The most affordable diving trip in Semporna --- Bonbonsiribs

If you like a romantic water house, then go to Kapalai; if you like the white sand beach, you can choose Madagine; if you both like to dive and love diving, you must go to Bang Bang Island. Then the pig head and I really came. In fact, the main reason is because we saw the flying fish family's Bang Bang Silibers diving package is super cost-effective. We decided to come. Bang Bang Silibers is the most cost-effective of the entire Semporna diving resort. It takes other places to float You can enjoy the diving package at the dive price, which is great for people like me and pig head who want to save more money to buy and eat.

When I came, I heard a news that Feiyujia has launched a new diving package 4 free 1 policy, both snorkeling and deep diving packages can be enjoyed! 4 companions can travel free of charge for 1 package, you can go deep diving in the sea at the price of snorkeling, it is suitable for a family to dive together, the activity period is April, May, June, November and December 2016 , I heard that the resort is going to increase the price, the sooner you book, the better, everyone seize the opportunity!

4 days and 3 nights deluxe room dive package booked at the flying fish house before the trip, including 9 dives, arrival on the first day: a dive can be arranged after lunch, the next day: 2 boat dives in the morning, the itinerary is the same as island hopping And arrange a dive after lunch in the afternoon.

Day 3: 2 boat dives in the morning, the itinerary is the same as the island hopping tour, and a dive will be arranged after lunch in the afternoon. Day 4: If you do n’t take the plane on the day, you can arrange 2 dives in the morning and leave the island after lunch. If you want to take the plane, you can go to sea for snorkeling in the morning.

Baodou Lake airport transfer, pier transfer, 4 days and 3 nights accommodation, our deluxe room is only 3150 yuan / person! Do n’t be too cost-effective ~~~ If you book a few friends to travel together and book in advance, you can enjoy a 4 free 1 discount. After calculation, only 2300 yuan / person can easily go to Bang Bang Island to belong to you and me once. Diving trip ~~~

Attention should also be paid to the basic services and project arrangements, because the arrangements of the two resorts will be different. Ok! Industrious and brave, I made this "different" list for everyone silently. I really don't have to thank you.

Because Pighead and I came here to eat and dive, the relatively relaxed and affordable Circus Resort is suitable for us. If you don't understand, you can ask Feiyujia's Taobao customer service.

Bang Bang Island is one of the most beautiful islands in Malaysia. It belongs to Sabah, Tawau and Semporna towns in Malaysia. It takes only 40 minutes by boat from the pier. The circumference of the island is 2.3 kilometers, and it takes only 20 minutes to walk around the island. The walking time is just right, because the pig head and I are the kind of people who will become dead pigs after walking for more than 20 minutes.

For two people with road dementia, how can they control the outbreak of road anger? There is only one answer, that is, don't go the wrong way, otherwise it will be comparable to the explosion of an atomic bomb. For the sake of world peace, Zhutou and I made a detailed traffic guide before departure.

Traveling to Bang Bang Island requires the use of sea, road and air transportation.

Route 1: Domestic flight to Kuala Lumpur, transfer to Tawau, Tawau takes 1.5 hours by car to reach Semporna, Semporna pier takes a 40-minute boat ride to Bang Bang Island.

Route 2: Domestic flight to Kota Kinabalu, transfer to Tawau, Tawau takes 1.5 hours by car to reach Semporna, Semporna pier takes a 40-minute boat ride to Bang Bang Island

We are taking the first route, it is quite smooth! There are many domestic direct airlines to Malaysia every day, but the cheapest price is AirAsia, because there are promotional activities at any time, our ticket is discounted this time, the first time I feel that I have earned a plane.

It should be noted that lunch boxes, mineral water, and luggage check-in all require additional charges, so the pig head and I are lightly packed this time. Fortunately, our meat does not need to be checked, otherwise the cost will be very high.

When we arrived at Tawau Airport, it was more than two o'clock in the afternoon. In addition, there were only two people on our side, so the resort could not arrange pick-up. We only stayed at the hotel in Tawau Airport for one night, and we will depart tomorrow morning!

At eight o'clock the next morning, we took the car picked up by Celebes Resort from Tawau Airport to Semporna.

After arriving at Semporna, we waited for a while, because from Semporna to Bang Bang Island. The resort only enters the island every day at 11:30 and leaves the island at 13:30. If you miss this boat, you can only enter the island the next day. So rather than late.

The boat came on time, and the hull drew amazing ripples on the sea surface, rising and falling, and gradually spread. After 40 minutes we successfully reached our destination.

There are no villages on the island and it is still in its original state. There are only two resorts, one is Bang Bang Dragon Ball and the other is Celebes. The two resorts divide the island into two. We stayed at the Celebes Resort this time. Personally, compared to the Bangbang Dragon Ball, the Celebes package is not only affordable and cheap, but also has fewer rooms in the resort and the environment is very quiet. Neither Pighead nor I are the kind of people who like to be lively.

