Blow along the South Island of New Zealand

After a year and a half, I finally came to write this travelogue. Hurry up and record while still remembering

I remember that I was going to go at the end of October 2014. I wanted to go a little longer. So I chose to leave for the Spring Festival. I wanted to go deeper in the South Island. When I was in Australia, I went to the North Island again. It seems that the time is 15 days, the actual time in New Zealand is 12 days, and the rest of the time is on the plane.

There are six people in this industry:

Ball ball (planner + tour guide), it's me

Qiu Qiu (main driver + photography) my husband

Dad Qiu (Vice Driver + Sponsor) My father-in-law

Mother Qiu (second chef + big leader) my mother-in-law

Ping (chef) husband's mother

Yang Yang's (cooking and playing soy sauce) husband's cousin

The air ticket for the Spring Festival is really expensive. In order to save costs, the air ticket is more tossing and is divided into 3 trips.




6 individual tickets totaling 67230 yuan

The completion of the ticket indicates that this New Zealand tour is imperative. The whole person is full of anticipation. A series of actions such as visa application, hotel reservation, itinerary, car reservation, etc. are started, and the ball will slowly come

1. A total of 5372 yuan for visas, only one visa fee is charged between husband and wife, so 6 of us charged 4 visa fees

Generally, it will not be refused, and it is very fast. It is less error-prone and simpler than doing it by yourself. The materials required by different categories of personnel are different. The articles of association are written in detail, most of them are in-service personnel, so I Introduce what materials the next working staff needs

The following are the materials needed for the job. It looks a lot, but in fact it is very simple to get. I will introduce what is separately.

Proof of identity ★ Mainland China private passport (everyone has a passport, it must be expired more than 6 months)

★ Photos (2 photos) (2 inch color photos on white background)

★ Color copy of ID card (not to mention this)

★ Entire color copy of the household registration book (not to mention this)

★ Color copy of marriage certificate (not to mention this)

★ Proof of employment in English (there is a template on the Internet or write a certificate yourself, and then the company stamps the official seal)

★ Proof of assets (copy a bank deposit slip of your name, the amount should not be less than 50,000)

★ Power of attorney (with template printed out and signed)

★ Personal information form (with template printed out and signed)

★ Visa application form (with template printed out and signed)

Booked a hotel, most of the hotels are booked in advance, we choose the entire MOTEL, with a kitchen can make your own dinner, a total of about 16000RMB

. Rent a car, I'm a local car rental agency, such as international car rental companies such as Hertz is too expensive, the price has increased exponentially, I rent a local ACE car rental, the website can be searched directly, 1120NZ, equivalent RMB is about 5600RMB, how much the postage is forgotten, probably count him 2000 RMB

The driver ’s license is translated, so that the driver ’s license can be recognized in New Zealand. This is done directly on Taobao and can be searched directly. I handled it at this Taobao store (Orange Travel, the second brother ’s store), and many items are also in his I booked it at home, the price is cheaper than the on-site booking, and it is convenient. Later, some problems in the tour were also solved by the younger brother. Thank you very much. He also bought a local calling card, so I rely on these two calling cards for many days. Keep online, phone card 500RMB, driver's license translation 280rmb, play items about 26500RMB

1. Christchurch-Kaikoura, Kaikoura

2, Kaikoura Kaikoura-Melaleuca pancake-Greymouth Greymouth-Hokitika Hokitika

3. Hokitika-Joseph FranzJoesf

4. Franz Joesf-Wanaka Wanaka

5. Wanaka-Cromwell Cromwell Fruit Town-Queenstown

6. Queenstown-Milford Sound-Te Anau

7. Te Anau-Dunedin

8. Dunedin-Boulder-Mt Cook

9. Mount Mt Cook-Lake Tekapo

10. Lake Tekapo-Christchurch

Time difference: New Zealand time is 5 hours faster than Beijing time, which is 8 am Beijing time and 3 am New Zealand time.

