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【about us】

The two ordinary people in the third-tier cities know each other because of the fate of their work. Oh, of course, Mr. Young chased me.

I in Scorpio, I hope Mr. Young will ban it, but Taurus will love to think twice. After I have urged him to watch airline tickets, accommodation, travels to no avail many times, I have the responsibility of making plans. What a fool?


Travel, for me, is to find the touching moment in life

This moment made me feel good to be alive.

In 2014, for the first time abroad, see the real blue sea and blue sky on Boracay

Lying on the beach at night, drinking a little wine, listening to music, the stars seem to be within reach

At that time I really wanted to cry.

Since then, travel cancer has been out of control.

The moment I embarked on the journey, every cell in my body was jumping.

The first time I wrote a travel note, I felt a little nervous.

No gorgeous words, no PS skills, but the most authentic travel experience

I often look at travel notes written by others, and when I look at me, I think I must go to that place and experience life.

Here, I share the joy of traveling with you

I hope I can give you the impulse to go.

[Sunscreen products] (sunscreen, sunglasses, hat), a picture of younger brother's arm shed after eight hours of traveling around Pai County will be on the back, showing how important sunscreen is in such a country as Thailand! Cosmetics (I bought Small jars that are packed separately to make room for weight reduction)

There is a required stamp link https://item.taobao.com/item.htmspm=a1z09.2.0.0.SliXq8&id=44112377625&_u=iaihvoqca4d

[Camera, tripod] If two people go out, they must bring a tripod, take pictures without asking, hahaha.

【Mobile phone】 Buy the HAPPY card in advance in TB, it will remind some contract machines to be unavailable; the charging treasure must have a mah logo, which will be confiscated when leaving the country.

[Bank card] UnionPay or VISA card, ATM is everywhere on Chiang Mai street, it is super convenient, and the exchange rate is a bit better than that in China (we exchanged 1: 5.23 in China, and later changed it to 1: 5.31 in Chiang Mai )

[Insurance] Meiya ’s seven-day insurance, it is best to buy an insurance for outbound travel, buy a peace of mind.

[Visa] Thailand can sign on the ground, but I am a person who is more worried. I am worried that I will have to wait in line for two hours at midnight, so I have prepared a visa on TB in advance, 288 per person (express).

【Driver's license】 Children's shoes that you want to drive by yourself should bring your international driver's license.

【Reservation Form】 Print ticket reservation form, copy of passport, and print hotel reservation forms for various hotel shuttles.

【Travel Time】 Songgan Festival was deliberately bypassed because I was worried about too many tourists and did not like crowded streets. However, the issue of burning mountains in Chiang Mai was not taken into consideration at all, so the photos taken at Suthep Mountain Observation Deck and Pai's Yunlai Observation Deck were all smog. The burning time lasts from February to Songgan Festival. If you can, after the rainy season in Chiang Mai, the sky you see is the bluest.

[High Speed ​​Rail] Yixing Station-Hangzhou East, fare 58.5.

【Airport bus】 The airport bus from Hangzhou East Station to Xiaoshan Airport runs every 20 minutes or so, and the fare is 20.

[Aircraft] AirAsia has two major promotions twice a year. We bought 1238 round trips per person. I am very satisfied with this price. In fact, the most difficult thing is to choose the date. Sometimes when you go there are low-priced tickets, but it is very expensive to return. It is recommended that the length of the trip be at least 6 days. We played for 6 days, and there are still many regrets. The jungle leap did not have time to play and wept.

The time in Chiang Mai is one hour later than in China, so make sure you have a good time when you plan to pick up.

AirAsia ’s luggage must be bought in advance, otherwise it will be several times more expensive if you are overweight. The two of us went to 20KG for the trip and 25KG for the return trip was not enough.