Chinese Fast Food Celebes Buffet

After getting off the boat, some staff from the resort came to meet us. After checking in at the lobby, the pig's head was hungry. As an ashes-like foodie, he was eating all the time. He also said that he was hungry. As his legal guardian, For the sake of being a little hungry, I decided to take him out for food. Pig head and I searched for the flavour and found the restaurant in a while, just in time for the meal.

Then we saw these foods, and there was a feeling of deja vu, like our Chinese fast food. It's just that the fast food buffet here. The Circus package includes both accommodation and three meals a day, all meals are buffet. And it tastes pretty good! The pig's head, which looks like meat, has swallowed three chicken legs, and can't bear to look directly!

In addition, the Circus Resort provides unlimited coffee, tea, water, and biscuits around the clock. If you need beer and iced drinks, you will need to spend extra money to buy.

But pay attention to the meal time. If you miss this time, you will have to find your own food.

dining time:

Breakfast time: 7: 30-10: 00

Lunch time: 12: 30-14: 00

Dinner time: 19: 30-21: 00

After lunch, the waiter took us to the room. The rooms are not very far, one next to the other, with a beach or lawn in the middle. The houses here are very low. Compared to hotels, they feel more like homestays and have a natural sense of closeness.

After about two minutes of walking, we arrived at our destination. The hut in front of us is where we are going to spend three nights. The simple appearance is very connotative at first glance. We can vaguely see some of the furnishings inside through the window.

After entering the door, I found out that the hut is actually quite spacious, not as small as the outside. When the curtains are opened, there is basically no need to turn on the lights during the day, the light is sufficient, and the air conditioning and hot water are also very powerful.

I have seen the room and put my luggage to rest for a while, it is already half past two in the afternoon. On a bright afternoon, we wandered to the beach, the sea was clear and blue, and the sea breeze was coming, feeling a little floating.

As I walked, I couldn't help but took off my shoes and went to the sea, and the cold water awakened the sleeping nerves at once.

Pighead and I have long been unable to control our flood power and want to try it. As two senior road idiots, it took us less than 5 minutes to find a place where we can dive. Too.

Explain that diving here does not cost money, because it is included in the package, but renting equipment related to diving will have to pay separately. Prices are as follows:

After changing into equipment, we can't wait to run to the beach. The magical sea is waiting for us to explore. Then we saw a sign at the dive site. It was still in Chinese. I do n’t know if it was the people who welcomed us too much on Bang Bang Island, or whether our people had an indescribable thing here. In short, no matter where you go, safety is the most important thing.

I had once dived in Hainan before, so it can be said that it was a familiar journey. Bangbang ’s shallow water area is azure blue, clear and transparent, and the little fish swim freely in front of his eyes. The color of the water will also deepen when you go deeper, and the underwater creatures will be more abundant. Carrying a miniature underwater camera with you is convenient for capturing underwater wonders at any time.

When swimming with fish in the water, I feel like I have also become a fish, go wherever I want. Unfortunately, with a tow oil bottle, the fat fish, the pig's head, could not swim after a short swim.

Fortunately, there are many such recliners on the shore, you can take a rest! I felt a little tired from the time I came out, so I lay down for a while before coming to a halt. As night fell, we unknowingly passed our first day on the island.

A good day begins!

Earlier, we learned about the island hopping tour of Bang Bang Island from Flying Fish, and it sounded very interesting. Before coming, Pighead also consulted with Feiyu's customer service. Of all the resorts in Semporna, only 2 offer free island hopping, one is Xinjia Madama Water House Resort, and the other is Celebes Resort. This is naturally an important reason for us to choose it, ha ha.

In addition to daily shore diving, Celebes Resort will arrange free tours or island snorkeling to Dunsakaran National Park from 8: 00-12: 00 each morning. And the places they go to every day are different, seven days a week.

Monday Madin

Tuesday Pan Danan

Wednesday Pearl Island


Friday Madin

Saturday Pandanan

Sunday Pearl Island

We just happened to be able to join the island hopping tour on Tuesday and Wednesday. The first stop we were going to was Pan Danan, with a feeling of trepidation, we boarded the bodybuilder's boat.

There were also two foreigners, one man and one woman, who were on the same boat with us. They were already ready to wear their equipment. And the pig head and I are still wandering the sea breeze and watching the sea view, because we all feel that we will not start so quickly from the bottom of our hearts. The pig's head felt that the diving suit was too tight, and the flesh would be exposed as soon as he put it on, so he insisted that he would not put on the "tight suit" in his mouth until the last moment. Hey, this hypocritical man. As the ship gradually moved away from Bang Bang Island, the sea water had changed from light blue to dark blue. In an unknown sea area on the way to Panda South, the coach released us into the water. The first two foreigners on the same boat were watching. With the oxygen cylinders, they disappeared into the deep sea. I really admire their courage, and the pig head and I can't stand back! After about ten minutes, we finally trembling into the sea.

