: Day trip to Koh Roc on Koh Lanta

February 6: Day trip to the islands of Lanta Island (4 Islands)

February 7: Lanta Island-Krabi Ao Nang (Aonang Travel shipping company)

February 8: One-day trip to Hong Island from Krabi

February 9: Ao Nang Beach, Krabi

February 10: Day trip to the 4 Islands in Krabi

February 11: Ao Nang Beach, Krabi

February 12: Krabi-Bangkok: AirAsia FD3226: KBV 6: 35 ~ DMK 7:55

February 13: Bangkok Ducha Weekend Market

February 14: Bangkok

February 15: Bangkok

February 16: Bangkok

February 17: Bangkok

February 18: Bangkok-Kunming: AirAsia FD582: DMK 9: 00 ~ KMG 12:30

Note: The following room rates are listed online before unused cashback coupons, gift cards and discount coupons:

Phuket: Ramada Phuket Deevana Patong: Stay 4 nights; room rate: ¥ 526 / night (including two breakfasts)

Lanta Island: Srilanta Resort: stay for 3 nights; room rate: ¥ 611 / night (including two breakfasts)

Krabi: Krabi La Playa Resort (Krabi La Playa Resort): stay 5 nights; room rate: ¥ 492 / night (including two breakfast)

Bangkok: Asia Hotel Bangkok: 6 nights stay; room rate: ¥ 308 / night (including two breakfasts)

To be honest, there are too many and too many online strategies for Thailand (especially Phuket and Bangkok). As one of the most popular outbound destinations for Chinese people, just open an online travel website and just hit the keyboard 1. Search with a mouse click, and a lot of travel notes and strategies will pop up.

However, when I do n’t know when, Krabi, not far from Phuket, has gradually entered the sight of the Chinese people. With the white soft sand, warm and clear water, and the scattered scattered around it, it is embellished like pearls in Andaman. More than 30 outlying islands in the sea, Krabi, this palm tree sways in the wind and the waterfalls are endless. The tropical peninsula in southern Thailand is gradually attracting more and more Chinese tourists.

You can read the online information, but little is known about the practical information about Krabi and Lanta Island. If you can compile a "Siku Quanshu" on the mass tourism guideline of Phuket on the Internet, then it is about Krabi and Lanta The information of the island is just a sticky note.

Therefore, the most important pens and inks of my travel notes will be placed on the various tourist information introductions in Krabi and Lanta Island. I hope that in the most concise and concise way, I will tell you in detail how to go in Krabi and Lanta How to get there, where to stay, what to play, what to eat, what to buy, and what matters need your attention.

Without further ado, let's officially start the warm sunshine tour at 8 degrees north latitude.

Time: January 31, 2016

Location: Kunming, China, Bangkok, Thailand, Phuket


Unlike the previous two trips where the sun was bright and the sky was blue and clear, today Kunming ’s sky still continues the hazy, low-spirited style of the past few days, and from time to time is accompanied by a burst of bitter cold wind, wearing thick winter clothes, Take the luggage, arrived at Changshui Airport at 10:30 in the morning.

It happened to catch up with the rush hour when international flights intensively leave in the morning. Whether it is to change the boarding pass, or to exit the border inspection hall, or to the security channel, the crowd of people is winding and winding. It is really called "the Great Wall of China". ! Just queuing up for check-in, customs clearance, and security check took me a lot of time, so it did n’t take long for me to sit down at the boarding gate and start broadcasting for boarding!

At half past noon, our plane launched the apron on time, entered taxiing, and queued for takeoff.

After taking off all the way to the south, leaping over the mountains and deep mountains in the valley of southern Yunnan ······

AirAsia's aircraft meals ...

To be honest, in 2014, I flew from Angkor, Cambodia to Bangkok, Thailand. It was my first time to take AirAsia. At that time, I felt that its aircraft meal was quite good. Although it is different from traditional full-service airlines, it is free, but the taste is also good. can.

But flying a few more times, eating a few more times, I think it ’s really the same thing, and it ’s even hard to swallow: Uncle Qin ’s chicken rice is saltless and tasteless (nor can it be said to be tasteless, the sauce package has a smell of smell) ), And the Malay Nasi Lemak Chicken Rice is salty and spicy to death, it is really "spicy your mother" (Malay in Nasi Lemak is called: Nasi Lemak, the Chinese kindly translates it as "spicy your mother" ).

So the same sentence: no matter which company, no matter what the meal, the core is the same, it will not be delicious ~.

Our plane flew over Bangkok ~

Looking at Bangkok Don Muang International Airport from a distance, this airport is just like any other medium-sized airport. But when you walk in, you will find its uniqueness: there is an 18-hole golf course between its two runways.

After a 2-hour flight, the plane landed smoothly at Don Mueang International Airport at 2:30 pm local time in Thailand. AirAsia Bangkok flights to and from Kunming do not rely on the bridge at Don Muang Airport either for departure or arrival. Passengers must board a shuttle bus to board / disembark.

Just one step out of the cabin, the sun is like fire, and the heat waves are coming, which is in sharp contrast to the cold wind and rain in Kunming.

Don Mueang Airport has very clear Chinese signs and Chinese broadcasts. Even people who do not speak English at all, as long as they follow the signs of the airport, they can smoothly go to the customs immigration hall and handle immigration clearance matters.

Speaking of connecting flights, passengers who have recently transferred to domestic flights at Don Mueang Airport should pay attention. At present, there are 2 terminals in Don Muang Airport. Terminal 1 (T1) is used for international flights and Terminal 2 (T2) For domestic flights.

As of December 24, 2015, AirAsia (Thailand) has moved all check-in counters for Thai domestic flights (flight code FD) from Bangkok to Row 9 and Row 10 of Terminal 2 of Don Muang Airport .

On the other hand, all international flights departing from Bangkok by AirAsia will still be checked in at Terminal 1 of Don Muang Airport. Among them, flight code FD (Asian Airlines (Thailand) Company) / AK (Asian Airlines (Malaysia) Company) / QZ (Asian Airlines (Indonesia) Company) check-in at the 1st and 2nd rows of Terminal 1, flights Code XJ (Asia Airways (Thailand) Long-distance Company) check-in at the 4th row of Terminal 1.

It is said that this move is to ease the surge in passenger traffic at Don Muang Airport.

In fact, Don Muang Airport has been playing an important role as the Thai air gateway for a long time. According to Wikipedia data, in 2004, the airport had 80,000 aircraft taking off and landing, more than 30 million passengers and 700,000 tons of cargo in and out of the airport. In the world ’s busy list of airports, Don Mueang International Airport Ranked 14th in 2004, it was the second place in Asia International Airport (the first place in the year was Tokyo Narita International Airport in Japan).

However, since the opening of Suvarnabhumi Airport in the eastern suburbs of Bangkok in 2006, Don Muang Airport has ceased to provide services for scheduled commercial flights. In 2007, the airport was put into use again as a base for low-cost airlines. At present, Don Mueang Airport is still one of the largest international airports in Thailand.

As the number of passengers continues to grow, and Don Muang Airport is overloaded, congestion is becoming increasingly apparent. From October 2014 to September 2015 alone, the passenger throughput of Don Mueang Airport reached 28.589 million, far exceeding its maximum carrying capacity of 18.5 million (I say no wonder why Don Mueang Airport is getting crowded).

To this end, the Thai Airport Authority (AOT) decided to reopen Don Muang Airport Terminal 2 to serve domestic flights. It is said that the terminal can receive more than 11 million passengers annually. After Terminal 2 is fully operational, the annual passenger throughput capacity of Don Muang Airport is expected to increase from the current 18.5 million to 30 million . In the future, Don Muang Airport will also carry out the fourth phase of expansion, including the construction of Terminal 3, which will increase the capacity of passenger traffic to 39 million passengers per year. (I hope that Don Mueang Airport will not explode like it does now)

At present, Bangkok Don Mueang International Airport mainly serves Air Asia, Thai Smile, Nok Air, Thai Lion Air, Orient Thai, One Many domestic low-cost airlines such as One-Two-Go and Nok Scoot of Thailand.

In addition, foreign low-cost airlines such as Taiwan's V air, Singapore's Scoot air, and Taiwan's Tigerair also choose to operate here.

It is a Boeing 777-212 (ER) wide-body passenger jet from Nok Scoot of Thailand

NokScoot is a low-cost airline in Thailand. It is jointly established by Thai Nok Air and Scoot air. It uses Bangkok ’s Don Mueang International Airport as the hub airport and uses Boeing 777. — 200ER wide-body passenger aircraft, operating medium and long-haul routes from Bangkok, Thailand (DMK) to Nanjing (NKG), Qingdao (TAO), Tianjin (TSN), Shenyang (SHE), and Chongqing (CKG).

Scoot air's Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner

A320 passenger aircraft of Taiwan V Air

Weihang currently has four aircrafts (two Airbus A321-231 carrying 194 passengers; two Airbus A320-231 carrying 180 passengers) and operates nine routes in total. However, the operation has accumulated a total loss of nearly 900 million Taiwan dollars, nearly half of the company's capital, and its parent company, Renaissance Airlines, has suffered two air crashes in recent years, and it is difficult to guarantee itself. Even if it uses the power of the flood, Weihang still has to close its share at the end of September this year .

Thai AirAsia X A330 large aircraft

At present, AirAsia (Thailand) Long-distance Company mainly operates international long-distance services from Bangkok Don Muang Airport (DMK) to Shanghai, China (Pudong PVG), Osaka, Japan (Kansai KIX), Tokyo, Japan (Narita NRT), and Seoul, South Korea (Incheon ICN) All routes are operated by Airbus A330 wide-body aircraft.

On the opposite side of Donman Airport ’s civil aviation building should be the Thai Air Force Base. If you are lucky, you can see the Royal Thai Air Force ’s F16 fighter jet roaring on the runway in the terminal or sitting on the plane!

On the opposite side of Donman Airport ’s civil aviation building should be the Thai Air Force Base. If you are lucky, you can see the Royal Thai Air Force ’s F16 fighter jet roaring on the runway in the terminal or sitting on the plane!

After completing the immigration formalities, you can take the escalator down to the baggage claim hall and wait for the checked baggage to come out.

If you want to dine at Don Muang Airport, many people on the Internet recommend its Magic Food. This is actually the airport ’s employee restaurant, but it also operates externally. It is similar in nature to our Chinese food city. You need to pre-order a meal ticket and then buy a meal ticket The food you like can be refunded on the same day.

Come to Magic Food for dinner, in addition to the captain stewardess, the most important reason is that the food here is cheap and the taste is also very good. However, due to time constraints, I only reserved a 2-hour transfer to Phuket. I was afraid of delaying the follow-up flight. I did not go to Magic Food at Don Muang Airport for dinner today. Instead, I changed the boarding pass and passed the security check. In the domestic departure restricted area of ​​Don Muang Airport, I bought the Coffee Club.

I have seen many people online commenting that compared to Magic Food at Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok, Magic Food at Don Mueang Airport is a bit remote and not easy to find. In fact, because you did not find the right place. Magic Food at Don Mueang Airport is not in the check-in building, but is "hidden" under the airport office building.

In order to facilitate everyone to find Magic Food at Don Mueang Airport smoothly, I specially found a detailed walking route map of Magic Food at Don Mueang Airport, which is now quoted and provided to everyone "according to the picture".

Please note that this is the departure hall of T1 International Terminal at Don Mueang Airport. Don't go wrong!

Everyone should note that Magic Food at Don Mueang Airport is not a 24-hour camp at Wannap Airport. According to information published online, Magic Food at Don Mueang Airport is open from 5am to 10pm, but this I am very skeptical about the accuracy of the information, because I flew back to Bangkok from Krabi on February 12th. I wanted to have breakfast here after landing, but it was more than 8 am and it has not yet opened for business.

In addition, in response to the question of whether there is a free phone card collection at Don Mueang Airport, I would like to tell you that the free phone card collection is also provided at Don Mueang Airport. You can use your passport for free at the Touris Information counter at the Don Muang Airport Pick-up Lobby Request a SIM card (the number of free mobile phone cards is not large). Of course, the phone bill in the mobile phone card is 15 baht. If you need to recharge it, go to any 7-11 in Thailand to buy the recharge card and let the store clerk recharge it for you. Generally, Thailand's slightly larger towns have 7-11. If it is in Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Krabi, Samui, Pattaya, it is easy to see everywhere on the street.

It does n’t matter if you get a free mobile phone card distribution, you can buy a mobile phone card with your passport on 7-11 all over Thailand (recommended to buy TrueMove for unlimited Internet access for 7 days), and it is not expensive (and domestic mobile, Compared with China Unicom and Telecom, Thailand's telecommunications operators are simply conscientious merchants).

As for those passengers who have arrived in Don Muang Airport, they will continue to transfer to domestic flights at Don Muang Airport. After you have passed the border inspection, you have taken your luggage, and then you have passed the luggage inspection of Thai Customs (they mainly check your Whether the carry-on baggage contains contraband or excessive cigarettes and alcohol), it is the pick-up hall at the International Arrival Hall of Don Mueang Airport.

At this time, you only need to face the gate of the pick-up hall, turn right, and then go straight ahead, go to the end, and you will see that on your right hand side, there are a few escalators, take here Go up the escalator to the International Departure Hall on the third floor (International Departure Hall, which is the place shown in the picture).

Here you will find that behind the railing on your right hand side are the check-in counters of various airlines and a long check-in team.

However, please note that this is the check-in counter for international departures in Terminal 1, domestic departures are in Terminal 2, so do not enter the check-in area, but follow the road shown in the figure Keep going, go to the end ...


Be sure to keep the check-in area outside the railing on your right hand side forever! Then go all the way straight forward ... (this is very important!).

As long as you walk along the road for about five or six minutes (you will also pass by the gate of the restricted area on the left hand side of the way), you will come to Terminal 2 for domestic flights.

Compared with the hustle, bustle and congestion of Terminal 1, the first impression of Terminal 2 at Don Muang Airport is obviously brighter and brighter.

Rows 9 to 10 in the check-in lobby of Terminal 2 are for Air Asia check-in;

Row 11 in the check-in hall of Terminal 2: For Orient Thai and Thai Lion Air check-in;

Row 12 in the check-in hall of Terminal 2 is for Thai Lion Air and Thai Smile check-in;

Rows 14 to 15 in the check-in hall of Terminal 2 are for Nok Air check-in.

There is no 13th row at the check-in counter in Terminal 2 of Don Muang Airport due to the international taboo on number 13.

Domestic departure security area at Terminal 2 of Don Mueang Airport.

Perhaps it is precisely because of the soaring passenger traffic at Don Mueang Airport, which is also taking the flight of AirAsia FD3009, which is very different from 2014. This time, not only does the aircraft stop at the bridge, but it has to drag luggage to the nasty ferry Outside the bus, the entire waiting hall was also "Wu Wu Wu Tuo" crowded with people waiting to board the plane. Look at this posture, and it's not much different from the train station of our Spring Festival in China.