Note on entry:

Do n’t bring plant and seed food with you to eat and drink, and bring as little medicine as possible. If you want to bring it, prepare English instructions to avoid unclear inspection

If you do n’t bring it, it will be fast

New Zealand's entry control is very strict, don't be lucky, the fine is very high, even if you can't enter, it will be troublesome

Note for transit:

If you want to transfer from Auckland to Christchurch, it is recommended to stay for 3 hours, which is safer so as not to miss the next flight.

If you want to transfer from the international airport to the domestic airport, you will see a green line outside after exiting from the international airport. If you continue to follow the green line, you will walk to the domestic airport. It takes about 10 minutes. Can sit, personally feel that it is enough to walk past, very close.

Note for self-driving: New Zealand is driving on the right side, and it is in the opposite direction from the country. Traffic regulations are also very different. Please drive carefully. In addition, there are fewer cars on the road, and the road conditions are better, so it is easy to overspeed. The penalty for overspeeding is very powerful. It is not as simple as 200RMB. It is 200NZ, which is equivalent to 1000RMB. In addition, depending on whether the speeding is serious or not, the punishment is different. Be sure to control the speed of the car, and commend our main driver and co-driver for 12 days of self-driving without any traffic violation penalties and other matters.

ID: Passport Credit Card Cash Emergency Contact Form International Driver ’s License Phone Card (Emergency Telephone 111) Driver ’s License

Reservation Form Visa Invitation Letter Air Ticket Reservation Form Hotel Reservation Form Car Rental Form Booking Form Item Reservation Form

Electronic equipment: ipad camera rice cooker U disk mobile hard disk battery / charger tripod electric cup & car branch charging power bank mobile power supply / wire usb charging socket conversion headphone tow line board selfie stick

Emergency supplies: Swiss army knife Zhengchaihu granules antidiarrheal medicine flashlight umbrella / raincoat motion sickness medicine stomach lift pills Yinqiao tablets band-aid

Clothing: Men's short sleeve long sleeve pants coat hat

Women's short sleeve long sleeve pants coat skirt scarf hat

Toiletries: face wash, shampoo, water, bath towel, towel, oil, slippers, bath flower, comb, beard, knife, cosmetics

Daily necessities: Chopsticks, spoon, washing powder, dish cloth

Miscellaneous: Eye Drops Contact Lens Nail Clipper Waterproof Bag Inflatable Pillow / Earplugs / Eye Mask Sunglasses Paper Tissue Notes / Pen Dirty Clothes Bag Books Magazine Bag Food Bag Clothesline Hanger Tool Set


Wake up early in the morning, with thick hair and extremely dark circles

Our small team has a resounding name for this journey, Huixin Line (Nanhui people in New Zealand)

At Hongqiao Airport, our members gathered to check in luggage and buy Eastern Airlines tickets. Each person can bring 2 pieces of 23KG luggage.

Today's itinerary is on the plane. First fly from Shanghai to Guangzhou, Guangzhou to Auckland, Auckland to Christchurch, the flight time is long and boring ... (10,000 words are omitted here)

After 17 hours, we finally stood on the territory of New Zealand and arrived in Auckland

During this period, a small episode happened. The luggage was hung directly from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport to Auckland. The irresponsible China Southern Airlines actually pulled my 28-inch box in Guangzhou when transferring in Guangzhou. We were in vain to pick up luggage in Auckland. About 1 hour was wasted next to the carousel. It was only after I finally negotiated with the counter staff that the luggage was pulled in Guangzhou. Finally, I negotiated and sent it directly to the hotel I checked in the next day, meaning that Qiu Qiu and I did not change clothes on the first day. . It is said that this is not the first time this has happened to China Southern Airlines. But this is not the key, the key is that we have another flight transfer time is 3 hours, these 3 hours include luggage, entry, customs clearance, but also from the international airport to the domestic airport to change the boarding pass and checked baggage, wasted After 1 hour, we were very nervous behind us. Looking at the long queue of immigration, we were very nervous and anxious. We were afraid that it would be too troublesome to miss the flight and need to change the ticket. Fortunately, we did not check our luggage at the time of entry, and queued for about 15 minutes The entry was completed in 5 minutes. After we walked out of the airport, we started to fly along the green line out of the airport to the domestic airport. The first breeze from New Zealand did not have time to feel it in the face. After entering the domestic airport, I was lucky to catch up, it was a really unforgettable experience.