[Pick-up] If your flight arrives in the early morning, it is best to book the pick-up in TB in advance like me, so that you will not be displaced in the middle of the night. After picking up your luggage, you can see the driver holding a sign at the door to pick you up, arrive at the hotel in fifteen minutes, and sleep beautifully. There are many choices on TB. The lazy cat pick-up price I set is quite favorable. The pick-up at night is similar to the price during the day. The four-person car is 35 yuan.

[Double Article] I have n’t seen a bus in Chiang Mai for so many days! Local people basically travel by motorcycles or by double car. 20B-30B / person in the ancient city, did not encounter zaike, except at the bus station (from the station to the Pinghe side asking for 100B / person, and then we came out a section is 30B / person).

[Mini bus] You can take a mini bus from Chiang Mai to Pai and experience the hundreds of bends on the mountain roads here. The hotel or homestay owner will be happy to help you make a reservation and charge a 20B fee. When going to 170B per person, the return ticket can be purchased at the station at 150B per person when arriving in Pai. According to the scheduled time, a car will pick you up at the residence, please pack your luggage in advance ~

[Car rental] AYA is not far from the station, there is an obvious sign, do n’t worry about the car rental and the chicken and duck speaking, AYA staff Chinese is very slippery, the car rental process is very smooth. The cost of car rental is 220B per day, and then add 60B oil. If you want to play Pai, the best way is to rent a motorcycle. Because most of the scenic spots are some distance away from the center of the county, and Pai is no different from Chiang Mai, there are no double cars seen at all. If you do n’t know how to ride a motorcycle, do n’t succeed. In AYA, you can see that many motorcycle rearview mirrors have been broken, and there are broken helmets. There are many small shops selling day trips in the county, you can choose your favorite route, and the driver will help take pictures.

[Charter] On the day of leaving Chiang Mai, if you dragged your suitcase and walked under the hot sun, it would be too hard. With this in mind, I feel that spending more on a wallet and a car will end the journey comfortably. Facts have proved that this decision was very correct. Kasidit took us to Suthep Hill, went to Ningman Road for cold drinks, and had lunch at an organic restaurant and went to Central Festival to buy and buy super happy. The itinerary can be arranged by yourself, and it will not be tired at all. If there are four people traveling together, the chartered car is very cost-effective.

This is our chartered driver. He had studied in Sichuan before, so he didn't have to worry about the language. The service provided is not only as simple as pick-up, it will accompany you to the scenic spot as an explanation, and you can also take pictures. Well, people are not verbose or reticent, I like it!

I arrived at Xiaoshan Airport four hours in advance. After an hour of waiting, I was hungry ~ I went to McDonald's with younger brother for food. The wall was full of excitement at the start and the hardship at the time of separation. At this time, the graffiti was so special in my eyes.

After eating half of that big chicken chop, I told younger brother to take it to the boarding gate to go to the passerby. The truth is that he got off his belly.

The plane arrived on schedule and departed biubiubiu ~

We arrived at the hotel at three o'clock in Chiang Mai time, ready to check in. The boss waved us to go upstairs and rest quickly.

In order to reduce the weight of luggage, we did not bring toothpaste shampoo, opposite the Ying Ping House Hotel is RIMPING supermarket, shopping is very convenient.

Come to a bowl of chicken and rice in the morning, all the energy is back. I did n’t eat celery before, but the celery leaves in this rice bowl were acceptable.

After breakfast, go out and sway, cross the iron bridge, and then walk for a while to reach the weekday night market. We passed Let's relax and made an appointment as soon as possible. We must relax and relax before going to the legendary Sunday night market.

Let's relax's environment is very comfortable, the massage technique is quite satisfactory, and there is no feeling of ups and downs, but at least it is relaxing and pleasant. I personally care about killing chickens in the night market and worry about health and infectious diseases. Separate rooms are provided, and the masseur will whisper softly during the massage, and will also ask you about the intensity of the massage. 500B per capita plus 100B tip.

Lunch was settled at the AT KHUALEK CAFE restaurant next to the hotel. The business was booming and many locals came to eat. The restaurant is by the river, the scenery is very good, and the cake looks exquisite. But the only thing I can eat is this bowl of pasta and shake. The taste of Dongyin Gong soup is really tearful. On the first day, I was disappointed with the Thai food.