After sitting in this noisy waiting hall for about half an hour, flight FD3009 has finally started boarding!

It is now 17:20 PM local time, and our flight took off 20 minutes later than originally scheduled. This is also the first time I have encountered a flight delay since I took AirAsia so many times.

····· 起飞

Looking down from above, under the wings, the Chao Phraya River (the Thai people are more accustomed to call it "Zhaopiye River") is like a dark green jade belt, winding through the bustling Bangkok city

The flight distance from Bangkok to Phuket is not long, and the flight time is about one and a half hours.

After more than an hour of flight, the portholes gradually revealed the islands scattered in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Phuket.

Although he took off 20 minutes late, the domineering captain landed on Phuket at 18:10 on time

To be honest, low-cost airlines such as AirAsia pay attention to the "high efficiency" of aircraft turnover, so most of their pilots are also domineering enough, almost the rhythm of using civil aviation aircraft as a fighter.

As long as it is not in bad weather or air traffic control (after all, there is rarely flow control in foreign countries, flow control seems to be a feature of Chinese airspace), usually they can let you arrive on time even if they take off late. , Super love!

Phuket Airport is the third busiest airport in Thailand except Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport and Don Mueang Airport. As the southern gate of Thailand to the world, Phuket Airport has a total of 43,130 flights every year, receiving 6.84 million international passengers People, if counted as domestic tourists in Thailand, the annual number of passengers received by Phuket Airport is as high as 12 million, far exceeding its original planning and design capacity of 6.5 million passengers per year.

To this end, Thailand has spent 8 billion baht to carry out the second phase of development planning and construction of Phuket Airport. At present, the expansion project of Phuket Airport has been completed by 80%. The new terminal and supporting facilities will be completed by mid-2017 and will be officially put into operation at the end of 2017.

In view of the fact that the total length of the runway of Phuket Airport is only 3000 meters, it cannot meet the frequent take-off and landing requirements of large passenger aircraft, and Phuket has been unable to provide more space for the expansion or extension of the runway. Mi Airport has signed a strategic cooperation agreement. After the reconstruction and expansion of Krabi Airport in the future, it will undertake some of the reception tasks for large passenger planes flying to Phuket.

The existing terminal building of Phuket Airport is actually not large, and the scale should be similar to that of Wujiaba Airport in Kunming in the past. This picture details the layout of the arrival floor of Phuket Airport.

The layout of the departure floor of Phuket Airport.

From the airport to the hotel, I booked the pick-up service online in advance. The special car for 1 to 3 people (Toyota sedan) was 109 yuan. This is the second time I booked a pick-up in Phuket. After two experiences, the overall feeling is still very good. of.

First of all, the grounding location and personnel are easy to find. From Phuket International Airport to the exit (note: it must be international arrival, not domestic). After leaving the terminal and turning left, first find the TMB bank, directly opposite the bank is the pick-up point . Because the car cannot be parked in front of the terminal for a long time, after the order is verified, you need to wait for about ten to twenty minutes before the car will drive.

The only shortcoming of the pick-up service is that I do n’t know if I forgot to pass my information to the Thailand local pick-up service, or if the Thai ground pick-up work was negligently missed. There is no my name on the pick-up list. I showed the confirmation message and printed After the booking form, the pick-up staff called N calls back to the company for coordination, and finally waited for more than 20 minutes at the airport. Fortunately, all of them were successfully resolved!

It takes about 2 hours to drive from the airport to Patong Beach, and it's almost 9pm when we arrive at the hotel.

Fortunately for a day, I finally settled down at this moment. Looking back at today's itinerary, I feel that after a whole day, I am either waiting for the plane or taking the plane?

Time: February 1, 2016

Location: Phuket, Thailand


This time I came to Phuket, the hotel I booked was Ramada Phuket Deevana Patong (Ramada Phuket Deevana Patong).

The hotel was newly opened in 2015, so all facilities are very new, and the environment and service are also very good and very thoughtful. Although the hotel is located near the northern part of Patong Beach (a street with seafood stalls), because the hotel is located in a small alley beside the main road, the environment inside is actually very quiet, not noisy at all, and very quiet. Stayed for 4 nights and was very satisfied with this hotel overall.

First of all, in the decoration, the entire hotel is decorated with elephants as the theme elements. The lobby is simple and modern, especially the row of colored elephant sculptures at the entrance of the hotel, which is very attractive ...

The swimming pool on the third floor of a building is also very good.

My room is located in Building 2, and the room is quite spacious, mainly in orange tone, bright and simple, the bed is very soft, and it is very comfortable to sleep.

Although the open space opposite the balcony is under construction, it will basically not affect the rest.

In fact, Thai construction is still very civilized (especially for those domestic contractors who work overtime for overtime work). At night, Thais will definitely not do any construction (because they ca n’t work overtime for you), even During construction during the day, they will not make too much noise or raise the dust covering the sky!

The service at Ramada Tiwana Hotel Patong is also very good, whether it is the reception desk, restaurant, rooms and porter are very friendly and friendly, when I checked in last night, I found that the room safe was not available, I called the reception desk and immediately dispatched It ’s up to the person to solve it. After getting it done, the guest will be asked to sign and confirm. All procedures are formal!

In addition, at the time of booking, I saw on the online reviews that it would require a deposit of 600 baht per night to check in. However, when I checked in, the little girl at the front desk looked at my passport. Seeing that I have 3 Thai visas in my passport Repeat customers come to Thailand often, so she didn't collect my deposit again.

The breakfast variety in the hotel is quite rich. In addition to the food that is usually found in Southeast Asian hotels, it also specializes in barbecued pork buns, shrimp dumplings, siu Mai, lattice pie and chicken porridge suitable for the Chinese taste. But the taste, I can only say "hehe", basically enough to eat, don't be too demanding and delicious!

As for the location, it ’s not bad. The hotel turns right and walks down the alley for about two or three minutes to the main road. There is a seafood stall here. At night, the employees of each store will come out and sell in Chinese. There are also 7-11, the family marke and other convenience stores on the main road, so it is very convenient to eat and buy things.

Especially the aunt who sells eggs, bananas and pancakes (Kunming called "Shuishou Baba" or "Indian Flying Cake"), you will know that everyone has a very good impression of her. Whether you buy her pancakes or not, she only needs to see you Passing by the stall will greet you enthusiastically.

As for some reviews, there is a Hainanese chicken rice diagonally across from the hotel. I really can't find it. If you have a friend who knows where, you can leave a message and let me know!

At first, I was worried about whether the hotel would be too far away from Jiangxi Ling, making shopping inconvenient, but actually stayed and found that walking from the hotel to Jiangxi Ling is more than 10 minutes away, as long as it is not old, weak, sick and pregnant. Normal adults walk this distance, it is not a problem at all (just under the scorching sun of Southeast Asia, walking on the road without any shade, more or less grumpy), and the hotel is five from Patong Beach It is convenient to the six-minute walking distance.

If there is something unsatisfactory, the speed at which the house cleans the room is too slow. For two days at 4:30, it's almost 5 o'clock, and they haven't come to clean it yet.

The other is that the welcome snack (three-color jelly) in the refrigerator at the time of check-in is really unpleasant, and it can be compared with Macau ’s big cakes

The welcome drink at the Ramada Tiwana Hotel in Patong, Phuket is a voucher to pick up at the bar. The welcome drink at first glance looks like red wine. In fact, it is a fruit juice squeezed out of a tropical fruit, which tastes sweet and sour. Yes, it's delicious.

After talking about the hotel, let's talk about today's itinerary. Because this is my second visit to Phuket, attractions like Phang Nga Bay, Phi Phi Island, and Similan Islands have already been visited when I visited Phuket in 2014, so this time I come to Phuket mainly for vacation Mood, stay slowly for a few days, go to Jiangxi Ling this morning, then go to Patong Beach in the afternoon.

Jiangxi Ling (jungceylon shopping center) is one of the two famous shopping malls in Phuket (the other is the Central Festival in Phuket Town) and the largest shopping mall in Patong Beach. There is a big sailboat as the symbol of the shopping mall .

Jiangxi Ling is located across the street from Bar Bar Beach in Patong, and Banzan Seafood Market is also diagonally opposite Jiangxi Ling.

As a large-scale comprehensive department store, Jiangxi Ling has gathered more than 200 shopping stores, in addition to some specialty stores such as LEVIS, LEE and other brand clothing (buying LEVIS in Thailand is indeed cheap, if you happen to meet them again The discount season is almost the domestic half-fold), there are also Robinson (โรบินสัน) department stores, all kinds of restaurants, Big C (บิ๊ ก ซี) supermarkets, electrical specialty stores, and Jiangxi Ling underground store sells handicrafts with Thai characteristics. There is also a food court.

Basically, every visitor to Phuket, especially those who live in Patong Beach, will come here for a visit.

Come early, Jiangxi ordered the door to open at 11 am, and the BIG C supermarket next door will open at 10 am.

This map shows the location of Jiangxi Ling and the nearby Banzan Seafood Market, Pub Street, and Patong Beach in detail.

Jiangxi makes an iconic sailing ship.

This DQ in Jiangxi Lingli is very famous. Many travel guides have recommended it. For no other reason, it is cheap. Of course, this is relative to the selling price of DQ in China. After all, it is located in the most prosperous commercial and tourist area of ​​Phuket, so compared to the price of DQ in other parts of Thailand, its home is not cheap. For example, the big cup of cappuccino I bought, sold here for 70 Baht, while Bangkok Central World only buys 59 baht.

Rich fresh fruits in Big C supermarket.

When it comes to Big C supermarkets, everyone should note that Puda Xiben, Thailand is now further relaxing the tax refund policy for foreign tourists, all foods (except fresh food), souvenirs, daily necessities, textiles, etc. purchased in regular supermarkets can participate Tax refund. Take Big C supermarket as an example, shopping here, except for fresh food, the rest of the goods (including food) can be applied for a PP10 tax refund form at the Customer Center with the passport and shopping ticket as long as the single shopping ticket is over 2000 baht. And the more you buy, the higher the tax refund. (Remember, it must be the day!)

Friends who purchase food tax refunds should also note that when stamping at the airport tax refund office, the customs may ask you to show them the same or a few of the purchased foods to determine whether you really brought these foods out of the country, rather than already Eat it all. Therefore, you must pay attention to the luggage when packing it, so that you can pick it up when you go to the airport for tax refund. (At the end of the article, the tax refund strategy in Thailand is introduced)

In the evening, the crowd of Patong Beach is full of people, and the people are very lively. Those who go to the island during the day to jump on the island or in the hotel shrunk by the scorching sun, then a swarm of bees ran out ...

······ 拖曳 伞 ······

Kids having fun at the beach ...

Needless to say, Padang is definitely a place that gets more and more lively at night.

During the Chinese New Year, the famous bar street of Patong Beach is also hung with a string of red lanterns, but this red wine bar street + Chinese red lanterns, is it the name of the legendary "red light district" of?

One end of the bar street is Patong Beach on the Indian Ocean coast, and the other end is Jiangxi Ling!

Every night at 7 o'clock and 9 o'clock, a splendid water screen movie will be staged in front of the sailing ship in Jiangxi. The movie uses a Western-style ancient sailing ship that departed from China, traveled through Sulu, Java, Manga, and finally encountered a storm and sank the seabed in the waters near Phuket. It introduced the history of Phuket and answered this to the tourists. The reason why the shopping mall is named Jungceylon.

The term "Jungceylon" is actually derived from Phuket's other more well-known old name in the field of Western culture. It is said that in the 3rd century AD, the famous scholar Ptolemy of the Alexandra Library had written in his work. Mention: If you want to go to the Malay Peninsula from the area of ​​Indochina Peninsula (what he called Souwannapum at the time), you will pass a post called "Jang Si Lang", which is today's Phuket. Therefore, in the history of Westerners, Yoshishima was once called "jungceylon", which is the transliteration of "Jang Si Lang". This is just like the Westerners used to call China (Cathay) anciently.

Chinese tourists crowded into Phuket during the Spring Festival holiday, Jiangxi Ling also hung colorful holiday lanterns, together with festive Chinese music, lit up a strong "Chinese Festival" atmosphere!

To be honest, the most obvious change in coming to Phuket this time compared to two years ago is that the restaurants and shops at Patong Man Street are written in Dou Da ’s simplified Chinese with "WeChat Pay 15% off" and "Alipay Ba" "50% off", "UnionPay QuickPay 10% off", and even Thai people who sell hand-bumped dumplings (called "eggs and banana pancakes") in street carts can speak fluent Chinese.

Of course, when it comes to UnionPay QuickPay, I would like to remind everyone here: Thai merchants only accept bank cards (whether savings cards or credit cards) with a single UnionPay logo. That is to say, your bank card can only have a UnionPay logo. If you hold a dual currency card with UnionPay plus VISA or UnionPay plus MasterCard, you can't use UnionPay by swiping the card, you must use VISA or Mastercard! As for why, they will tell you: "Sir, we prefer VISA" or "Sir, we prefer Master"

Time: February 2, 2016

Location: Phuket, Thailand


Today's main itinerary is a chartered tour around Phuket. When booking, I will depart at 9:30 in the morning, but the result is less than 9:20. The front desk will call the room to inform the driver that he has been waiting in the lobby. Stepping out of the hotel, we found the originally scheduled three-seater Toyota Camry sedan, and finally sent an 8-seater Toyota business car to us, two adults plus a driver, very spacious and comfortable.

First stop: Baan Teelanka / up side down house (also known as "upside down house")

In general, the inverted house in Phuket is a very general attraction: maybe I had too high expectations for the place before I went there, so the psychological gap will be great when I go to the field!

It can be said that here is basically for concave modeling and taking photos. If you just simply look around in the house, you will feel a little disappointed and not perfect.

Traffic Index: 0 stars

The inverted house is located on the outskirts of Phuket Town, close to Phuket Outlet Mall. It takes about 30 minutes by car from Patong Beach. According to visual observation, there seems to be no bus station nearby. For those free travelers who do not have chartered cars or self-driving, round-trip transportation is not convenient.

Ticket Index: 4 stars

Because it grabbed a special price of 19 yuan in the "Double 12" special event of, it is quite cost-effective. But if you book at a normal price, it will inevitably be a little unworthy.

Fun Index :: 3 stars

In fact, when I walked into the inverted house, I really didn't think there was anything strange or shocking in it.

The house is not big. It has a total of three floors up and down, and the area is more than 300 square meters. The layout of the room is not much different from the layout of the general family. The living room, kitchen, master bedroom, second bedroom, children's room, study room, toilet, bathroom, storage room and various furniture are all available, but upside down, all original The furniture placed on the ground was hung from the ceiling, and the lighting that was supposed to be hung from the ceiling was placed on the floor, artificially creating a gimmick that turned upside down.