The small banner made for our team is too talented

The group of 6 debuted, forgive me for shaking my hands and not shooting well

Arrival at Christchurch Airport is 2.22 at 11:30 local time. After arriving, I am confused about how to get to ACE. English is not good enough, so I did not negotiate clearly after contacting ACE. Now I will share with you the experience. It turns out that the ACE dealership is outside the airport. I need to take a shuttle bus at the airport to the store next to the airport. I can't find where the ACE shuttle bus is at the airport. It turned out to be outside the airport. There is a place like the station with blue and yellow ACE on it. If you can't find it, you can ask the airport staff for help. Thanks to the second brother, I called the second brother, he informed me that he found the station of the shuttle bus, the driver of the shuttle bus took us to the store, and finally rented our MPV car. After giving the original driver's license, Taobao translation information, passport and credit card pre-authorization, the procedure was completed smoothly, and after introducing the New Zealand traffic regulations, I finally got the car.

After we have not slept for 24 hours, we first went to check in and still went to the supermarket to shop. In our itinerary, we only shop more in Christchurch, so we will buy the gifts and things we need first. Buy it, we went to Sanshang (Chinese supermarket), the address is on Riccarton road, just remember it is in a Chinese supermarket opposite a Cut DOWN supermarket, the specific address is not remembered

There are many kinds of products in it, and they are very complete. It is more convenient to communicate and the price is more reasonable.

Share our loot, honey, brown sugar, bee venom mask, hand cream. Skin care products, etc ...

The bee venom mask works very well and is said to be used by the Queen of England

I went to the supermarket and bought the food I wanted to eat in the car in the next few days. The price in the supermarket in Christchurch was cheaper. The more the small towns, the higher the prices. There were supermarkets in all places except in Mount Cook. So when you go to Mount Cook, bring more food or ingredients.

We visited CUT DOWN, the most impressive thing is that garlic is so expensive, 45rmb a catty.

There is a puffed food called blue bird which is quite delicious, you can buy some

After shopping, I returned to the motel. After the hard work of the chef and the second chef, our first dinner in New Zealand began. Everyone has not slept for nearly 30 hours, especially the parents-in-law and mother-in-law. Older age, spiritable, admire admiration


After a night of sleep recuperation, I got up today and all went to Kaikoura with full energy. Kaikoura is a seaside town known for its lobsters. This trip is of course to experience the lobster fishing and lobster fishing trip.

Christchurch-Kaikoura is about 181km, about 2 hours by car

Today 6 people are divided into 2 groups

Qiu Qiu, Qiu Qiu and Yang Yang participated in sea fishing

The father-in-law and the mother-in-law participated in the whale watching activity

We booked sea fishing and whale watching at 1pm

Whale watching: go out to watch whales, the boat is relatively stable, the whole course is for viewing activities, the cost is about 675rmb per person

Sea fishing: the speed boat of local fishermen, the boat is small and easy to get seasick, the activity content is rich, the cost is about 425rmb per person

Arrived in Kaikoura, it was still early. I went to see the motel tonight, the environment was very clean and tidy, and told the front desk that 28-inch boxes would be delivered. At this time, the Motel was still unable to move in, so I first went to the local famous lobster stalls. I can find seafood BBQ in the town of Kaikoura. You can find it at the location below the map to experience New Zealand ’s food stalls. The food stalls are all grilled crayfish and other types. This food stall is also grilled, but people grill Australian lobster

After padding your stomach (not daring to eat, fearing seasickness and vomiting), you are ready for the event. After sending the whale watching group to the assembly terminal for ticket exchange, you can enter the boat waiting room and wait for the assembly to depart. Here I recommend the Taobao shop of the second small one. It is very convenient to exchange tickets. You can exchange the ticket directly by giving the itinerary to the staff.

Then, after searching, the three-person group of sea fishing finally found the meeting point where they should go, and found their own boss (sea fishing is for private fishing boats, so the meeting point is more difficult to find)

When the speedboat galloped on the sea, it felt like it belonged to the sea, pushing the layers of waves away like a deep sea.