At the beginning, we refused to leave the hull. It would be bad if we didn't come back. Then we met a big sea turtle, this is a smelly turtle, had to take a photo with us. In desperation, in order to satisfy the photogenic dream of many marine animals, we decided to take a look at the seabed.

Sure enough, the deeper you go, the more exciting you are. We have encountered all kinds of fish, some in groups, some scattered, and others. Of course, because they met us, they successfully realized their photogenic dream!

In order to celebrate the success of our perfect deep dive journey, pig head and I each put on a cool shape that we thought we ended with.

After boarding the ship, we found that we actually dived for more than an hour, and everyone was waiting for us. While lamenting that the time machine in the sea was running too fast, we started our journey again.

Although the nerve is still excited, the body is really exhausted. When the coach told us that we can still dive twice today, our head was very excited, but the body honestly refused.

(Ps: You can dive out of the island in the Flying Fish Family Package three times!)

It did n’t take long for us to see our destination today, Pandanan

Pandanan Island is a very small island, there is no hotel, only the fine white sand beach and blue water and blue sky, very suitable for snorkeling and photography.

Seeing the blue water, do you want to feel like you're stuck in it? The energetic foreign friends seem to be obsessed by this sea too. The pig head and I watched them silently and quietly, and then they started swimming around like fish, returning on time at about 12 o'clock.

The next day, proceed to our second stop Pearl Island. Pearl Island, also known as Bohai Dulang Island and Sleeping Beauty Island, is a peaceful volcanic island not far from Semporna. This small island is also a Japanese pearl culture station. Without stopping in the middle, our ship drove to the foot of Pearl Island in one breath.

I heard that climbing the top of 600 meters can see the beautiful scenery below, but due to the trouble of climbing the mountain, the Pearl Island in the package cannot climb the mountain, and the time is tight, so we are just diving at the foot of Pearl Island. It's a pity, but it is said that the view from the top of the mountain is like this.

Is it spectacular? I have inquired that the buddies who really want to go need to gather more than 8 buddies together to book in advance to arrange another afternoon. The fee is 30 MYR per person (10 MYR for park management fee + 10 MYR for mountain climbing guide fee + 10 MYR for speedboat fee). Such a price is already very cheap for you who love the scenery, right? So as long as you find a way to gather 8 people, climb the top of the mountain to see the beautiful scenery is not a dream.

During the two-day island-hopping tour, due to physical reasons, Pighead and I only dived twice, but it impressed us with fresh memories. For island trips, some people take one shot at a time and eat one at a time, but the pig head and I dive at a time. This stalk is unique enough!

Of course, the flying fish's set meal is also very powerful!

I know that when it comes to the sunset and the starry sky, someone will definitely say that as long as the time is right and the weather is good, these two things are commonplace. This is true, but it reflects a person's perception and artistic imagination. My point of view is that there is absolutely no starry sky in different places in the world, and the sunset is the same. Not to mention much, just go directly to the picture.

The bloody sunset reflected in the sea, the breeze was blowing, the sparkling, silent, and slowly fell asleep as the night fell.

The starry sky of 50 meters in the deep sea, a little bit of stars, blinked like a fish's eyes. Even the mentally retarded middle-aged pig can make poetic sceneries, and I just blinked at it.

Reunion! Japanese country!

Bang Bang, a place that creates endless surprises. Goodbye!

Finally, I would like to thank Feiyujia for providing us with a super affordable travel package. I will choose your home next time.


1. Pay special attention to sun protection on the island and don't sunburn yourself.

2. The time to go to the island every day is fixed. If you miss the time, you can only go to the island the next day. After 4:00 pm, the wind and waves at the sea are too great to enter the island. The schedule is as follows, for reference only:

Pick-up: arrive at Tawau Airport before 12:00 and the resort will pick you up free of charge to enter the island. After 12:00, more than 6 people will pick you up for free. Boat: Semporna Pier-Bang Bang Island: 11:30 Bang Bang Island-Semporna Pier: 13:30

3. The resort's deluxe rooms and deluxe sea view rooms can be equipped with extra beds. Longhouse standard rooms are not.

4. For all island tours, if you encounter force majeure factors, such as religious activities, political factors, weather reasons, etc., you cannot go to the island, the time schedule will also change, and you must be psychologically prepared.

5. The network signal of Bang Bang Island is not stable. Pay attention to the lower heads, and wifi may not be available. If you want to buy a Malaysian mobile phone card, you can choose HOTLINK card, the signal will be better

6. If you want an affordable island tour package, it is very responsible to say that flying fish will be a good choice.

7. Because of infrastructure problems on the island, bath water and drinking water may be a bit salty.


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