At first I saw online comments that this arrangement would make people feel that time and space were reversed, and they could not distinguish between front, back, left, right, southeast and northwest, but in fact, when you actually enter the house, your body doesn't feel the so-called whirlwind. If it ’s not a photo control, a 30-minute walk through the room is enough.

As for the maze garden next to the inverted house, I didn't go in. However, looking down on the third floor of the inverted house, the maze garden is not the magnificent style that Chinese people like. In addition to the shrub forest more than one meter high, there is not much flower vegetation.

Service Index: 5 stars

Today, there are not many tourists. At first, I was in the whole house, and only 4 tourists (all Chinese) were in it. Until the end of the tour, I came to a few European tourists sporadically. Listen to the staff here, because the inverted house is a newly developed attraction, and the location is relatively remote, so it will not be crowded and crowded like some popular attractions in Phuket, especially in the morning, there are fewer tourists here, so if Friends who really plan to come here for concave modeling and taking photos, it is recommended to come as early as possible. There are few people and it is good to take pictures.

Speaking of the staff here, on the whole, their service is still very welcoming and very attentive. Not only will they guide you in what poses to take the coolest and coolest photos, but also take the initiative to help you take pictures.

Comprehensive evaluation: Pit father index: 3 stars!

In general, this is a gimmick greater than the content. If you have been to Phuket for many times, it happens that this time you have spare time and money, and you are a person who likes concave shapes and takes photos. Come visit and take a look, but if you are visiting Phuket for the first time, I suggest you leave your time to those more classic attractions! After all, it is different from the offshore islands such as Phang Nga Bay, Phi Phi Island, Similan, Emperor Island, etc., which is enough to attract people to travel many times.

These are the photos of the inverted house. These are the photos of the inverted garden on the top floor (3rd floor) of the inverted house.

All kinds of pliers, wrenches, axes, screwdrivers, screwdrivers flew to the ceiling ...

Washing machines, drying racks, and laundry baskets are also lined up on the ceiling ...

Together with the ceiling, there is a small dining table in the garden, a fishing rod ...

The most conspicuous here is the tuk-tuk flying on the ceiling ...

Upside down kitchen on the second floor of the house at 180 degrees upside down ...

Overturned bedroom ...

The living room is also flying on the ceiling ...

The reverse is also the study ...

From the aisle, the second floor of the inverted house is about 150 square meters.

目的地 倒 房子 后 , 直奔 一个 目的地 : 目的地 镇 (Phuket Town / Mueang Phuket District)。

Here I want to give you a general knowledge. "Phuket Town" has two concepts in broad sense and narrow sense. In the broad sense, "Phuket Town" refers to the location of the capital of Phuket (Thailand is similar to our province). A large area. In the narrow sense, Phuket Town refers only to a small area of ​​Phang Nga Road / ถนน พังงา.

At present, most of the tourist guides and travel guides mentioned "Phuket Town" belong to the latter, which is the streets near Phang Nga Road / ถนน พังงา (Phang Nga Road / ถนน พังงา).

The tourists in the town are obviously not as many as those in the sea. When you arrive in Phuket Town, the first impression is the rich Nanyang wind. The low riding buildings on both sides of the street feel that it is more like Malacca or Penang in Malaysia.

Phuket Town is located in the southeastern part of Phuket. Early Chinese immigrants entered Phuket around the time of Rama III (1824 ~ 1851). At that time, tin mines were developed here and a large number of Chinese workers were introduced.

At present, most of the old buildings left in the old street were the residences of Chinese workers at that time. The characteristic of these Chinese architectures is that the god card of the father-in-law of the land is hung outside the door. The plaque on the door is engraved with the name of the surname. The ancestral sign is visible when entering the lobby. After the screen, there is the atrium, then the master room and guest room. Traditional style.

Hainan Guild Hall on the old street of Phuket Town ...

Speaking of the "guild hall", the first thing that brought me to mind was the "Three Street Guild Hall" near Macau's Grand Third Bus. I do n’t know why, in my impression, whenever the word “guild hall” is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is the local Chinatown or the place where the gangs of the Chinese community are fighting. There are still a few of them like the movie "Ye Wen". Or the kind of master in "Huang Feihong"

There are many old buildings in Phuket Town that blend Chinese, Portuguese, and Dutch characteristics. These old buildings are intact and retain the colonial style of the past when the trade was developed. Walking here, time seems to stagnate, and I feel like I am in an old movie from the beginning of the last century!

Speaking of the history of Phuket, from the 7th century to the 13th century, Phuket and its neighboring areas were controlled by Srivijaya, a Malay kingdom based in Sumatra. At the end of the 13th century, Pu For the first time, Ji Island was included in the territory of Thailand. In the 17th century, the first tin mine pit was successfully excavated on the island, and the future economic and political status of the island was determined.

In 1626, the Dutch were allowed to set up a trading station in Phuket. From 1656 to 1688, the French began to notice the potential of Phuket tin mines in the global trade market. With the French ambassador to Siam, in 1681, the French Siamese King Narai appointed French missionary Father Rene Charbonneau to govern Phuket and set up the administrative center in Thalang.

In 1767, the king of Burma defeated Thailand's Ayutthaya dynasty (also translated as the Ayutthaya dynasty), allowing the Malays to take advantage of chaos to occupy Phuket. Subsequently, Myanmar also organized a huge expeditionary fleet to attack Phuket in 1785. At that time, a woman named "Zhuang" and her sister "Mu" led the people of Thalang together and successfully repulsed the Burmese army.

From 1890 to 1909, under the administration of Lord Lasda, Phuket Province built a large number of European-style buildings and new wide roads, forming today's Phuket Town (Phuket Town / อํา เภ อ เมือง ภูเก็ต) Prototype. It was also under the charter of Grandpa Lord that Standard Chartered Bank established the first Thai stronghold in Phuket. At that time, the first modern hospital in southern Thailand was also completed in Phuket.

In 1933, as Thailand ’s national system changed from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy, Phuket, like other Thai provinces, was changed to a government appointed by the Ministry of the Interior.

On the old street of Phuket Town (Phang Nga Road / ถนน พังงา), there is a Thai-Hua Museum, with two red and purple Chang'e (should be ...) cartoon statues standing on the left and right of the museum entrance. Because I am not very interested in these small museums (my temper is that only museums like the British Museum, the Louvre, the Metropolitan Museum, and the Forbidden City will go in), so I did n’t go in. But if there are interested friends, it is not unusual to take some time to go in for a stroll.

Today, on the way from Phuket Airport to Patong Beach, you can also see the monument to the sister heroes of the two sisters Zhuang Mu.

It ’s lunch time to leave Phuket Town. Today ’s lunch is at the Natural Restaurant in Phuket Town. The reason why I chose this store is nothing more than to see the netizens' high evaluation of his home, saying that the restaurant environment is just like its name, surrounded by green plants, full of natural atmosphere. On the ground, the restaurant is indeed covered with a variety of flowers and trees inside and out, and it feels a bit like eating in nature.

It takes about six or seven minutes to drive from the old street in Phuket Town to the restaurant. The decoration of the shop is all wood, and there are many small accessories with Thai style. Walking up the wooden ladder built by the store, the semi-open air seats are like dining in the forest. The most interesting thing is that all the tables in the store are converted from old sewing machines, which is very personal.

The restaurant's dishes are Thai, and the taste is barely strong, but the price is not cheap, it's a little expensive, and after eating at noon today, I found that all the people who consume here are Chinese. This is nothing, at least they are still clear-priced, child-friendly.

But the most, most, and most unbearable thing about this restaurant is that there are too many ants (accurately speaking, there are not too many ants in it, it is very, very many).

Too much greenery arrangement is good or bad. While beautifying the dining atmosphere, it is also very easy to provoke ants. To be honest, the ants here are not ordinary. After a lunch, my feet have already been bitten by ants. The elephant leg is gone.

In the nature restaurant, it was painful and irritated by the ant sting technetium, quickly ran out of lunch, and got on the train to the first stop this afternoon: Chalong Temple and Phuket Big Buddha.

Chalong Temple (Wat Chalong / ฉลอง) Many devout believers will come to visit

As soon as our car drove into the small alley at the entrance of Chalong Temple, we instantly found that the streets were filled with numerous hawker stalls selling local snacks and various crafts. Because Chalong Temple does not accept tickets, so There are many tour groups here, and foreign tourists have naturally become the first choice for hawkers to promote their products.

It is worth mentioning here is a fruit stand. Like our Yunnan Banna, Dehong and other places, Thai people also like to eat a slightly sour green mango with chili salt. The taste is really good. The sugar cane water sold here is also quite good. Delicious, cool and sweet, refreshing.

Chalong Temple is named after Chalong Bay in the south of Phuket. It is the largest, most magnificent and magnificent temple among the 29 hermitages in Phuket. It is also the most prosperous temple.

However, the location of Chalong Temple is not easy to find. It is about 8 kilometers away from Phuket Town, about 20 minutes by car, away from the beach tourist area where tourists gather.

According to the information published online, if you are driving, turn from Highway 402 on the north-south main road of Phuket to 4021 west side road, and head towards the fairy peninsula for about 7 kilometers. Turn left on the main road into the small road, you can directly see the entrance of the temple.

Of course, at present, most of the free tourists will still choose to charter a car, or participate in various half-day / day trips organized by local travel agencies.

The architecture of Chalong Temple is magnificent and magnificent, with cornices and splendid gold arches. The temple architecture perfectly blends the architectural styles of southern, central and northeastern Thailand.

The main hall of Chalong Temple is the closest to the entrance, and the exterior decoration is also the most dazzling. The main hall enshrines three statues of golden monks who are respected by the locals.

The gold statue is actually cast in copper, but the local believers will offer the godly support to the Buddha in the form of gold foil. Over time, the Buddha's appearance is wrapped in gold foil and has become the "gold statue" in people's mouth.

Among them, Master Luan Pucheng was the abbot of Chalong Temple at the beginning of this century. It is said that his bone-bonding skills are quite famous (in Theravada Buddhism, the monks of the monastery also have the social responsibilities of some doctors and teachers) and were awarded the name of special priesthood number.

At Chalong Temple there is a stupa with a height of 61.4 meters, which houses the relics of Phra Borom Sareerikatat and a relic of Buddha bone brought from Sri Lanka.

The first impression that Chalong Temple left me was actually not the splendid temples and temples inside it, nor the bustling street vendors selling on the street, but the crackling sound of firecrackers here. Due to legal restrictions and the fact that Thai temples do not use firecrackers, only Chalong Temple in Phuket has become the only special case.

Chalong Temple is not big. There are four main halls to visit: the main hall, stupa, the original site of the temple and the old patriarch temple. It is enough to stroll around and take a photo with Jingxiang for 20 minutes. Among them, the main hall is closest to the entrance, the exterior decoration is the most dazzling, and it is also the most worthwhile place to visit and take pictures.

Our Toyota.

The top of the southwestern hill opposite the Chalong Temple is the highest altitude in Phuket. On the top of the hill stands the famous Phuket Big Buddha (พระ ใหญ่).

Enter the entrance of Phuket Big Buddha Scenic Area ·······

The Phuket Big Buddha is a Guanyin sitting Buddha with a height of 45 meters (1 meter shorter than the American Statue of Liberty) made of Burmese white jade marble and a diameter of 25 meters under the rosette (this statue is Guanyin? I am really surprised!) .

The Big Buddha faces Chalong Bay in the east, backed by Kata Beach on the Andaman Sea. A total of 30 million baht will be spent to build this big Buddha. The Phuket province allocated 10 million baht, and the remaining 20 million baht was funded by a local foundation called Mingmongkol Faith and donations from believers around the world. I do n’t know if it is because of the lack of funds. The Phuket Big Buddha has not been completely completed. In addition to the basic completion of the main part of the Buddha statue, the lotus base and the surrounding roads are still under construction.

On the way to the Big Buddha, the pavilion-style simple temples thatched by the road actually enshrined Chinese Ji Gong and Guan Yu (God of Wealth)

In the photo, the foreigner wearing a hat and taking a photo with Jigong knows what the god behind him is?

After seeing the introduction of the Great Buddha in Phuket on the travel guide, I first thought it should be a scenic spot similar to the Big Buddha on the Lantau Island in Hong Kong. However, after a field visit, I found that it is very different from the Big Buddha in Hong Kong, and the gap is not a star. This "different" not only refers to the face, scale and material of the Buddha statue, but the most important thing is the completeness and convenience of the tourism supporting facilities here.

First of all, unlike the Hong Kong Temple of Heaven ’s Big Buddha equipped with the Ngong Ping 360 cable car system, the traffic to Phuket ’s Big Buddha is quite primitive. The winding and steep gravel winding road here is even steeper and sloped than the mountain road in central Sri Lanka I have been to It is no different from the old road of Kunming Qiongzhu Temple.

There is also an elephant show camp on the way to the top of the mountain. If you like, you can park to interact with the elephants and buy bananas for them to eat. There is also an ATV camp on a relatively gentle slope, and many foreigners are riding here.

Secondly, the Phuket Big Buddha is a busy big construction site. Construction trucks come in and out, cranes rise and fall, standing under the big Buddha, all echoed by the huge noise of various construction machinery.

Although here you can overlook the beauty of Chalong Bay, but the various construction machinery around it is too unsightly

After staying here for less than 10 minutes, he hurriedly boarded the bus and drove to the next destination: the Immortal Peninsula and Naiharn Beach.

The Immortal Peninsula (Promthep Cape / แหลม พรหม เทพ) is the southernmost point on Phuket Island, about 18 kilometers away from Phuket Town. Due to the enshrinement of a four-faced Buddha on the observation deck, it is named "Immortal Peninsula". And because the peninsula looks like a headland extending from the land to the sea, it makes people feel like a world, so it is also called "Punti Headland" (meaning "God's Headland") by the locals.

The Emperor IX lighthouse on the fairy peninsula ...

Spectacular rocky landscapes and interlaced palm trees are the main scenic features of the fairy peninsula. The stretched coastline stretches towards the sky.

Unlike the View Point on Mirissa Beach in Sri Lanka, tourists cannot climb the Promthep Cape to experience the magnificent momentum of the choppy waves beating the reefs under the rock walls ...

This is the southernmost point of Phuket ...

When the weather is fine, tourists can view the remote islands and beaches from the fairy peninsula ...

When it comes to beaches, tourists are facing away from the sea on the fairy peninsula. To the northwest, they can reach Nai Han Beach, and to the northeast, they can reach Rawai Beach, which is different from the waves.

The fairy peninsula is not big, and a 40-minute walk around with a camera is enough! I remember that at the end of the fairy peninsula tour, I came to a Chinese tour group with a bus. A man who just got off the bus said to his wife who was getting off the car, "This is the only attraction today. "

Therefore, playing with the group is obviously not as good as free and fun, and it is also free. The time schedule is determined by my mood ...