Qiu Qiu, Qiu Qiu, Yang Yang 3 person sea fishing group (self-abuse seasickness rest group)

Go down empty cage, full of FEEL coming from lobster is awesome

The fact is that the full cage comes up and the empty cage goes down. In fact, the last group of people put the empty cage down when they participated in the sea fishing. Then our group came to harvest the full cage, and then put the empty cage down again, waiting for the lobster to climb After entering, the next group of participants will harvest

The fishermen here abide by the rules, all lobsters will be released if they are female, and those less than 15cm will also be released, so as not to deplete this precious resource

The lobster in my hand was unqualified, so I threw it back to the sea.

After harvesting the lobster, we started today's highlight, sea fishing

This sea fishing is really not challenging. Unwinding and unwinding, unwinding and unwinding ... infinitely repeating, because there are too many fish, just put it down and feel hooked and take off, but you can catch It feels awesome, the joy of harvest

Qiu Qiu first caught two fish with a rod, and they were all very big

Soon, I also went down to catch 2 fish

Look at me, ha ha ha ha

Here Yangyang has taken a break, the jaundice water is spit out

After fishing for a while, I could n’t do it anymore. I was a little seasick. The wind and waves on the sea pushed the boat and kept shaking. It was really a bit dizzy.

The person who went fishing together actually caught a small shark and put it back to nature after taking a photo

The ship's boss started to handle the fish meat for us, cut into pieces

The happiest thing about sea fishing is the process, and of course the harvest is also very happy. After the end, each of us three got an Australian lobster and a big bag of fish meat we caught

We have seafood dinner

After going ashore, we regained our physical strength and started to work hard on the photos on the phone

With the full harvest, the three-person group of sea fishing went to pick up the three-person group of whale watching. At the dock, the whale watching group has not returned. The beaches here are all black stones and there is no sandy beach, with the gloomy weather. , Giving a different kind of shock

After that, stay at the motel and start preparing a hearty seafood dinner

On the way back to the motel, I also ate local ice cream. I forgot my name. Anyway, the local ice cream was delicious.

It is gratifying that after returning to the hotel, I finally saw the 28-inch box I was late for a day

We fished the harvest of 3 people, a bag of fish meat, a whole fish and 3 Australian lobsters

The chef and the second chef are busy with dinner

Qiu Qiu and Qiu Yangyang played soy sauce in the motel's small garden

Sumptuous dinner, 咣 咣 咣 咣 ~~~

Baked lobster with cheese, braised fish nuggets, sweet and sour fish, fresh fish soup

In the end, how could you avoid lobster rice? Unfortunately, no photos were taken

Today's itinerary is very long, and the activities are more abundant

First visit Kaikoura to Melaleuca to watch the magical spurt in nature, then go to Greymouth to purchase, then go to Hokitika to check in, and watch the wild fireflies cave at night

Kaikoura-Melaleuca Rock, 366km, about 6 hours drive. To go to Melaleuca Rock to see the spectacle, you must calculate the time. Because the spectacle is not always visible, it only occurs when the tide rises every day. You can check the highest tide online. The timetable,, has specific ebb and flow times, and partners who want to see it must calculate the time.

We have the highest tide around 16 pm, so to prevent misses, we departed from Kaikoura at about 7:30 in the morning, so there was another reason to leave early because we went to see Kaikoura ’s sunrise early in the morning, only It is a pity that the clouds are not thick, but Kaikoura early in the morning is still very beautiful.

Simply eat breakfast and set off after packing

Along the way, take pictures, chat and eat snacks

Be careful when animals cross the road

It ’s beautiful to take pictures on the phone

After running for 6 hours, I finally got from the east coast of New Zealand ’s South Island to the west coast. I saw the coastline that suddenly appeared in front of you, and I was exhausted all the way.

It's more than 3 pm when you reach the destination Melaleuca. It's just in time.

Layer by layer is like a pancake, the name is like this

The most important thing is that it will gush. After the sea tide rises, it gushes out from the cave. Unfortunately, there is no video, only a small video, I do n’t know how to send it.

Another member went soy sauce

After appreciating the spectacle, go to the supermarket to purchase, which is the favorite thing for chefs and chefs, shopping. . .