Can only look forward to meeting delicious food at the night market.

Sunday night market is the largest in Chiang Mai night market. If the itinerary includes Sunday, you must come and go and feel the passing by. The night market starts from Tha Pae Gate to Wat Phra Singh, and turns in the streets of the ancient city. People like me, who have no distinction between north and south, do not know where to go and where to go. So you must start when you see something you love, because you wo n’t know where it was taken by the crowd. The shops on the street are blocked by the night market stalls, but do n’t ignore it, there are herbal basics, fairy tales ...

Halfway through the night market, my legs are so tired. The two of them sat on the road and ate mango rice, smiling at each other. This is our little luck.

After visiting the night market, I was sad.

A kind of full stomach, the pain is not full, do you understand?

The noodles and noodles in Chiang Mai are all made of rice noodles. I am not used to it and I don't like spices. Only drink beverages, eat fruits and Western food.

Travel photography is a local photographer in Chiang Mai that I was looking for on a whim after the flight ticket was set. She is based in Chiang Mai. Unfortunately, this time I went there. Although I had already made an appointment, her sister wanted to get married temporarily. Finally, she arranged a Thai photographer.

I do n’t recommend this one we photographed. It ’s unsatisfactory for later repairs, and I did n’t know that she could help me with the film a week before going there.

The moment the dress was replaced and the short sleeves were put on, the whole person was liberated. The street shooting on Ningman Road is probably only half an hour away. It's too hot. Let's rush to eat ice ~

Find the Haystack Night Market at Changkang Road Night Market. The location on the public comment is wrong, don't follow along! The night accompanied by music and wine is really hearty.

There is a selection of snack bars inside, and food from outside is prohibited. Recommend a burger restaurant inside, the patties are tender and juicy.

After drinking, you have to pick the moon on the iron bridge, ha ha ha.

After taking the motion sickness medicine in advance and buying the strawberry smoothie next door, the two people were waiting at the hotel for the shuttle bus to Pai. It was quite punctual.

The result was really all the way, waking up and sleeping, squinting at the scenery.

The driver is really superb, and he can drive up to 80 miles from bend to bend.

After arriving in Pai, I felt dizzy and unable to slow down.

Contact EAK, the owner of the Seven Palms Hotel in advance. He sent his younger brother to pick us up. He also helped us rent a motorcycle at AYA and paid a 2000B deposit without pressing the passport.

Along the way, I reminded me to write down the road signs and told us that if we got lost, we could contact him at any time, and he would come to pick us up.

Attached, a map of Pai. The center is just around AYA.

The rooms are all wooden detached cottages, you can hear bird calls in the morning, and frogs at night, get close to nature ~

You can also play with his cats and dogs.

The night market in Pai is basically a street, selling some fruits, drinks and clothing handicrafts.

Na Kitchen recommends chicken curry, Thai milk tea, and fried fish.

I'm afraid it is the best Thai food to eat on this trip, and finally the bitterness of a full meal.

Not only delicious but also super cheap, so many total 395B.

Early in the morning, we set off on a bubu. I have always told YOUNG to drive slowly, safety first.

If you are leaving early in the morning, it is best not to wear hot pants for girls, because the wind is really cool, don't ask me how I know.

In fact, there were a lot of scenic spots passing by during the period, and I didn't get off when I felt it was not fun. The last Maine Temple gave up because it was so hot and tired.

When we went, it was just rainy season and the waterfall was basically empty. Then this attraction is the longest ride, not worth it at all, tears.

The pink cottage and strawberry garden are very suitable for women who like to take pictures. I also bought a key ring in the strawberry house, which looks good.

The big tree swing has fallen, all Chinese tourists. Take a photo and wait in line for twenty minutes ...

Departing at more than eight o'clock in the morning, about three o'clock when traveling around the town back to the center of the town.