In addition, to everyone, there is a toilet on the right side of the staircase (the parking lot) at the entrance of the Shenxian Peninsula Scenic Area. Friends who have been holding all the way can come here to "open the gate and release the water", but this toilet is charged, it looks like everyone Is it 10 baht or 20 pigs (the exact number really can't be remembered).

A short drive from the fairy peninsula, you can reach the Karon view point (หาด กะ ตะ).

Here I want to explain to you that although the English name of the observation deck is called "Karon view point", it has nothing to do with Karon Beatch. It is actually located on the top of Kata Beach.

The Kata Beach Observation Deck, as far as the building itself is concerned, is actually not tall, and it is probably like a three-story building. Immersively there is no imagination of towering into the clouds and straight into the sky. Fortunately, the view is wide here ~

Climb all the way from the entrance to the viewing pavilion at the top, take a photo while walking up the road, it takes about six or seven minutes to reach the viewing pavilion on the top of the mountain.

The view here is even wider, and the hilltop viewing pavilion is covered by buildings, which can temporarily avoid the scorching sun that directly hits the Andaman Sea at noon, so the most tourists gather in it. Those with intensive phobias please go with caution!

Whenever the weather is fine, standing on the observation deck of Kata Beach can get a panoramic view of the three bays of Big Kata, Little Kata and Karon.

Phuket Big Buddha backed by Kata Beach.

Drive down the observation deck all the way to Kata Beach.

Kata Beach has 2 beautiful bays (Large Kata, Little Kata), W-shaped in appearance, along with Patong Beach and Karon Beach, and is listed as the three most popular beaches in Phuket.

Kata Beach is mixed with a lot of dry leaves like pine needles on the sand near the road side, and it will be very footful to step on. But the sand near the water is still soft.

Unlike the gathering of Chinese people at Patong Beach and Karon Beach during the Spring Festival, “Kuhu Wutuo” gathers, Kata Beach is clearly the majority of European and American tourists. First, the popular surfing, water skiing and other entertainment projects here are not very suitable for Chinese people. Second, the commercial atmosphere here is far less rich than that of Padang. For Chinese people who are used to going all out to go, it is far less than the Pakistani. East is convenient, dining options and nightlife are not as rich as Patong. Of course, the soaring hotel rooms during the Spring Festival are also one of the influencing factors that can not be ignored (looked online before departure, one night at the four-star Kata Beach hotel during the Spring Festival The room rate including tax will not be less than 800 yuan).

It takes about 15 minutes by car from Kata Beach to Karon Beach (หาด กะ รน).

The coastline that stretches for nearly 4 kilometers makes Karon Beach the second largest beach in Phuket (there is also information that it is the third largest beach) ·······

To be honest, before I came, I was full of expectations for Karon Beach, but when I really arrived here, I walked around and found that the water of Karon Beach is not as clean and clear as the legend, and the sand is not as expected. White. Somewhat disappointed!

The sculpture of the King of the Sea Dragon at Karon Beach. In 2004, the Indian Ocean tsunami Karon Beach suffered heavy casualties. After the tsunami, the locals asked the Chinese Feng Shui master to create this statue of the Dragon King to pray for blessing.

Leaving Karon Beach, end today's Phuket one-day charter tour around the island, drive back to Patong Hotel ······

When it comes to the beach, many people who go to Phuket will be entangled. Is it good to stay in Patong Beach when booking a hotel? Or live on Karon Beach? Or is it good for Kata Beach?

The three beaches visited this time and found that the clarity of the sea water and the whiteness and softness of the sand are actually the same. For example, before I went to Karon Beach, I found her highly rated online, saying that “the sea water is clear, the beach is fine, soft and white, and no pollution”, but when I actually visited the field, the quality of the water near the shore and the texture of the beach are similar to Padang Compared to the beach, there is really no difference. The only biggest difference is that the marine entertainment projects here are not as rich as those in Patong, and the beaches are not as lively and crowded as in Patong. It is quieter here.

Let me put it this way, my personal view is that traveling in Phuket, especially for friends who want to play with water, or like McDull, go to a true sense: "Blue sky and white clouds, coconut tree shadows, clear water and white sand The paradise of the Indian Ocean, to see the colorful corals and the dazzling tropical fish ", you must go to the sea to the emperor island (Racha), Similan Archipelago (Similan Archipelago), Tachai island (Tachai), honeymoon island (Maithon Island), Or Phi Phi Island (Phi Phi Le / Small Phi Phi Island), Bamboo Island (Ko Phae / Bamboo Island), Poda Island (Poda Island) island hopping trips. As far as the water quality near the coast of Phuket is concerned, it can only be said that it is clean, but it is not clear and transparent.

In addition, most of the Chinese people who travel to Phuket will stay here for four to five days at most. Everyone should spend most of the day going to Phang Nga Bay, Phi Phi Island, Similan and Dachai. Island, Emperor Island, Egg Island, Coral Island and other island-hopping tours, the rest is to plan your time for shopping, riding an elephant, driving an ATV, doing SPA, playing in the jungle, and rafting. The time you really stay in Phuket Beach is actually Not much. So in this sense, in order to book a hotel on Phuket, which beach to choose, in addition to your financial ability, I think the most important thing is not to see whether the beach is beautiful or not, but to see the hotel The convenience of transportation on the beach, and the convenience of the beach in terms of dining, shopping, entertainment and other supporting facilities. Based on this consideration, I personally feel that Patong Beach is undoubtedly the best choice for everyone!

Leave Karon Beach and return to Patong, ending today's chartered tour. Today's inverted house-Phuket Town-Chalong Temple-Phuket Big Buddha-Fairy Peninsula-Kata Beach-Karon Beach, walk down the way, just 8 hours. And the driver's uncle is also very nice. Basic English communication is no problem at all. When he said goodbye, he paid a tip and the driver was very happy.

Mention tipping. As we all know, Thailand is a tipping country. Because of cultural differences and customs, many friends who are visiting Thailand for the first time don't know much about tipping and how much.

In fact, tipping is never necessary, just that if you are satisfied with their services, you can voluntarily pay a certain amount of money to the other party to show respect and gratitude for their labor. If you give it, they will be very happy. If you don't want to give it, no one will force you. For example, a day trip to the sea and island hopping, I saw some foreigners who did not tip.

The standard for tipping generally follows the following principles:

First, tips cannot give coins. In Western culture, coins are only given when rewarding homeless people or beggars.

Bedside tip: Four star hotels: 20 baht per room per day. For Banyan Tree and Anantara, it is generally 40-50 baht (in addition, I usually do n’t let go on the day of check-out).

Tipping for one-day tour: 50 baht per person.

Taxi driver tip: Said to add 10-20 baht to the total price of the meter, but I basically give him an integer to pay the fare payable, such as the fare is 332 baht, I will give him 340 baht And so on.

Tips for restaurants: Tips are only required for mid- to high-end restaurants, and most of the mid- to high-end restaurants in Thailand now charge a service fee ranging from 7% to 15%. In this case, you do not have to tip! The average shop does not need to pay tips.

As for the online report that I would be tipped for extortion when I entered Phuket, I have not encountered any entry from Don Muang Airport for three consecutive years, and I have not heard of it. I only have to be tipped by the local customs when I went to Siem Reap, Cambodia in 2014. Others like Hong Kong, Thailand (Bangkok), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), Sri Lanka will not have this kind of "wonder" ~

Of course, if you are really so unlucky, please note:

The first is the question of how much to tip the customs: basically 1 US dollar or equivalent foreign currency. However, in practice, we faced a problem, that is, we went to the Bank of China to exchange US dollars, and basically all we received were 100 US dollars. Taking Kunming as an example, even if you make an appointment in advance, it is already good to get 10 denominations of US dollars. You would not give him 100 yuan, and then ask him to make up 99 yuan for you. There is no such thing. Either you have an acquaintance in the bank and let him help you exchange. So because of this limitation, many people just give these wonderful flowers to the customs 10 yuan RMB, after all, 10 yuan in China is better than 1 US dollar.

When I flew from Hong Kong to Cambodia in 2014, I was given 10 Hong Kong dollars, and they were also happy to accept it. Many people will wonder, why do I have to give him 10 Hong Kong dollars, not the same as 10 yuan? In fact, it mainly involves an exchange rate issue. At the time, the exchange rate of 10 yuan from the Hong Kong dollar to the yuan was 7.8 yuan. I gave him 7 8 yuan, which is better than 10 yuan.

Secondly, places like "wolves around" like Vietnam and Cambodia, remember to prepare the tip for the customs in advance, and then think about it in your pocket. This is the true lesson my friend went to Da Nang: when the customs asked him for a tip, he opened his wallet and took out 10 yuan to hand over to the customs. The customs had sharp eyes and saw my friend had a lot of money in his wallet. Then he got a nasty eye. First, he said that it was not enough. If he wanted 20, my friend didn't say anything. This is not over yet, the customs said that my friend's entry slip has a problem, what should be written in capital English letters, and there are traces of alteration, and there are a lot of cracks and another 20, otherwise I will not allow entry, there is no way for my friend He had to give him another 20, so that somehow he was killed 40 yuan.

Time: February 3, 2016

Location: Phuket, Thailand


Today's main itinerary is to eat seafood at the Banzaan Fresh Market in Patong Beach.

Speaking of the Banzan Seafood Market, I am more used to calling it the "Chinese Restaurant in Phuket", because the Banzan Seafood Market is really famous among Chinese tourists. It is no exaggeration to say that come in the market to buy 99.999% of seafood and seafood eaters are Chinese tourists, and if the shop here does not speak a few Chinese, you are embarrassed to open a shop here.

As for why Chinese people like to dine here, I personally think: First, Chinese food is very particular about fresh ingredients, especially for lobster, crab and other foods. Will it be used with outside restaurants? How many days of seafood we have been cooking does not know the difference; the shops selling seafood here are completely separated from the seafood stalls. They are cooked with lively selected fish, shrimp and crab, which naturally makes Chinese tourists feel more Eat with confidence.

Second, compared with traditional authentic Thai food, the dishes here do not put so many spices, generally retain the original taste of the food, and the taste is more suitable for the Chinese. Thirdly, the Chinese are really scared by all kinds of high-priced shrimp and high-priced fish, especially abroad, they are not familiar with the place of life, and the language is not painful. They are afraid that they will encounter "slave you without consultation". , Not afraid of being slaughtered. In addition, the popularity of the Banzan market among Chinese tourists is naturally indispensable to merchants and netizens. Therefore, in China, just open a tourist website that introduces Phuket. In the section about seafood restaurants in Patong Beach, there is definitely an introduction to Banzan Seafood Market.

Of course, despite the huge amount of information on the online Banzan Seafood Market, you can rely on the ambiguous "close to Jiangxi Ling", how to get to Patong, some tourists (especially the first time to Phuket) are really confused Water, here, I will first introduce the specific geographic location of the next Banzan Seafood Market.

First of all, when you come to Jiangxi Ling, Badong, find the DQ recommended by many tourists in it (as mentioned earlier, just diagonally opposite the Jiangxi Ling sailing boat, you can find the DQ if you find the sailing boat).

In the face of DQ, there will be a passage covered with a steel frame on your left hand side. From this passage, you can see the building of Banzan Seafood Market, which is easy to find.

Here I have to say that many compatriots from other countries may be misled by the information on the Internet. They think the seafood here should be extremely cheap, but in fact, the seafood here is really not as cheap as everyone thinks. Let ’s not say anything else. After all, Banzan Market is a place that specializes in Chinese tourists. After all, how much cheaper do you think he will be?

Let's put it this way, the seafood here is eaten and sold from the sale to the processing, but it is only slightly more affordable than some well-known seafood restaurants in Padang, and there is no worry about being subcontracted by the restaurant. Everyone can also think about it, no matter where seafood is, its own value is there. Even if the lobster is cheaper, it can never be sold at the same price as cabbage!

On the first floor of Banzan Seafood Market, half of the stalls sell fresh vegetables and fruits, and the other half are stalls of seafood, aquatic products and chicken / beef. It looks similar to the domestic farmer's market, but the sanitation is cleaner and cleaner than the domestic farmer's market. On the second floor, there are many stalls opened by locals, which provide paid processing services for various kinds of fresh ingredients. Tourists can choose curry, steamed, garlic or fried cooking methods according to their personal preferences according to the pictures on the menu plate.

In addition, the processing fee here does not accept cash. All cards must be pre-paid and swiped for consumption. The balance of the card must be refunded on the same day.

"Your kitchen" on the second floor is always overcrowded. Speaking of "your kitchen", everyone should note that when I first visited Phuket in 2014, there were 3 stalls marked "Your kitchen", ranging from the logo to the facade decoration. It's exactly the same. Later, I learned that these three stalls are actually opened by one family. In the usual sense, the "your kitchen" is the first one opened by my mother. Because the business is very good, two other stalls have been opened one after another. The mouth is handed over to the daughter and son separately. Nonetheless, because everyone thinks that the mom file tastes better, there are also the most people lining up here. I remember when I went in 2014, they told me to wait 2 hours. However, when I went again this year, I found that my daughter's house was not opened. Now my daughter and mother are doing a house, and my son is doing a house on the other side.

To distinguish between which one was opened by the son and which one was opened by the mother, the first one was to look at the location, and the one near the punch card and the toilet was opened by the mother. The second is to look at people. Moms usually take orders from their mothers or daughters, and there are the most people queuing here; and sons usually take orders from their sons. Usually, the number of people queuing here is obviously not as high as that of moms.

Big Auron ...

······ 上菜 了 ······

To be honest, this lobster is not very good. Whether it is cheese baked lobster or garlic lobster, the shrimp is not only not as sweet as the seafood should be, but it is also cooked hard and hard. The meat is not only very woody but very rough There is no trace of juice, and the prawns are not delicious at all. It tastes insignificant. Compared with the lobsters I have eaten in Longjingxuan and General Hee Kee Crab in Hong Kong, the difference is not a little bit, it feels like eating. Two very different things! In a word: give these good ingredients to these Thai cuisine, really spoil the lobster

Time: February 4, 2016

Location: Phuket, Koh Lanta, Thailand


Today's main itinerary is to go to Lanta Island by boat, the tickets are pre-booked in China, Aonang Travel shipping company, Phuket to Lanta one way 136 yuan per person, 8:30 in the morning, the shipping company's van is on time Come to the hotel to pick us up to the pier.

After driving for more than an hour, the car arrived at Rassada Pier in Phuket. Ships from Phuket to Phi Phi Island, Lanta Island and Krabi (Ao Nang Beach, Railay Beach, Krabi Town) are all docked here. When I first visited Phuket in 2014, I also took a boat from here to Phi Phi Island.

Board the big boat to Koh Lanta ...

After embarking on board, the crew will place your large luggage on the deck depending on the different color labels on the chest of each passenger. Small luggage can be brought into the cabin by yourself.

After the sailing, the captain broadcasted a reminder: passengers destined to Railay Beach and Lanta Island need to disembark in batches at the first stop; passengers destined to Ao Nang Beach and Krabi Town need to stop at the second time Disembark in batches.