Greymouth ’s new world is very big, and there are many things. In view of the small place in the next day, there are many things to buy. Here is a reminder. We brought a thermal insulation bag. It is really useful. Do n’t worry about the deterioration of meat and milk on the road

The fruit in the supermarket is so rich in color, it is also pleasing to watch

The white waistcoat bags are all purchased loot, plus their own luggage is almost full

After the supermarket purchase was completed, I drove about 1 hour to the motel I stayed in today. The motel is very close to the beach and close to the firefly forest

All the purchases are put out, and a hearty dinner is started

Fried steak, fried lamb chops, mussels, grilled sausage, braised beef

I originally wanted to watch the sunset in Hokitika, but it was too high for dinner and missed the time, but this did not prevent us from going to the beach. As a result, a group of people played very high on the beach. This is close to the glacier town , So it ’s still a little cold at night, and my down jacket is also useful

Start early from Hokitika and move forward along the way.

In front of the small town of Franz, there is a Mahinapua Lake, stay for a while

There are many viewpoints along the way in New Zealand, you can stop to play when you see the green card of the view point, the scenery is very good

First take a photo

A group of people are jumping and taking photos of themselves

Stop and go

This light blue-green river attracted our attention

I arrived in the small town of Franz at about 12 o'clock, and now the Sifang supermarket bought some food for lunch.

This activity is also set up in the second brother, just send the itinerary to the staff directly, the cost per person is about 2000RMB

Itinerary at 14:15 in the afternoon, I am worried that it will be cancelled during the period, because the sky is heavy, RP broke out once, our itinerary was not canceled, and the batches behind us were canceled

Helicopter glacier hikes need to bring sunglasses, too strong reflection will damage the eyes, clothes can be slightly warmer, the company will provide waterproof underwear and special shoes.

In an upset mood, we set off with the coach, and I was very excited to be a helicopter for the first time

I put on the clothes prepared by the event company for us. I signed a life and death agreement before boarding the plane. There are personal information and emergency contact information on the bracelet. I feel more nervous.

Log in to the glacier safely and prepare to start hiking

Be sure to follow the pace of the coach on the glacier. The seemingly stable undercurrent of the glacier surges, you can be buried in the gap of the glacier at any time.

Let the head coach take a picture for us, and the coach took a picture for himself

Climbed through an ice cave

See that gap? The blue glacier is very attractive, but if it falls, it will never end, and of course you must keep your belongings, especially mobile phones and glasses, etc.

The ice on the glacier can be eaten directly, there is no pollution at all, and it is crunchy and sweet when chewed.

Today ’s itinerary is over, back to today ’s motel, when we arrived at the motel, God gave us a surprise, super gorgeous rainbow, just in front of us

Have no time to take care of the luggage in our car

The rainbow lasted a long time. After we checked in and moved our luggage, we saw from the room that the rainbow was still there

Today I continue to make homemade dinners, but I did n’t take pictures. I ’m really sorry for the chef and the second chef.

After dinner, take a walk in the place where you live to digest and watch the scenery

The glacier town is still a bit cold at night

Wanaka is a small town by the lake, seeming to be quiet in the world

Franz-Wanaka has 286km, about 5 hours driving

I departed late in the morning and went to Lake Matheson on the way. The walking time is about 1 and a half hours. This is recommended. You can see Mount Cook reflected on the lake.

One of the places on the way to the bathroom where I stopped was so suffocating

To see the reflection, there must be no wind, if there is wind, there will be waves, and you ca n’t see the snow mountains.


It is close to 1 o’clock to leave Lake Matheson. New Zealand ’s attractions are all on the road. There are many viewpoints along the way, each worth staying

This is another lake along the way. Each lake in New Zealand has a different style and has its own advantages.

The haast way is very long, and there are many viewpoints along the way

Below is a seascape viewing platform on the west coast, which is similar to the clear water cliff in Taiwan, but the color of the seawater is completely different

There are dolphins playing on the water

A waterfall along the way, forget the name

There is a section of forest road in the haast way. After driving through this piece, the view suddenly widens. Lake Wanaka and Lake Hawea are on the left and right of the road, respectively. The calm Lake Hawea reflects the mountains and the sky.