After completing the day trip, younger brother's sunburned arm returned to China and peeled off directly.

So now, sun protection is a must.

Because I wanted to visit the mall, I arranged my last night's accommodation at the hotel connected to the mall, LOUTS Hotel.

The hotel is very large, it is an old four star, the facilities are relatively old, but it can meet the basic requirements. It's about a 15-minute walk from Ningman Road and Maya.

After leaving the luggage, he rushed to Maya.

On the negative floor there are boots, supermarkets and food courts similar to the big era, no need to charge cards, hee hee.

Worried about not having the opportunity to eat by the water, I decided to try this meal anyway, but ended up eating the curry chicken legs.

On the first floor, there are NARAYA and JELLY BUNNY. I bought two pairs myself and brought three pairs for my friends. They wore it after returning to China.

On the second floor, there are Toucans, Havana and Daiso. We bought the big-mouthed monkey in the temple above our head, which is very Thai.

There is LIBRARY CAFE on the fifth floor. If you are tired of shopping, you can sit there. I saw many students from Chiang Mai University studying here.

Like ele.snail white is also available here, but the price is one third more expensive than WIN COSMETICS, so it is still recommended to buy in WIN in Valorona.

Before your mother called you a quick glance at the road, I didn't have time to take a closer look. If I have time, I want to go to the shops selling clothes and try mango ice.

A small fresh sanctuary that is very popular with Chinese people, girls who like street photography are coming ~

Look at other guides to mention that you can ride a car from Chiang Mai University to Suthep Mountain. Chartering is much simpler and you do n’t have to worry about luggage. The mountain road is winding and it takes about thirty minutes to drive. Near the top of the mountain, there is an observation deck that can overlook the panoramic view of Chiang Mai.

The golden glittering Suthep Mountain Temple, the legendary Ceylon monk put the relic on the back of the white elephant and let the white elephant choose the site by itself. As a result, the white elephant brought the relic to Suthep Mountain all the way, so the temple was built.

The Three Brothers Organic Restaurant is much larger than I thought, a whole house, even so it is full. Hami melon salad must be ordered, it makes people feel appetite. I also like butterfly bean pudding. The white one is milk. There is a special butterfly bean restaurant in Chiang Mai. If you come to Chiang Mai, try the food made by butterfly bean pudding.

After lunch, I visited CENTRAL FESTIVAL. I originally planned to go to Shangtai Airport Shopping Center, but kasidit asked us if we wanted to go to the biggest mall. The time is enough. We just followed him.

There are more brands here than MAYA, there are many Swarovski, CPB, boots, herb basics. I haven't seen the favorite styles after visiting several Wacoal. There is Thai underwear brand SABINA here, which is my favorite style, similar to Fendish.

We are about to leave Chiang Mai. Kaaidit sent us to the airport to say goodbye to each other. We looked at a bag of luggage and were worried about being overweight!

The two men spent half a day at the weighing platform, and after the items in the suitcase were relocated, they went to check in for the boarding pass.

Huh ~ After putting the two boxes on, I asked Diqin if the wedding dress could be checked. She smiled and nodded at us.

Our two overweight backpacks were not stopped, hahaha. So if you are not overweight, do n’t worry too much.

Go home ~

Thailand's prices are cheap, and it is unreasonable not to buy, buy, and buy. Chiang Mai is not a shopping city and there are no big names. Here you can buy handicrafts with rich northern Thai characteristics, local fragrance brands of Chiang Mai, national makeup and slippers slippers slippers. Tianya, I bought a total of four pairs of slippers this time. When you come to Chiang Mai, you will certainly not be able to control your shaking hands.

I brought the cosmetics I brought back. I wrote this 'what is worth buying' myself, I hope everyone likes it, but everyone's skin is different, and the effect is definitely different.

Then the ELE mask is not as magical as the one uploaded online. Don't follow blindly ~

The colorful hand account needs to be opened using the web version, the resolution is touching ...


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