This confuses me, because when booking a ferry ticket, the information released by Ctrip shows that our route should be: Phuket-Railay Beach-Aonang Beach (Krabi Town)-Koh Lanta, follow this logic, go Lanta Island should be the last one to disembark, how could it be necessary to disembark at the first stop?

As the ship sailed deeper and deeper into the Indian Ocean, the hull began to bump up and down with the waves ...

After driving for about an hour and a half on the sea, steep and steep limestone mountains gradually appeared outside Krabi.

Finally, our ship arrived at the first stop of the trip: Railay Beach. Soon after the boat stopped, the captain broadcasted that passengers destined for Railay Beach would pick up their luggage and prepare to disembark.

Because the water at Railay Beach is shallow and there is no dedicated pier, large ships cannot dock, and can only be moored on the surface of the Indian Ocean opposite Railay Beach. All passengers going to Railay Beach need to transfer to Longtail Boats here Or go to the beach by speedboat, and the way they change boats is simply crazy:

I saw two teams of men and women walk along the ramps on the left and right sides of the hull, hold the railing tightly, and sway down the big boat, then quickly jump on the long-tail boat or speedboat next to the big boat, waiting for everyone to disembark After that, the crew delivered the luggage one by one to the long tail boat and speed boat!

This is the first time I have encountered such a wonderful way of changing boats.

Afterwards, the captain broadcasted that the tourists heading to Lanta Island would go to the bow deck to advance their luggage and prepare to change ships Oh ~ No ~

Unlike the previous passengers who went to Railay Beach, "big boat for small boat", we went to Lanta Island directly "big boat for big boat" on the sea, the whole process is even more crazy ...

I saw another big ship slowly drifting side by side with us on the sea, the crew tied the railings on the deck of the two ships with the rope sections in the bow, stern and hull, and then tied it up. At a time, the maximum gap between the two ships will not exceed 30 cm. All passengers heading to Lanta Island will stride across the gap and jump onto the ship on the other side. The luggage will still be delivered one by one by the crew to the opposite ship.

After boarding the big boat to Koh Lanta, he continued to drive for another hour and a half, and finally arrived at Koh Lanta!

As soon as the boat sailed into the waters near Saladan Pier, the first thing that caught the eye was the rows of water tall houses ...

The bridge connecting Krabi and Koh Lanta is under construction not far from the pier. It is said that this bridge has been repaired for a long time, and it has been in a state of being half-built and half-stop, and repaired and stopped. However, after the bridge is built and a large amount of commercial capital and tourists are flooded in, the existing tranquil and rustic atmosphere of Lanta Island may also be gone forever.

Everyone who comes out of the pier pays a 10 baht landing fee.

Since the ferry ticket only includes free one-way car transfer from Kan Tieng Bay, Klong Nin Beach, Klong Khong, Pra Ae, Klong Dao, and Kow Kwang Beach in Lanta Island to Saladan Pier, no matter where you live, from Saladan You need to take a taxi from the pier to the hotel.

There are many drivers holding signs waiting for solicitors to come out at Saladan Pier. The parking lot in front of the dock is also filled with a variety of Thai bangs, double cars and Thai pickup trucks adapted to carry passengers.

You must remember to bargain when you take a taxi here, otherwise you will not discuss it. Summarizing the price list for a taxi from Saladan Pier to the main beaches of the island, I personally experienced it, and it is quite reliable. You can refer to this standard and bargain with the driver.

According to the price indicated in the price list, I took a taxi from Saradan Pier (Thai-style modified pickup truck, carpool) to Srilanta Resort on Klong Nin Beach. Two adults and two trolleys were paid together. The fare of 200 baht.

At the beginning, the guy asked for a price of 500 baht, it was too dark. When I do n’t understand the market, I insisted on 200 baht and then told him “I am not first time to travel here, I travel to Lanta many times, I know your market , 200 baht is enough ”

That buddy is still unwilling to find a lot of reasons to say that the hotel is too far away, I told him "I have several times to call Taxi from here to Srilanta Resort, all 200 baht, if you think the price is low, I can change another driver ". Seeing me is not easy to deceive, the buddy finally can only helplessly promised me two adults a total of 200 baht, less profit is better than no business!

To be honest, when I talked to the driver about the price, I was still somewhat imaginary. After all, the price list on the Raiders was not credible, and it was not reliable. I still had a question mark in my heart. Fortunately, I personally verified , Prove that the price list is relatively reliable.

Here, I would also like to remind everyone that when you take a taxi at Saladan Wharf, the first thing is not to get off the boat. Before stepping out of the wharf, you are in a hurry to inquire about the price from the driver holding the sign. Observed, these drivers in the terminal have the darkest asking prices, and they are very difficult to deal with. Once you make an inquiry, 100% will stick to you, and they will be hard to pull. There is a great momentum that he will not give up if he does not do your business. . It is estimated that the business is also difficult to do, and it is difficult to enter the terminal to solicit customers. It is difficult to say that a fee must be paid to the terminal management, otherwise everyone will run into the business.

Go to the parking lot outside the dock, where there are many drivers of double cars, three-booms, and pickup trucks. Here, they directly inquire with them, and then bargain with them according to the price shown in the price list.

Secondly, do n’t show that you ’re the first time you came to Lanta Island, like “Grandma Liu entered the Grand View Garden”, otherwise you will feel like you ’re sorry if you do n’t kill you. .

After getting on the bus, we shared a car with an old couple from Austria. The old couple drove off at a beach about seven or eight minutes by car from Saladan Pier. After that, we continued to drive towards Klong Nin Beach. Along the way, the original and to be developed side of Lanta Island gradually emerged.

Indeed, compared to the bustling, bustling and bustling atmosphere of Phi Phi Island where tourists gather, Lanta Island is basically a small fishing village inhabited by generations of local people. Apart from the continuous beaches, the island is a piece of undeveloped Rainforest.

After about 20 minutes by car, we finally arrived at the most expensive hotel in this trip: Srilanta Resort (Srilanta Resort), the price is 611 per night (two breakfasts)

The road that runs through the north and south of Lanta Island divides the entire resort into two. The mountain side of the road is the guest room, and the sea side is the lobby, restaurant, swimming pool, club and other public areas.

The sea view of Srilanda Resort is exactly the same as the photos, "beautiful to no friends", the lobby, restaurant, court, lawn, spa pavilion and infinity pool are all adjacent to the sea. The classic Thai decoration looks natural and fresh, the restaurant goes out It's a golden beach and the endless Indian Ocean.

In the evening, enjoying the magnificent sunset of the Indian Ocean, listening to the waves of the waves, and tasting Thai dishes are quite enjoyable.

There is also a chubby waiter in the restaurant who speaks fluent Chinese. He will give you many suggestions when ordering, recommending you the most authentic and the Thai food they think is the most delicious.

But I think the condition of the hotel room is not good. To be honest, although the room rate is expensive, I can only say that the hotel room conditions are not satisfactory,

Each room in the resort is an independent villa built on the mountain, and the layout of the typical Thai houses inside and outside the house. The luxury and comfort of the rooms are not to mention. They can only be said to be clean, tidy and refreshing.

The room is located on a mountain, with dense vegetation and a lot of mosquitoes. The room is not ventilated and very sultry. It can only be cooled by the cooling fan. However, the noise of the cooling fan is very large, and the house can be heard even on the public walkway outside the house. The rumbling noise of the cooling fan in Li, especially at night, will more or less affect the rest and sleep. For those who demand quiet, please choose carefully!

In addition, because the resort's rooms are all surrounded by tropical rainforest, there are many insects and various reptiles in the room (especially the bathroom and terrace). I remember the first night of my stay and I forgot to seal the chocolate wafer biscuits that I did n’t finish. As a result, the next morning, two geckos crawled into the cookie bag.

Aside from the digression, because the tail of the gecko is broken and it will grow, the Thai people regard the gecko as a symbol of longevity and wealth, meaning that the money is spent, and then I will like this!

Also remind everyone that before going to bed at night, you must remember to check whether all the lights in the bathroom are turned off, otherwise the next morning, you will definitely stage a wonderful "Bug Story" in your bathroom.

Speaking of toilets, the toilets in all rooms of Srilanda Resort are not completely dry and wet isolated. Fortunately, the bathroom area is quite large, unless you are of "elephant size", you will not get everywhere water. However, the amount of water coming out of the shower at his home is indeed lower, and the water temperature is not hot enough. Fortunately, the weather in Thailand is hot, and the low water temperature does not matter.

Another thing is, in order to avoid the outside insect team crawling into your house, don't open the terrace of the room unless it is open, and the clothes that are hung on the terrace must remember to shake and shake before retracting.

Geographically speaking, the transportation of Srilanda Resort is really not very convenient. If you are not going out by motorcycle or chartered car, dinner can basically be solved in the hotel. Because the hotel is at least half an hour's walk away from the nearest 7-11.

However, the service of this resort is very intimate. Every employee is warm and friendly. Remember to fill in the check in card, you need a credit card guarantee. I am worried that he will charge me directly and propose to pay the deposit in cash. The other party is also happy. 'S agreed (the deposit is 3000 baht).

By the way, I would like to remind everyone: try to pay cash when you deposit the hotel abroad, and do n’t do it without pre-authorizing the credit card. This is also a painful lesson from my friend. She booked a hotel in Taipei last year on booking, and the hotel reception checked at the check After the credit card information was correct, the room deposit was pre-authorized, but I did not know whether it was an operation error or intentional. The pre-authorization became direct debit, her mobile phone did not open international roaming, and no deduction SMS was received. In this way, she spent more than 3,000 NT dollars to live in this hotel. After returning to China to find booking and hotel complaints, but until now, it has not ended.

The rooms of the Srilanda Resort are on the mountain, so there will be a dedicated golf cart for check-in and check-out ...

After everything settles down, the first thing is to quickly book a day trip to Roc Island tomorrow and a day trip to Four Islands the day after tomorrow. It can be booked directly at the hotel, and the price is reasonable. The two adults total 5600 baht. The speedboat directly drives to the beach in front of the hotel, which is very convenient.

This is the reservation form for the Roc Island day tour and the four island day tour booked at the hotel (like the supermarket shopping ticket, there are wood), all the cost of the day tour does not need to be paid, report directly to your room No., it will be settled at the time of check-out, which is very user-friendly.

I wanted to go out for dinner tonight, I did n’t want the hotel to go out and turn left and walked on the road for almost a quarter of an hour. Outside the restaurant with poor conditions), there is a barren scene along the way, but there is no choice but to return to the Silanda Resort and dine in the hotel restaurant.

Speaking of dining, I am most impressed by the restaurant at Srilanda Resort, not how exquisite the dishes he brought out and how tasty they are, but the sticky cat star wandering in the restaurant.

I ordered a deep fried shrimp cake and it didn't take a few minutes to serve it. The sea odor of the shrimp immediately attracted the cat star to wander from left to right in front of us, staring with wide eyes. Shrimp cake on our table.

Dining here makes people feel the most comfortable is to enjoy the delicious meal while listening to the sound of the waves and watching the sunset.

Magnificent sunset in the Indian Ocean ...

夜色 渐 浓 ······

Silanda Resort under the night ...

Time: February 5, 2016

Location: Koh Roc, Thailand

Weather: cloudy and rainy

Today ’s itinerary is very simple, a day trip to Roc Island. Koh Roc is usually translated as "Nakko Island" or "Rock Island" and belongs to Trang in southern Thailand.

After breakfast, I will wait for the speed boat at Klong Nin Beach just outside Silanda Resort. At this time, there were already a lot of tourists waiting to go out on the beach. Some of them went to Rock Island with us for a day trip, there were also four islands for a day trip, and another day trip to Phi Phi Island. In the distant sea, the speedboats of different patterns and different colors were galloping and sprinting.

Here ’s a digression. For those who want to go to Phi Phi Island, I do n’t recommend that you sign up to go from Phuket, Krabi Ao Nang (Riley / Krabi Town), or Lanta Island The one-day trip to and from the day will be very ridiculous.

When playing Phi Phi Island, you must remember to live on Phi Phi Island (at least 2 nights), and then depart from Phi Phi Island to take a day trip to Bamboo Island and Mosquito Island in Little Phi Phi Island and the surrounding waters.

Although both are day trips, the two are quite different: if you are participating in a day trip to Phi Phi Island from Phuket, Krabi Ao Nang (Rai Li / Krabi Town) or Koh Lanta A lot of time will be spent in the car and boat for round trip transportation. For example, if you just take a car from a hotel in Phuket to the pier, and then take a boat from the pier to Phi Phi Island, such a round trip will cost you a lot of time along the way, and there is not much time to actually play on Phi Phi Island. And the speedboats will be very crowded. Normally, 20-30 people are normal. If you encounter National Day or Spring Festival, it is common for a speedboat to be crowded with 40-50 people (or even 50-60 people).

Therefore, I suggest that you must live on Phi Phi Island, and then find a regular travel agency (There are a lot of squadrons on the Phi Phi Island near Tonsai Bay who sell cards to promote one-day trips. Their good and bad are uneven. It is difficult to tell the truth. I suggest you Or go to the travel agency newspaper group with a formal facade) to buy the day trip to Little Phi Phi Island. This is how I did it during the Spring Festival in 2014. I spent 9 hours and went to many beaches such as Maya Bay, Monkey Beach and Viking Cave in Koh Phi Phi. As well as the nearby Bamboo Island and Mosquito Island, whether it ’s building a castle on the beach, sunbathing, snorkeling, swimming, or playing in the water, the time is very ample, and the fun is also fun. Moreover, only a speedboat took more than ten people. Very relaxed and comfortable.

As for the hotels on Grand Phi Phi Island, from ordinary family homestays to three-star, four-star and even five-star luxury hotels, you can live lively in Ton Sai Bay. This is the pier for everyone to land on Phi Phi Island. People come and go, the busiest, there are also the most bars and restaurants, you want to be comfortable and quiet, you can go to the few star hotels in the north (such as Holiday Hotel)!

Having said so many things about Phi Phi Island, let's talk about Rock Island today. After waiting on the beach for about 20 minutes, our speedboat arrived at the beach and found that the boat was almost full (because the speedboat was already docked at the previous beaches, we are already the last boarding People) We only have to sit in the last row, but I never expected that this position almost ruined my entire trip to Thailand.

Perhaps it was affected by the residual cloud system of the overlord-level cold wave. Thailand, which was supposed to be the dry season, was also constantly rainy. Affected by the weather, today the sea is very stormy, the speedboat is flying at the tip of the wave, and the sea ca n’t stop the speedboat. I was sitting in the boat, I was sitting on the stern of the whole body, even the bath towels brought out of the hotel were soaked, the water on my hair and face was like a waterfall, and I went down the sea. The first time it was so embarrassing.

After about an hour of sea voyage, our speedboat arrived at Rock Island ...

The water quality here is very good, blue, similar to Similan, there are many colorful corals under the water ...