There are many attractions on the road, which leads to the estimated check-in time far exceeding the actual situation. The arrival at the motel is already at 6 pm, and it is expected to be 2 pm, so we can depart earlier. We started a little late, and the originally planned hiking route did not go. .

The staying motel is a townhouse. The environment inside and outside is very good. There is a kitchen for us to use.

Different flavors of Coca-Cola are packaged in different colors. The color is beautiful, but the taste is still the best.

Today's journey is short, Wanaka-Queenstown 110km, passing Cromwell Fruit Town

First, I played in the labyrinth world of Wanaka. Without going in, it is not suitable for our big friends. If you bring children, you can take a look.

In order to eat the local cherries picked by ourselves, we also worked hard. We couldn't find the picking point at first. Later, we saw the picking point information in the service center of Fruit Town

There are several varieties of cherries in the picking yard. There is no cap fee for picking in, but it must be at least 1kg per person. We have collected more than 7kg of cherries. It seems that it is 70 or 80nz. Cleared

The cherries are very sweet. The season we are going to is about to end the picking of cherries, but it is still quite fruitful


Full harvest

Super large grain

Passing the birthplace of bungee jumping, it feels nice to watch others bungee jumping

The height of 40M is a bit low for Qiuqiu and Qiu Qiu. After all, it is a person who jumps over 70m, so I did not try the bungee jump here

The color of the water here is super beautiful

Arrived at the villa in Queenstown, one of the most expensive accommodations on this trip, and the longest stay, directly facing the lake outside the window, with a panoramic view

After checking in, you must experience the big burger in Queenstown, there are many people in the queue, of course, the taste does not say, praise

After eating, go to today's highlight event, SKYLINE cable car overlooks the entire Queenstown

The adult ticket is 35nz per person, and I can't remember it. It can be found on these websites. There is also a buffet dinner set menu. We did not eat it.

Qiu Qiu, Qiu Qiu and Yang Yang also bought skyluge tickets

Start luge, go downhill all the way, rely on the acceleration of gravity, and control the speed with your own brake. The timid ball and Yangyang slowly ran through the junior road for 3 laps. Qiu Qiu's courage was relatively large. After 2 laps, the junior went to the advanced field.

After the luge was over, various selfies started at the top of the mountain

This day is over again, it is a pity to book skydiving tomorrow. . . . . . Hey. . .

Today is an extremely important day. I booked a skydiving this morning. When I woke up in the morning, it was actually raining. It was raining. It was raining. The whole person was bad and full of sadness.

However, I went to the activity center with the mentality to try it. Sure enough, today ’s scheduled skydiving could not be carried out. I still refused to accept the fact that the ball and Qiu Qiu stayed in the activity center for a while, hoping that the sky could clear

After waiting for a while, the sky really lighted up, and was notified to continue the activity, took us into the preparation room, began training a series of precautions, and signed the life and death contracts

After another meeting, a staff member said that the weather was bad again, and this morning could not be carried out. So far, Qiuqiu and Qiu Qiu had collapsed.

With a depressed mood, he bought a big burger to nibble and returned to the villa and sighed. It has been a year and a half in the past, but now it is still full of faint sadness and unwillingness. This is doomed to go to Queenstown again in the future to make up for this regret.

So today there is no itinerary, the 6-person group that has nothing to do begins to hang out in Queenstown and feel the local customs

After shopping, the 6-person group whimsically proposed to eat dumplings, and really bought the dumpling skin. This beef dumpling is really delicious. The beef copy is delicious and the Laoganma dipping sauce is really delicious.

But this dumpling skin is really expensive, almost 1RMB

Hang out on the trail behind the hotel after eating

Half of the itinerary has taken place, and I took advantage of this day to replenish my energy and make preparations for tomorrow's physical activity.

Today, I participated in the one-day tour of the Green Brothers registered by the second brother, Green Norwich is the shooting place of the Lord of the Rings, and the scenery is beautiful

This activity is very rich, first take the bus to the town of Greenwich, then take the jet stunt boat to the depths of Greenwich, and then kayak down the river. The whole journey takes about a full day, including lunch, regardless Both big and little friends have fun. The cost is not low, about 1500RMB per person.