The whole boat person snorkeled here for an hour and a half, the longest snorkeling time in my previous island hopping trips ...

Unlike a large number of colorful tropical fish living in the waters near Phi Phi Island, the fishes that live in the waters of Lock Island are more afraid of people. Most of them swim quietly under the water or hide in corals, even if you use bread for Food, they will not be like the Phi Phi island, the fish swarm, the second is that the number of fish here is still less, and more scattered, it is rare to see large groups of fish infested.

It is said that Locke Island is closed for thank-you from April to September during the rainy season, which is very similar to Similan, except that Similan is closed for a longer period (May to November each year) ~

After the snorkeling, the speedboat sailed to Lock Island for lunch. The boss informed us that after lunch, we had free time on the island for 2 and a half hours.

Like Similan, Rock Island also provides tents for tourists to stay overnight. As for whether to choose to stay in a tent overnight, it is a matter of benevolence and wisdom, and the price of this tent accommodation is not cheap. As far as I am concerned, I feel that instead of spending so much money sleeping in a tent, I might as well add some money to a comfortable night at Banyan Tree or Hilton.

Rock Island's white, soft, dense sandy beach ...

Hermit crab!

The family from Wuxi, Jiangsu and we both live in the Silanda Resort. They are very welcoming and talkative. The auntie also lent us her scarf and took photos.

Rock Island sign ...

Just as we were happy playing on the beach, suddenly the sky was overcast with clouds, and then there was heavy rain. But the rain was coming fast and going fast. It looked like less than 10 minutes. The sky was cloudy again, and the sun was shining brightly.

After leaving Lock Island, the boss of the ship took us to a shallow area not far from Lock Island. Because the weather was not ideal, the wind and waves on the sea were large. In order to ensure everyone's safety, the last snorkeling time was shortened to half hour.

At the end of the shallow shoal, today's day trip itinerary is also closed, ready to start the return journey.

On the return trip, the wind and the waves on the sea were even greater. The waves waved into the speedboat in a rhythmic wave, which was completely the rhythm of "the wave has not yet subsided, and the wave came again." Thoroughly cold, covered all over, inside and out, soaked, even the carry-on bag can not escape.

Because I have a camera and a mobile phone in my bag, I have to wrap them with a towel first, and then try to move the bag to the back and protect my body to withstand the surging sea water. I can always pay for my money and wait for the speedboat to arrive at the resort. When I was on the beach, I got up and saw that my bag was saturated. Finished, look at this posture, the camera phone in the bag is probably hard to escape. But as the saying goes, "the poorer the more the hell, the colder the wind," when I was about to disembark, a more tragic accident happened.

At this moment, it coincided with the high tide and the waves were also very large. Although it was a beach shoal, the sand underneath the feet was still rough. It was also mixed with a lot of dead wood and stones, and it walked very sloppy, plus the waves Slap, it is difficult to move steadily here. Just as we trembled and walked deeper and shallower towards the beach, a big wave struck from behind and covered our faces, and under our feet, a stumble fell into the sea, and our backpack was completely taken off.

When I returned to the room and opened the bag, the water in the phone was completely unusable. Fortunately, the camera could be used normally because there was a camera bag outside. So here we must remind everyone to go to the beach to play (especially travel abroad), the camera, mobile phone must bring a waterproof case. In addition, it is best to buy a waterproof bag (available at Padang Jiangxi) to install the mobile phone, camera, and wallet that you carry with you, otherwise the loss will be huge.

I wanted to find a Samsung after-sales service in Thailand to fix the mobile phone in the sea. Unexpectedly, Lanta Island and Ao Nang Beach had no special Samsung after-sales point (Samsung Center). When I returned to Bangkok, I found Samsung in the MBK mall. Center, as a result, they opened the back cover of the mobile phone, looked at the serial number, and told me directly: "sir, your mobile phone not Thiland, our software not support, we can't repair it, you need repair it back to China" Only go back to Kunming and repair slowly.

Time: February 6, 2016

Location: 4 Island, Trang, Thailand

Weather: cloudy and rainy

Today's itinerary is to continue to go to sea to participate in the island hopping tour of 4 Island (4 Island). Although yesterday, when I went to Locke Island, my mobile phone unfortunately fell into the sea and broke, but for a rare holiday, I should not let accidents affect my mood.

When it comes to "Four Islands", many friends who plan to travel to Krabi believe that it should not be unfamiliar. Four islands and Hong Islang are one of the must-see attractions for everyone to go to Krabi, and various travel strategies are also available. Mentioned. But here, I want to spread the knowledge to you: the four island tour you signed up on Koh Lanta and the four island tour you signed up for on Ao Nang Beach (Rai Li Beach / Krabi Town) in Krabi Not the same thing! This is very important!

Normally, the 4 islands in Krabi refer to: Tub Island, Moh Island, Chicken Island and Poda Island. However, because Ta Island and Mo Island are not far apart, at low tide, everyone can wade and shuttle between the two islands, so some strategies consider these two islands as a scenic spot, and they belong to the four island tour The Pranang beach and Phranang cave are listed as a single attraction.

The four island tours you booked on Lanta Island are completely different. The four islands booked on Lanta Island refer to: Koh Kradan (Kaladan Island),

Koh Muk (Mu Island, also known as Koh Mook) and Emerald Cave (Emerald Cave), Koh Chuek (Line Island), and Koh ngai (Nai Island / Tooth Island) or Koh Mah. These four islands belong to Trang Province in southwestern Thailand.

Trang is located in southwestern Thailand, facing the Andaman Sea, approximately 828 kilometers from the capital Bangkok, and two-thirds of the 119-kilometer long coastline is listed as part of a natural park. Beautiful green island. Therefore, to travel to Trang is actually to visit many islands off the coast of Trang.

These small islands are not as famous as Phuket and Samui, and they were developed relatively late, and the related infrastructure facilities are not complete. More of the natural scenery of the original islands are preserved. People escape from the city and want to "hide the quiet" Quality destination.

It is said that Trang ’s sea water has seven colors, ranging from diamond green to peacock blue, layered on layers until the water and the sky are full, and there are thousands of tropical fish under the colorful corals, and the beach under the sun. The island is full of glory.

Get on a speedboat, ride the wind and waves, and head towards the four islands ...

In the distance is the famous lighthouse of Koh Lanta!

After about 40 minutes, we arrived at the first stop of today's four-island tour: koh Ngai (Nai Island / Yajima)

Nai Island is a small island surrounded by colorful coral reefs and clear blue sea and blue sky. The island is 3.8 kilometers long and 2 kilometers wide, and a high-end resort hotel is built on the beach that stretches two or three kilometers east of the island.

In the shallow waters next to Nai Island beach, you can see large areas of beautiful coral reefs that have not been destroyed by humans.

It's a pity that because the camera is not waterproof, you can't take pictures, everyone can only appreciate it by yourself.

After leaving Nai Island, we arrived at the second stop of today's four island tour: Koh Chuek

Trang is located on the coast of the Indian Ocean. The salinity of the Indian Ocean is three times higher than that of the Pacific Ocean, so the water here is clearer and the buoyancy is greater, especially for snorkeling.

In addition, there are various coral reefs and colorful fish schools here, whether it is shallow or shallow, you can enjoy the fantastic underwater world.

The line island is actually an atoll composed of two groups of huge reefs located between Mu Island and Karaden Island, so the flow rate of the sea water here is usually relatively fast, but do n’t be afraid. For people to pull to ensure safety.

Near noon, leave the line island and arrive at the third stop of today: Koh Kradan (Karadan Island), the boat boss informed us that we will have lunch on the island, and there is 1 and a half hours of free time after lunch

Karaden Island is one of the most beautiful islands in Trang Islands. The whole island is surrounded by the clear blue sea. It stretches for 2 kilometers. The white and soft Pak Meng Beach is the famous Dong Island. The venue of the wedding under the Caspian Sea.

As a famous snorkeling spot in Trang, Karadan Island is well-known for its water quality. The water near the island is extremely clear, with a clear mint blue color, high visibility under water, and various fish can be clearly seen, including cute Nemo.

Unfortunately, today the weather is worse than yesterday. The entire sea has been shrouded in a gray tone, and standing on the shore can see the stormy clouds on the sea in the distance.

The weather in Thailand is very strange this year. It stands to reason that it is the dry season at the moment. The weather should be clear and sunny. I remember that when I visited Thailand last year and the year before, the weather was good every day, but somehow, there is a lot of rain here this year. From Phuket all the way down to Trang, there was almost no stopping.

Affected by the weather, the water quality near Karaden Island was not as clear and transparent as expected, especially when the rain caused the sediment on the seabed to turn up. Looking up, the sea had neither the emerald green like Phi Phi Island nor Similan. The sapphire blue, instead of milky white, feels like the diluted cement slurry on the construction site.

So to be honest, I have no particularly profound and memorable images and feelings about the four islands of Trang and the Rock Island I visited yesterday.

····· 今天 的 午餐 ······

Like yesterday's trip to Rock Island, three dishes: curry stewed vegetables, curry chicken nuggets, fried chicken wings and two fruits: watermelon, pineapple, and iced cola and sprite.

Compared to the dilemma of staying overnight in a tent or boarding boat overnight in Similan and Lock Island, there is a comfortable and luxurious Anantara resort on Karaden Island, which is the only hotel on Karaden Island. .

People living on the island said that when the tide was low in the evening, they went out to the beach and swam around the beach. Crabs with big fists were everywhere, and they could see sea urchins.

In the distance, storm clouds are coming to us ...

It was said that it was too late, and in less than three or four minutes, heavy rain began to fall on the island. Because there was no shelter for rain on the beach, many people were drenched in the cold.

Fortunately, the rain came fast and went fast. About 10 minutes later, the rain stopped. Unfortunately, the sky still did not clear, and it was still a haze.

It's hard to wait until the clouds are clear, the sky is clear, and it's time for us to say goodbye. Next, we will head to the last stop of the four island tour today, which is also the most anticipated Koh Muk Emerald Cave (translated into "Pearl Island") advances!

Emerald Cave (Emerald Cave, also known as Morakot Cave) is located on Koh Muk around Trang and is one of the famous attractions for Trang water adventure.

All tourists need to swim under the guidance of the crew after arriving at the cave by boat. After about 100 meters of cave swimming, you will find a small white sand beach and a jade-colored water pool in the center of the cave for swimming At this point, it seems to have entered a paradise, with a sense of "willow and dark flowers in another village". The white sand beach is surrounded by high cliffs and lush mangroves, which is very beautiful.

I ca n’t swim, the crew is very caring, holding my hand tightly when entering the hole, it can be said that it dragged me all the way, dragging me into the hole, and when the hole came out, another crew member let me grab him his life jacket The rope behind dragged me out of the cave all the way.

So for friends who ca n’t swim or have poor swimming skills, do n’t worry at all. You just need to inform the crew before they go into the water. They will take you to swim in and make sure you take you back to the speedboat safely. Of course, if you want, you can also give them a small tip (usually 50 to 100 baht per person) as a thank you, they will be very happy.

In addition, I would also like to remind those friends who have poor swimming skills, or who only play the "three-legged cat" three or two times. Do n’t succeed, be sure to inform the crew in advance that you ca n’t swim. After all, swimming in the sea is completely different from the pool. The wind and waves were so high that the second hole was dark. Once the team fell, it would be really dangerous. Moreover, in addition to serving good guests, they also have a very important content to ensure the safety of every tourist, so everyone can rest assured that they will not refuse your request.

Of course, if there are more than N people on the boat who can't swim, the crew will let everyone wear a life jacket and line up in the sea water, one or two crew members will swim in the front of the team, the people behind Either put your hand on the shoulder of the person in front, or hold the rope behind the life jacket of the front row tightly, or some crew members just put a swimming ring with a long rope directly on their arm, everyone pulls the rope and blows Whistle, in the unified "one two, one two, one two" slogan, stroke the water at the same beat, swim slowly into the hole, and look from a distance, like a row of yellow "sea ducks floating on the sea "Same, very funny.

When I first entered the cave, the inside was darker, but the light from the outside entered the water. It felt like there was a lamp in the water. Under the sunlight, the sea water was reflected into a blue-green color, like jadeite, even better than jadeite. In the hole, it seems that you can touch the emerald.

After entering the cave, it gradually swims forward, and the cave gradually becomes dark. At this time, the crew will turn on the light attached to the head. Through the thin light, you can see the top of the cave in a trance. If you are lucky, you can still see Swarms of bats hanging from the top of the cave, and then looking at the four walls of the cave, the strange peaks rise, the stalactites are rugged, varied and magnificent, and it also makes swimming through the cave a very interesting experience.

As for your mobile phone, camera or something, just hand it to the crew before entering the cave. He will put it in a waterproof bag and exchange it with you when you enter the cave, so you can take pictures in it. It's the same when going out of the hole, put it in the crew's waterproof bag, and wait for the speedboat, they will give it back to everyone again, the service is very caring.

Out of the Emerald Cave, today's four island tour of Trang is also a perfect ending, sitting on the speedboat, facing the wind and rain, breaking through the waves, and returning to the Silanda Resort.

Soon after returning to the house, the sky was torrentially raining again. The rain was getting heavier, and there was no posture to stop at all. After rest and tidy up, I still had to hold an umbrella to come to the hotel restaurant for dinner.

When it comes to Thai food, many guides will tell you "Thai food is delicious", but "fairy tales are deceptive", if you want me to say, let me put it aside, the Thai food reveals the thick The spice flavor really does not meet my taste. No matter whether it is green papaya salad or Thai-style fried vegetables, whether it is Tom Yum Kung or curry crab, they are all marked with a deep "exotic" taste, especially for each of their dishes. Sprinkle with spices that are too thick to melt (especially the lemongrass and ginger), which really makes me unacceptable.

Time: February 7, 2016 (Chinese New Year's Eve)

Location: Krabi, Thailand

Weather: cloudy and rainy

Today ’s main itinerary is to take a boat to Ao Nang Beach in Krabi. I thought that Krabi would be better than a New Year ’s Eve (the original plan was to go to the hotel to charter a car to go to the night market in Krabi town). I do n’t want to be a big boat on the sea. When I changed a big boat, I fell back and felt like throwing up. When I arrived at Krabi Ao Nang, I also encountered a shameless hotel that completely destroyed my good mood for the whole New Year's Eve holiday (details will be introduced later) .

Early morning Silalanda Resort ······

Unlike other hotels that require check-out at 12 noon, the check-out time of Srilanda Resort is 11 noon. It is recommended that you can call the front desk 30 minutes in advance to reserve a golf cart to pick you up for check-out, and you The large luggage, the resort staff will also help you move from the golf cart to the front desk, the service is very attentive.

After checking out, wait for the shipping company to pick us up at the pier in the rest area of ​​the resort.

As with the itinerary, the ferry ticket is also pre-booked in the country. Aonang Travel shipping company carries it from Koh Lanta to Krabi Ao Nang Beach. The one-way trip is RMB 98 per person, including one-way car ride from Lanta Island to the terminal (Only for hotels in Tieng Bay, Klong Nin Beach, Klong Khong, Pra Ae, Klong Dao, Kow Kwang Beach area) and Aonang Pier to the hotel.

At 12:30 noon, the double car of the shipping company arrived at the hotel on time to pick us up to the pier.

After arriving at Saladan Pier, find the counter of Aonang Travel shipping company, and then hand the printed itinerary confirmation form to the staff. After checking the information, they will put a purple label on your chest. With this label Board the boat and enjoy the transfer service from the subsequent pier to the hotel.

By the way, I asked the staff when I changed the ticket. In fact, I can also take a boat directly from Koh Lanta to Tonsai Bay on Grand Phi Phi Island, and there are many companies operating this route. The ticket is about 300 to 600 baht Room (the specific price depends on the old and new level of each ship company's type and luxury, and whether additional transportation services are provided between the hotel and the pier on Lanta and Phi Phi islands), the journey takes 1.5 hours.

In front of me, the ship seemed to have just arrived from Phi Phi Island. Look at the crowds of tourists from various countries on the deck. How do you feel like a refugee boat!

This way of unloading luggage is also strange enough, one piece of luggage slides down the slope directly.

In the distance, the Lanta Island Bridge under construction ...

A shuttle ferry between Krabi and Lanta Island under the bridge. It is said that this type of ferry is a ro-ro boat, and the car can be driven directly into the belly of the boat. However, because of the itinerary, I did not try this time, and I do n’t have a chance next time. This bridge should be completed and open to traffic.

Board the ship, say goodbye to Lanta Island ...

After more than an hour of driving, our boat arrived at the sea opposite to Railay Beach. As before, passengers heading to Railay Beach and Phuket need to switch boats here.

Passengers heading to Ao Nang Beach and Krabi Town remain on board.

After that, the ship continued to move forward. About 20 minutes later, our ship stopped on a wide sea, followed by, the captain broadcast: Ladies and gentlemen, we arrived in Ao Nang Beach, please confirm your luggage on the deck, and ready for transfer.

Oh~no~not again~

I saw a long-tail boat slowly approaching the side of the boat, and then docked close to the hull ...

Also because of the draught of the hull, we have to transfer to this long-tail boat to reach Aonang Pier.

After some frustration, he finally got on the long tail boat,

The cabin is used to seat people, and the bow is used to pile luggage ...

After traveling for about 5 minutes, the long-tail boat arrived at the Nopparat pier pier in Ao Nang, Krabi. The pier is very simple. It is more accurate to say that it is a shoal than a pier, and disembarking is a tragedy.

Because there is actually a short distance between the bow and the shore, walking down the bow of the bow, you need to wade into the sea.

The water does n’t fall deep, almost just like the ankles. If you come back from a day trip, it ’s not a problem if you go wading forward. At most, the shoes are wrapped in seawater and a lot of sand and stones are covered. Just wash the shabu shabu just fine.

But if you are here by boat and dragging luggage of all sizes, it is a tragedy.

First of all, the shoes are wet. Let ’s not talk about it. The most important thing is that your trolley case is also difficult to escape. Especially for the friends who use the fabric trolley case, the waves are slightly larger. I am afraid that even the items in the suitcase should be A piece of "Take a seawater bath".

So here I also want to remind everyone: if you plan to travel to Krabi, it is best to choose the plane into the plane and out, if you want to play with Krabi and Phuket, it is best to choose to take a bus (either by bus or charter) Yes, it depends on your budget). Of course, if you plan to come to Ao Nang Beach from Lanta Island or Phi Phi Island and have to take a ferry to travel, it is recommended that you first streamline your luggage, second, it is best to use a waterproof trolley case made of PC, and third, wear plastic sandals, Otherwise, your suitcase and leather shoes will suffer heavy losses.

Driving from the pier and driving for about 15 minutes, we arrived at the hotel in Krabi: La Playa Resort Krabi

It is precisely this hotel that completely destroyed my entire Krabi vacation plan. Let me put it this way. In my opinion, Krabi Lapaya Resort is a very poor, ugly, junk, deceptive, A hotel without integrity, I am very, very, very dissatisfied with this hotel (very important, say it three times)!

First of all, staying at this hotel was an extremely unpleasant experience, and because of this experience, my impression of Krabi was greatly reduced.

At the time of booking, I saw a comment on the Internet that it often arranges mainland Chinese guests to other cheaper hotels (such as its small Krabi hotel). At first, I thought this was probably a very rare case. Unexpectedly, I also encountered this situation when I checked in.

When I checked in at the hotel reception desk at 5 pm on February 7, 2016 (Lunar New Year's Eve), the lobby waiter, who looked like a bald head, crackled on the computer for a long time, and then told me that the room was full, tonight only Can arrange me to other hotels, and stay at its house tomorrow. But I have booked online in advance for a day trip to Hong Island tomorrow (February 7), and I have prepaid the relevant fees. The hotel pick-up address I stayed in is also Lapaia. Worried Affecting the itinerary, I am even more worried about the hotel ’s change of tales tomorrow, and I have no room for me, so I flatly refused.

But the other party insisted that there is no room in his house today, so he can only stay in another hotel for one night, because when he went to sea on Lanta Island, his mobile phone fell into the sea and the water was broken. There was no way to call Ctrip to complain (estimated complaint It ’s useless), I can only negotiate with him myself, and finally apologize again and again in the lobby manager, and promised to send a car to pick me up at 8 o’clock tomorrow morning to return to Lapaia lobby to store my luggage, take a day trip, and repeatedly guarantee that it will be tomorrow. In the case of a room, I only barely agreed to its arrangement. But when I asked which hotel to change to, she was vague and only emphasized "the same hotel".

In the end, the lobby manager personally drove me to the Pavilion Queen's Bay Hotel Krabi, which is a 5-minute drive next door. I immediately disagreed, because when I booked the hotel, I also searched for Information, the location of the traffic remains the same, the facilities are outdated, and there is a difference of at least RMB 200 per night from Lapaia. In order to appease me, the lobby manager of Lapaia promised to upgrade my room in Lapaia to the luxury of direct pool access tomorrow. Room, and comes with 2 SPA, I also barely accept.

Early the next morning, it sent the car on time to pick me up as promised to return to the Lappaya lobby to store my luggage, and then wait for the pick-up from the day trip. But when I came back from a day trip, as I expected yesterday, she changed her mind again. I promised that the luxurious room with direct pool access in Lapaya has become the Krabi small resort. I got up on fire. Yesterday, you said that there was no room. I can understand that there are many tourists during the Chinese New Year. You work. I also negligently accepted it, but I reluctantly accepted it, but today you said that there is no room, is it unreasonable? The most angry thing is that European and American guests who come over to check in after me can check in smoothly, but I do n’t have a room. What does it mean? ? Because there is no mobile phone to contact Ctrip, I can only negotiate with the hotel alone. Fortunately, I was fluent in English. I negotiated with their two managers for nearly 3 hours, and they were speechless. Finally, I had to arrange a superior room with a pool view for me. Such things, who will be happy to change who! Because I was so tired, I did n’t want to affect the mood of the follow-up vacation, so I was too lazy to pay attention to the price difference of last night, and I thought it would have passed. I never expected that I would wait for February 12th. After checking out, they asked me to sign a cut-out letter, saying that I voluntarily agreed to change to the Pavillion Queens Bay Hotel, and I was very satisfied with the arrangement. They also understood their work and gave up their right to complain and recover. This is really deceiving, I have gone abroad so many times (4 times in Thailand alone), this is the first time I have encountered such a wonderful, so shameless hotel, and this is also the first time I have spoken abroad ····· F ······

As for the hotel room, it can only be described as barely. The toilet and the shower are not completely separated, just a shower curtain. For detailed room information, you can see the hotel photos distributed by my traveler. The breakfast that accompanies the hotel can only be described as "unbelievable". Cleaning is too slow, and it hasn't been cleaned at 5pm! And there is no water in the bathroom every day from 3 to 4 noon (regardless of hot or cold).

However, the staff of his family are still very friendly. When they see the guests, they will politely greet them and let the guests go first, especially the little girl who sells travel products in the lobby. The people are very friendly and very enthusiastic. The hotel environment is okay, I am a person who has one word to say, good is good, bad is bad.

In addition, after the stay, I observed that from February 8th to February 11th, I went in and out every day. Except for me, I really saw no other mainland Chinese tourists. It seems that his home is really not very good. See you Chinese tourists. I accidentally read Ctrip reviews a few days ago and saw another guest staying at La Paya (Superior Room) in February 2016. I arrived at the hotel early in the morning and was taken to the small resort next to me like me. ), It can be seen that this dishonest behavior of its family has happened again and again. As long as you read the reviews on Ctrip, Agoda and Booking, many Chinese people have encountered this situation in their family.

Why do people book their hotel, aside from the high and low prices, the most important thing is to value its location. I do n’t deny this. Just like many reviews online, the hotel location is quiet, but the bustling, although In the small alley, but it is more than 100 meters to the seaside road. There are 711 and another convenience store in the alley. There are many food stalls and shops on the roadside in the evening. It is convenient to buy and eat. In addition, the overall environment of the house is not bad. At the beginning, I went to these two points. As a result, it changed us to another hotel, the location is remote, the environment and facilities are much worse than here, the price of the same room type is also cheaper than here, then why should I book you Lapaia, I went directly to book another hotel No good, this behavior of randomly moving guests to other hotels is really annoying. This is not only the shop's own dishonesty, but also a serious disrespect for the guests! They also called it "the same house". Is this the same house? This is like I bought a ticket to Bangkok today at Thai Airways, but when you boarded the plane, you told me that the plane was full, we changed you to fly to Kuala Lumpur, as if it were all Thai Airways, the same company, used They are all the same A330 models. Is this reasonable? Is there such logic?

The same group, another business is not good, so under the banner of good business and desperately attract customers, and then move the customers who look bully to that bad business store, how can he do business like this! It ’s totally a liar hotel. Everyone must keep their eyes open. Do n’t be fooled, do n’t be fooled. Unless you are very fluent in English, and you want to quarrel in English like you do after exercise, Otherwise, book another house. When you travel abroad, a happy mood is the most important thing. If he does not live here, you have to move you to another hotel. Spend half the day with him, wasting time and not talking, it will affect the holiday mood!

Therefore, if you have a mainland Chinese passport and you arrive at the peak tourist season, it is recommended not to book it, otherwise you will not be discussed!

Let ’s talk about the travel notes, as mentioned above, from the pier all the way, after getting off the bus, check in at the Lapaia lobby. Several people at their front desk knocked on the computer for a long time, and then the 40-year-old looks like a bald head. The male waiter walked over and said something to me. He told me that there is no room in the hotel, and I need to arrange for me to live in another hotel. I directly rejected him. "Negative, First, I am not book your hotel this moment, I have booked your room four months ago, and I already pay for all the room rate, Now you tell me it's full, that's your problem, I don't care. Second, I already booked all the one day travel itinerary and airport pick up service in Krabi before I come here, all the adress information leave for travel company to pick up is here too, If you change me to another hotel, that would have been a great influence on my trip. I can't agree ”.

Bald headed to seeing that I refused to give in, I called the lobby manager of his house. A woman of about 50 years old and I continued negotiations. The lobby manager bowed and apologized first, and then said that his room is really all today. No, I will stay in another hotel for a night tonight anyway, and finally broke up with her for a long time. They repeatedly apologized and promised to send a car to pick me up at 8 a.m. and return to Lapaia lobby to store my luggage. On a day trip, and repeatedly guaranteeing that there will be a room tomorrow, I can only barely agree to its arrangement. The lobby manager personally drove me to the Pavilion Queen's Bay Hotel Krabi, a 5-minute drive next door.

Regarding the Pavilion Queens Bay Hotel, I have also browsed its information before deciding where to stay in Krabi and book that hotel. Generally speaking, the location of the hotel is halfway up the mountain, and there are many shops on foot from the hotel. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes on the main road of the street vendor, and there are no street lights at night, so the traffic is not very convenient. In addition, the hotel facilities are very old, and the WIFI in the room is not connected at all. If you want to grab a red packet on the Internet on New Year ’s Eve, you have to run to the hotel lobby. Compared with La Paya, the room rate is at least 200 RMB per night. This mood ...

Because such a stall at the stall not only completely disrupted my travel plans for today, but also greatly reduced my impression of Krabi. It can be said that it was completely wild and disappointed. I went to the Krabi night market and walked directly to the main. The roadside stall bought fried rice, and ordered a fried chicken leg and mango smoothie to be the New Year ’s Eve this year ~ I feel so miserable.

This Krabi Pavillion Queen ’s Bay Hotel is simply opened by “Huazitou” (Kunming dialect, meaning Beggar Gang), the environment is really not good ... I had to book it by myself, then I just recognized it, but I clearly did n’t book it, and I could n’t stay in a good hotel that I paid for. I was inexplicably brought here to “excessive” one night, and it happened on the New Year ’s Eve of the new year, you said Who would be happy to change?

The bed sheet is actually broken ...

Its towels are like being bitten by a mouse ...

The lampshade is full of mildew spots ...

The picture tube television is hidden in this dusty cabinet ...

I haven't slept well tonight. Firstly, there are too many mosquitoes in the room. Secondly, I worry about whether it will make an appointment tomorrow morning!

Time: February 8 (the first day of the first lunar month)

Location: Island Hopping Tour of Krabi Hong Island, Thailand


Today's main itinerary is a day trip to Krabi Hong Island (Hong Island), because I am worried that the La Paya Hotel will make an appointment, so I wake up early and go to the restaurant on the top floor of the Queen's Bay Hotel Krabi Pavilion for breakfast. The breakfast at Queen Pavilion ’s Queen ’s Bay Hotel is lackluster. Except for croissants and toast, the rest are all Thai-style dishes. Eating too much will inevitably cause people to collapse. The only highlight is my favorite longan. This is the only hotel in Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka where I have stayed. The only hotel that offers longan in breakfast fruit.

When it comes to Thai dishes, for those friends who have not been to Thailand, various domestic information channels are telling you: Thai food is sour and spicy, very delicious, especially friends in Yunnan often have a misunderstanding, thinking that Thai food It should be similar to our Dai cuisine in Xishuangbanna or Dehong, but the ideal is always beautiful, but the reality is cruel. When you really come to Thailand, you will find that authentic Thai food tastes authentic whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner. Not very good, completely not in line with Chinese people's judging criteria for food, especially the bowl of Dongyin Gong soup, which is known as Thai national dish, after adding spices such as lemongrass, galangal, and Jinbuchang (also known as basil or nine-story pagoda), A strong and pungent "sour" will make you unforgettable for life!