The activity center will provide a piece of equipment that needs to be worn close to the body. It is recommended that you can wear a swimsuit in it, and bring a towel or the like to dry

Change your clothes, and start your spirits

The first step is to get on a stunt jet boat. The 360-degree water surface rotation is so handsome.

The second step is to start kayaking, which is very fun. Of course, men are also required to contribute, and girls will be very difficult. Our two teammates took the coach ’s boat, which is too lucky.

You need to take your boat ashore during lunchtime

Qiu Qiu dragged the ball, this is the love of the tracker

O (∩_∩) O hahaha ~

Rich lunch, the scenery of the lunch place is good

A little drizzle

Start the second half of the kayak journey

Going deep in the valley, this section is more difficult, it is upstream

Today ’s itinerary is very physical and everyone will take a rest early after returning

Today was originally scheduled to go to Mifo Fjord. Later, because the time was too tight and I was not very interested in the fjord by boat, I canceled this trip.

Then why go to Te Anau, because there are real firefly holes, and for the curious ball, you have to find out.

Queenstown-Te Anau 170km, we arrived very early, the lazy group rested at the hotel, the industrious ball and Qiu Qiu wanted to experience the fjord scenery, so the direction of the fjord was

The weather on this day is not good, it has been raining, our destination is Jinghu, Jinghu, you can guess the name is a mirror-like lake, you can reflect the surrounding environment very clearly

When we arrived at Jinghu, we went down so much that we could not reflect.

Mirror Lake in good weather is like this

What we see is this

Although I did n’t see the reflection, the scenery along the way is really beautiful

There were also fewer cars on the road, and a large-scale road shooting began

The weather at Mifir Fjord has changed a lot. It was still raining heavily before, and it soon stopped. There was a rainbow again. In New Zealand, rainbows are often seen

I saw a lot of alpacas on the way back to the hotel

After dinner, prepare to depart for Glowworm Cave

The meeting point is at Te Anau Wharf. Similarly, just take the second elder brother's reservation form and give it to the staff, the cost is 300RMB per person

This activity is also quite rich. First, take a boat to a small island in the middle of Lake Te Anau, then cross the cave and explore the cave by boat

Photographs are not allowed inside the Glowworm Cave, but also keep quiet, and the staff will take a group tour

Set off against the sunset

The cave is very dark, there are many fireflies emitting a faint blue light, which is very nice

Te anau-dunedin 292km

Except for going to the bathroom on the road

Dunedin is a big city like Christchurch, with many supermarkets and shopping places,

Today I mainly visit the train station and the cathedral

Later I went to the supermarket to buy things, I went to the Cadbury factory, bought a lot of chocolate and brought it back

After staying at the hotel, Qiuqiu and Qiu Qiu went to the famous beach tunnel again. They originally planned to go to Lanark Castle. Eventually they gave up this trip because of the fog on the mountain road. Safety is the most important

Went to Bob Street again, the most oblique inhabited road

Tunnel Beach feels shocking to me, but more shocking than scared

This place needs a certain amount of physical strength. Looking at this large slope, you know that it is deep below, which means that it takes more physical strength to climb up.

I climbed to the top of this, just to take a beautiful photo

Yes, really climbed up, shaking hands and feet slowly climbed up and stood up just for that moment

Why climb it, because the top is slanted, and the wind is too strong, it will blow people, and the bottom is the cliff

There is a hole in the mountain that can lead to the beach below, so it is called tunnel beach

It is said that this place was not accessible to the bottom before. Someone's daughter fell off the cliff and never found it again. My father dug this tunnel to the beach to find his daughter.

There are mountains next to it, only one tunnel can go up, it feels a little infiltrating

In addition, why is there more fear than shock here, because in the face of nature, humans are too small, see a cave on the beach, I feel that there is endless attraction for you to enter, but reason tells me not to enter Leaving this magical beach with Qiu Qiu, imagine that if the tide is high after entering, the people inside will not be able to come out again.