After breakfast, I returned to my room to pick up my luggage. I did n’t arrive at 8 am. The front desk called and said that the car that La Paya picked me up was waiting in the lobby. The reason is because she is worried that she will change her mind in the afternoon). Because the distance between the two hotels in La Paya and Pavillion Queen ’s Bay is not too far, it ’s about 15 minutes on foot, so at first I did well. In case La Paya wants to put me pigeons, I will Here he took his luggage and walked over to teach him how dare to put my pigeons in preparation.

After returning to La Paya, store your luggage at the front desk, and then wait for the tour company to pick up in the lobby. This is different from the previous tour companies or shipping companies picking up at the hotel on time. This time it is obviously late to Hongdao It ’s a lot, the SMS confirmation time is 9 o’clock, and finally I waited until 9:40. The double car of the travel company came quickly. It turned out that I was the last person to get on the car. After receiving me, the car went straight to the beach. Run away.

The distance from La Paya to the beach is not very far, which is about a 5-minute drive. This Hongdao day trip is undertaken by Aonang Orchid. It is also booked in advance in the country, and it is 238 yuan per person (no Including on-the-island fee: 300 baht / person for adults and 150 baht / person for children aged 4 to 11 years old), so the cost per person is nearly 298 yuan.

When it comes to island hopping, I prefer to book online in advance in China, which is also due to my experience of going to Similan in 2014. At the time, I booked a one-day tour of Similan on Ctrip, but it was almost approaching. I still did not receive any confirmation text messages or emails. Finally, when I called repeatedly to urge, the other party informed that the shipping company was unable to renovate Taking orders-this is simply an extremely inexplicable reason, your shipping company can't do business after decoration? Well, even if you do n’t do business anymore, why do n’t you reply to me earlier? It ’s been less than 2 days since my departure. I ’m worried that if I continue to change other companies online, if there are various problems and the mobile phone has not opened international roaming, I ca n’t contact in time. Therefore, I thought about going and decided to wait. After Phuket, go directly to the local purchase. But when I arrived in Padang, I found that there was no problem in booking. There are various travel agencies all over the main street, but one is that the quotations of each here are generally 10% to 20% more expensive than when booking domestically, the other is The travel experience is not very good. Our speedboat was crowded with nearly 50 people, and the crowdedness directly forced the train of the Chinese Spring Festival.

Therefore, I think that if conditions permit, everyone should try to book the relevant itinerary in advance through a well-known domestic online travel website. On the one hand, the price will be cheaper than the local direct group tour (only for the tourist season such as Golden Week) In terms of), secondly, you can judge the pros and cons of each through the customer's comments on the website. Furthermore, if there is a dispute or the travel experience is not good, you have a place to complain.

In addition, I would like to remind everyone here: Many national parks in Thailand (such as Phi Phi National Park) are charged an island fee or national park entrance fee. Usually this fee will be included in the total price of your day trip. There is no need to pay extra, but there are also some stores. For promotion, they will report an ultra-low price to attract tourists, but often this price does not include the island fee, admission fee or your lunch. All these need to pay extra. So everyone must read clearly and ask clearly when booking, what items does this fee include? Whether the entry fee, entrance fee, and lunch are all included.

Ao Nang Beach in the early morning ...

Although I reported to the British tour guide, after all, during the Chinese New Year, Chinese tourists still accounted for more than 70% on the speedboat, and our speedboat is completely a Thai version of the sunset red tour group, a preliminary visual inspection, There are several uncles and aunts on the speedboat, and I really admire the children of these elderly people. I am actually relieved to take the elderly to the sea by speedboat.

After all, the physical conditions of the elderly are different from those of our young people, and the wind and waves on the sea are large. It is difficult to predict the conditions of all kinds of wind, waves, weather, reefs and turbulence on the sea. The amplitude of the vibration is too large, and many elderly and even middle-aged people's bodies are unbearable. Do n’t listen to those travel agents who whisper against you, saying that they are “very safe” and “no problem”. It ’s better not to have an accident. Once something goes wrong, you will be in trouble!

There have been many news reports before that Chinese tourists encountered speed and turbulence on their speedboats in Phuket, causing spinal injuries, and some even hull collision or reef hitting. Therefore, I personally still don't approve of taking the elderly to participate in various island-hopping trips!

However, the crew is very responsible. Every time they set sail or launch, they will actively remind tourists to wear life jackets.

And this is also the first time I have encountered all the crew members except the captain since I have been to sea and island hopping so many times.

Speaking back to Hong Island, Hong Island is part of Krabi ’s northern archipelago, and it takes about an hour by speedboat from Ao Nang Beach.

"Hong" means a room in Thai, because limestone cliffs and stalactite caves divide the island into three lagoons (also known as lagoons). From a distance, it looks like three rooms of different sizes. Hong Island.

Hong Island is also the location of the famous movie "Cut Throat Island", and its beach also enjoys the reputation of "five-star beach" awarded by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

A quiet lagoon is hidden in the middle of the island ...

The peaks on both sides of the bank are upright, the sound of ape is everywhere, the mangrove forest is covered, the vegetation is green, the scenery is very beautiful,

Although the tourism industry in Krabi has developed rapidly in recent years, the overall feeling is that whether it is thoughtful and meticulous in travel services or the whole itinerary arrangement brings tourists the fun, experience, interaction, ornamental, and general Compared with those tourism companies in Kyrgyzstan, Krabi clearly felt that it was still not delicate enough.

For example, the Daeng Island Lagoon at the first stop of the speedboat mentioned here, we just finished a quick lap in the lagoon on the speedboat, if they can put the kayak down, let the tourists ride the kayak into the lagoon The effect of the tour is definitely better. For example, like Phang Nga Bay in Phuket, people do that.

Of course, there are also kayak items on the reservations of the major online tour operators, but it seems that they have to row themselves. Generally, Chinese people will go to the sea if they can't make it. If they encounter a bad water, it is simply tragedy,

It's better to be able to sit with two tourists on each kayak like Phang Nga Bay, and then paired with a full-time boatman. Take a boat and take tourists to slowly visit the lagoon and give an explanation, which is more perfect. Tourists are also happy, the employment problem of locals has been solved, and there is still tip income, why not do it?

Long pontoon at Hong Island Pier.

Depart from Daeng Island Lagoon and arrive at today ’s second stop Pak Bia Island,

Depart from Daeng Island Lagoon and arrive at today ’s second stop Pak Bia Island,

Near noon, leave Pak Bia Island and head to the third stop of today's Hong Island Tour: Lading Island, also known as Paradise Island

Please pay attention to the yellow-colored sign with a line of Chinese text at the bottom: "This place is beautiful because you grew up and dumped various garbage on the boat back to the shore."

Which great god translated this? Can't understand it at all (not only foreigners can't see it, Chinese people can't understand it)!

The real meaning it wants to express should be: "The reason why it is beautiful here is because you have taken away all the trash"

Speaking of Chinese God translation, there is also a magical Chinese advertisement posted in the elevator of Krabi La Paya Resort: "Nuts sold in the lobby" ~ ~ (Accurate translation should be: "The above nuts are sold in the lobby")

If the biggest dissatisfaction of this trip is that lunch is too unpalatable, except for rice, there are two dishes, a sour cowpea fried beef, a fried shrimp cake, and there are no soft drinks such as Coke, Sprite, etc. mineral water. This is also the first time I have been to Thailand for so many times, so many island-hopping trips, I have encountered free soft drinks and only mineral water

After dinner, take a walk on the beach of Latin Island.

Whether it is Latin Island or Pak Bia Island in the morning, the overall size of the island is not very large.

Finally, let ’s talk about Hongdao. Hongdao should be the largest and the longest staying place (2 hours).

Today, the first impression of playing the whole day trip itinerary is that although Hongdao is the same as Phi Phi Island, in fact, the natural scenery of the two is very different.

In general, the Hongdao scenery is just the same, and it is easy to come to Krabi for a trip. If you say Hongdao or not, you will certainly feel some pity and regret, but when you come on the ground, you feel so careless. , Not too many surprises. Moreover, the scope of Hongdao Island to visit is not very large, and the content arrangement is slightly monotonous throughout the one-day trip. Although it is said that there are several snorkels, it is actually just playing on the coast.

The most, most, and most important thing is that the water quality of the sea near Hong Island does not look so clear and transparent, and there is nothing to see in the sea, compared to Phi Phi Island (especially Phi Phi Island and Bamboo Island) The difference between the clear water and the young sand, as well as the tropical fish swimming in the sea, is not a star. Let me put it this way, I will definitely go there again if I have the opportunity, but for Hongdao, I think one visit is enough!

After the one-day trip to Hong Island, the double car of the shipping company returned to Lapaya Resort. Somehow, the return car was obviously more crowded than the one on the trip. Many of the speedboats did not sit with us on the trip. The tourists of the car, inexplicably, squeezed this small double car with us when they returned. The most frustrating thing is that the car on the return trip did not drive to the door of the hotel, and only got to the alley of the hotel, let us get off. Although it takes only three minutes to walk from the alley to the hotel, it always makes people feel that the service is not enough.

When we arrived at the hotel, we kept talking to them about the room. At the beginning, the front desk bald-headed said that the room was ready, and specially arranged for two staff members to take our luggage to see the room. Upon seeing this, my dangling heart was finally at ease. Don't want to be more along the way

We walked wrong, we first passed a room near the lobby, not this; we passed another room in the middle of the resort surrounded by greenery, not this; when we walked to the last room by the pool, Isn't it ..., where did they want to take me? Thinking about it, I saw that the two of them pulled my suitcase out of the hotel's side door. The more I looked, the more wrong I was. I hurried forward and asked where this was going. Fire, they stared big eyes, a childish and naive tell me "Next Hotel"

What's the hell!

What the hell is going on, what is Next Hotel? Play me? If it were in Kunming, the curse was still small. I am so violent. I have long lifted my sleeves and punched him in the nose. I dare to play me! But now after all, we are in Thailand. Even if we are in a hurry, we must pay attention to the image of the Chinese people, so I still suppress the fire in my heart and ask them "Excuse me, Miss, What are you means for the next Hotel, Could it be my room is not inside in the La Paya Resort ”

As a result, the two kept blinking and blinking their eyes, telling me innocently, "Sir, your room is in small Krabi resort" and showing me the room card with the Krabi small hotel logo on it, my ghost fire ( You understand). I told them directly "No way, only in La Paya", seeing that I disagreed, the two of them continued to pull "is the same" with me

same? Is this the same? Later, I saw that I didn't agree to stay at the Krabi Hotel. I had to take my luggage and returned to the Lappaya lobby. Then I spoke with their lobby manager and said a lot of Thai. It must be cursing me. Say "dead head stiff" (Kunming dialect, describing a person is very stubborn, not willing to work around) reluctant to go to a small hotel.

Their manager is still old-fashioned, and continues to tell me that there is no room ... You Y, you have no room yesterday, today you continue to have no room, your resort is home to dinosaurs, has not waited for her to say When finished, I will tell her directly “No way, Your excuse is very ridiculous, I don't care how many people live in your resort now, I only know I have booked your room four months ago, and I already pay for the full of room rate. In addition, the most importance is all the booking itinerary are show a information and confirm a truth, is that I booked is La Paya Resort not the Small Krabi Resort or other hotel, Now your job is follow the booking itinerary, arrange the room for me "

Seeing me disagreeing like this, the manager continued to complain to me like an old lady in the country, saying that her house is really no more room today, and I did n’t make a wildfire, I said "Yesterday you told me there is no room , I understand that your work mistake, but today you still tell me there is no room , I think you are playing me , why you not reserved the room for me , that's your responsibility ”

Then the manager first apologized vigorously, and then wanted to encourage me to agree to move to the Krabi hotel and say how good it is. Seeing her so unwilling, I refused her and said, "Forget it, if I agree with your propose, four months ago, I can booked for Small Krabi Resort, I need't choose your hotel at that time, and I'm not stupid , I know the Small Krabi Resort is cheaper than La Paya ”

After that, the manager told me that the two hotels belonged to the same group. They also said that they would upgrade my room to a deluxe room with direct access to the pool for free. I found that she was "dead and stiff" than me. What she said was so clear, she still pretended not to understand. I'm so furious that I want to beat people.

我跟她讲“Madam,the first,Although you are a group,but you still two different hotel,the different location、 different environment、 different services 、different building 、 different price,I hope you can understand,the two hotels will never be 'the same',Otherwise you are the one hotel,not be two hotel。

The Second,Even if you are one group,you also should not be move the guests to another。because we booked is your hotel,we prefer your hotel's location、environment,we don't like another one。

For example,today I buy a air ticket for Thai International Airway to fly Bangkok,before boarding,you told me ' sorry sir ,our cabin is full,now we need change you to fly to Kuala Lumpur ,don't worry ,we are the same company,and the airplane is always the same Airbus A330' do you think is right or ridiculous?

The Third,You always tell me there is no room,your hotel is full,but why until now,these western tourists come here later than myself ,they still can check in successfull,only I have on room,besides I come here check in earlier than them。

yesterday I already told you I have booked all the one day travel itinerary and airport pick up service in Krabi before I come here,all the adress information leave for travel company to pick up is La Paya,If you change me to another hotel ,that must be a great influence on my trip,I can't agree,even you move me to Banyan Tree,there is no talk about it。

so overall,A is your arrange the room as same as the booking itinerary for me now,B is your break our contract,that you have to compensate all the loss of my trip in Kraib,besides,you and me have no other choice”

Finally, after almost 3 hours with the lobby manager, she said that she would go to the front desk to coordinate and see. I saw that she had been playing on the front desk computer for almost 20 minutes, then she came and told me that there is still a pool view Room, please take me to the room to see if you are satisfied.

This room is adjacent to the resort and the room is at the very top of the walkway on the second floor.

This is the situation in the room:

In fact, this room is not too good, I do n’t know if she was kicked by the donkey, or she was squeezed by the door. In this way, the ordinary room still has to "cover the plate and sell it", so it will not let me stay.

I looked at the room and rechecked the photos of the room type that I booked on the Internet to confirm that the two were correct. I did n’t have a good rest last night. I went to Hongdao again for a day today. After I came back, I had a long time with her. I was so tired that I did n’t want to affect the good mood of the follow-up vacation, so I decided to be inexplicable by her last night. When I moved to the Pavillion Queens Bay Hotel, the room rate difference was too lazy to continue to struggle with her. I thought it was a smooth check-in, and the matter was over. Unexpectedly, Cheng Chengjin was killed halfway.

The lobby manager did n’t know if he had taken the wrong medicine recently, or she forgot to take the medicine at all. She insisted on struggling with me that I requested a twin room on the order, but this room is a big bed , They asked me to check out tomorrow morning, and then helped me change a twin room ~ oh ~ on ~

After this series of twists and turns, how dare I still ask her to change a twin room for me tomorrow, don't let me make this room for her tomorrow, she may not give me a rest, or two people sleep The big bed will be forgotten. I told her directly that I do n’t need it anymore, and I wo n’t trouble you anymore, just a big bed, squeezed well.


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