Baldwin Street, a very sloping road, standing there a little bit unsteady,

Today ’s trip is relatively long, so I set off early in the morning

Dunedin-Boulder 111km

Boulders-Mount Cook245km

When I went to Dahiso, I temporarily added a point, which is worth a visit, called katiki point

I saw a lot of albatrosses and sea lions, but I also saw penguins

So many sea lions, seeing so many sea lions for the first time

I only watched the camera

Others are so lazy

And then to the place of boulder

According to Maori legend, this was the fruit that rolled out when the nautical battleship Araiteuru sank on the shore more than a thousand years ago

There are more than 50 such round stones on the beach, which is a spectacle

On the way to Mount Cook, before going to Lake Pukaki, you will pass an alpine salmon farm and have eaten the most delicious salmon, no one

The food I eat is usually frozen, and this one is fresh, so it is very tasty.

When we met Lake Pukaki, we were all shocked. The color of this lake is so amazing, blue is thrilling

Check in tonight at the motel, this is the only place in the whole journey without shopping, so be sure to prepare food before you come

The motel is at the foot of Mount Cook, surrounded by mountains, and you can see the snowy mountains opposite from the room, which is very good, and of course the price is not low and it is very sought-after

After checking in, I ate breakfast and dinner first.

Of course, only Qiuqiu and Qiu Qiu went, and the other four continued to play soy sauce in the room.

We chose the Hook Valley Trail, about 3 hours round trip, the road is very smooth, the road is also very easy to walk, basically can walk down

The scenery is very magnificent

You can see Lake Pukaki in the distance

I really like this picture taken by Qiu Qiu, I feel very feel

Reaching the end, the hydration on the iceberg opened into this lake, and the water in the lake was super cold

Then you have to return the same way, the return journey is much faster than the way you came

When I went back to the motel, I saw that the rabbit was always on the road.

Sunset, the sun shone on the opposite snowy mountain top, a golden

Mount Cook-Lake Tekapo, 115KM

Today ’s itinerary is very short, and it is also the last day of our self-driving tour in New Zealand.

Today ’s highlight is Lake Tekapo, the milk-blue lake is full of expectations

Tekapo is the clearest place to shoot the starry sky. There is a starry sky observatory. Naturally, we are going to take a picture at night, but it was not planned at the beginning, which led us to the Lantern Festival on Tekapo. The circle is bright, and the stars can't be seen at all, so those who want to take pictures of the stars must go to the first day instead of fifteen.

Passed by Lake Pukaki again, attracted by her again, did not go deep yesterday, went deep today

I met the local people in the Good Shepherd Church and got married. The bride is very beautiful.

Coming to Lake Tekapo, there is a sense of sight to the beach, but people are the lake

And then to John Hill overlooking the entire town of Tekapo

Basically toured around the lake

The last dinner I made in New Zealand

The chef and the second chef have made all the ingredients and made many delicious dishes

On the last day, I also fried a steak. Is n’t it look good? (* ^ __ ^ *) Hee hee ...

After dinner, when the sky is dark, start shooting the stars

Be sure to keep warm when shooting the starry sky, the lake at night is quite cold

The locals are very careful not to affect the shooting of others, and they turn off the lights themselves when the car is driven near the shooting point

I finally have a decent picture, and I know a little bit about shooting skills

It turned out that the clouds came a little bit, until the clouds were thick and the stars could not be seen, we could only do

You can watch 1 starry sky for 3 hours

This also led to Qiu Qiu's obsession with shooting the starry sky.

Lake Tekapo-Christchurch 277km, packed up in the morning, the rice cooker that accompanied us for many days is still in the motel, hope someone can use it.

Back in Christchurch, before it took off, we strolled around the city and bought something

Most gifts were already bought when they arrived in Christchurch on the first day

According to the return time set at the beginning, after we returned the car to ACE, the staff of ACE took us to the airport

After arriving at the airport, it was a fight again

Everything you buy needs to be packed into a box, and each box cannot exceed 23kg, so a person unpacks the luggage at the airport. There is a place for luggage on the outside of the airport. It is still good. You can check whether your luggage is overweight

We are also very hard, both boxes are extremely accurate

Goodbye, New Zealand

See you next year


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